Billy’s Bitch Boy

Author: Goblin

I hadn’t meant for it to happen, but it did. I’d been drunk and tired and that night at the party when that hot stud started groping me and feeling around my ass, I just gave in and let him have what he want. He was in the middle of eating out my ass when Billy walked in. Billy is my man. I suddenly felt so ashamed. He had such a look of disappointment on his face when he saw that guy’s face buried in my ass. I pulled up my pants and ran after him. I cried and pleaded as he called me an idiot and a bastard for what I’d done. Finally, I convinced him not to leave me, but for a week after that, he wouldn’t touch me. When I tried to cuddle or snuggle with him, he’d shove me away and give me a dark look. I would have given anything for it not to have happened and I would cry quietly after he’d gone to sleep, wishing to take back that one moment of weakness. Little did I know that he had plans for me. He would show me who was boss.

It all started that night with me lying in our bed, horny as hell. He came out of the bathroom after his shower naked and stood over me, tugging at his foreskin, and I could feel my cock coming to attention. I wanted him so bad, my mouth was watering at the thought of tasting him in my mouth once again. I slipped out from under the covers and stood there gazing into his eyes. As I leaned in to give him a kiss, he grabbed me roughly by my arm and turned me around. He pushed me up tight against the wall and said "This is how it’s gonna be. Your my bitch. You always have been and you always will be. Say it!!" I like it rough, so I decided to play along. I knew he would never really hurt me. I struggled to get free, but he was too strong for me. I felt his teeth bite into my shoulder. Not enough to hurt too much, just enough so that I could feel it. I continued struggling, and he kept pressing me down hard against the wall.

He corkscrewed his fingers into my asshole, spreading it and I could feel first one, then two, then three fingers as he worked my pucker. Feeling him there, in total control of me, it began to be a turn on. I soon discovered that the more I resisted, the harder he worked my butt, till finally, I could feel his cock head knocking at my back door. He spit into his hand and lubed it up as he growled, "You want to be treated like a little slut?" I wanted to feel him in me so badly, but I decided to play along with his game. He’d get the feeling of satisfaction from letting me know who was the boss and I’d get to feel like a dirty little whore. The whole idea of it was really beginning to get my ass to quivering.

When he finally rammed his thick, 7-inch tool into my ass, I played it for all it was worth and gave out a yell. He seemed to like that lots and he roughly began pounding my butt. I let him go until I felt his hold on my shoulder loosen and then I pushed him back and off me and made to run. He tripped me and I fell face-down onto the floor. I got up onto my knees and he grabbed me by the hair. "You’re a slutty little faggot, aren’t you," he said. I could feel my cock getting even more hard. He slapped my face with his penis and yelled it at me again, pulling harder on my hair. I blurted out "Yes! I’m a slutty little faggot!".Then, "You’re a little bitch boy, aren’t you?" I made as if to stand, but he pushed me back down by my shoulders and grabbed my hair again. He slapped me a few more times with his cock. "You’re my little bitch. suck my cock!!" I gritted my teeth and tried to turn my head away, but he’d have none of that. He shoved his rod between my lips and forced my teeth apart. "Now, suck it, bitch!" He held onto my ears, turning my head slightly as he fucked my face. I felt totally under his power and I was liking it. And if it made him feel better after what I’d done, so much the better.

I could feel the head hitting the back of my throat as he continued with a slow rhythm. Then, he pushed me down onto my back and straddled me as if to do push ups. He slid his cock back into my mouth and began to fuck away like it was another ass. I made a tight seal with my lips. "Slut!," he said, "Put some tongue action into it!" I gladly complied, placing my tongue firmly against the underside of his cock. I could taste his precum as it oozed from his meat. Any other time, I’d be trying to drill my tongue into his peehole to get as much of it as I could, but this night he was the one giving the orders and I knew that if I needed to let him feel like he was marking his territory to make up for my mistake.

I had a raging boner and a mouth full of steaming meat and I was loving it. He thrust his hips like a man possessed, and a couple of times I thought he would choke me as he drove his penis deep down my throat. His low-hanging balls slapped against my chin with every downstroke. I planted my hands firmly on his taut, muscular butt. Then, he pulled out of my mouth and squatted over me. I grabbed my cock in anticipation of guiding it into his hole and getting sweet release, but he just looked down at me and said "Jerk your own worm, bitch." Then he spread his cheeks and ordered me, "Eat!" He lowered himself onto my face and I had my nose buried in his nuts and his shithole poised just above my lips. I began to jerk my cock furiously and tonguing his hole.

Billy began jerking, too, and his balls bounced on my forehead as he pleasured himself at my expense. I ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of his hole slowly, knowing the way he loved it. I loved being his bitch, with him in control. I wormed my tongue into his anus, digging in deep and wiggling it. I could feel his muscles spasm and release as I did it. It didn’t take long for him to cum once I started working on his ass and the excitement of this realization made me pound my own pud more furiously. My balls rose up tight to my groin and my cock began to throb and pulse. I wanted to wait for him. He was always first for me. There was no other man and how better to show it than to let him blow his load before me? I kept at his hole, trying to contain myself and wondering how much longer he could last.

Then, he rose up off of me, still jerking his fully engorged member. He stood over me, watching me beat my meat, with an evil grin on his face. I knew what was coming next. This would be his way of marking me, of using his spunk to leave his scent. He thrust his hips forward and threw his head back as he shot a bucket of red-hot jizz all over me. He sprayed me from my stomach up to my face with great gobs of it, all creamy and white. As soon as I could taste him on my lips, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I blew my own load. It shot so far I almost hit myself in the eye. I looked back up at him and all I could see in his face was a look of satisfaction, of superiority as he milked every last drop out his peehole and let it drip down onto my abs.

Afterwards, he made me clean up by eating every last drop of our cum. He wouldn’t let me off the floor until I’d wiped it all from my skin and sucked it clean from my fingers. Only then did he let me get to the shower. When I was through, I found him sleeping. His chest rising and falling slowly. I slipped in under the covers next to him and snuggled up tight against his chest, happy in the knowledge that I had my man back. I never cheated on him again, but that didn’t mean I didn’t like being his bitch again every now and then and Billy always left that bed with a smile on his face. I made sure of that.

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