Wild Jack’s

Author: Mark James

Furious wind battered the small window of the filthy bathroom.

   Cody looked at himself in the grimy, cracked mirror. A blonde boy with scared blue eyes looked back at him. He wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

“What are you doing here?” he asked himself.

Cody closed his eyes, leaned his head against the mirror and wished he was anywhere but here. He tried not to hear the loud sounds out in the bar. The drunken laughter and hollering sounded like shrieks in some bizarre purgatory for men so mean, hell wouldn’t let them in.

Back home, he was one month shy of getting a framed piece of paper after two years of college. But one mistake, one bad decision and here he was, a fugitive in the land of the unforgiven. Wild Jack’s was the only bar around for fifty miles. Hell, it was the only anything for miles and miles. Around here, a waiter earned tips in the bathroom on his knees.

The oil workers who came into Wild Jack’s were hard men who braved the lonely Northern ends of the world nearly everyday. On weekends, they lived to have fun with a pretty boy.

Suddenly the bathroom door banged open behind Cody. He whirled, heart hammering, and stared into the angry eyes of Bert, owner of Wild Jack’s.

“What the fuck you still doing in here kid?”

Bert was ex-marine and it showed, from his bristling, black crew cut to his six foot frame of tightly packed, solid muscle. He covered the space between them in two long strides and grabbed Cody’s arm.

“Ain’t I told you to come right out when you’re done?” he said, giving the slender boy a hard shake.

“Sorry Bert,” Cody said in a low, careful voice. His new boss terrified him.

Bert shoved Cody out into the dark, narrow hallway, and headed back to the bar.

“Come on college boy,” he said walking past Cody. “Alex said table seven asked for you. Bring him a beer and a shot.”

Anywhere but here, Cody thought, following after Bert, anywhere but this corner of hell.

Cody worked his way up to the crowded, horseshoe bar. On the juke box a country and western singer whined about his troubles with love.

“Hey boy,” a big man with two front teeth said to him. “You looking real pretty tonight.”

He ran a filthy hand the size of a bear’s paw over Cody’s ass, outlined in tight denim shorts.

“Yeah,” the man next to him said, rubbing the crotch of his work jeans. He was built like a mountain and looked dumb as dirt. “You as pretty as a girl.” They both roared drunken laughter.

Cody took the beer and shot glass full of Yukon Gold that Bert gave him on a small wooden tray. He worked his way through men jammed nearly shoulder to shoulder, heading for table seven. He passed the pool table, where men in flannel shirts and faded jeans pawed at his ass as he squeezed by. Just behind the pool players, a table of men played high stakes poker, drinking bourbon on ice, gambling away the fortune they made down in the mines.

The man at table seven was the only man in the bar who sat alone. He was big and bulky, like all the men in Wild Jack’s. The rolled up sleeves of his navy flannel shirt showed bulging biceps and thick forearms. Cody set the tray down and put the beer and whiskey on the table, nearly blushing at the way the stranger looked him up and down.

“Sit with me kid,” he said. His voice rumbled, low and deep.

“Can’t,” Cody said. “I have to work the bar.”

Bert’s rule – never sit with a customer, keep circulating.

“I said sit down,” the stranger said in a slow, dangerous voice.

The hard edge in his voice cut through the boy. Cody looked at him in the shadows of the corner booth. Something hard and mean glittered in his dark brown eyes. He started to slip onto the bench across from the man, but the stranger grabbed Cody’s arm and pulled the boy down on the wooden bench next to him.

Cody looked into his weathered face. He had fought a lot of tough winters here in the land of the midnight sun. There was a stillness about him that bordered on arrogance. A coldness that was like the land he worked – harsh, unforgiving. Something in Cody was irresistibly drawn to him.

“You’re real pretty,” the man said, emptying the shot glass into his beer, without taking his eyes off Cody. “Pretty blue eyes, pink lips, just like a girl.”

The stranger ran his rough hands over Cody’s bare chest.

“And you’re soft like a girl, too. Got a name?”


The man laughed. “And got a girl’s name too.”

The way he kept calling Cody a girl pissed him off, but it made his cock hard. He was always drawn to men who treated him like this. He liked getting on his knees and pleasing them.

“You’re going home with me tonight,” the stranger said, running his hand down Cody’s smoothly slender legs.

There was something rough and mean about him that turned Cody on like nothing ever had. In a quiet, menacing way, he was more frightening than Bert, and that made Cody even hotter for his cock.

“What the fuck kid?” Bert said from behind the booth. “I got to beat your ass tonight, or what?”

Cody instinctively tried to jump up, but Trent held tight to his arm. “He’s dead if he lays a hand on you,” he said softly into the boy’s ear.

“How you doing Bert?” Trent said softly.

The ex-marine came around so he could see who was sitting in the booth. He had the look of a man who’s realized too late, that he’s in deep shit.

“Trent,” Bert said, in a weak voice that was nothing like the bellow Cody was used to hearing. “I didn’t know you was out – I mean back. Hey, glad to see you, man.”

“Are you?” Trent said, looking up at him with dark, unreadable eyes.

“Sure,” Bert said in a voice that was an obvious lie. “It ain’t been the same without you.”

Trent ran his hands through Cody’s silky blonde hair.

“I’m taking him home,” he said. “How much to rent his ass for the night?”

“On the house,” Bert said too quickly.

“Why?” Trent said. “Ain’t my money good here no more?”

“Sure it is. I ain’t disrespecting you,” Bert said. “He’s like a welcome home present. Enjoy him. Just bring him back tomorrow.”

“What if I don’t feel like bringing him back? He’s awful pretty,” Trent said, stroking Cody’s legs.

Bert shrugged. “Then keep him. My gift. I’ll find another whore.”

The last thing Cody wanted was to go home with this dark stranger. He tried to speak up.

“Bert, it’s Friday night, I – ”

Trent grabbed the boy’s arm hard enough to make him squirm and pulled him real close.

“Shut up kid,” he said, looking into Cody’s scared eyes. “Ain’t nobody talking to you.”

“Trent?” Bert said.

Trent turned his hard eyes on Bert, easing up on Cody, but not letting him go.


“I didn’t say nothing to nobody. You know that, right?”

Trent’s dark eyes bored steadily into Bert, but he spoke to Cody. “Go put on some clothes boy. You’ll catch your death out there in those shorts.”

He let go and Cody slipped out of the booth, past Bert.

“Hey kid,” Trent said.

Cody looked back at him.

“Bring the shorts. I like how your ass looks in them.”

When Cody came back downstairs, in jeans faded nearly to white, a heavy green sweatshirt with ‘23’ on it, and his black knapsack slung over his shoulder, both men were on their feet.

“Hey,” the boy said, walking up to them.

“You ready kid?” Trent said.

   Cody nodded.

   “Let’s go.”

   Trent headed for the door without as much as a backward glance. Cody took a look back at Bert’s scared face, then followed the stranger out into the howling night wind.

The ride up to Trent’s cabin took them down a narrow, winding road. Towering, jagged stone surrounded them, and beyond that, dense forest. No gas stations, no cell phone towers, no houses, no people. Bert’s words ran through Cody’s mind, I didn’t know you was out. He was out here alone in the big empty with a man who’d just gotten out of jail. Or maybe he escaped. What the hell did he know?

Cody watched the northern lights chase across the night sky in sheets of blues and greens as Trent followed the headlights of his pick up truck deeper and deeper into shadow less darkness. Finally, they turned down a narrow dirt path that could barely be called a road. Giant trees pressed in on both sides of them, as Trent drove through pitch black darkness. After a while, he pulled into a clearing, in front of a small wooden cabin, covered in a thick layer of snow.

Cody stepped out of the truck into the strange softness of freshly fallen snow and looked around. This was beyond the middle of nowhere. It was the end of nowhere.

Howling wolves filled the night with their unearthly cries. Out here, with a stranger who frightened Bert, the scariest man he’d ever met, Cody seriously thought of hitching a ride back to Wild Jack’s. But there was no way to hitch on the deserted road they’d just left. Besides, the wolves would rip him to shreds if he strayed from here.

Trent had walked on ahead of him and opened the front door.

“Come on kid,” he said. His voice was friendly. But his eyes were full of mystery, dark and unreadable. “It’s cold out here.”

Trent shut the door behind them and started feeding wood to the smoldering fire that burned low in the fireplace built into one wall of the cabin. There was no other light in the small room. Cody looked around while Trent got the fire going. Eyes in the heads of slaughtered Elk, Deer and other animals Cody didn’t recognize glittered on the wooden walls.

One wall was given entirely to a collection of hunting rifles. Pictures scattered here and there showed Trent next to his animal trophies. A fishing rod leaned in one corner.

Cody sat in one of the two oversize armchairs that stood on opposite sides of the fireplace. They had a homemade look, with dark pinewood legs and soft cushions.

“Bathroom’s around the corner. Put your shorts back on,” Trent said, without looking up from what he was doing. “And bring me a beer when you come back.”

The bathroom was through a small kitchen. Cody went in and put his shorts on. On the way back, he stopped in the small kitchen and grabbed two cans of beer from the small fridge and hurried back to Trent.

When he got back into the room, the flames were leaping high, filling the dark room with the orange glow of dancing firelight. A low, wooden table sat in front of a couch that was small enough to be a loveseat. Trent had taken off his work shirt, revealing a broad chest thick with muscle, a flat ridged belly and arms thick and hard as tree trunks. He was sitting on the little couch with his feet up on the table.

   “You like my place boy?” Trent said, looking at Cody with hungry eyes.

   “It’s cool,” Cody said giving him a beer.

   Trent looked at the other beer in Cody’s hand.

   “Put that back,” he said. A shade of anger came into his eyes. It was gone in a moment, but Cody was sure he’d seen it. “I don’t like my girls to drink.”

   “You serious?” Cody said.

   “Don’t fuck with me bitch. Put it back. Now.”

   The mean edge in his voice made Cody head back to the kitchen, wondering what the fuck he’d gotten himself into this time.

Trent watched him go, his eyes fastened to Cody’s round little ass. When Cody came back, Trent said, “Take off my boots.”

   The boy knelt on the soft, thick rug in front of the table and started unlacing the big work boots.

Trent popped the top of his beer, and took a long swallow.

   “Tell me about yourself kid,” he said, looking at Cody in the firelight. “How’d a city boy like you end up in a place like this?”

   “How’d you know I’m a city boy?” Cody said, taking off one boot and setting it aside.

   Trent shrugged. “I been up here all my life. You act like a city boy, sound like one, so you must be one. Probably a college boy too. Why ain’t you in school?”

   Cody didn’t like this. Too many questions.

   “I’m working my way through school,” he said, avoiding Trent’s eyes.

   “In the middle of winter?”

   Cody shrugged. “Yeah, well,” he said. “I’m between semesters.”

   “You’re a bad liar boy,” Trent said softly. “Who you running from?”

   Cody put the other boot next to its twin.

   “Look,” the boy said quietly. “What do you want?”

   “I wanna make you my girl,” Trent said, looking steadily at the boy.

Cody laughed, a low bitter sound. “You’re too late. Bert already did that.”

   “Yeah, but he don’t know how to make a slut like you beg for a man’s cock, does he?”

   Trent took his feet down and spread his legs. “Come here.”

   Cody knelt between his legs, looking up at him.

   Trent ran his hands over the boy slowly, enjoying the tender feel of Cody’s softly trembling body.

   “Listen to me real good bitch,” Trent said, looking down into Cody’s scared eyes. “Do what I say, and you’ll have a real good time tonight. Fuck with me, and I’ll make you sorry.”

   He ran his hands over Cody’s nipples, looking at the boy’s face. “You got it?”

   Cody nodded.

Trent ran his hands through Cody’s silky blonde hair.

   “You’re beautiful,” he said.

   Cody loved the feel of Trent’s rough hands on him, but his mind kept slipping back to what Bert said.

   “How come Bert’s scared of you?” Cody said. “And where’d you get out from?” He couldn’t help himself. He had to know.

   Trent shrugged. “I got a past kid.”

   “Where? In the penitentiary?” Cody said.

   Dark laughter danced in Trent’s eyes.

   “You don’t really want me to answer that, do you kid?” he said in a soft voice.

   Cody swallowed in his suddenly dry throat. He’d heard stories about men who lived in cabins like this one, out in the woods, where no one could hear you scream. They took boys like him and raped them for days, then turned them loose, too scared to go to the police.

   Trent saw terror leap into the boy’s eyes.

“Do what I say, and I won’t hurt you boy. But don’t be asking me questions. You won’t like the answers.”

Trent ran his hands slowly over Cody’s soft, smooth body. His muscled arms pulled the boy close and kissed his neck softly, while one of his hands stole into Cody’s crotch. The boy moaned softly, and forget all about Bert.

“You like sucking cock boy?” Trent said, running his hand lightly through Cody’s blonde hair.

Cody didn’t answer, just dropped his eyes. Men like Trent always made him unbearably hot, but he couldn’t bring himself to look into those hard eyes and admit that he liked to serve a man on his knees.

Trent ran a rough hand along Cody’s left cheek.

“You want to answer me when I talk to you boy,” he said in a soft voice. “The last thing you want in this wide world is to piss me off tonight.”

Suddenly Trent grabbed Cody’s hair and pulled cruelly hard.

“Answer me bitch. You like to suck cock?”

“Yes,” Cody said, gasping in pain.

Trent grinned down into his face, letting go his hair.

“A bitch like you can’t deny it. One look at you and a man knows you belong on your knees. “

Something dark danced in Trent’s eyes in the shadowy firelight. He ran his fingers slowly along Cody’s soft pink lips.

“You know what I’m gonna do to you tonight boy?” Trent said quietly. “First I’m gonna shoot a load down your throat, then you’re gonna get on that table on all fours for me and I’m gonna fuck you real hard.”

Cody looked up at him with scared, helpless eyes.

“You’re my bitch tonight, you hear?” Trent said.

Cody nodded. He was more scared than he’d ever been, but still, he wanted Trent’s hard cock in his mouth, choking him, shooting his load down his throat.

“I’m gonna use every hole you got, you fucking whore.”

He pulled Cody close and rubbed the boy’s face against his crotch.

“You need it bad Cody. You need a man to fuck you and give you what you need. Don’t you?”

He pushed Cody’s head back, looking down into the boy’s desperate eyes.

“You need a man who’ll make you beg for cock, then give it to you hard and make you come like a bitch.”

The way Trent talked made Cody unbearably hot. He wanted Trent’s cock in his mouth more than he had ever wanted any man.

“Please,” he said softly.

Cody watched eagerly as Trent stood up and undid his jeans. He slid them down over his hips and revealed his nakedness underneath. His hard, thick cock stood straight up, reaching past his navel. The thick head was slick with pre-come. Veins grooved the hard flesh.

“You want it bitch?”

Cody could only nod, looking at his hardness.

“Beg for it,” Trent said.

“Please,” Cody said. “Let me suck your cock.”

Trent moved closer, towering over the boy like a muscled god, and brought his thick cock to Cody’s lips.

The boy opened his mouth and took his cock deep down his throat, moaning softly. Trent reached down and worked his nipples while the boy serviced his hard cock. He looked down at the boy’s pretty pink lips stretched tight around his driving cock, sliding in and out of his hot, wet mouth.

“Yeah bitch,” he said, pumping his hips into Cody’s mouth, “that’s it. Take my cock. That’s whores like you are good for.”

His movements were long and rhythmic, using Cody’s mouth to pleasure his throbbing cock. Trent grabbed the boy’s hair with both hands and held him still while he fucked his face. His head rolled back on his shoulders, eyes closed, while he pumped his cock deep down Cody’s throat, enjoying every inch of the boy’s hot mouth.

“That’s it bitch. Suck my cock. Take it all,” he said, humping the boy’s face faster. His thrusts became more desperate.

He clenched his teeth and drove hard into Cody’s mouth, choking him, gripping his hair tight, not letting him escape the monster cock in his mouth. Sweat trickled down his muscled chest.

Trent groaned at the hot feel of Cody’s spasming throat grabbing the head of his cock as his deep thrusts choked the helpless boy servicing his thick cock. For a long time, the only sounds in the room were Cody’s small moans of pain as Trent’s cock hit the back of his throat again and again and his grunts of pleasure as he used the boy’s hot mouth.

“You fucking hot bitch,” Trent said in a strangled voice. “Take my load. Swallow every fucking drop,” he said and pulled Cody’s face down on his cock. Trent’s hips bucked against the boy’s lips and his cock exploded inside Cody’s mouth, sending hot loads of come jetting down his throat.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” he said, stroking into Cody’s mouth. Come dribbled down Cody’s chin.

“Clean me,” he said, pulling out of Cody’s mouth and pushing the boy’s head down onto his sticky cock.

Cody’s hot tongue licked up and down his cock and around his balls, licking up his come. Trent could feel himself starting to get hard again.

“You like my cock in your mouth bitch?” he said, and stroked Cody’s hair softly while the boy buried his face in his crotch, licking his cock clean.

Cody looked up at him.

“Yes,” he said, unzipping his shorts. He was desperate to jack off and shoot his load.

“What the fuck you think you’re doing bitch?” Trent said.

“Please,” Cody said. “I gotta come.”

Trent slapped him, but not too hard. The bitch had sucked him off good.

“You come when I say so,” he said, and pushed Cody’s face back down onto his cock.

Cody went back to licking him, too scared to do anything else.

“That’s it. Get me hard again so I can fuck your bitch ass and make you my girl,” Trent said, running his hands gently over Cody’s soft face.

The boy ran his smooth tongue around the thick shaft of Trent’s rising cock, licking up the sticky mess of his come. He slid his tongue to Trent’s balls and licked the underside of his cock, now nearly fully hard again, then slid his tongue back to the sensitive skin just behind them.

“Oh fuck,” Trent said, gasping in pleasure. “Get up here bitch.”

“I’m sorry,” Cody said, thinking he’d pissed him off somehow.

Trent pulled the frightened boy to his feet and slid Cody’s shorts down and made the boy step out of them.

“I’m gonna fuck you real hard bitch,” he said, running his hands over Cody’s tight, round ass.

Cody couldn’t imagine being taken by force by a man with a cock as big Trent.

“Don’t rape me please,” the boy said. “I’ll do what you want.”

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” Trent said. “Put your hands behind you. Spread your legs.”

Cody obeyed. The sight of the frightened boy standing naked in the firelight, his legs apart, his tight, round ass begging to be taken, filled Trent with raging need. His hard cock throbbed and ached.

He ran his hands gently over the trembling boy, passing his rough fingers over Cody’s pink nipples. While he kissed the side of his neck, Trent fingered the boy’s nipples. Then one of his strong hands slid down Cody’s flat belly, down between his spread legs and found the boy’s hard cock, slick with pre-come.

“Look at this,” Trent said into Cody’s ear. “How come you’re so hard?”

Trent took the boy’s thin cock in his hand and slid his fist up and down, making Cody moan softly. He twisted his nipple between his fingers with his other hand. His muscled arms surrounded Cody, pulling the boy close against his hard body while he teased him.

Cody writhed against Trent, squirming in his strong grip, moaning and pressing his round ass back into Trent’s hard cock. Trent slid a finger into Cody’s mouth then found the sweet hole between the boy’s tight cheeks. He slid his wet finger into Cody’s tight ass, moving slowly in and out while he jacked off the boy’s cock.

“Oh God,” Cody said, pushing his ass back onto Trent’s finger inside him.

“Why’s this cock so hard boy?”

Cody writhed and moaned, pushing his ass back every time Trent’s finger slid out of him. His cock throbbed madly in Trent’s other hand. Trent kissed the side of Cody’s neck softly while he fingered his ass and handled the boy’s cock.

“Cause you need to get fucked like a girl?” Trent whispered into Cody’s ear. “Only a bitch gets hard from sucking cock and swallowing come. Is that what you are? My bitch?”

“Yeah,” Cody said, lost in the pleasure roaring through him. “Fuck me Trent. Take my ass. Make me your girl.”

“You’re gonna take my cock no matter how hard I give it to you, right bitch?” Trent whispered into Cody’s ear. His breath was hot on the boy’s neck. “Cause that’s what girls like you need, right?”

“Yeah,” Cody said, leaning his head back against Trent, totally surrendering to him. “I need your cock inside me. Please.”

Trent suddenly grabbed both of Cody’s arms roughly and spun the boy around to face him.

“You’re gonna get on that table on all fours,” Trent said, gripping the boy’s arms tight. “If you take my cock like a good girl, I’ll make it nice for you. If you fuck with me, I’ll make you scream. You got me?”

Looking into Trent’s dark eyes, Cody knew he was a man who knew all about making people scream. The boy nodded, scared that Trent might hurt him anyway, just for kicks.

Trent shoved Cody toward the table and the boy knelt on all fours, his ass facing Trent.

“Oh bitch,” Trent said, running his rough hands over Cody’s smooth, tight ass. “I’m gonna fuck the hell out of this boy pussy.”

Trent grabbed the KY from the couch and lubed his thick cock, looking at Cody’s ass in the soft firelight. He loved the sight of him on all fours, afraid, waiting to take his cock.

“Spread your cheeks,” Trent said. “Show me that whore hole.”

Cody opened his ass to him. Trent’s cock surged at the sight of Cody’s pink rosebud hole. He fought the urge to grab the boy’s hips in his strong hands and sink his cock all the way up to his balls in his hot ass.

“That’s nice bitch,” Trent said, lubing his finger, “real nice.”

He ran his finger slowly around the outside of the boy’s hole. Cody whimpered in fear, sure Trent would rip into him with his thick cock.

“Don’t make it hurt too much,” Cody said in a low, scared voice. “Please.”

“I told you bitch,” Trent said, “Take it like a good girl, and you’ll have a good time. Fight me, and you’ll scream when I rip into this ass.”

He slapped Cody’s hands away and pressed one long finger against the boy’s hole until he gave way and let him slip inside his delicious tightness. Cody tensed up as soon as his finger invaded his hole.

“Relax bitch,” Trent said. “I’m taking this ass one way or the other. Don’t make it hard for yourself.”

“I’m sorry,” Cody said. “Don’t hurt me. Please.”

The boy’s voice, trembling on the edge of tears, made Trent’s cock throb with hunger.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Trent said, sliding his lubed finger in and out of Cody’s hole. “Before you piss me off.”

Trent slid slowly in and out of Cody’s hot hole, getting his ass ready for his thick cock. He could tell by the way the boy tensed at his touch that Cody was the kind of bitch who was scared to get it up the ass. The boy would panic the minute he felt Trent’s thick cock pressing into his ass. He’d probably have to take him by force. That was alright with Trent. He didn’t mind making a bitch scream.

“You should see yourself, on all fours, aching for my cock up your bitch ass,” Trent said, sliding his finger in and out of Cody’s tight hole.

Cody moaned softly, writhing on Trent’s fingers inside him.

“You look like a whore, ready to get fucked real hard,” Trent said, fingering Cody’s pink little hole.

Trent heard the boy’s small gasp of fear, and smiled. “I’m gonna fuck this boy pussy real good,” he said. “That’s what little slutboys like you need. A fat cock up their ass.”

Trent put two fingers up against his hot hole. “Push that ass back,” he said. “Show me how good you’re gonna take my cock.”

Cody inched back onto his fingers slowly, moaning softly.

“You want my cock, bitch?” Trent said. He slid his fingers out of Cody and pushed against his hole again.

“I’m scared,” the boy said, pushing his ass back.

Trent reached between the boy’s open legs and took Cody’s hard cock roughly in his hand and started jacking him off. His other hand grabbed the helpless boy’s hair, pulling his head back. Cody moaned in his grip, pressing his throbbing cock into Trent’s hand.

“You should be scared bitch,” Trent said, working the boy’s cock. “Cause if you don’t take my hard cock up your ass like a good girl, I’ll ream your tight little hole real hard. I’ll make you scream.”

He slid his hand up and down Cody’s cock, looking down at the boy’s scared face. Cody’s eyes were full of need and desire. “You need it, don’t you bitch?”

He tightened his fist on the boy’s cock, making Cody grind his hips against his hand.

“Tell me you little whore,” Trent said. “You need a man like me to use your bitch ass, and make you my girl, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Cody said, writhing against him.

He could barely stand to admit the truth, but Cody was helpless against the tide of need that surged through him at Trent’s touch.

“Yeah,” the boy said again, panting, “I need your cock inside me.”

“Even if it hurts, bitch?” Trent said, pulling Cody’s hair harder. “Even if I make you scream?”

He worked Cody’s cock, feeling the boy writhe against him, watching him give in to his own need.

“Yeah,” Cody whispered, humping Trent’s hand, “even if it hurts.”

Trent let him go and slid two fingers, slick from the pre come all over the boy’s cock, up Cody’s ass. His hot, pulsing flesh grabbed him tight. Trent couldn’t wait anymore.

He guided his throbbing cock to Cody’s ass. The boy pushed back against him, hungry for Trent inside him. He grabbed his hips and pressed into Cody with steady pressure. The boy moaned softly as he felt the pain of his hole opening to Trent’s thick cock.

Slowly, the head of Trent’s fat cock slid into Cody’s ass. The boy gasped in pain, and bucked in his grip.

“Easy bitch,” Trent said, holding Cody’s hips tight. “Don’t make me hurt you.”

Cody’s breath came in little moans of pain as Trent sank his cock slowly into his hot tightness. The boy’s ass grasped his cock in a hot massage of tight, pulsing flesh. He went as slow as he could, giving Cody a chance. But the boy’s nerve broke.

“No,” he cried out. “Stop. Please. I can’t,” he said, struggling against Trent. “Take it out. Please. Oh God. It hurts.”

Trent clamped down on Cody’s hips, holding him in an iron grip.

“Told you not to fuck with me bitch,” he said.

He spread his legs a little wider, grabbed Cody’s hips even tighter and rammed his cock deep inside the boy’s ass while he pulled him onto his cock at the same time.

Cody screamed and struggled wildly, but Trent was much too strong for him. He sank into the boy’s hungry tightness again and again, driving his cock deep into him. His screams flowed over Trent, echoing in his ears, making his cock throb deep inside Cody.

“Shut the fuck up and take my cock, you bitch,” Trent said, fucking the boy’s ass hard.

He looked down at his hard cock driving into Cody’s writhing pink ass. He loved the sight of his thick fuck pole disappearing into his hot hole. Soon the skin around Cody’s hole turned red from the friction of Trent slamming into him. Every hard thrust rocked the boy’s whole body and made him whimper and moan in pain.

“Please,” Cody said, “please. It hurts.”

Trent paid him no mind. He used the boy’s ass in deep hard thrusts that made his quivering ass grab his cock in a tight glove of pleasure. He couldn’t believe how good his pulsing ass felt wrapped around his driving cock. He slammed hard into Cody, grinding his hips against the boy’s ass, using every inch of his hot hole to pleasure his cock.

“You’re my girl now,” Trent said, thrusting into Cody over and over. Every deep thrust was matched with a cry from the helpless boy.

Every stroke into his tight hotness was paradise. The sound of his whimpers drove Trent wild, making him groan deep in his throat, but he forced himself to pull out of the boy’s ass. He wanted to see Cody’s face when he shot his load up his bitch ass.

“Come here bitch,” Trent said, pulling the unresisting boy off the table.

He dragged the scared, crying boy to the thick rug that lay between the table and the fireplace and made him lay down. Trent lay on top of him, looking down into Cody’s scared eyes.

“I told you not to fuck with me bitch,” he said.

He brushed Cody’s soft hair back from his feverish face and kissed his tear stained cheeks. Then he ran his hands over Cody’s smooth body, and bent to take his nipples into his mouth, one at a time, gently nipping and teasing, massaging the boy’s sensitive flesh with his rough tongue. At the same time, he reached between them and found Cody’s swollen cock.

“Look at this, bitch,” he whispered, kissing and licking his neck. “Look how you are after you took my cock up ass.”

Cody couldn’t help but respond to his touch. He arched his back, pressing into Trent, moaning softly, even though tears still stood in his eyes.

The soft, willing feel of the boy writhing under him made Trent’s hard cock throb with helpless need.

“Feel that bitch?” he said, rubbing his hard cock against the boy’s crotch. “Feel how fucking hot a girl like you makes me?”

Cody spread his legs under him and lifted his hips, rubbing against Trent’s hard body.

“Oh yeah, bitch,” Trent said, running his tongue across the boy’s nipples. “You need it bad, don’t you?”

He bent the boy’s legs, opening his ass to his him and pressed the head of his throbbing cock to the boy’s hole.

“You gonna take it like a good girl this time?” he said, looking down into the boy’s eyes. “Or do I have to hurt you again?”

“No,” Cody said in a sudden panic. “I mean yes. I won’t fight you.”

“Good girl,” Trent said.

He sank his cock into Cody’s hot hole. The boy was open from getting fucked and his hungry hole sucked Trent’s cock deep inside him.

Cody pushed his hips upward, hungry for Trent’s cock inside him. He squirmed and wriggled on his thick cock, moaning, feeling his hard body pressed up against him.

It didn’t hurt Cody this time.

“Oh God,” the boy said, “it’s so good.”

“Yeah bitch,” Trent said. “Relax and I’ll give you what every girl like you needs.”

Trent started fucking into Cody’s ass real slow, making sure every stroke teased his pleasure spot deep inside his ass. Cody moaned and writhed under him, moving his hips like waves on a sea.

Trent looked down at Cody, pumping against his cock, remembering how he’d made the boy cry with his cock up his ass.

“You like getting it up the ass like a girl?”

“God,” Cody said. “Yes.”

Trent stroked slowly in and out of the boy, using his ass in long, deep strokes.

“You see how I use you like a girl?” he said, looking into Cody’s eyes.

The boy blushed with shame, but he didn’t stop moving against Trent.

“What are you now Cody?” Trent said, speeding up his rhythm.

Cody didn’t answer. He tried to turn his eyes away. But Trent didn’t let the boy get away with it. He grabbed his face and made him look up into his hard eyes.

“What are you Cody?” he said, stroking faster into his writhing ass.

Still, Cody wouldn’t give in to him. He moaned, thrashing his head from side to side, loving the feel of Trent’s cock sliding deep into his pulsing ass.

“Say it,” Trent said. “Tell me how you’re my girl.”

Trent fucked faster into the boy, following the natural rhythm of his hungry, grasping ass. His tight flesh grabbed him in hot wetness on every stroke. The bitch was close to coming.

“Come on bitch, say it. Or I’ll pull out and come in your mouth again.”

“No,” Cody cried out. “Don’t.”

“Say it,” Trent said, stroking into him.

“I’m your girl. I’ll take your cock. Even if it hurts.”

“Good bitch,” Trent said.

He humped the boy’s tight ass, fucking him in a hard, primitive rhythm, grunting and groaning in the back of his throat like a rutting animal. He had no other thought but to come inside Cody’s pulsing flesh and fill his bitch ass with come.

He threw his head back and banged into his ass in short, hard thrusts that drove his cock deep into him. The boy’s hungry ass massaged his cock like a hot, wet glove, ready to milk his come.

“I’m gonna make you come so good,” he said into Cody’s ear.

He thrust into his hot, throbbing hole again and again, grinding his hips into him, fucking Cody hard and deep. Cody bucked and moaned under him, gasping in pleasure. He was so close. Trent saw it on his face.

“What are you bitch?” he said, driving his cock deep into his ass.

“Oh God,” Cody said, moaning, “your girl.”

Trent pumped the boy’s hungry ass, shoving his cock deep into him, groaning in pleasure. Cody squeezed his eyes shut and cried out, then his cock exploded in pleasure. His hips bucked hard under Trent, and he grunted with the force of his orgasm.

His ass grabbed at Trent’s cock rhythmically, driving him over the edge.

“Take my come bitch,” Trent said, in a low, harsh voice and pumped his load into the boy’s wildly pulsing ass.

Cody opened his eyes and looked up at him. Trent pumped into his sweet ass a few more times, then rolled off him. Cody curled into his arms and lay against him.

“No one ever made me come like that,” the boy said, almost shyly.

“That’s ‘cause you never had a real man to give you what you need,” Trent said quietly.

He had his arm wrapped around Cody. The boy’s head lay on his strong chest.

“Don’t take me back, Trent,” Cody said in a low voice. “Please. I’ll be your girl, if that’s what you want.”

“You ain’t going back there boy. You can count on it.”

He kissed the top of his head gently and pulled him closer into his arms.

They lay together in the warmth of the crackling firelight, listening to the cold wind rattle the small window of the cabin.

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