The sights a pool makes possible

Author: Scottydelight

As a kid I had a pool attracting all the neighborhood kids and friends. They were older, same age, and younger then me. Being a young kid most girls were still prepeubescent. Girls in skimpy bathing suits naturally got my attention. I began to catch small glimpses of body under the suits every so often. I got to see nipples when a girls top was out of place. This was a regular occurence. I would see cheeks from bottoms running up. I got a number of chances to look for many reasons. Sometimes the suit was too small and tight forming a good outline of pussylips. Others were too big and fit loose. Usually this made the crotch sag and can see up the legholes. I found this out watching the girls climb in an out of the pool. I was the youngest boy and often got special treatment. Like watching them change in front of me. Around 11 or 12 everyone moved away ending the parade of flesh for now.
Around 14 I began to spend a lot of time with new neighbors. They had a 12yo boy and 10yo girl with a pool. We swam and I kept a watchful eye for peeks. The girl always had a friend around and had many different ones. I use to watch them on weekends and sometimes meant a friend too. I use to get looks down the girls shirts all the time to see skin. The girls ages meant no bras. I saw flat chests and budding breasts regularly. She had friends and cousins over paving the way. I eventually walked in on her, a friend, and cousin completely nude. They were changing into bathing suits when I walked in. I went on watching with little change. It changed once she reached 12 and had a pair of tits now.
She had a small bcup. It brought a confidence and desire to show off her new assets. She began to talk about them and about who had tits and who didnt. She let out she compared with friends and cousins. She told me how they would take off tops and how most of her friends were still flat. Only two had budding breasts in various states. One older friend had full c cups. After coming back from her two girl cousins she told me what happened. They all got topless. She was 12 with one girl a year older and one a year younger. The two older ones had titties and fit in bras. The youngest was still flat chested and was made fun of for it. She would do things in front of me for me to see. At first she would pull up her friends shirts or pull down their pants. She never intentionally exposed herself until now
I sat on the pool edge and watched her swim. We were alone and she stood by me looking up at me. She adjusted her top pulling it down far enough to see her tits. It was my first glimpse at her tits since she developed. She was a brown skinned girl and had a small round boob and small areolas and nipples. They were dark brown in color. She asked if I saw anything and I told her I saw it all. She did it again bearing all since I already seen. She would let me bunch and pull her bottoms up her butt like a thong. I could see her tanlines and ass cheeks. She also said it felt good when I pulled it up her butt. I suspect it was tightening against her twat as well.
She use to push her friends to do daring things. She often got the girls to strip to their bras and panties and run around in front if me. A couple times she got them to go swimming in bras and panties. It was a special treat cause they usually had white cotton under clothes. Jumping in the pool made them cling to their bodies and become see through at the sametime. I enjoyed these pleasures until she reached 15. It ended the long standing run but the pool delivered peeks continue.

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