You rock me

Author: Christopher Pierce

I’m in an exotic bathhouse.

It’s fantastic in here: a sultry atmosphere, steam everywhere, marble
columns like giant penises holding up the vaulted ceiling, and erotically
majestic men all around me.

I’m taking a shower, and my cock is hard.

I’m standing under one of the many shower nozzles that sprout from the
walls and ceiling here. It’s like being in a dream, being here. A dream
where anything can happen, where a new adventure waits behind every
column, around every corner.

I love the feeling of the hot steamy water rushing onto me, running down
my naked body. My muscles, tired from the day’s work, begin to loosen as
I luxuriate in the warmth. I take the bar of soap in my hands and rub it
over myself, leaving little trails of foam that glisten on me for an
instant before the water washes them away.

I shut my eyes and bring my head under the nozzle. The water splashes
through my hair, and it feels like the worries of the day are being
drained out of me, disappearing down the drain into nothingness. I rub
the soap into both hands, and with my palms covered with its slippery
slickness I reach down past my waist to where my cock is waiting.

I take it in one hand and savor its fullness, its thickness, its
erection. It feels so good just to hold it this way. Just to hold it is
wonderful, almost wonderful enough to not need the added pleasure of
jerking it.


I move the hand that holds my dick and fascinating currents of excitement
travel from it into the rest of my body. With my other hand I cup my
balls. They feel full and round in my palm, full of life and power. I
squeeze them gently and it feels good.

Then I open my eyes, hoping for even more stimulation.

The clouds of steam part and I find myself in an exotic bath. There are
naked men all around me, talking, laughing, luxuriating in the water from
fountains, tubs and pools all around us. The men are having sex. Supple
mouths engulf luscious cocks, strong hands knead and massage muscles, men kiss, their mouths melting together, tongues explore nipples, now caressing, now biting. Engorged penises find their way to willing assholes.

I jerk myself as I watch them, thrilling to every moan of desire, every
gasp of penetration, every thrust of passion. One of the men notices me,
and walks over to where I stand under the water of my shower.

He has large eyes, brown and rich like the bark of a tree, but with the
youth and vigor of a virile young sapling. His skin is very tan and his
hair is dark and curly. His large cock, half-erect, swings from his
crotch. The man, his eyes never leaving mine, kneels in front of me and
takes my dick in his mouth. His lips close around it and pleasure washes
through me as he starts sucking it. I shut my eyes and put my hands on
his head so I can intertwine my fingers in his beautiful hair.

He needs no guidance, but I find myself pushing his head deeper into my
crotch, then pulling away for a second before pushing it back onto my cock
again. It is wonderful to be served like this, to have my cock worshipped
by this hot man.

I open my eyes to see that several of the other guys are watching us with
wide eyes and appreciative smiles. One of them walks over to us. He is
beautiful like the first one, but his skin is a little paler, and his hair
is long and sand-colored. I could swim in the blue of his eyes. He cocks
his head and smiles at me as he approaches us, one hand around his hard

The new man stops for a beat to look at me, then walks around me. Over
my shoulder I watch him kneel behind me, then takes my asscheeks in his
hands and gently pull them apart. I face front again, to see that most of
the other men have resumed their lovemaking, although a few still watch

The man behind me licks my anus, and his tongue feels very sexy. All
through this the dark-haired man in front of me continues to suck my cock,
alternately taking it all the way into his mouth and stroking the shaft
lovingly with his tongue. The man behind me rims me, using his lips to
caress my butthole. It’s incredible, I am being orally stimulated from
both the front and the rear.

The pleasure radiates from my groin, traveling down into my legs and up
into my chest, arms and head. Warm water continues to course over me and onto the men servicing me.

The bliss builds in me slowly. Each second brings with it an increased
level of stimulation. I push the dark-haired man all the way down onto my
cock again, and at the same time push my ass back into the face of the
sandy-haired man. This draws enthusiastic groans from both of them.
Steam from the water rises around us in billowing clouds. Moisture clings
to our bodies in droplets that look like dew on a forest morning.

The men around us continue their ecstatic coupling, thrusting their cocks into each other’s orifices. I am surprised to see another man join my little orgy, walking around me from an impossible angle to stand next to me. I turn my head to look at him, careful to leave my body in its position – I don’t want to upset the balance of the men who are sucking me off and rimming me.

The new man gazes at me while I take in his appearance. He was tan like
my sucking man, with short blond hair crowning his head, his body lean and sinewy, his long cock in full erection.

He flashes me a seductive grin and steps closer. He takes my chin in one
gentle hand and brings his lips to mine. Our kiss is passionate,
immediate – it fills me, completes me – forming the beyond-perfect
complement to the two pleasures my body is already experiencing.

The man kissing me gently pushes his tongue into my mouth where my tongue meets it, and together they explore each other. The man sucking my cock speeds up his stimulation until I am panting into the kissing man’s mouth.

The man rimming me feels my body tense with excitement and renews the
vigor with which he uses his lips and tongue to probe my asshole.

My mind and body feel on the edge of overload. I am a triangle, three
points of intensity, mouth/cock/ass, joined together. The steam and water
swirl around us, as if responding to our feelings and bodies. I don’t
know who these men are, yet it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that
we are all here together, and giving me sexual pleasure seems to be
everyone’s motivation.

The man kissing me and the man sucking my dick take their own cocks in
their hands and start jerking them. Their shafts bulge in their fists as
they jack. My own balls churn and boil with semen that desperately wants
to be free, anticipating what the final push will feel like – excited to
shoot through my cock and out into the air.

I am only seconds away from that explosion. As much as I want this to
continue, I know it can’t. The stimulation I am feeling is far too
immediate to be prolonged. It must end, and soon. Climax must be

Having the undivided erotic attention of just one of these men would lead
me to a wonderful orgasm, having all three at the same time is almost


But I am smart enough not to lose this opportunity. I drink from this
wine of pleasure, this elixir of ecstasy, and drink deeply.

Now it is time to end it. I drop all hesitation, and all barriers fall.

The full rush of bliss washes over me, and my climax roars as I break the
kiss. The man sucking me lets my cock out of his mouth, and as the
ecstasy washes through me my dick starts to spurt.

But it doesn’t stop – my semen jets out of me, gushing wave after wave.
It’s as if my cock is a hose with an endless supply of man-juice to pull

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