Elizabeth’s Empire

Author: FK

With a Ph.D. in physics, Ms. Elizabeth Hoffer was a genius, contributing greatly to her field of study. With her continual research in the structure of matter, Ms. Hoffer discovered a way to regulate the physical size of any object.

Keeping her novel find a secret, the sexy 5’10” tall blond decided to use the discovery for her own personal ends. Loving power for its own sake, Elizabeth refined her research to the point where she was able to construct a shrink ray.

After building a shrink gun, Elizabeth said to herself in a wicked tone, “ Yea, now I’ll do it, I’ll shrink over a thousand men and keep the little shits as slaves in my apartment; they’ll exist only for me and my personal whims!”

Beginning to carry out her diabolical plan, she started with Tom, the research assistant in her lab. Asking the man to stay late one evening and help out with a research assignment, she waited until everyone else left the building. Then, at 7:00 PM, she reached into her purse, producing the devise. Pointing the thing at Tom, she immediately pulled the trigger, causing him to shrink. As the man got smaller and smaller, he began screaming, “ Help, what’s going on!”

Smiling, the evil female exclaimed, “ Great, shrink male, shrink, soon you’ll be all mine!”

Taking a whole minute, the shrinking finally stopped with Tom reduced to only three inches in height! In fact, the man’s height was now shorter than the length of the pen which was lying beside him, the pen he dropped while getting smaller and smaller.

Delighted to the point of euphoria, Elizabeth stood towering above him, dressed in her sexy navy blue skirt suit together with her stockings and black pumps. Not only did she seem dominating to Tom, but she obviously radiated a higher beauty that the man couldn’t help but notice. After staring down at him sadistically for a few moments, she squatted and picked him up by the arm, standing up again with little Tom dangling between her finger tips. Pulling off all his clothes, she simply threw them away. Being small and naked in the palm of her mighty hand, Tom saw Elizabeth to be a giantess, a goddess, a vastly superior being capable of doing anything with him that she pleased!

Holding Tom in her hand, she looked at him wickedly, saying, “ Ha, ha, look at the little man in my hand completely at my mercy!”

“ Please don’t hurt me!”, begged Tom.

“ You’ll do whatever I say or I’ll set on the floor and step on you.”

Terrified, the little male simply replied, “ Ok, all right, I’ll do what ever you say!”

Staring away at her little piece of property, she finally said, “ I’ll take you home with me tonight.”

Frightened, yet also curious, he ask, “ What are you gonna do with me?”

“ You, together with more men that I’ll shrink are gonna be my slaves to care for my apartment and my every need, I’ll have hundreds of men at my feet treating me as the goddess I am!”

Next, with total egomania, she yelled, “ I am Woman, free, independent, and most of all, superior!”

After uttering her statement, she reached for her purse, dropped Tom in, and left the building.

When she arrived at her car, the lady unlocked the door, got in, reached into her purse, pulled out Tom, and placed him atop the passenger seat. Closing the door, she started the engine and drove off, heading straight for home. As Tom sat on the seat, he couldn’t help but look up to the side of her ass. “ She’s beautiful”, he thought. Thinking further, he said to himself, “ Not only is she my boss at work, she’s now the boss, period!” Musing on, part of him actually liked what happened; however, he was nevertheless saturated with fear, for the lady could kill him whenever she felt like it.

After a half hour of driving, she pulled before the apartment building. Getting out, she reached over and picked up Tom, placing him into the palm of her left hand. Then, Elizabeth went to the front of the building, walked inside, and took the elevator to the forth floor. Moving down the hall, she reached her apartment door, unlocked it, and went inside.

Throwing her purse upon the livingroom solfa, she next raised Tom to the front of her face, saying, “ It’s been a long day at work, and I’ve really gotta piss.” Walking into the bathroom, she dangled Tom over the open toilet bowl. Seeing the seat down, she said, “ As you can see, the seat’s down; in this place, it’s always down, and you can’t do anything to raise it up, ha, ha!”

Staring down into the water, Tom pleaded, “ No, Elizabeth, no, please, don’t!”

“ Too bad, you’re my slave, I decide your fate from now on.”

With that, she let him fall, watching the little man strike the water with a splash. A second later, he quietly came back to the surface, swimming in the toilet. Looking up, he saw her towering and seductive frame peer down at him. He yelled, “ Elizabeth, please take my out, please!”

“ No way, you little shit, I wouldn’t miss doing this for the world!”

Reaching for her waist line, she unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Pulling down her panties, Ms. Hoffer, turned around and sat her beautiful sexy ass upon the fixture.

Floating helplessly beneath her ladyship, the unfortunate man heard, “ Oh yea, here it comes!”

Yelling upward, he tried in vain to change her mind, “ Please, don’t, don’t, I’ll do whatever you say!”

Drowning out his plea, her piss came down and struck Tom. Swirling about, he was pushed to and fro within the circulating liquid. Finally, the water settled and light came back in from above.

Pulling up her panties and skirt, the evil vixen said, “ If I didn’t need you for anything else, I’d flush down this very moment; however, you’ll be the first of my collection.”
Reaching into her blouse pocket, she produced a pen, sticking it into the toilet just above Tom, saying, “ Hold on.” Pulling him out, she placed him in the bathroom sink, saying, “ Stand under the faucet.” Watching him move over, she turned on the faucet, rinsing him off. With the piss all gone, she placed Tom upon the floor and flushed the toilet afterward.

While walking into the livingroom, Elizabeth ordered Tom to follow her. Saying nothing, he went after her, looking upward at her female splendor. When they both stood before the solfa, she stared down at him and said, “ You’re pretty small; three inches isn’t much, but I guess it’ll have to do.”

Gazing up in fear, the tiny man ask, “ What do you mean, what are you gonna do?”

“ I’m getting bored with my middle finger, if you know what I mean.”

“ Elizabeth, please, this isn’t right, I’m a human being, you can’t just use someone else as you see fit!”

Going to her knees, the woman next lowered her sexy face in front of him, saying, “ Oh yea, and what are you gonna do about it, its all about size, your rights depend on your size, that’s all that’s to it.”

Standing back up, she heard from below, “ Please, please!”

Ignoring his words, she began removing all her clothes, taking it all off, including her stockings. However, after she completely undressed, the good looking female slipped back into her highheeled shoes. Bending down, she took up Tom, saying, “ You know, you’re cute, my cunt’s already wet!”

Setting herself down upon the solfa, she spread her legs apart. Moving Tom directly before her harry opening, she ask, “ So, what do ya think, pretty nice isn’t it?”

“Please, you’ll hurt me, please!”

Laughing, the blond forced the man in head first. Pushing him in and out, she gave him intermittent moments to breath. All the while, he screamed away, “ Elizabeth, don’t, I’m getting sick, please stop!”

“ Oh yea, this feels great, this is how it always should be!”, she exclaimed with indifference toward his feelings.

Continuing to move him back and forth, she finally had and orgasm all over him.

Finished, she set him upon the floor, got up, went into the bathroom, and returned with some toilet paper, dropping the tissue next to him, saying, “ Here, wipe yourself clean.”

Reaching over, the little man took up the paper and cleaned himself off as best he could.

Taking up the paper, she returned to the bathroom, disposed of the tissue, and finally showered off. After placing her nightclothes on, she went back into the livingroom and took up Tom, carrying him into the bedroom. Looking around, the lady said, “ You need something to sleep on.”

“ Where am I gonna sleep?”, ask the little creature.

Pointing, she said, “ There on the nightstand.”

Going over to the dresser, she reached into the bottom drawer, producing a tampon. Taking it up, she went with Tom over to the nightstand and placed both Tom and the thing down, saying, “ Here you go, sleep on this.”

After watching Tom get on top of the tampon and stretch himself out, she turned off the light, got into bed, and fell to sleep.

Waking up the next day, she was happy that it was Saturday, a day off from work. Rising up out of bed, she saw Tom still asleep upon the article of feminine hygiene. Looking at his tiny frame, she got horny, remembering the feel of him last night. Therefore, Elizabeth reached for the man after slipping out of her nightclothes. While slowly lowering him toward her harry slit, he woke up yelling, “ No, please, not again, please, I can’t stand it!”

“Good morning little man, it’s time to be put back in your place.”, she giggled sarcastically.

While he whimpered away, she pushed him in, moving him about until orgasm. Finished, she went into the bathroom, still holding Tom. Turning on the water, the lady stepped into the shower, washing both herself and Tom. After drying off, she lowered Tom to the floor and returned to the bedroom. As she went back into the chamber, Tom couldn’t help but stare up at her curvaceous ass. Feeling his little dick erect, he began fantasizing about Elizabeth sitting on him. However, knowing that would kill him, he said nothing and just stared away.

All dressed now in a pair of blue jeans , a T- shirt, and a pair of highheeled black leather boots, Elizabeth went out to the livingroom, telling Tom to follow. With his field of view at level with her boots whose upper part was covered by the jeans, he followed as a faithful pet.

Arriving in the livingroom, she turned and looked down at him, saying, “ You’re gonna stay her alone while I go out for breakfast and do a little shopping.”

“ Is it safe her alone?”, he ask.

“ You’ll be fine, I’ll give you a few scraps of food to eat.”

Going into the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator and took out some salami, breaking off a few pieces, and throwing them down to Tom. Walking over, the little creature took up a small piece and began eating. In fact, the tiny amount of food sustained him for a day or two.

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