Diabolic Casting

Author: The New Marquez of Sade

Since I entered the room, everything went very quickly. Was a small room with a sofa and two armchairs. In the center was a film camera, and two reflectors at the corners. In the chair farthest from the door was a man of about fifty years, and the other was his secretary.
-Come in, pardon the wait – he said.

When I entered, I knew that the moment of regret had been left behind. I closed the door behind me, ready a face all that came. I took the couch, which was the only thing available, and waited for the start of the action.
-Romina, I like to talk about why you came to take the casting. I know you had the chance to see the rest of the girls, and we both know that nothing will seem to you. Moreover, I confess, I stopped to wait all this time to make sure you regret it, and problem solved. But I see that you are not daunted.

-Well, fine by me. Let the camera roll, and hopefully everything goes better. Liana with us today, apart from my secretary is a friend of many years.
That was how turned on the camcorder, adjusted the equipment, and I nodded approvingly. It had all begun. The safety gave me little by little, until you get almost nothing. I wanted to go home, but also wanted to take the test and win. He had seen the other girls, and no assumptions were not the best. Most were prostitutes who had had their day, others did it for money, and a final group had lost the battle against the diets. There was one girl, small but with good body. It was very nice and its light and carefree way I knew was appreciated. That was the opponent to beat.

Yes, my name is Romina, and came to take the casting.
-I was always very sexual. I’ve tried a lot, I love feeling enjoyed and make others enjoy. I have 29 years, and every day I wake up with the same dream: to participate in an adult movie, make a memorable scene, then see it in my room while I masturbate like crazy.
I said all this without thinking. He was convinced, and Andrew and Liana knew that there was not an iota of truth in the statement. The three of us laughed a little bit of final comment, and broke the ice.

-Okay, that’s what we want, people who have dreamed of making fantasy into reality.

Romina-Ok, above shows that your clothes have a nice body, but as you will understand, we need and “want” him. So I want you to take off your clothes and move a little to me, ‘said Andrew.

I knew what counted. Nature had given me an angelic face and a sexy body. Strong legs, big ass, firm tits and tiny waist. All this, coupled with a sexual character, and an insatiable desire. He had no fear, nobody was going to win. We were just Andrew, Liana, and me. I take care of them see what was the decision to take. With clear and audible voice, I said my name to the camera, age, occupation, and what came to do. That was the beginning.
The first slice I gave them was to try buttocks. Back to the seats, lifted my skirt to her waist, exposing all the ass. Pierced with thongs, looked delicious. It was big and round, pink skin, no marks or hairs. I let them watch as he danced a little butt, then turned around to see the front. He had chosen a minimum thongs. Black, purple lace that matched fasteners. That same day I had completely shaved, and that seemed to delight you Liana, who do not take your eyes off of my pubis. I wanted to gloat a bit, before moving to the next stage.

But without time to react, I saw as she approached Andrew and I pulled the pants member. Was erect, large and thick, but mostly thick. More than any to which my stomach had offered previously. That made me horny. I felt like I got off the flow in torrents. Member took a hand and watch me while I pumped with calm and unhurried. Again and again, up and down, revealing a large head and swollen with blood, which resembled a mushroom.
Sex Andrew was full of brown, curly hair. The testicles and the penis had multiple vellitos. He watched me carefully, and curiosity. Waiting for my next move.

I tried not to distract me, still in front of them, I had fallen from the franelilla, and only I had the underwear and heels. These fell to me intentionally. I always looked with admiration at pornographic actresses were left high heels during sex. So I wanted to see me, like a fox luxury. long legs, her hair loose and arranged, made up for the occasion, and with underwear as he was wearing.

The beauty and delicacy of my lines, not go unnoticed by my roommates. Liana had removed her panties, and sex was seen below the skirt. It was tiny and hairless.
So mine liked it so much, I thought.

She was masturbating to his boss, who was already naked and ready for action. I looked like a lion prey. For several minutes no one spoke, and I was back to concentrating on the penis of Andrew, who reached it or not believe, had grown a little more.

‘You’re beautiful,’ were his first words. -I really do. And that we have not seen the promised gift. He smiled in a threatening manner, and continued, let us please, Liana and me, and take off the rest of the clothes. I want to see “full”. Come on little girl, show me that pussy rich, I’m crazy to see her … and maybe try it.
I was too excited. Andrew wanted to take my body, and I do so for long. I thought about what could be experienced, and I caused another drop of vaginal discharge. I started with the fasteners. I took them off slowly, letting the dance boobs a bit. The was large, but firm. They were white with tiny nipples. The moved to both sides of the body, up on display, and finally I joined the pair in front. They were divine. Then it was the turn of the panties. I took the league side and, slowly but continuously, went down the hips. When they were next to fall, until she turned the spotlight back on and lowering the torso, finished pulling up the knees. Sex and completely wet close exhibited in all its glory. I presented a few seconds before standing up, and finally, I turned my head being reevaluated.
Both Liana and Andrew, enjoyed the show. Now masturbate each other while I watched. Their faces were red and accelerated breathing with excitement. Above you could see how much I wanted.

But they were not alone. I had never been with a woman, but I was surprised Liana wishing even more than the same Andrew. She moved her hips up and down, fingers to the beat of experts to massaging the clitoris. It was beautiful. A dark tan, aged between Andrew and myself. With small breasts and cute, and a body that lost sleep.

-A girl just like you, is exactly what my balls need Romi said Andres. Like, no? – Asked while looking at the penis. -The best of this work is that I can try delicacies such as that which you have little legs between, and besides a lot of money.

‘I want you to rest your chest on the armrest of the couch and let that little ass in the air, he ordered sharply.
It was time for the truth, and I was ready. Liana was the first to enter the recording area. Before moving reflectors removed what remained of his wardrobe. Again, it was beautiful. He came to me without being aggressive, putting in use all his tact. First I took her hands and looking into my eyes, I began stroking her hair, shoulders, back, and buttocks. In the same order. Gradually, without pushing the situation. Then he took my hand and stroking while, took her to her breasts. He left there for a few seconds, before changing their sex.
Contact me shudder. It was soft and moist, and it was warm. A wave of his hand made me understand that there was to remain until she ordered, and it was. He withdrew his hand left mine and went to my face, kissing in a warm and sensual. Never forget that cluster of feelings, was the joy of being possessed with a passion and total aggressive.

I, without thinking, I was waving his fingers around sex. Using a circular motion, attacked the area. Labia, clitoris, anus, everything, everything had its share. The swing of the pelvis of Liana returned, and with it little moans of excitement.
Meanwhile, the kiss seemed endless, and increasingly erotic and wet. My tongue explored her mouth, rubbing the front teeth and gums. We chupábamos languages, and sometimes expelled one of them went into the mouth of the other. That rich, really could not believe that rich.

But just when I thought the situation could not improve, I felt the warm touch of the lips of Andrew in my own vagina. It was like a surge current. The thread ran through my body from my penis to my head in one second. He was an expert in oral sex, and what was proving to the fullest. First with short licks and timid, and then sets spanning the slit.
He was being enjoyed to the fullest, and best of all is that the action would be in a movie. The excitement I clouded rational thinking. I wanted to spend all that remained of the day in that room, with Andrew and Liana at the helm, and I submissively obeying his orders. She kept poking at my mouth, and his boss was doing between my legs.

All flow down my thighs, he joined Andrew saliva, and sweat of my own body. Liana had changed its original position, for a more comfortable and accommodating. He stood in front of my face with her legs open as possible. All open sex silent invitation. I had not tried oral sex with a woman, had not even dreamed of, but now I would not stop for anything in the world. It was my chance to try new things, and have new sexual experiences.
That’s how I decided to bury my face in that pussy nice and shaved. Pure sex smelled and was moist and juicy. When I tried it, I knew that I do not regret ever. It was too rich. I concentrated on every point where I liked to give me, and in which Andrew was playing itself in my body.

The short moans and screams of pleasure is not long in coming. Both Liana, as my own. Andrew licked my clit and anus as an alternative. And when least expected, began to plunge his fingers in my Chuchito. One first down to three. The open inward, making the way to go to his immense penis. I remembered all the movies I had seen in my adult life, and I marveled at a player know myself. Liana stood up as if it were a script, he looked at his boss telling you that the moment had arrived.
We had twenty minutes of play when Andrew penetrated me. At first I felt that everything in my heart was torn. He was opening my balls thick walls and filling the space with meat. Facilitated the flow of things, but did not prevent several cries go out of my mouth. They were in pain, but the good. All the pleasure felt by a woman who is possessed with a tool of this size, was in those cries. Liana ran it as a liner. She had tried many times, and I knew I had to use techniques.

Again and again, Andrew’s penis entered my body. Each time was more pleasant and carnal.

– Do you like Romi? – I asked.

Before I could answer, I pushed him hard, and without hesitation, and he said that he knew himself.

-Since you came I knew it was a little whore. You the high society are the worst, enjoy being caught, are more hookers than none, and look like they did not leave a dish she said.

I could not believe what that bastard said, and I was ashamed of how much their rudeness I had warmed her pussy. Then he turned to his secretary and his voice cut in excitement what they had asked me. She replied that they loved the sluts and the caught behind, and more with balls that big and thick as I was getting ahead.

–   Is that what you want, Romi, you want to break that ass stop-you have?

Anyone would know that a negative response was the only option available, but there, excited and a little embarrassed by how much I liked that pair swear, I did not even respond. The experience taught me that lying on your back was the best posture for a good chunk of the penis in the ass. And without words I lay on the couch staring at the ceiling, opened my legs as possible, I separated the buttocks, and I got wet with saliva the eye of the ass.

There was nothing to say. The happy face of Andrew summed it all. Liana was mounted on the back of the sofa and put his sex in my face. It had the dual purpose to cover my penis did not see when approaching, and apart from not being out at the end of the game.
I can only say that when the head passed through the eye of the ass, was embedded. I had been given a bowel movement, to mourn, parameterization and run. Two intense screams escaped me without being able to contain. Froze in her pussy down. However, the ardor was so great that I traveled all spasms pelvic area. He slowly pushed inward, and Liana squeezing my face against her sex. The three moaning like crazy, and I knew the end was near explosion. Andrew tried to beat a little member and forth, but quickly found that this is in another time. The tickle that precedes ejaculation had already begun, and this time there was no way to stop it. He pushed for the last time only to see his penis slid completely into the rectum, filling the entire area. The foreskin is retracted and the meat back to the base went ass to a minimum speed.
I let out a final cry to feel permeated by such member, and almost immediately I felt a current whip that flooded my body and made me forget everything around. Was running furiously. Small wire flows expelled out of my sex and crashed into the abdomen of Andrew. Liana had apparatus on one side and enjoyed the show, rubbing sex in search of orgasm aftertaste.

Andrew was separated from my body, sweating and exhausted by physical effort. Just removed the penis, anus began to flow a stream of cum running down her buttocks without hurry. Liana approached me and began to stroke my hair.

‘You were excellent, the film must have given that great, she said.

That made me feel even better. I was exhausted but happy. Although the horrors year hurt the feeling of accomplishment not leave me. It would have been happy doing it again, but duty called. I got up and bent me out much of the milk from her ass. The cameras had not stopped, and the scene was spectacular. I wore the most bitch, and my body looked better than any porn star today.

‘You’re the next player Andres said.
I felt like mourn, cry, hug, running, everything, really everything. But I refrained, and taking a more professional began to dress.

Tomorrow I want you to do other tests, you know your co-star, and an occasional collaborator of mine.

With this new idea out into the street. I still dripping ass of milk Andrew, mixed with a few drops of blood, it hurt incredibly, but I was happier than ever. The next day would be another session of wild sex and new. She was excited and wanted to spend hours flying …

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