Hot Chocolate Lover

Author: starbelliedboy

Lexington, a colleague of one of my friends, was introduced to us all in the pub, and I got on well with him right from the start, despite me being a twenty-year old student and him being a good seven years older than me. That same evening we met I let him know that I was bisexual, just so he was clear, but thankfully although he seemed completely straight, which may have just been subconscious preconceptions on my part about a well built, shaved bald, over six foot tall black guy, he didn’t seem bothered by this, and we soon became good friends.

A couple of months after we first met, he came round to my house for some beers and to watch Fight Club, which I’d just bought on DVD and he, somehow, had managed to never see it. Originally my housemates were going to watch it with us, but in the end they decided to go home for the weekend, and our other mate who was going to come couldn’t make it either, so it was just the two of us. Before starting the film, he went to get some beers from the fridge, and not for the first time I admired his firm, masculine butt squeezed into his jeans as he bent over, but pushed the thought to the back of my mind in case it made my body do anything embarrassing. This became a bit harder when we sat down though, as the sofa was fairly small, and with his long legs spread out his knee couldn’t help but touch mine.

Anyway, we started watching the film, and with Brad Pitt to concentrate on it was easier to control my thoughts about my friend. Or it was until half an hour into the film when he placed his hand on my thigh. At first I couldn’t quite believe it, so I didn’t say anything and kept watching the film, although I’d stopped taking anything in, but he soon started squeezing and rubbing my leg, moving further and further up until I could no longer pretend to ignore it. I put my hand firmly on his and turned to him, asking him what he was doing.

“Why, don’t you like it?” he replied.

“It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t know why you’re doing it. You’re straight aren’t you?”


“You’re not?”

“No. Although you’re the first person I’ve told. I wondered for years why I had problems with girls and stuff, but for the last year I’ve realised that I’m gay.”

“How come you haven’t said before?” I said, amazed at this revelation.

“Well, I’m kind of worried what other people will think, I’ve never known any other openly non-straight guys before.” He shrugged, then leaned closer. “But before I come out or whatever, I want to fuck you.”


“Yeah, you’re a mate, you’ve got experience of sex with other guys, and you’re a skinny white guy, which really turns me on.”

He grinned, and I smiled back, finding it hard to believe my luck, and released his hand. Shifting a bit, I reached across with my right hand to put my hand on his thigh, while with my left hand I reached up to the back of his head and pulled him closer until our lips met. He was a passionate kisser, his tongue intruding into my mouth and pushing against mine, his hand on my leg shifting to my head while his other slipped around my waist.

Not wasting any time, he undid my flies and reached into my boxers, pulling my cock out, looking smaller than it’s usual fairly good size in his large black hand, and began pulling the foreskin back and forth, wanking me. Once I was fully erect, Lex pulled his mouth away from mine, bent down and wrapped his lips around my dick, sucking inexpertly at it. I murmured instructions to him, and he gradually improved, lips around the head and bobbing slowly up and down, his stubble scrapping against my skin, uncomfortably at first but as he continued I began enjoying the slightly rough texture.

My hips started thrusting ever so slightly upwards into his mouth, and I stroked his bald head, watching him go down on me, then I removed my t-shirt and leaned to the left slightly, reaching for his thigh around his broad back with my left arm. Here I could feel his cock through the material of his jeans, and feeling its size when not even erect sent shivers of excitement through my body. Caressing it made me feel very horny, and combined with his blowjob made things begin to happen in my crotch, but I didn’t want that yet, we’d only just started.

Telling him to stop, I stood up, kicking off my trainers and pulling my trousers and pants right off with my socks, then straddled his lap, kneeling up so I could look down on him and kiss him, his strong hands cupping and squeezing my naked buttocks. As we kissed, I fumbled with his shirt buttons, then kissing and nibbling at his ear while I pulled the shirt off him, pushing my body against his smooth firm flesh. I kissed down his neck to his wide muscular chest, licking around his nipples while my hands felt his arms, almost as wide as my thighs, working my way steadily down over his taut six pack, sliding down to the floor, unzipping his flies as I passed his navel. Reaching his waistband, I leaned back a little and then pulled his trousers and boxers right down in one move, and then off, taking his shoes and socks with them, and discarding them all to the side. My eyes widened. The cock I had just released was not only big despite still being floppy,
it was completely shaved, including the balls.

“I shaved it specially this morning,” Lexington explained, when I looked up at him with raised eyebrows. “You don’t mind?”

By way of answer, I pushed his legs further apart and began licking his hairless balls. I lifted his floppy dick out of the way, massaging it gently in my hand. I felt it begin to stiffen as I took his bollocks in my mouth each in turn, sucking gently on them before licking up his black shaft, getting it nice and wet, and even taking it into my mouth and sucking on it with the foreskin still covering the sensitive head. It continued to harden up and expand from my attention, until it reached its full size of I guess at least ten inches in length and over two inches in diameter. This massive brown cock was too delicious to resist, so I took as much as I could into my mouth and began sucking eagerly, swirling my tongue around and around its shape each time I pulled away, and very soon I could taste precum.

“I just need to get something from upstairs,” I told him, stopping and pulling back. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Try the inside pocket of my jacket first,” he said as I stood up. Curious, I went over to the chair he’d left it on, felt inside, and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. I raised my eyebrows.

“Am I really such a slut that you knew I’d say yes?” I asked, then smiled when he opened his mouth to reply. “I hope your going to fuck me like a slut then!”

Passing him the tube, I turned around and straddled his lap with my back to him, moving back so I could support myself on his knees, his knuckles brushing against my arse as he lubed up his penis. A cold, sticky wet finger traced around my arse hole, spreading the jelly around, then he added some more, and I felt his thick finger push inside me and twist, lubricating inside. I could feel a second slimy finger touching the edge below the first, and I pushed back just a little until with some difficulty he pushed that in too, making me gasp. They must have been almost twice the size of my fingers, and he pushed them in as far as he could, and began finger fucking me, letting me relax around them. Pulling them out, he put his left hand on my hips, and then I felt the tip of his hot, hard, jelly covered cock tickling my entrance.

I pushed back and down, trying to relax my muscles enough to admit the wide dick pressing against my sphincter, feeling the tip poke inside, then more of the head slid in, stretching me until I ached, and just before I thought it would be too painful if I went any further down, I felt the edge of the head slip inside me. Pausing for breath, I pushed down further, biting my lip, sensing the thickness sliding up inside me, shifting position occasionally when he pressed my tight insides from the wrong, painful angle, but managed to keep going. It seemed about five minutes, I was going so slowly, but somehow I was able to be more or less all the way down, then began to lift myself up and down, the pleasure I was getting overriding the slight pain fairly quickly, and my muscles relaxing a little more each time to make it easier.

Once it was clear that he could enter me without hurting me, Lex lifted me off him and stood up, telling me to bend over. I did so, kneeling on the sofa with my elbows resting on the back, his right leg up touching mine as he braced himself with his other foot on the floor and held me around the waist. His stiff cock pushed once more against my arse, which had closed a little in the few seconds we’d changed positions, forcing it inside steadily. I moaned as it slid through my slightly soar anus, the pressure on my prostate quite delicious, until I felt the front of his thighs touching my buttocks. He pulled almost the whole way out, leaving the head in for my muscles to twitch tight around, then thrust back in, getting into a steady rhythm, pulling me back towards him, my softened but still semi-erect dick swinging with the force of his thrusts.

Leaning forwards and bring his other legs up on to the sofa so he was kind of crouched over me, his chest pressed against my back, so his panting was right in my ear as he thrust slightly down, speeding up until he had to resume standing. My moans had now changed to a low cry of “oh!” every time he rammed his shaft up inside me, his legs slapping against mine loudly from the force of his thrust and the speed he was pulling my waist back. He would slow down a bit, holding me still while he moved his hips back and forth so the entire length of his penis slid in and out of me rather than most of it staying in with his short fast thrusts, pushing me back down when I tried to lift myself up to shift position.

Eventually, I managed to get us lying down on our sides with me on the outside, my left leg held up in the air by Lex so he could enter me properly, but in this position our bodies were closer even if Lex couldn’t thrust quite as fast. Awkwardly, I twisted around so we could kiss, although this mostly turned into a kind of tongue fight as our lips couldn’t fit together comfortably, then I turned away again, his lips instead wrapping around my ear and kissing and licking down my neck, his stubble scraping lightly against my skin. He pulled me closer to him, his taught muscles pressed close to my back and my chest where his arm slipped under and around me.

Not very happy with the new position, I asked him to pull out and sit up, then once again I straddled his lap only facing him this time and kneeling on the sofa rather than standing. Guiding him in, I sank down much easier than the first time, supporting myself with my hands around his neck as I began to bounce up and down on him, now doing my best to clench my sphincter and buttocks to give him a tighter fit, all pain having gone long ago. Lex thrust up to meet my descent, and I allowed one of my hands to explore his firm chest, and bent my head down to kiss him on the lips, his hands squeezing my buttocks, until I got so lost in his kiss that I just let him thrust up into my arse, my body trembling from the pleasure of the stimulation it was giving me so I could barely stay upright.

Sensing this, Lex wrapped his arms around me and stood up, staying inside me, and after a few attempts at fucking me standing up like this with my legs locked around his waist, he lay me down on my back. In the missionary position he could fuck me deep and fast, we could continue kissing, and I could wrap my arms and legs tight around his large, sweating body as at heaved above me. Not long after we assumed this position, he panted in my ear that he was going to cum soon, but I told him to stay inside me, and reached between our sweating stomachs to my cock. It was still semi-erect, and sticky from the stream of precum that was leaking from it, so using this as lubricant I started wanking, hardening up again fairly quickly, and a kind of haze filling my head from this and having my arse fucked.

Suddenly, Lex gave a big thrust and stayed inside me, his body tensing and head lifting up, his face contorted as he climaxed, and I felt a hot liquid sensation burst inside me. Wanking faster, and turned on my his semen filling my arse, my orgasm soon followed, him being inside me intensifying it to several times its normal strength, so I felt I was blacking out. An explosion of ecstasy spread from my crotch through my whole body, my spunk spraying uncontrollably all over my hand and both our skin. Finally it subsided, and my whole body went limp, my hand slipping out to leave a sticky trail over Lex’s skin, and even my thank you kiss was weak.

We lay together for a while, Lexington’s cock still hard inside me, until he carefully pulled it out, and I felt a thick stream of warm stickiness cascade out with it and run down between my arse cheeks to the seat beneath, and his hot dick was wet too when it flopped down next to mine. After a few minutes, we both got up, and I went to the bathroom to fetch a towel so we could clean up a bit. As it was still fairly early in the evening, we decided to rewind Fight Club to where we were last paying attention, got a couple more beers and settled down naked on the sofa for the rest of the film.

I finished my beer pretty quickly, and lay down with my head on Lexington’s lap, or rather, as he slumped down a bit, on the base of his stomach. The smell of his sweaty and cummy balls so close to my nostrils, combined with Brad Pitt on the screen began to get me aroused again sooner than I expected. Lex noticed, moving his hand that had been resting on the side of my stomach to hold my growing cock and squeeze my balls gently, so I lifted my right leg up and hooked it around the armrest to make it easier for him. As he began to jerk me off, I lifted his heavy, limp cock up to my mouth to suck and lick on it, still concentrating on the film. Ever so gradually, I felt him growing in my mouth, until he was back to his full size again as the film finished.

After a few minutes of just wanking my hard dick, Lex leant sideways and lifted me up, shifting us until we were in a sixty-nine position with me on top, and I felt his rough stubbly lips wrap around me and his hot wet tongue swirling around the head. I tried to take in more and more of his delicious meat, pushing my head down until it was pushing against the back of my throat before pulling back again. My dick was completely hard now, and I wanted something different from his lips around it, so I pulled away from him and stood up, suggesting that we move to the bedroom.

My bed was much less cramped than the sofa, with Lex on his hands and knees in the middle and me kneeling behind lubing up myself and his tight black virgin arse, pushing my fingers in and out of it until he seemed relaxed enough. Guiding it with my fist, I placed the head of my cock on his slimy entrance and began pushing, feeling his muscles contract and relax, slowly letting me inside. Although I was considerably smaller than him, I was not tiny, and from the tension in his body I could tell that I was stretching him enough for pain not to be far away, so I went as gently as I could, stroking his buttocks to get him to relax. Once I was all the way inside him, I leant over to kiss his back, and slowly pulled out a couple of inches then pushed back in, repeating it, withdrawing a little more each time, until I could feel he was getting used to it.

Kneeling up again on one knee I made my thrusts a bit firmer, pulling him towards me with my hands around his waist, getting into a steady rhythm that he began to meet, grunting each time I entered him. I sped up, alternating between short fast thrusts and long steady strokes, closing my eyes so my only perception of him was his anus around my cock, his firm sweaty flesh under my hands and his heavy breathing. A few minutes of this and he began to moan, first his arms weakening and then his knees, so he was lying face down on the bed with me on top still fucking him, and now pressing my mouth to his muscular shoulders and neck. I knelt up again and pulled right out, getting him to roll over and lift his legs up, as I was still a long way from climax, and I re-entered him, leaning forward supported by my arms and his legs pressed against my body and up past my head.

When I looked down after a couple of minutes watching his face react to being anally penetrated, I saw his massive cock fully engorged and leaking a mass of clear sticky precum all over his dark chocolate cover stomach. I began fucking him harder, leaning back and bring his legs together in front of me to make his hole tighter, spitting on my hands and reaching around to masturbate his cock, aching to cum. Finally I felt the pressure in my balls and rammed hard and deep inside Lex one final time, moaning as I orgasmed, somehow managing several large spurts in my second ejaculation of the night. Remaining inside him, I began jerking him off faster, and soon a jet of white spunk erupted into the air and splattered on his chest, soon followed by another four, then I squeezed more out, which plastered my hands.

I withdrew from him, my semen clearly visible coming out of his dark sphincter, then licked my hands clean before bending down to do the same to his cock, moving my tongue up over his chest until it ended up in his mouth. Snuggling into his neck with his arms around me, I drifted off into a warm, deep sleep.


Early the next morning I was woken up by the sun coming through the windows and shining on my face as I’d forgotten to pull the curtains. For a while I stayed where I was, my head resting on Lexington’s chest as it rose and fell with his deep breathing, feeling his limp arm around me, and my morning erection pressed against his hot skin. Looking over his sleeping body an idea occurred to me, so carefully I slid out from under his arms and moved down to his shaven groin, which still smelt sweetly of his juices from the night before. Lifting up his limp cock I began licking and sucking his big balls, being as gently as possible so as not to wake him, and sure enough, after a little of this his organ began to twitch in my hand.

Licking all over the black shaft, I pulled back the foreskin and took him in my mouth, sucking slowly and smoothly, feeling him grow inside me, then licking his shaft again, until he was rock hard again. As I swirled my tongue around the head I could feel him reacting, thrusting his hips slightly and mumbling, though not awake just yet, but as I continued to suck eventually he stretched and opened his eyes, looking down at me through a sleepy mist and raising his eyebrows but saying nothing. Instead, he placed one hand behind his head and the other on mine, stroking my hair as I went down on him, closing his eyes again when I worked his dick with my hand and sucked on his balls.

Already I could taste precum, so I slowed down, licking only the smooth wide top of the head and then kissing down the front of his shaft, caressing his inner thighs, then flicking my tongue over the tip of his penis, teasing him until he pushed me back down on him. I resumed a steady pace, but slowed again when more precum came cascading into my mouth, teasing him once more.

The third time I tried though, Lex held me in place by my hair, so I had no choice but to suck and lick as vigorously as I could, bobbing up and down as he pushed his hips upwards and groaned. Hot cum burst into my mouth, and I did my best to swallow it as he pumped load after load down my throat, coating my tongue with its distinct sweet taste, then my lips and cheeks when I had to pull away for air. I dove back down to swirl my tongue around the pulsing head again as the last few spurts came, drawing his orgasm on longer, swallowing every last drop until he had completely stopped and had started to soften again.

I knelt up and scraped the spunk off my face, licking my fingers clean, and Lex must have noticed my stiff cock, because he propped himself up a bit and beckoned to me. “My turn,” he said, and got me to straddle his broad chest, cupping my arse cheeks in his hands and pulling me towards him until he could wrap his lips around my dick. I put my hands on his bald head, feeling him nod back and forth, sucking and swirling his tongue a little better than the night before, and then letting it flop against his face as he licked the shaft. For about five minutes he did this, keeping my hard but not quite bringing me to a climax.

Then I felt a finger wriggling its way inside my sphincter, soon followed by another, and another, until four of his large fingers were squeezed inside my anus and were stretching it, while he began sucking harder.

I pulled his head back and forth, trying to make him go faster as I felt an orgasm approach, until I got so frantic that I accidentally pulled right out of him just as I started ejaculating, spraying two streams of cum over his face and the top of his black head before he managed to take me back in his mouth. I moaned loudly from his tongue surrounding my cock, still spurting semen into his mouth, some of which he swallowed whilst more escaped and ran down his chin, and my hands smeared the spunk on his head all over it in a sticky coating.

Eventually, the orgasm subsided, he pulled his fingers from my arse and I collapsed on the bed next to him, panting. Once I’d got my breath back I didn’t feel like lying down anymore, and was becoming aware that both of us stank a bit from all our exertions, so I suggested we take a shower before he left.

This gave me one more opportunity to explore his gorgeous, firm, fit body, this time covering it in a wet soap lather, feeling all the contours, then allowed him to do the same to me. Amazingly, neither of us managed to get hard again during that shower, so the last opportunity for sex with each other that morning passed, but as he went out the door, we both knew that neither of us could resist another night like that in the future.

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