Back Alley Boi

Author: Goblin

Roger stepped out of the club into the warm, dark night. He had been hoping to find some action, but had come up dry. There was a lot of groping and a lot of random licks and bites at nipples as he’d danced, but nothing that stuck and he was horny as hell. He didn’t like the baths. There were too many old trolls hanging around and this time of night, the pickings would be even worse. Those were right out. None of his regular fuck buddies was available, either. What was a man to do? Well, tonight, he was headed back to his empty bed and a porno in the dvd player for a date with his right hand. It was going to be a long walk.

He headed on down the sidewalk past the bright lights and all the couples chattering away, past the coffee shops and the bars just letting out for the night, and on into the dark. He reached the edge of the glow from the village and saw this blonde boy leaning against a wall. Their eyes met and locked as he walked past, but neither said a word. Roger didn’t feel like playing games tonight and if someone was interested, they’d have to pursue him. He did slow down his pace a little, though, just to make sure he’d reach the corner just as the cross-walk sign turned red. No sense making it any harder than it had to be if the blonde wanted to catch up to him.

He reached the corner and stood there, waiting. Were his instincts this far gone? Had he been wrong about that guy? What was taking so long? And then, just as the light was about to change, he appeared next to him. He was blonde with blue eyes, about five-foot-six, a twink about twenty years old in tight jeans and t-shirt that hugged his slim body. He’d do. He smiled and the twink said, "Hi, I’m Nick", and reached out to shake hands. "Have you got a smoke?" There it was, the hustler ritual. Engage the customer in some conversation. Get him to talk. As they crossed the street, Roger reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of smokes and offered him one. When they reached the opposite corner, Nick asked him for a light and cupped the hand holding the lighter with his as he lit up, letting his fingers brush against Roger’s.

"Are you looking for some fun tonight? A massage, maybe?" He asked as they continued on up the street. "I know a place. I’ll make you feel good." Roger smiled and turned to him, "Maybe. How much?" "Fifty," said Nick, "Well, forty. I like the looks of you." He smiled. "Okay, but I’d rather not go to one of those cheap fleabags and I’m not taking you home with me." "That’s okay. Anywhere you please." They reached the mouth of an alley behind a row of shops and Roger stopped. There was some light there, but just enough to make sure he wouldn’t be robbed and no one would be able to see them from the street. It was perfect. "Down here," Roger said. Nick took a look down the alleyway, uncertain. "Well, do you want to or not?" Nick nodded and followed Roger. He found a perfect spot about halfway through to the next cross-street. A dim spot between two well-lit service doors. He turned to face Nick. "Now."

Nick stepped up to him and looked up into his eyes and grinned as he slipped a hand down to grope and rub Roger’s tool through the denim. Roger could feel the blood coursing through it as it got hard and pressed out against Nick’s tough. He leaned down, meaning to just kiss Nick lightly on the lips, only to be met with his hot, open mouth and tongue. He let his hands slide down to cup the boy’s ass firmly. It was a nice, sexy bubble butt and he gave it a squeeze and pulled up closer to grind against the flat of Nick’s palm.

As he scoured the inside of Roger’s mouth with his tongue, Nick kept rubbing and pressing against his cock until it was hard as a rock. He wanted him to want it bad. He could feel his hands on his butt and he could tell by the way he was squeezing it that it was working. Nick grabbed the zip on Roger’s jeans and pulled it down and reached in, grasping his rod through the fabric of his briefs. It felt heavy and warm in his hand. Not a bad size, but not too big that it would hurt him. Good. It was a warm night, so he pushed Roger back and slipped off his t-shirt over his head, revealing a tight, tanned body. He took a finger, wet his tongue, and proceeded to run it in lazy circles on his nipples, which were as hard and the size of pencil erasers. Roger couldn’t resist and began to bite and lick them. A shudder went through Nick’s body.

He undid Roger’s belt and the top button on his jeans and slipped to his knees, pulling down his client’s pants and briefs to around mid-thigh and freeing his cock. He started with just the tip of his tongue against the glans, which made it jump. He liked it when dicks had a mind of their own. It meant that the other guy was horny and wouldn’t be too demanding. He grasped the backs of Roger’s thighs and ran the tip of his tongue slowly round the rim of the head. He could feel Roger shiver and pull back a bit. He’d have none of that. He slipped his hands up to his ass and pulled his cock back up to his lips and began working the head again, kissing and licking it, jabbing the tip of his tongue into Roger’s pee-hole.

Roger’s head jerked back and his hand grabbed onto a tangle of Nick’s hair as he continued to work on his stiff fuck rod. His tongue ran slowly down the underside to the balls, which he tickled and licked, and then back up to the tip, where the precum had begun to flow and left a salty taste on his lips. He sucked the head into his mouth and worked the underside with the rough flat of his tongue and then took it as far into his mouth as he could, back to where the head was bouncing against the back of his throat. He began slowly bobbing up and down on the cock, the flat of his tongue tight against the underside, while he fondled and tugged on Roger’s balls. Roger gave out low moans and pulled on his hair on every upstroke, when Nick gave particularly close attention to the head.

Roger closed his eyes and let himself feel the warm wet of Nick’s mouth as he worked his meat. The boy was good. He hadn’t had a blowjob like this in a long time. Thoughts ran through his head about what it would be like when he was in his tight man pussy and his cock became even more engorged. He could feel the skin tighten and the head throb under the pressure. He began to thrust his hips in time to the motion of Nick’s head. He needed this guy’s butt bad. He held Nick’s head still and pulled out, letting his dick slap against his cheek. He looked down into Nick’s eyes. "I want to take you now." He let his fingers slip from the young man’s hair as he stood . He let them slip down his body and he rubbed and felt the hard bulge in the front of his pants. He let his hand rest there for a second and cupped it. Then Nick turned to face the wall. He slid his jeans down to just where his crack started to show. It was a real turn-on, seeing the beginnings of a sweet, tight ass.

He let one hand rest on Nick’s shoulder as he took his penis in the other and ran the head across the spot where the small of the back joins the curve of the butt. It felt cool against the fire raging in his hard tool. Nick slid his jeans down below his butt, allowing Roger full access. He rubbed his cock against Nick’s crack, letting it slip between his cheeks like a hot dog in a bun and began rubbing it up and down the length of it, pressing it deeper as he went. He could feel Nick grabbing at it with his muscular ass, holding it just loose enough that he was able to move it and just tight enough that it felt good. Then, he felt the tip of the head catch on the hole and he let it stay there as the rest of his cock slid from between the cheeks and out at attention between them. He used the leverage from his hands on the boy’s shoulders and began to slowly press his cock into his hole. It was so tight and felt so good. He wanted it to last. His cock was slick with precum, so it slid easily. He could feel the muscles as they released, allowing his member easy access. He kept pushing until he could feel his pubes brushing up against the soft skin of Nick’s smooth bottom and then he stopped for a moment, feeling the muscles squeeze and hold him tight.

Roger’s back arched as he slid out his meat. When he was to the point where just the head remained firmly in Nick’s ass, he thrust hard, slapping his thighs against that bubble butt. His cock tingled as he began a slow rhythm with long strokes, stopping and grinding his hips into that sexy ass on each downstroke. Nick moaned and pressed back into his crotch as he picked up the pace, faster and harder. His precum juice was gushing now and his cock throbbed and pulsed as it slid in and out. He could feel the hair on his balls tingling as they tightened up in preparation for a molten hot explosion of his love cream. His hands slipped to Nick’s hips as his strokes became even faster. He was no longer in control, it was something animal. He couldn’t stop until he reached orgasm. He’d gone beyond the point of no return. And then it happened, like an explosion, he could feel his jizz spurting as he rammed his cock in one last time. It wouldn’t stop and just kept flowing as every muscle in his body seemed to tense up at the same time. Sweat burned his eyes and he could taste it on his lips.

Roger gave a couple of involuntary spasms and collapsed onto Nick’s back, slippery with perspiration, and ground his crotch into that fine ass, working to drain every last drop of semen from his balls. He could hear Nick’s raspy gasps for air and feel his body heave beneath him. Then the moment passed oh-too-quickly. The boy forced him upright, slipping his now-soft rod from it’s hidey-hole, and pulled up his pants. He turned to Roger, who stood dazed for a moment and then, too, pulled up his jeans.

"Was that okay," Nick asked "I hope it was. I ain’t been doing this that long." "No, no. That was great." Nick held out his hand and nodded and gave Roger an expectant look as he fumbled around in his pants for his wallet. What had the boy said? Forty dollars? He started to pull a couple of twenties, then thought "fuck it" and handed him a fifty. After that night, Roger became one of Nick’s regulars, even taking him home with him sometimes, but mostly he just wanted to replay that first hot night with it’s sense of danger and wild abandon with his back alley boi.

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