Sailor Boy

Author: Jethro Maki

   I was in my mid twenties at the time of this story. It was a fall evening in the local cruising park, the cloudy skies reflected the lights of the nearby city and cast a glow over the entire area. I walked along a path, making yet another pass in a night that had seen very little in the way of other guys around. This had been a quiet evening, and I was pretty much convinced that I was the only person in the park when I saw another guy walking towards me.

   He was about my age, nicely built from what I could tell, and as we walked by each other our eyes met and held each other’s gaze for that telltale second longer than straight guys do. I knew he was on my team, and after a couple more steps I walked off the path and stood on the grass. He walked on for a bit, then turned back and came over to me. I smiled and nodded. It was clear from his haircut and the open, trusting expression on his face that he was a sailor.

   A few minutes of small talk confirmed this impression, he was in the Navy and served at a base nearby. I liked guys in the Navy, they were generally friendly, trustworthy and hot. This one seemed no exception. His name was Eddy, and he was from another part of the country originally. He spoke with the accent of the maritime provinces slightly colouring his voice.

   Once we had talked for a few minutes, I asked if he wanted to go for a walk with me. He accepted, and we were off. I led him to a clump of trees which I knew to be little used but which also had a small labyrinth of trails in it. We walked into one and stood still to allow our eyes to adjust for a few minutes. I leaned over and kissed his soft lips, and he reciprocated with some measure of force.

   We went a bit further into the bush, and here was an alcove of suitable size and discretion for our purposes. He was wearing blue jeans, and a jacket with a fabric trunk and leather arms. I reached down and undid his pants. He was wearing bikini underwear, white ones, and I slowly turned him around to look at his ass, which the general build of his body told me would be sweet. I was right. Here in front of me was the sweetest of asses, slender in proportion, yet with just the right sort of curvature to appeal to the dedicated sodomist. It certainly appealed to me at the time, and I knelt there before it’s perfection, and contemplated it for a moment.

   I knew the time for action had come, and I reached up to grasp the elastic of the waistband, and gently slipped his underpants down to below his knees. There before me was the beautiful ass, making my heart pound. It was everything I wanted. I put my hands on the cheeks of his ass, then leaned forward and began to lick it. I felt dizzy from the passion this inspired. Within a few seconds I had buried my face and my consciousness entirely within the confines of this sweet ass.

   He reached behind himself, and our hands met on his ass, as I gently spread his hot ass open more to admit my tongue. He clasped my hands tightly, and I knew that this was exactly what he wanted also. I couldn’t get enough of licking his ass, it was as if I was going to run out of time. I was passionately involved in licking, sucking and pushing my tongue into and around his hole. He loved it as much as I did, pushed his hips back against my face and moaning softly. At times his hands helped mine in spreading his ass open for my hot tongue to probe.

   After a while, I knew that it was time to come up for air, and this I did reluctantly, but did nonetheless. I stood there behind him and ran my fingers obsessively up and down his ass. It was slick with my saliva, and this turned me on all that much more. I desperately wanted to be inside his ass, and the pressure to bend him over and fuck him right there built up to intolerable proportions. My breathing was hard and hot in his ear, and I just couldn’t take my fingers away from his ass.

   In a voice trembling with passion, he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place, and there was never a more welcome suggestion that this. I accepted, and we walked the short distance to his car, and then drove pretty much in silence back to his apartment. He was a nice guy, and I could tell by the way he looked at me that there was a deep seated horniness in him. It soon came out that he had just spent about three weeks at sea on exercises. This explained a lot of things, and made our mutual need to get to his place all that much more urgent.

   We arrived and went through the wonderfully tedious process of entering the underground parking, the elevator, various locked doors, and finally we were there. He shared a two bedroom place with another guy, but he was out working tonight. We went right to the bedroom. I took Eddy’s clothes off pretty quick, and then my own, and once we were naked we took up where we had left off. I felt his ass, and positioned him on the bed so that he was laying on his side, with one knee bent and his leg drawn up.

   I started to lick his ass again, and here followed another of those amazing interludes that analingus so often brings me to, where the entire world fades into nothing, and there are only the vaguest impressions of an arched back, or the hand helping to spread the ass cheeks open that little ways farther that makes the difference between willingness and enthusiasm. His ass hair was wet and scratchy on my face, but I reveled in it. If I could have crawled up his ass I surely would have.

   It was a while before I came to my senses again, but he had no complaints either, and so I lay there beside him and started to probe his sweet ass with my finger. First one, and then two, and he flinched a bit. I just spread his ass open a bit more and thrust them farther inside him. He loved it, and pushed back against me as I finger fucked his hole. I was looking into his eyes, and a hot thing was that at first he wasn’t able to look back at me. It was as if he were shy of giving me his ass, and this just made it hotter that he was.

   There was a conveniently placed lubricant tubule on the bureau, and once I followed Eddy’s eyes to it I soon had it in hand and applied it liberally to his ass. This was followed shortly by a condom, and at this point I finally entered his ass. It took a little bit for him to get used to my cock, which is a fair size, but once he relaxed a bit, and I stroked his cock for him, he got right into it.

   There was no stopping him, or me for that matter at this point. I knew that I had to carry on fucking him, no matter what happened, until we were both happy and satisfied. I pushed his knee up and then spread his ass for him so that I could get that much deeper into him. It was so hot. He pursed his lips in the universal expression of anal intercourse, and I looked from where my penis was going in and out of his ass up to his face and right into his eyes. This made him even more shy about it all, and I was forced to slow down for fear of coming.

   I kept on fucking him like that for a while, then we shifted positions so that his legs were in the air. He wanted it so deep inside him, and we both knew it. We were achieving symbiosis on this amazing astral plane. There was no stroke or thrust which was not welcomed, nor enthusiastically delivered. It was so hot. He made efforts to spread his legs more widely open, and I was there on my knees fucking him, and watching my cock go in and out of him alternately while contemplating the look on his face.
   I ended up by fucking him while he lay on his stomach, with his legs as far open as I could spread them. I was relentlessly fucking his ass, and it was all too much. I started to come, and then it was like a torrent coming from my penis. I was so far inside his sweet ass, and he had let me in there. The final couple of fucks I gave him slapped my hipbones against his sweat covered ass.

   He got up on his knees and I played with his ass while he jerked off. He enjoyed the humiliation of this whole thing, and I was getting ready to come again when the phone rang. He came just as it happened, and the surprise of it made him shoot even farther. There was a mirror at the side of the bed, and here a few drops landed and ran down as we lay there spent, listening to a message delivered for his roommate.

   He gave me a smoke and we both lit up and lay there in satisfied silence, exhaling clouds of luxuriant, creamy smoke into the air above us. It was completely relaxing. We made some small talk, and then I got dressed. He gave me his number and I walked out of his place, and about twenty minutes back to the cruising park where my car was. I held his number in my hand the whole way, and made plans to call him again soon. I couldn’t wait to have another taste of his sweet ass.

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