By the light of the strobe

Author: Christopher Pierce

I want to fuck him.

I see him from across the dance floor, shorter than me, maybe 5’5″ and
135 pounds, slender and lean, totally hot. The music is pounding, the
whole club seeming to shake and shudder to its bass-line. He’s got blond
hair, the floppy kind with long bangs that hang over each side of his

The dazzling lights that flash and cover the walls with strange designs
seem to change the color of his skin from cool blues and greens to hot
oranges and reds.

Is he looking at me?

I can’t tell, not from here anyway. I begin to edge across the room
toward him. I move through the crowd of sweaty shirtless men. Some of
them cruise me, trying to make eye contact, but my eyes are already full
— with the sexy blond guy who’s dancing up a storm on the edge of the

When I get closer to him, I see I’ve got competition. My hot dancing boy
is surrounded by a small group of men, at least four of them, his own
private audience. And the little fucker is loving every second of it, no
matter how hard he’s trying to look like he doesn’t give a shit. The guys
around him are orbiting him like they’re planets and he’s the fucking sun.
For a second I flash on how primitive this is – it was savage, almost
animalistic – virile young males competing against each other for the
favor of the most desirable mate. Of course in this case the virile young
men are gay jocks and businessmen and the most desirable mate is an
extremely fuckable little punk, and the ultimate goal is not the
perpetuation of a species but to pump multiple loads of cum down that
throat and up that ass. We could be some native tribe in a jungle, or
animals, like lions or wolves, playing out a courtship and mating ritual
as old as the earth itself.

The music is pounding in my ears. I reach up and wipe the sheen of sweat
off of my forehead, flicking it off my fingers, imaging the hot dancing boy
licking it off me. My cock is hard in my pants at the fleeting sight of
this delicious, delectable boytoy.

I want him so fucking badly. I want him to be mine, my own, no one
else’s, if only for a night, even for a few minutes – I have to
have him, to hold him in my arms; and now that he belongs to me,
I imagine what I’d do with him when I got him. I’d kiss him hard,
roughly, pushing my tongue into his mouth, holding him in place if he
resists me. I’m sure I’m stronger than him; I could hold him there in
place if I wanted to and he couldn’t escape me even if he wanted to. But
he wouldn’t, of course.

I fantasize about just picking him up and carrying him off, like a
caveman would. I bet the little shit would like that.

I imagine him sucking my cock, deep and long and hard. Fucking his face,
shoving my dick in and out of his mouth faster than he can keep up, but
not so fast that he can’t breathe.

I’m getting closer to him. The people are getting out of my way; I must
have a DON’T FUCK WITH ME look on my face because they’re just letting me through.
I imagine screwing his what is undoubtedly tight little ass, throwing a
fuck into him better and harder and longer than he’s ever had before. I
want to make his cock hard, I want him to want me as much as I want him.
I want to make him scream when I plow his ass, I want to jerk off his dick
and make him cum harder than he ever has before and make him know that
it’s ME that’s fucking him, that it’s MY cock in his butt, and that I’M
the one who’s making him feel this fucking good.

I’m almost to him. How the fuck am I going to get rid of these other
guys? They should just give up; none of them want him as badly as I do.
I edge through them, joining their little circle. But I don’t intend to
be one of many for long.

This guy is mine.

Out of the corners of my eyes I can see that the others are looking at
me, obviously with WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS looks on their faces. TAKE A HIKE, DUDES, I think, HE’S GOING HOME WITH ME AND ONLY ME TONIGHT. I hope they get the point.

They’re giving me dirty looks, hoping to scare me off. No fucking way.
They don’t scare me. Hunting season is open, and there’s no rules that
say who can hunt and who can score. This guy’s going to be mine because I
want him more than any of you do.

I continue to ignore them.

One of them turns away in disgust and disappears from the circle. One
down, three to go. Two of the courtiers glare at me, but their eyes meet
and suddenly they figure they’ll have better luck cruising each other than
this boy.

It’s down to one.

This last guy looks determined, but so am I. How to get rid of him? I
figure what the hell, and just step right in front of him, blocking his
view of the boy.

“What the fuck?” he says, but I ignore him. “Fuck this shit,” he says,
and turns away.


Now all I had to do was claim my prize.

The closer I get to him the more alluring and sexy he is. His dancing
has an uninhibited quality — it’s as if he’s dancing alone at home with
no one watching. He is obviously not here to be seen but here to dance
and enjoy himself, and doesn’t give a damn who watches him.

That makes him even hotter to me.

I want to share that feeling with him, be a part of his energy. I wanted
to be inside his energy, to penetrate it. I move towards him, my eyes
boring into his. I don’t know if he knows I’m coming or not – he’s so
into his dancing he doesn’t seem to notice anything.

As I approach him I see other guys trying to cruise him, try to catch his
eye, but he ignores them and they give up. But I’m not so easy to get rid
of. I want him, and I’ll have him, one way or another. Now I’m there,
standing in front of him.

I start dancing with him, moving my body in imitation of his, mimicking
his every move. This seems to interest him, and he finally notices the
fact that he’s among other humans. The sexy dancer looks at me without
smiling and starts dancing faster. I understand what he’s doing – he’s
challenging me to continue imitating his moves even as they get more
complicated. But I will not be intimidated.

I want to fuck him.

And I’ll do whatever it takes to get him.

I follow his moves, matching his speed as he goes faster and faster. Now
he looks me full in the eyes, daring me to continue, mocking me for
trying, intrigued that I haven’t given up.

The song changes and now a slower beat fills the room. It’s like a
heartbeat, like we’re inside an enormous beast, flowing through its body
on its bloodstream. I circle behind my guy and put my hands on his
shoulders, pulling him closer. Now his back is to my chest, my crotch to
his butt. My cock stretches forward, constricted by my pants but still
wanting to enter this man, plunge between his ass-cheeks, make wild love
to him.

The dancer doesn’t resist. He lets me guide him. Now I’m in charge, and
we both seem to realize it. He imitates me now, as I lead us both in a
slow, sensuous grinding dance. I’m in his space now, and it feels like we
really are alone…the other men disappear and we’re alone on the dance
floor. All the lights, the music, everything, it’s all here for us, just
the two of us, moving and grinding to the beat.

This young man is supposed to be mine. And he will be. When he realizes
I’m not going anywhere, that I am going to stay despite his apparent
disinterest, he turns around and looks up at me with a smile of defiance.

“You want me?” he asks.

“More than anything.” I respond without hesitation.
“Then take me,” he says.
I need no more direct invitation than this.

I bend over and move forward, lifting up, and hoist him up over my
shoulder like a bag of laundry. I adjust him a little to make sure his
weight is distributed evenly. He’s not heavy at all, and does not resist
as I do this. My prey secured, I head off the dance floor.

It feels natural to carry him this way, like this is the way it should
be. Cheers and catcalls surround me as the other dancers watch me carry
the hot little dude toward the club’s exit. I know they approve of what
I’m doing, and some might even be envious – some to be in my shoes and
others to be in my defiant dancer’s.

A hunky bouncer gives me a grin and opens the exit door for me. I carry
my conquest out onto the sidewalk, and the cool open air is so different
from the charged, smoky ambience of the club.

I pause for a second to take a deep breath, and to adjust the hot man
that’s slung over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. There are some
guys hanging out in front of the club and their reactions to me range from
looks of interest to knowing grins.

It might seem a little primitive, but I like to carry the guys I fuck.
It gives me a rush, like a burst of adrenalin. I feel like the first
caveman who wanted to stick his cock in his buddy’s ass, knocked him out
and carried him back to his cave.

I’ve got him now, he’s mine!

I head on back around the place. I always park my car behind the club.
It’s a deal I have with the manager. He lets me park there when I want to
as long as I use the front entrance to enter or exit.

The guy I’m carrying doesn’t struggle, and I like that. He’s being the
perfect submissive bottom, which is exactly what I need right now. We get
to my car, a new black Escort. I already have the backseats down, ready
for the action about to be played out on top of them. I unlock the trunk
and put my guy down inside, in the large space that connects the hatchback
to the rest of the car.

There’s just enough room for us to do our business here.

“Take your clothes off,” I instruct my dancer, and he silently obeys,
practically tearing his shirt open through its buttons. I remove my own
shirt and thrill to the feel of the night on my sweaty skin. We take off
our pants at the same time, and I see his boner tenting his underwear.
He is as hot nearly naked as he had been on the dance floor under the
lights. I let my own pants drop and I stand naked before him, naked under
the moon. My erection is straight and tall, as if reaching upwards toward
the spot between my pecs whose nipples are firm from the air and my
arousal. Stepping out of my pants, I watch him, devouring him with my
eyes as he slips his own briefs off.

For the first time he seems tentative and nervously looks around.
“What if someone -” he starts to ask.

“Shut up,” I say without raising my voice. Like before, he silently
obeys. “This won’t take long,” I say as I climb up into the hatchback on
top of him. I reach into a side pocket and pull out a tube of lube and a
condom package.

“Come here,” I tell him, gesturing at my stiff rod – inviting him,
welcoming him, ordering him. “suck me, man,” I say, “Suck me and get me
ready for you.”

It seems that his lust is stronger than his fear. It is awkward to be
trying to move with two men inside a hatchback but I know if he’s as horny
as I am he’ll find a way to reach my cock with his mouth.

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