Tiny Dancer

Author: Goblin

I like short guys. I think it’s a real turn on to bottom for them. Don’t know why, but there’s something about a cute little guy that just makes my dick spring to attention. My friend Jake knew about my preference and it made for some interesting evenings out with him trying to fix me up. One in particular comes to mind that I’ll never forget.

Jake had called and asked me if I wanted to catch a bite to eat and maybe take in a show. It was a Wednesday night and I had nothing else planned, so I said sure. I just didn’t know that by show he meant a trip to a stripper bar. We aren’t into guys with a lot of muscles, so we always hit this club called Twinky’s. They have some great looking boys there, all of them smooth, young, and hung. I’d had my eye on one in particular and Jake knew it. He’d only started working at the club a few weeks before and he was so cute. black hair and blue eyes, but best of all he looked like he was only about five feet four. Oh, and he was hung. I’d never seen such a big dick on such a small guy. It must have been at least eight inches when it was hard. But you never get to see them fully hard on those guys when they’re onstage dancing. Just enough to get you to pay for a private dance later in the back.

Anyway, we got to the bar and took our usual seats in Perverts Row. That’s the one right up by the stage where you mostly see a lot of the old men sitting. We liked to get teased by the boys when they come out swinging their cocks around. Jake ordered us a couple of beers and we settled in for a good time as the lights pulsed and the music blared with a loud techno beat.

The first few guys were great, but they were all tall and blonde. I have to admit, though, that with the beers coming hot and heavy one after the other, I wouldn’t have turned any of them away that night. We must have gone through a six-pack’s worth by the time my little favorite came out. Bobby, that was his name, came out swaying his hips and making his soft cock swing like a fleshy metronome in time to the beat. It was amazing to watch as it slowly got hard, even without him touching it. He really got off on being watched and soon it was standing straight out from his body. As he danced, he’d make it bounce by flexing his muscles and every time he did that, I could feel a muscle in my pants flexing too. He was so hot. Jake began grinning part-way through Bobby’s performance and I asked him why, but he wouldn’t tell me. I even gave him a little kick under the table but he still wouldn’t. All he would say was "You’ll see".

Bobby got around to our side of the stage and I held up a tip for him, just to get my kiss and a little feel of skin. As he knelt down his enormous cock thrust forward and it was almost in my face. I ran my hands over the smooth, soft skin of his back as our lips met and then something unexpected happened. His warm, wet tongue forced apart my teeth. I felt an electric surge run through me and as he stood back up, he whispered into my ear to meet him back by the rooms where they do the private dances and not to worry, because it was all taken care of. I normally don’t pay for a private, so I gave Jake a look and he smiled and told me that he had taken care of it and that Bobby had worked up something special for me. Well, you can bet that as soon as his set was over, I jumped out of my seat and made my way as fast as I could to the back of the club.

Let me try and explain how things work in these clubs. Most of the money these boys make doesn’t come from being paid a salary. They make it on tips and from private dances for the customers. Normally they wander the floor, making smalltalk and letting the clientele buy them drinks and get a little feel of their naked skin in the hopes that someone will walk them to one of the dark booths in the back, where they’ll strip down naked and yu can touch just about anything you want. Except for their cocks. This can be a pretty expensive proposition and I’ve seen rates anywhere from ten to twenty dollars per song depending on the club and they can make you forget you’ve run through six songs before they tell you they have to leave for their next trip onstage.

Anyway, I waited in breathless anticipation and I wasn’t disappointed. Bobby came bouncing up to me, clad only in some tight boxer briefs that showed off his muscular thighs and showed off the big, thick roll of his dick running down his thigh. He just smiled, took my hand, and led me into one of the curtained cubicles. It was dark, lit only by a low-wattage bulb, and he pushed me back into the cushions of the small couch there. Then as the music started, he moved up in-between my legs and his hips began to gyrate. He turned so that his butt was just a few inches from my face and I let my hands wander over that tight, hard ass. He knelt down until he could feel it up against my crotch and began to grind into my member, hard. I could feel my dick stiffen and press against the fabric of my briefs. My arms slipped around his waist and I let my hands wander over his body from his tight, washboard stomach with it’s soft, smooth skin up to his chest, where I played a bit with his nipples. I was very careful not to let them wander below his waist to his meat, as that was strictly forbidden. The boys could yell for the bouncer and have you kicked out for that.

He rose up a little bit and slipped down his briefs, revealing that hot ass of his and my hands returned there. The skin was as smooth as a baby’s and felt so soft and warm. I wanted to bury my face in it and just begin to eat, it looked so good. He began grinding into me again, more forcefully, until I was fully erect, and then he turned to face me. He stood up and shook his hips, making his huge tool swing back and forth. It made a slapping noise as it hit first one thigh, then the other and he swung his hips toward me so that it almost, but not quite, hit me in the face. I’d never had precum start to flow during a private before, but this boy was something I’d been fantasizing about and jerking to in my own bed for weeks and the excitement was just too much. I could feel it soak into the cotton fabric of my undies as he slipped his arms roung my neck and ran his nose down my chest. My hands ran up and down his back, finally coming to rest on that ass as he rose back up with his chest firmly against mine. His nipples dragged along my torso and I could feel them, hard as pencil erasers, through the fabric of my shirt.

I gave his ass a squeeze and leaned in to give his nipples a little tongue and nip with my teeth. And then it happened. He gave a grin and grabbed one of my hands and placed it on his cock. This was something I’d wanted from the moment I saw him. I’d heard that sometimes the dancers would let you do this, for a little extra. The skin of his dick was so silky and warm to the touch. His balls so heavy. I let my hand rest there for a moment and then he placed his hand on mine and began rubbing his balls and cock with it. I could feel that meat getting hard in my fingers, throbbing under my touch. My precum had by now soaked through my briefs and I began to worry it would show like a pee stain in my jeans.

What made this all the more exciting was that during all this time, he never said a word. He spoke with his body and when that massive fuck tool of his was fully erect, it screamed for my lips. He stood up with it right there, within easy reach. And that was when I got my next surprise. He grabbed my hair in his hand and held it tight as he drove his cock into my lips. They parted and I could taste the warm tang of his own precum as he forced it all the way back until it hit the back of my throat. I closed my lips tight around it and he began to slowly fuck my face. I just closed my eyes and followed his lead. He tasted so good. I reached around and held on tight to his butt cheeks, squeezing them tight as he began to drive it in and out faster and harder. My tongue was tight up against the underneath of his shaft and when I glanced up with my eyes, I could see he’d thrown his head back and his jaw had dropped open.

His thrusts became longer and I almost let his head slide from between my lips a couple of times. It hurt a little as his fingers tangled tighter in my hair and pulled harder the faster he moved. I reached down to feel his balls, now tight up against his shaft and I knew he was about to cum. His hot penis throbbed and swelled against my tongue and I waited eagerly for what I knew was on it’s way. I wanted to taste him so badly and then it happened, a huge gush of his man-goo into my mouth. It was so hot, like the molten eruption of some volcano and it came so fast and in such huge amounts, I thought I would choke. It just kept flowing as he made one final thrust and held my face tight into his crotch. There was nothing I could do but swallow it’s creamy goodness. I couldn’t get it all, though, and could feel it start to run from the corners of my mouth.

I could feel his body shudder with the force of his orgasm and when the flow of jizz had ceased, Bobby slowly slid his tool through my lips and out, letting me suck it clean. He kissed me on the lips, running his tongue along them and cleaning up the excess that I’d let spill and then he collapsed to sit on my lap with his arms round my neck, letting his fingers play with the hair on the back of my head. All I could do was smile when I felt a sticky mess down in my pants. He’d made me cum and hadn’t even touched my dick. No one had ever done that. Maybe it was the excitement of the fear of being caught by the bouncer or just being turned on by the body and cock of this little hottie, but it had happened. He gave me a few more kisses, soft and warm. Then he picked up his briefs and slipped them back up and on, slowly, letting me take in every movement. He gave me a smile over his shoulder and then slipped back out through the curtain, leaving me alone to recover.

Jake was there to meet me as I came out, grinning slyly. I looked down and there was a large stain in the front of my jeans where I’d cum all over myself and I tried to cover it up with my hands. Hopefully, no one in the dark club would notice. He told me he’d gotten tired of hearing me go on and on about my favorite boy and how I wished I could have him, so he’d made arrangements earlier that week for my little trip to heaven. I thanked him the best way I knew how, by making sure he had trouble walking when he left my house the next morning. As for Bobby, there have been other trips to the back room since then, but none as special as that first one.

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