Unintended Consequences

Author: Patchouli

   Amy glanced across the room and gave a little shy smile before averting her eyes from the four men who were watching her. She knew that they had taken an interest in her, and the excitement of it all caused her to take in a deep breath that pushed her large breasts tightly against the thin silky material of her blouse. Wearing no bra, Amy was well aware that her nipples were clearly visible against the harsh lights in this corner of the club. Her short flared skirt did little to hide her privates, and the seat she had chosen offered her lower body very little cover.
   None of this was through sheer carelessness, however. Amy would never have dared to come to this place by herself. She would never have dressed this way in public, for she knew the sort of suitor this would attract.    


   But on this occasion Amy very much wanted to attract. She would flirt or dance with anyone who solicited her. The reason she acted this daringly was her boyfriend Ralf who sat by himself at the bar, watching her perform for him to satisfy a fetish he’d had for some time.

   It had been only six months ago that Ralf had confided in her that he often fantasized about her having sex with other men. He confessed that it turned him on when he caught another man admiring her, and he would later imagine Amy having sex with the stranger while he was making love to her.

   At first Amy was uncomfortable with her boyfriend’s obsession. She was concerned that he may not love her as much as she loved him. However, eventually Ralf managed to convince her of the harmlessness of his fetish and even got her to participate in roll playing where she would pretend to be having sex with another man by calling her boyfriend by a different name.

   Occasionally she even agreed to go out in public – a club or bar perhaps – with the intention of allowing other men to hit on her while Ralf observed the action from a safe distance, always without the knowledge of the man or men in question; as he did on this night.

   Amy noticed that the men across from her had become less discreet, and were watching her almost exclusively now. Keeping in mind that she was doing everything for her boyfriend’s benefit, she daringly parted her thighs, allowing the strangers across from her an exclusive upskirt glimpse at her nearly transparent panties.

   Their facial expressions and hand gestures betrayed that her conduct did not go unnoticed, and when she looked in their direction again one of the four men winked at her, letting her know he desired her; she answered his invitation with a quick smile before looking away again.

   Careful not to spoil the event, Ralf watched intently through the mirror behind the bar, noting how vulnerable she really was under the lustful scrutiny of the group of men. Ralf knew that it was only a matter of time before one of them would go talk to her, and the anticipation of it filled him with a level of excitement that nothing else in this world could provide him.

   He didn’t have to wait long. By the time he had ordered and received his second beer one of the men got up from their table and walked over to Amy, apparently requesting a dance. Obligingly Amy stood up and threw a quick smile in Ralf’s direction before being escorted to the dance floor.

   This was what it was all about for Ralf. He could feel his heart beat accelerate, and he was beginning to get aroused. He was already looking forward to going home with Amy for a long love-making session while the memory of the night’s events was still fresh in his mind.

   Amy and her partner reached the dance floor and began moving to the music. Watching his girlfriend dance, Ralf began to fantasize. He pictured Amy in the arms of the stranger, slow dancing, his hands caressing her shapely figure. Ralf was a lot more tolerant in his fantasies than he was in reality. While he fantasized about that stranger touching Amy’s body and even kissing her, he didn’t really want his fantasies escalate to that level. A fact that Amy was well aware of, and more than agreed with.

   When the song was over, Amy’s dance partner led her back to his table, presumably to introduce her to his three buddies. She briefly sat down at their table before being asked to dance again by a different man in the group. Again she obliged and made her way back to the dance floor with her new partner. This ritual repeated until all four guys had danced with her.

   After her fourth dance with as many guys, she excused herself and made her way to the ladies room. Ralf discreetly met up with her in an area of the club that was out of sight of the four men she had been entertaining.

   Amy gave her boyfriend a warm hug and a kiss and inquired if he had seen enough. The idea of going home and into bed with Amy was extremely tempting, of course, but Ralf enjoyed watching his girl being swooned over so immensely that he urged her to stay. Amy warned that the four strangers definitely weren’t gentlemen and thought it best to leave before their alcohol consumption led them to act truly indecently. Ralf knew she didn’t enjoy these “adventures” nearly as much as he did and impatiently dismissed Amy’s objections as being cowardly and prudish. In reality his own alcohol consumption had affected his sense of caution, and the prospect of those guys acting indecently toward Amy was turning him on.

   Reluctantly Amy returned to the four men while Ralf went back to his seat at the bar where he watched with growing excitement as his girlfriend continued to entertain. The fact that she was apprehensive about the situation only served to add to his pleasure. He would have found it a lot less appealing if she had been enjoying herself as much as he.

   He wished he could listen in on the group as he watched the men laugh and tease his girlfriend, and he noticed that they made sure that she was never without a drink. It was all too obvious to him that their intentions toward Amy were indeed as indecent as she had feared. Ralf knew the aphrodisiacal effect alcohol could have on her and was beginning to doubt the wisdom of having demanded to stay when she wanted to leave.

   Almost an hour had past since Ralf had talked to Amy, and he could tell that the alcohol was beginning to have an affect on her. She had become significantly more interactive with the men and that in turn encouraged them to be bolder in the way they interacted with her. Their banter was now constantly accompanied by some kind of physical contact with her. At one point one of the men put his arm around Amy’s shoulders, pulling her close, when another jokingly pushed it away in order to put his own arm around her, ostensibly claiming her for himself.

   Ralf was getting very uncomfortable and decided that he’d seen enough. At her next bathroom break he would no longer decline her plea to go home.

   Time went on and Amy was invited to dance again. This time her partner escorted her with his arm around her. What was worse was that he had chosen a slow song to dance to. Ralf’s heartbeat hastened again as he nervously watched the man place his hands on Amy’s hips and pulled her close. Amy responded by putting her arms around his neck, pressing her ample breasts tightly against his chest.

   Ralf watched intently as his girlfriend was being led across the dance floor in an intimate embrace by the stranger. Amy’s dance partner didn’t keep his hands idle for long. He began caressing her hips, occasionally pulling her groin into his. When his hands eventually began groping her behind, Ralf swallowed hard and cleared his throat. The limits of what he was willing to tolerate were in the process of being surpassed.

   More and more couples entered the dance floor, and it was getting difficult for Ralf to keep an eye on his girlfriend. At the same time the man she was dancing with became bolder. His hands were permanently placed on Amy’s butt now while she didn’t seem to mind at all. Even when he boldly placed his hand under her skirt and caressed the naked skin of her cheek she didn’t intervene.

   Nervously Ralf ordered another beer. The bar was very busy now, and Ralf was having a hard time getting the bartender’s attention. When he finally received his drink he looked back to the dance floor to continue watching his girlfriend, but couldn’t locate her. He looked at the table of the men whom she had joined but she wasn’t there, either. However, he did take note of the fact that only two men were seated at the table now.

   Panic stricken Ralf left his seat and went to the restroom area. He wanted to check the ladies room for his girlfriend, but a line of women waiting for their turn prevented him from sneaking inside. Impatiently he waited for Amy to emerge, but after a long while he decided to check the rest of the club instead. No sign of his girlfriend anywhere. Finally he went outside to look for her in the parking lot. Nothing.

   Fearing the worst he cursed himself for not leaving when they’d had the chance. The pictures that came into his mind made him feel sick, and his hands shook. He was about to go back inside when he heard voices emanating from behind the building. Wasting no time Ralf went to investigate. When he reached the back of the building he carefully peeked around the corner, terrified of what he might discover.

   The scene before him stopped his breath. The man who had been dancing with Amy was standing before her. Her blouse was completely unbuttoned, and he was busy fondling her exposed breasts. Amy was busy too – her right hand was wrapped around his fully erect cock, gently stroking it.

   Behind his girlfriend was the other man who had been missing from the table. Lazily smoking a cigarette, he had one hand on Amy’s ass and the other between her legs. Her skirt was folded around her waist, and her panties had been pulled down to her knees. Her hips were moving rhythmically against the man’s probing fingers.

   He heard the first man tell Amy how nice her tits felt as he put his mouth on her right breast and began to suck on her nipple. Amy moaned softly, and Ralf watched in disbelief as the man grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her face down toward his cock.

   Ralf wanted to break up the threesome, but, lacking the courage to do so, he just watched helplessly as his girlfriend bent over and was made to take the man’s stiff cock into her mouth. He was by no means gentle with her and impatiently drove his pelvis forward until her lips had reached the base of his cock. Holding her head firmly in place with both hands he fucked Amy’s delicate mouth with rapid, forceful thrusts, only slowing down momentarily when she failed to swallow her own saliva fast enough and began to choke.

   Occasionally he did allow her a short reprieve by pulling his dick out of her mouth, slapping it against her lips and across her cheeks. Again, he seemed to do so with as much force as he was capable of, almost as if punishing her for some unknown offense.

   When Ralf finally heard him produce a series of loud groans he knew the man was coming. He watched his girlfriend try her best to swallow the man’s ejaculate as quickly as he produced it, but the volume of his eruption proved to be too overwhelming for her, and a fair amount did manage to escape her mouth, running down her chin.

   The man behind her was still happily fondling her bare pussy, and as she stood up Ralf could see the sticky liquid on her lips and chin glistening in the twilight of the yard. The recipient of the blowjob used his hand to wipe the remnants of his cum off her face, then made her lick it off. Without the slightest hesitation she took his fingers into her mouth and hungrily sucked on them until there couldn’t possibly be any trace of sperm left.

   Something just wasn’t right. Ralf knew she’d had a lot to drink, but this was way out of character for her. She had just been forced to give a stranger a blowjob while at the same time having her pussy played with, and she should be upset and desperate to get away. Had their little sex game not gone too far?

   Just then the other two men from inside the club emerged through the rear service entrance and rejoined their buddies. They greeted Amy’s naked body with hoots of approval and wasted no time getting in on the action. The first of the new arrivals made a bee-line for her tits and began fondling them, while the other got busy with his hand between her legs, commenting approvingly on how juicy her sweet cunt was.

   Ralf could hear his girlfriend moan as she was circulated among the men, being groped, and kissed, and probed, and he resigned himself to accept the consequences of their actions. His game had led them here, and this was the extreme result of their playing with fire.

   Amy was made to get down on her knees, and the three, as yet, unsatisfied men positioned themselves in front of her, freeing their erections from their trousers. Obediently Amy began sucking the cock closest to her face while using her hands to jerk off the other two. All the while the fourth man, who had already been satisfied by her, acted as a referee, making sure Amy gave an equal amount of oral attention to each of his three buddies. At the same time he positioned himself behind her and played with her sizeable breasts.

   When the first guy was getting ready to cum, he tilted her head back and told her to open her mouth. No sooner did she obey and he released his load. He tried his best to aim for her mouth, but the initial burst of his cum was too forceful and he shot most of it all over her face. Again Amy was made to lick the remaing cum off the man’s fingers after he had wiped it off her face.

   Soon the second man tilted her head back, signaling his impending orgasm to her. Amy submissively opened her mouth in anticipation of his load. He had better aim than his friend and managed to squirt the majority of his sperm straight into her hungry mouth. Amy waited for the man to finish completely before closing her mouth to swallow his product. Only a few drops had ended up on her lips and chin this time, and she dutifully cleaned up after him without needing to be told to do so. Having thus finished, the two men zipped up and went back into the club.

   Only now did Ralf notice that he wasn’t the only member of her audience. A teenage boy was watching from a different corner of the yard. He looked to be about fifteen years old, and Ralf wondered what he was doing here this late. Apparently he was so amazed by what he had stumbled upon that he hadn’t made the slightest effort to hide.

   The two remaining men discovered him also and encouraged him to come closer.

   Startled at being confronted by the men he acted like he was going to leave, but the men persisted and eventually induced him to stay.

   They asked him if he had ever been with such a beautiful girl before, and upon answering ‘no’, they graciously assured him that he could have her if he so desired.

   One of the men then pulled Amy’s blouse down to her wrists, essentially tying her hands behind her back, and removed her skirt from around her waist by pulling out a pocket knife and carelessly cutting it off her. He then did the same thing to the panties around her knees. Now completely naked, and with her hands effectively tied behind her back, Amy was presented to the teen.

   Ralf was curious to see how she would react toward the minor. To his suprise she made no attempts to reject the boy and instead only smiled at him. Ralf reasoned that, having already serviced three strangers, any resistance on her part now would likely be overcome by force; so she probably had resigned herself to her fate.

   Cautiously the teen approached Amy but was reluctant to touch her. When the men reassured him that it was indeed ok for him to do so he slowly reached out with his hands and carefully placed them on Amy’s bare breasts. It was obvious that he didn’t really know what was expected of him, so the men encouraged him to play with her tits to his heart’s content.

   It wasn’t long before the teenager felt comfortable enough to fondle Amy’s sizeable breasts with confidence, kneading and squeezing them, occasionally making her squirm when he accidentally pinched her nipples a bit too hard.

   The two men looked pleased as they watched their protege gain proficiency in handling Amy’s tits and at some point felt that he was ready for the next step. They explained that to truly please a woman he must learn how to handle her pussy. Making her sit on a nearby crate, they told her to spread her legs. Obediently Amy complied with the command and presented her neatly manicured vagina to the teen.

   He knelt down between her legs and stared at her glistening vulva with obvious delight but did not dare touch her. Inexperienced, he clearly did not know how to proceed. This time it was Amy herself who decided to mentor the boy. She removed the restraining blouse from around her wrists and wordlessly took his hand, directing it toward her pussy. She placed it squarely on her pubic hair, making sure his thumb came into contact with her clit. Her body reacted to the the teen’s touch with subtle muscles spasms in her thighs and abdomen; a clear sign of pleasure. She held his hand in this position for a moment as she rubbed her loins against it, before allowing his finges to penetrate her. Amy’s moans echoed across the yard, and her body was writhing in sweet ecstacy as the boy was learning to use his hands and mouth to pleasure her cunt.

   The two men allowed the teenage boy to practice his newly aquired skills on Amy for quite a while before making her return the favor. By now he had become very comfortable with her, and when the two men made her kneel in front of him and pull down his pants and underwear he showed no signs of embarrassment in exposing his erection.

   Amy no longer needed to be told what to do by the men and gently, almost lovingly, began sucking the young teen’s cock. As Ralf well knew, his girlfriend was orally very talented, and he was a little surprised at how long it took her to get the boy to climax. Perhaps he was experiencing stage fright, or he was holding back because he enjoyed her so much, but when he finally did cum, he did so with the energy one would expect from a teenager. Holding Amy’s head with both hands, he moaned loudly as he furiously pumped his jizz into her luscious mouth.

   After Amy had licked him clean, she stood up and gave the boy a warm hug and a kiss on his cheek as he was smiling from ear to ear. The men congratulated him and invited him to continue to watch, since the last of the two men still hadn’t been serviced, yet. As expected the teen did not decline their offer.

   The first man to have received a blowjob from Amy, now excused himself and told his buddy that they were going to leave after he was done with Amy. Having said that, he massaged her breasts one last time before finally leaving the yard. For some reason he didn’t enter the club through the service entrance, but instead chose to walk around the building. In doing so he ran straight into Ralf who had no chance of hiding before being discovered.

   Startled at first, the man then greeted Ralf like he was an old friend. He informed his buddy about his discovery and, oblivious to the fact that he had bumped into Amy’s boyfriend, promptly invited Ralf to have a go at Amy as well. Before Ralf could compose himself and utter a response the second man, already busy fingering Amy’s pussy again, shouted over to Ralf and repeated the invitation.

   Still shocked at being been discovered, Ralf stepped toward his girlfriend and the groping man. The first man, his lust satisfied, proceeded on his way toward the parking lot in front of the building.

   Ralf felt surreal as he stood before his girlfriend in the yard. The man still had his hands between her legs, and a few feet away they boy was still watching, but she cared not.

   Ralf looked at his girlfriend and she looked back at him, her hips moving involuntarily due to the movement of the man’s fingers in her pussy. For the first time since he had begun watching her perform in the yard he could see apprehension in her eyes. It was clear to him that her uneasiness stemmed not from the fact that she had been made to act like a slut by the four men, but rather that he was aware of it. Apparently she hadn’t expected him to arrive on the scene and was trying to discern how much he might have witnessed.

   “Gorgeous, isn’t she?” asked the man.

   Startled, Ralf looked up at the man who had addressed him. Almost subconsciously Ralf nodded in agreement. Still intimidated by the situation he was unable to utter a single syllable.

   “She’s real friendly, too,” the man continued. Then, cupping her breasts from behind with both of his hands he asked her, “…aren’t you, sweetie?” With that he kissed her on the cheek and gave her breasts a firm squeeze before offering them to Ralf.

   “Go ahead, play with her tits.”

   Slowly Ralf began returning to the moment. Overwhelmed by his own fantasies having turned into reality, he slowly stepped closer to his naked girlfriend. Was this really happening or was it a weird dream? Here he was, standing in front of a stranger who was offering him to to fondle Amy’s tits! Looking into his her eyes Ralf accepted the man’s offer and touched his girlfriend’s breasts.

   “Nice, aren’t they? All natural, too!” Then he told Amy to unzip Ralf’s pants and start blowing him. As she had done all night Amy obeyed the man’s request.

   Without further ado she unzipped her boyfriends fly while he stood dumbfounded, taking it all in. He was in the strange situation of standing in the backyard of a club being masturbated by his girlfriend while another man played with her pussy, preparing to fuck her, and a teenage boy watching it all.

   As Amy’s soft lips began to envelope Ralf’s shaft nature began taking over, and he felt his cock start to stiffen and rise. Amy noticed too and, interpreting his reaction as a sign of approval of her behavior, came up briefly to kiss him. He could still taste the salty cum from her previous encounters, which caused his penis to grow even harder! He put his hands on her luscious tits and saw her relieved face smiling at him.

   “I love you!” she whispered in his ear before she sank back down in front of him.

   This is how the other men had enjoyed her, Ralf thought to himself. This is what he had watched her do to them, including the boy. Slowly dropping his inhibitions, Ralf replayed in his mind everything he had seen them do to his girlfriend. He tried to see her through their eyes. He especially imagined what the teenager might have thought when he first laid eyes on her flawless body, and how satisfying it must have been for him to touch her breasts and play with her pussy and to ultimately have his cock sucked by her. And now Ralf was going to see another man enjoy his girlfriend up close and personal while being watched by that same boy, who, no doubt, must be have been ready for more.

   “Fuck yeah!” exclaimed the other man.

   Ralf watched him position himself behind Amy. When he heard the sound of a zip he knew he was about to watch Amy get fucked doggy style by the stranger.

   Amy moaned softly when she felt the man’s dick ease into her craving pussy as she continued to suck her boyfriend without interruption. Ralf thought he must now be all the way inside of her when the man’s hips bucked against her. He felt her suck with more enthusiasm, so she must like what she was experiencing. Almost subconsciously Ralf’s hands fell to hold his girlfriend in place, supporting her and balancing her as she was rocked back and forth, while he listened to her enjoying the other man’s penis inside her.

   Having established a comfortable rhythm, the man enthusiastically slapped Amy’s ass twice and Ralf, shocked, waited for his girlfriend’s protest.

   Instead, she only moaned louder. She liked it, and Ralf held on to her as he watched the man gave her swaying breasts some rough treatment while continuing to pile drive her from behind. Ralf had to concentrate hard to hold back his rising sperm. His wildest fantasies were not only being realized but exceeded, and he no longer wanted this moment to end. He knew the other man was getting close to climax by the ferocity of his thrusts, and he didn’t want to cum ahead of him.

   Ralf was right. The man announced that he was getting ready to cum and ordered Amy to catch his load in her mouth. Obediently Amy turned around, took hold of the man’s hard cock and directed it toward her mouth. Ralf watched his girlfriend hold her mouth wide open as the other man’s warm, milky sperm splashed on her lips and tongue.

   Deeply satisfied the man zipped up and announced to the boy, “There you go. I left her nice and clean for ya,” referring to her pussy, then added, “I know you wanna go again, right?” The boy eagerly nodded. “Good boy!” said the man, before turning toward Amy again. He took her breasts into his hands as casually and as naturally as if she was his girlfriend, confident she would not object, and played with them for a little while before finally making his exit. It struck Ralf how the entire evening nobody ever gave any consideration as to whether it was ok by Amy for the next person to have “another go”at her. It was simply understood by everyone that she would submit to them. Even the teenager had already learned to treat her that way as he was standing there, waiting for his turn.

   After the man had left, the boy selfishly positioned himself between her and Ralf, completely ignoring Ralf’s presence. Now a lot more confident than before, he reached out and put his hands on Amy’s breasts and began playing with them just as he had done earlier.

   Ralf was astonished that even though the other men were gone, Amy continued to allow herself to be treated this way. What baffled him even more was that he himself allowed her to be treated this way. Ralf realized of course that the teen had gotten his “authority” over Amy from the other men, and that to him, Ralf was just another guy who had gotten caught spying on her.

   So he continued to allow the teen to feast on Amy’s ample breasts; as did she.

   He was a quick learner. He pushed her up against a nearby wall and kissed, and licked, and sucked her nipples, while his hands were happily kneading and squeezing her breasts.

   When he was ready to give her pussy some more attention he made her sit down on the same crate as before and, putting his hands on her knees, spread her legs wide apart. Remembering what Amy had taught him earlier he confidently knelt between her legs and began playing with her pussy immediately. Realizing that he could still reach her tits from this position he continued to fondle them with his left hand, using his right hand to play between her legs.

   As he continued to kiss and lick her clit, he slowly inserted his index finger into her. Amy’s wet cunt offered no resistance, and he quickly discovered that it could easily accommodate two fingers. With her eyes closed and her head tilted slightly back, Amy had completely surrendered herself to the teen who was now in full command of the situation.

   Ralf, having thus been reduced to voyeur status again, decided not to interfere and simply watched as the teen looted Amy’s cunt.

   Not content with merely another blowjob this time, the teen told Amy to stand up, turned her around and made her bend forward at the waist. Realizing that she was about to get fucked from behind by him, she braced herself against the wall with her outstretched arms and readied herself for the teenager, who quickly stepped up behind her and, using his right hand, guided his stiff cock into her waiting hole. Amy’s heavy breasts swayed and bounced heavily every time the teen’s groin connected with her cheeks, and he reached for them often in order to play with them.

   For another fifteen minutes or so, Ralf watched his girlfriend get fucked in this way. She was very vocal for the last few minutes of her shafting, and at last the teen exploded inside of her. When his energetic thrusts slowly subsided, Amy turned and lovingly licked the boy clean. Greedily the teen played with her tits for another minute or two before finally being on his way, leaving boyfriend and girlfriend to each other for the first time in hours.

   Wordlessly Ralf walked over to his girlfriend and gave her a long hug before finally escorting her to his car. Her clothes had been effectively destroyed by the other men and neither Ralf nor Amy made any attempts to recover them. Amy had been naked in public for so long that she showed no signs of shame or embarrassment when her nudity was witnessed by a group of guys near the entrance of the club. She simply kept walking toward Ralf’s car and patiently waited for him to open the door for her, never acknowledging the hollering crowd.

   When they got home Ralf finally did get his turn with his girl. He could still smell the other men’s cum on her breath and rejected Amy’s offer to shower before having sex with her. He hungrily lapped at her pussy which was still oozing some of the teenager’s sperm, but none of this bothered him anymore. In fact he was turned on by it and, recalling everything that had transpired that night he gave his girlfriend a fucking that they would never forget.

   The following day Amy was embarrassed by her actions of the previous evening and claimed that in addition to the large quantities of alcohol she had consumed the men must have also drugged her without her knowledge. Ralf never really believed this part of the story, but he no longer cared. He was glad to have seen his girlfriend in action and was already working out a strategy that would eventually pair her up with another teenager, who lived in the same apartment building as he, and whom he had caught staring at Amy in a most admiring fashion on several occasions.

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