Leslie and Victoria

Author: FK

Working for a small newspaper as a second rate printer, all Leslie did was operate a few machines in the basement of the building. Being in no way spectacular, his life was quite dull. His daily routine continued week after week with nothing of any significance. However, as a hobby, Leslie did read allot. Moreover, his readings were greatly concentrated in the sociological area. He loved to read about social evolution in particular. Fascinated with all the changes going on in the world today, he was intrigued with the relations of power.

The modes in which technological changes together with other fluctuations affect the power balance among different groups in society always interested him. Further, one dimension of his studies turned him on the most, the power relationship between the sexes. Nothing excited him more than feminist literature. Also, due to his female domination fetish, the continuous advancement of women in society stimulated him to no end. Loving to read about anything which predicts an increase in female performance in the next century, the idea of more and more women gaining control of the political scene in the next coming decades gave him an erection. Truly, he dreamt of a world eventually controlled and dominated by women!

So was the life of Leslie. Outside of his fetish, his being was small and insignificant with boredom taking hold and leaving him in a state of depression for weeks without end.

Nevertheless, something did happen to Leslie, producing meaning and purpose within the remainder of his days. As he was downstairs in the basement of the newspaper building, he momentarily turned off a machine. Next, the man heard the sound of footsteps coming down one of the stairwells from the upstairs office area, getting louder and louder. In fact, eventually he could discern that they were the sound of a woman’s footsteps. Finally, he turned to look. There, almost directly before him stood a tall beautiful dark-haired lady. Her hair was such that she had it cut short. However, it wasn’t extremely short, producing the appearance of an ancient Roman goddess with her mane raised to the top of her head. Dressed completely in black, she wore a skirt suit, the type of outfit most of the professional career ladies wear. Also, this woman had on a pair of black leather stiletto boots reaching up to her knees. Leslie said to himself, “ That explains the sharp sound of her walk.” Looking at her as she walked directly up to him, he immediately felt respect go through his entire being. Being extremely attractive, she nonetheless, had a very stern, intelligent, and serious look upon her face.

Staring at him, the lady said, “ Hello, my name’s Ms. Victoria Oppenheimer, I happen to be the new company officer.” The company officer was the individual in charge of the whole operation; in other words, the CEO.

Standing before her and feeling somewhat inferior, Leslie said, “ Hello, I’m Leslie, and I’ve been working down here for a few years.”

Giving him a slightly agitated look, she said, “ I know, I’ve got all the employee records upstairs.”

Leslie felt even lower as she made him look foolish. Then, she next said, “ This company is going to have to work harder in order to compete with the larger newspapers. Therefore, an hour from now, all associates are to be summoned to an upstairs meeting about company policy.” She added, “Remember, one hour from now, turn off your machine so as to hear the intercom.” Leslie told her he would comply. Turning around, she simply walked away and went back upstairs.

The hour up, Leslie turned off his machine. Sure enough, a few moments later, Ms. Oppenheimer’s voice said over the intercom, “All associates to the conference room for a company policy meeting.” Walking away from his machine, Leslie proceeded up the stairs to the large room. When he arrived, the man sat himself down upon one of the chairs all facing a podium and looking forward. Looking around, he noticed that just about everyone else was already there.

From a side door in front of the room, Ms. Oppenheimer walked out and went up to the podium. Next, she started to speak, “ This paper is in some trouble; however, I can turn it around and make it work. All I need is everyone’s full cooperation.” Next, the stern, yet beautiful lady, began speaking of all the details, giving everyone new rules and procedures. Everyone sat and listened. Even the people who usually speak out and complain a lot were taken back by the power which she radiated. Within his mind Leslie thought, “ This is truly the future of womanhood!” Beginning to fantasize, he pictured himself kneeling before her and licking those magnificent boots!

After the meeting was complete, she dismissed everyone, and all went back to their work stations. Completing his workday, Leslie went home.

Arriving at work the next day, he found that things were indeed starting to change. Truly, she seemed to be on top of everything and knew the specifics behind everyone’s job, radiating authority, and causing everyone to comply with her wishes up to this point in time.

A few months into the future, the paper did turn around. Sales were up and profits were flowing in. All in all, Ms. Victoria Oppenheinmer managed to create a secure company with high priced stocks.

Nonetheless, eventhough the company was now in an obvious state of success, many of the people working under Victoria were somewhat resentful of her, starting to sometimes look frustrated when she gave them orders. This went on for some time; however, no one ever dared to speak out directly against her. An equilibrium was finally reached, and the days continued.

On the contrary, this general pattern of resentment didn’t apply to Leslie. Moreover, he would always be as polite as possible toward her. If the lady dropped something as she inspected the machine area, he would immediately go over and pick it up for her. Also, one day, Victoria’s secretary called off sick; Leslie immediately volunteered himself to make Victoria’s coffee and help with the running of errands.

As a result, many of the other employees were quietly annoyed with Leslie’s constant submission and subordination. Sometimes he would hear some of his coworkers whisper to one another behind his back, “ He’s a real ass kisser.” This didn’t bother Leslie at all, for he was indeed a literal and physical ass kisser, that is, of women. All the women that he dated in his life had their asses kissed. Further, he would kiss their behinds for hours non stop, loving the feeling of subordination that went with it. Ofcourse he did; he truly believed in the superiority of women.

Victoria, on the other hand, began taking notice of his constant humility toward her. As he continued performing every aspect of his job exactly as she requested, the assertive woman couldn’t help but take a liking and interest in him.

Having fantasies about her, Leslie desired to be her mate. Indeed, his true yearning was to be her slave, wanting both of them to be married in a mistress-slave relationship. He would dream of this constantly. At night, as he lay awake in bed, Leslie would have visions in his mind of serving her hand and foot, dreaming away about doing all the housework with her constantly ordering him about.

One day at work, Leslie had to take some papers to an upstairs room. As he walked through one of the corridors with a window, he saw Victoria standing toward the window with her hands folded behind her back. Together with the boots, she was an exhibition of Napoleonic power, turning Leslie on as he gazed at her magnificence.

Continuing to desire her presence evermore, he nevertheless couldn’t work up the nerve to tell Victoria that he was interested in her. All he did was curry favor with the lady as best he could.

However, a month later, while Leslie was by his paper machine, the phone next to the printer rang. Turning off the contraption, he picked up the phone, and ask, “ Hello, who is it?”

The voice on the other end of the line was that of Victoria, proceeding to say, “ Leslie, come up to my office; I’ve something to talk with you about.”

Leslie wasn’t sure what she wanted; he simply said he’d be right up. Going up to her office the man was greeted by the secretary.

Buzzing Victoria, the young lady said, “ Leslie’s here.”

Next, the office door opened and Ms. Oppenheimer stood there looking at Leslie, saying, “ Come on in.” Leslie entered her office. Then, she said, “ Have a seat.” Setting himself down on the solfa opposite her desk, he watched Victoria walk behind her chair and lean herself against it, facing Leslie. Afterward, she said, “I’ll be right up front; I want to take you out.”

The words hit Leslie like a freight train. He was totally flabbergasted. At first, he didn’t know what to say. However, he finally managed, “ Yes, I would like that very much.”

“ Then I’ll pick you up at seven o’clock tonight.”, she said. Leslie agreed. Finally, the CEO told him to go back to work. Obeying her order, he immediately walked out.

For the remainder of the work day, Leslie felt excited. His chance had finally come. She was truly dominant; he loved the way she simply took control and told him that she was going to pick him up, not like so many of the other women who desire the male to take them out. With the work day finally coming to an end, he left the building, going straight home. Then, he remembered upon arriving at home that she didn’t ask for his address. However, it occurred to him that in her office files, she obviously had everyone’s name and address.

After arriving home, he performed a few tasks that were routine for the day. He continued until he looked at the clock and saw the time was now six thirty. Leslie got dressed in clothes which he felt would be appropriate for the date, eventhough he had no idea as to where she intended to go. Finally, seven o’clock arrived and the man heard the sound of a car pulling up just below the livingroom window of his apartment. Next, a lady got out of the car. Looking downward, it was Victoria. She walked to the apartment building lobby, and then Leslie heard the sound of his buzzer. Consequently, he pressed the button directly below the speaker and let it go a few seconds later. Listening closely, he started to hear the motion of the elevator down the hall. Then, the sound of boots could be heard. This sound excited Leslie. Moreover, the heels of her magnificent footwear echoed throughout the entire hall. He was truly elated by the haunting echo as it bounced from wall to wall. She moved ever closer. From his perspective, she radiated power; he was overcome by it. Also, his prick began to erect slightly, but he managed to get it under control. Finally, a rap was heard upon the apartment door. Leslie opened it, and there stood Victoria in all her splendor!

As Leslie gazed upon her for a few seconds, he could make out her attire. Aside for the knee-high black boots with stiletto heels, she wore a black skirt which went about two inches below her knee. Also, she had on a white blouse with a black jacket over it. The jacket went down to her hips. Further, she looked quite splendid. Dominance and mystique sprang forth from her very stature. Leslie then ask her to come in. She did and walked into the livingroom. Looking around, she said, “ Somewhat small, but I guess it’s adequate.” Then, the lady spoke in a confident tone, “ Let’s go, I’m starved.” Leslie obeyed and left his apartment right after her, locking the door behind him. They walked to her car. He moved over to the passenger side and waited until she unlocked the door from the driver’s side. Finally, he got in, and she drove off.

After fifteen minutes of driving past, Victoria pulled into the parking lot of what Leslie knew to be a restaurant. She parked the car and they both walked into the building. Next, they sat down at a table and waited to be served. A waiter came up and gave Victoria a menu after he could discern that she seemed to be the assertive party. She ordered something for both of them. Furthermore, Victoria didn’t even bother to ask Leslie what he wanted. She merely dictated to the waiter the order. Leaving, the waiter came back a few minutes later with the food. He turned around and was about to go away; however, she snapped her fingers after him. He came back and ask, “ Is everything all right ma’am?”

She answered, “ Yes, and this is for you.”

She gave him a forty dollar tip. Looking surprised, yet happy, he thanked her with great respect, turned around, and left.

As they ate dinner, Leslie was completely impressed with her. He admired the way she ordered his half of the food without asking him first. This actually turned him on. In fact, Leslie had an erection all through the course of the meal.

While eating, she constantly talked with him. As a matter of fact, she constantly talked at him. The whole conversation was about her plans and her goals. She never seemed to take any interest in his life. It was as if he didn’t have one in her eyes. Nonetheless, Leslie embraced it all. She was truly full of herself. In essence, this is what he always wanted in a woman.

The dinner complete, the two got up and walked to the register. She paid the bill and left another adequate tip. Together, with Victoria in front, they left the restaurant.

After they got into the car, Victoria looked at Leslie and said, “ Let’s go to my place, I want to show you around.” This stimulated Leslie. She started the engine, and they proceeded to her residence.

Finally, she pulled into the parkinglot of a large modern looking high-rise apartment complex. Leslie ask, “ So you rent an apartment here?”

She turned to him and said, “ No, I own a condominium here; it’s on the top floor of the building .”

Afterward, they both got out of the car and walked to the main entrance. They entered the lobby and was greeted by the doorman. He let them into an inner set of doors. Victoria walked in first with Leslie following. Leslie was struck by the splendor he saw about him. He immediately realized that this complex was for the very rich. Luxury was all about in every direction he turned his humble eyes. Next, they both walked to the elevator. Victoria pressed the button and a few moments later the door opened. They got in, and the entrance closed itself behind them. Softly, the machine started to move upward. After a few seconds, the door of the elevator opened to reveal the top floor. Victoria stepped out with Leslie at her tail. He followed her down a beautiful hall with lovely works of art hanging upon the walls. Further, at a few points along the hall, chairs were placed with tables next to them.

Truly, this place was a lap of luxury. Everything was perfect. He said to himself, “ Being a submissive sometimes has its payoffs.” Eventually, she stopped in front of a door and reached into her purse. Next, Victoria produced an electronic devise which looked like a television remote control. Then, she pressed a few buttons and the sound of a click came from the door. Ms. Oppenheimer turned the knob and opened the entrance. Finally, both of them walked in.

When Leslie looked about after she turned the lights on, he was overcome by pure elegance. The condominium was large. He’d never before seen such a large livingroom. The furniture was all of the most expensive kind. He remarked to himself, “ She’s got money.”

Afterward, she told Leslie to sit down upon the magnificent solfa. This he did. She walked into another room and stayed there for a few minutes. Next, she returned without her jacket and purse. Then, as if she knew him forever before this moment, she simply ordered, “ Go into the kitchen, you’ll find two glasses and a bottle of soda. Go fill them up and bring them out.” After she said these words, the queen simply sat herself down and crossed her legs in the feminine style.

He got up and went into the kitchen. Leslie found the bottle and poured out the beverage. Also, he thought to himself, “ This is the first time I’ve ever gone out with her, and she’s already way ahead of me.” Consequently, the thought started to make him hard. However, he managed to keep it down enough as to conceal it. He reentered the livingroom and gave her one of the glasses.

Then, she told him to sit down. He did so and took a few sips of the soda. As she drank the contents of the glass, the lady said, “ Since you already went out with me, you’re obviously interested in me.” Next, she went on, “ Therefore, I wish to keep seeing you, and I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with you.” Leslie agreed, and said he would love to continue dating her. She looked at him for a few moments and said to herself, “ This guy is truly submissive, he does whatever I say; I think I’ll start testing some of his limits tonight.” With that thought going through her mind, she ask Leslie, “ What do you think of my boots?”

Leslie looked down at them and said, “ I like them very much; they bring out the essence of your character.”

She then ask in a slightly demanding voice, “ And what may be the essence of my character?”

“ Assertive.”, he answered.

She looked at him again for a few moments and ask, “ Why don’t you get down on your knees and start kissing my boots?” Leslie couldn’t believe her words. His dream was starting to materialize itself to a concrete reality. Therefore, he immediately obeyed. He knelt in front of her and started to kiss. He kissed for a good ten minutes. She placed her glass upon the livingroom table and said, “ That’s enough.” He stopped and she stood up. Victoria looked down at him and again thought to herself, “ I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for, a slave; I’ll keep this jerk for good; he’s mine.” Thinking these thoughts, Victoria noticed that she was beginning to get wet at the crotch. The sensation of power was starting to consume her. Thus, she was now sexually stimulated. Looking down at Leslie, the woman ordered, “ Take off all your clothes!” He did as she commanded, removing everything and placing the attire upon the solfa. He now knelt before her completely naked. She stared down at him and noticed his erection. This pleased her, for she now knew for certain that he was a true submissive. Hence, she had his mind enslaved.

Next, the lady removed her skirt by lowering it below and under her feet. Then, she took off her blouse revealing her black lingerie. Finally, Victoria simply removed all her underwear and stood naked before Leslie, save for her boots. Afterward, she dictated, “ Stand up.” He stood up and the top of his head reached only up to her eyes. Indeed, this gave her much pleasure. Looking down at him gave her a sensation of power. On the other hand, he too was pleased with the fact that she towered over him, for it only magnified and exemplified his servitude.

Then, she ordered, “ Get down on your knees behind me and start kissing my ass!” He obeyed.

He knelt behind the glory of her magnificent and superior female ass and started to kiss. He kissed and kissed! Moreover, his kissing turned into a ritual of worship. The longer he kissed, the smaller he felt. The feeling of smallness dominated his entire psyche. He started to say, “ Oh Victoria, I’m a man; my place is to serve and obey the superior female sex!” Leslie went on, “ Men are here to kiss the asses of women, nothing is more correct and appropriate than a man kissing a woman’s ass; it exemplifies the essence of the whole meaning of life!” He said these words as precum dripped from his cock. The male continued to adore her lovely behind! Furthermore, it seemed to her as if he would never stop unless she ordered him to. This assertion turned out to be correct, for the lady let him kiss on, and he never stopped! Forty minutes had now past, and he still kissed with as much vigor as when he first started! Also, Leslie went on and on about how much he respected women, and how they should take over every function in society and rule the world. His words made her ever the more wetter at the crotch, for she agreed with everything he said. Likewise, she supported every organization for the advancement of women eversince her highschool days. Now, she had a male kissing her female ass and telling her precisely what she always wanted to here.

Finally, she gave the order to stop kissing and adoring her ass. Therefore, he obeyed her command and just sat there with his behind upon his heels. He gaze up at her butt with a look of total respect. Next, she turned around and looked down at him saying, “ I agree with everything you just said.” She went on, “ Women are smarter and superior than men. Consequently, one day, we’ll rule the world and all of you helpless males will serve and obey us with complete devotion and respect.” He just stared up at her and absorbed her words into the deepest recesses of his brain. Everything she said seemed perfect to him. Indeed, he was overwhelmed by a hypnotic feel of correctness.

Then, she said with the utmost confidence, “ We’re going to get married; is that clear?” He nodded in agreement. She went on, “ We’re going to have a dominant submissive relationship; I’ll be the all powerful mistress, and you’re to be the lowly slave.” She continued, “ And furthermore, before we get married, you’re to sign a paper which states that if we do get divorced, you’ve no claim to anything; is that also clear?’ Again, like a trained dog, he nodded in agreement. Then, her voice said, “ Also, before we get married, whatever little you have, you’re to give to me.” He agreed with all she said. He was completely in her power. Leslie had no will to resist, there was nothing he could do. In fact, if she were to order him to jump out the window and land fifteen stories down to his death, he probably would’ve done it. He was putty in her hands, and she loved every minute of it. Then, she said, “As a reward for your compliance, you can continue kissing my ass.” Again, she turned around, and he started to kiss. He kissed and kissed for another thirty minutes until she gave the command to stop. He obediently stopped, and she turned back around. “ Lick my pussy!”, she said. As a result, he proceeded to stick his tongue into her cunt and began licking! He went on and on. About five minutes later, she let out loud moans of pleasure. Next, she started to talk about the power she has back at the company building. She exclaimed in sexual delight, “ I’ve hundreds of people working under me; I’m the power in that place; I’m the one who gives orders!” She went on, “ All are beneath me; I’m superior to everyone there; I know how to do their own jobs better than they can!” Also, Victoria proceeded, “ They should all lick my cunt and kiss my ass!” Next, our lady said, “ When I’m around everyone else, they appear as ants; I feel so much above, like a princess among peasants!” As he continued to lick, she finally reached an orgasm.

With her elevated sense of self glorification complete, she turned around to get her panties and bra. The elegant lady proceeded to put them back on. Next, she returned into the rest of her attire. Leslie, however, just knelt there looking up at her. Then, she said, “Get dressed; put your clothes back on.” He obeyed, and did as he was told. After he returned into his clothing, she said to him, “ Now listen, and listen carefully.” He nodded in humble agreement, and she continued, “ Don’t even bother returning to work tomorrow; you’re to quit your job.” She spoke further, “ Since we’re getting married, I’ll support you, I need you to fully devote yourself to being a good house husband; I want you to be a good homemaker and slave.” Then, she gave him further instructions, “ Starting tomorrow, I want you to place an add in a paper and sell all the furniture and durables in your apartment; I want you to get rid of all non basics; all you need when you move in here are the clothes on your back; is that clear?” Once again, like a trained animal, he nodded to her satisfaction. Next, she said, “ The money you receive upon selling all your junk, you’re to give to me, and I’ll decide how you spend it, if I let you spend it at all.” Finally, she proceeded, “ You’re to be totally dependent upon me.” Leslie couldn’t agree more. He voloped in her control. Truly, he respected every fiber of her being.

She then gave him the order to leave. After that, she simply said, “ Go down to the lobby phone of this building and call yourself a cab to take you home.”

He replied, “ Yes mistress, all shall be done as you desire.”

He left the condominium and walked down the hall, used the elevator, and went down to the obey. He did precisely as she ordered. The taxi arrived, and he was driven home. Finally, the humble one paid the fair with his own money and went up to his apartment.

The next day was quite busy for the pathetic little male. He called a newspaper and placed the add that she ask for. Next, he started to pack together most of his basic essentials into a suitcase. He only left out a few days of clothing and the toilet articles for daily hygiene.

Victoria, on the other hand, returned to work the next day. She noticed that many of the people were quietly talking amongst themselves as to the whereabouts of Leslie. She then decided to use her business skills and capitalize on his absence. She said over the intercom, “ All associates to the conference room for a short meeting.” Everyone arrived and the lady proceeded with the brief lecture, “ In case some of you have been wondering about Leslie, I fired him.” As a result, some of the employees looked at one another in amazement, for Leslie was a good worker and hardly ever missed a day’s work.

One of the female employees finally spoke up and ask, “Why was he fired?”

“ Because he made too many mistakes when I gave him specifics to run off.”, answered Victoria.

The lady asking the question seemed a little puzzled but accepted the answer.

Then, Victoria said, “ We have to make sure this place runs properly; a suitable replacement will be found in a few days; however, in the meantime, I want you, Sam, to fill in for him for those few days.” She pointed toward Sam as she gave him the instructions.

However, Sam ask, “ What about my work?”

She gave him a straight look and said, “ Your stuff can wait for a few days; it’s not the highest priority.” Sam seemed somewhat insulted; however, upon recalling what she said about having Leslie fired, he didn’t dare say anything. Thus, Sam accepted her decision. Finally, Victoria said, “ You can all go back to work now.” Everyone got up, left, and Victoria went back to her office.

Upon arriving in her plush abode, she picked up the phone and dialed Leslie’s number. He answered, and she ask, “ Are you doing everything I ordered?”

“ The ad’s placed in the Times.”, replied Leslie.

Knowing the Times as the largest paper in the city, she said, “ Good, at least that paper has many readers.” She continued to talk, “ Tonight at six o’clock, I want you to come to my place with only your essentials. Leave the message machine on in your apartment; one of us can go back there sometime in a few days to see who’s interested in buying.”

In compliance, Leslie said, “ Yes, I’ll be at your place tonight.”

The evening came and Leslie took his suitcase and went down to his car. He entered the vehicle after placing the case into the trunk and drove to the front parkinglot of the building she lived in. He got out, took his suitcase, and walked to the front lobby. He told the doorman who he was and that he’s to see Victoria Oppenheimer. Telling him to wait, the doorman called up to her condo. Afterward, he came back and let Leslie in. Leslie proceeded to the elevator and went up to the condo. He knocked upon the door and she opened it. “ Get in here”, she ordered and closed the door after Leslie entered. In a stern voice, she said, “Go in bedroom and place that suitcase on the floor.” Next, she flatly stated, “ When you’re in there, undress yourself completely and come out naked.” Therefore, he entered her chamber and placed the suitcase upon the floor. Also, he couldn’t help but notice the large king-sized bed. He simply undressed, throwing his clothes upon the bed and walked out to the livingroom where she was standing. Victoria was wearing her usual boots. However, this time she was dressed in a short leather mini skirt. In addition, she had on a black leather bra. As a result, the black boots, the black skirt, and the black bra, made her the perfect image of a dominatrix. She ordered, “Get down on your knees!” He obeyed. Walking over to the kitchen counter, the woman picked up a collar with a chain attached to it; she had stopped at an adult bookstore after work and purchased a couple of fetish items. Next, she walked back to Leslie and placed the collar about his neck. He noticed that at the end of the chain, there was a small coil up box in her hand. Therefore, the line could be extended to reach any part of the condo from any other part. In other words, the mistress had him on a leash and could simply yank it whenever she wanted something from him if he were elsewhere in the flat.

After she placed the collar about his neck, Ms. Oppenheimer said, “ Now I want you to get up and start dinner, you’ll find all you need in the kitchen. Also, I want you to study this whole condo tomorrow while you’re here and I’m off to work.” She continued, “ You’ll familiarize yourself with everything. Everything you need is here; all you need to clean, cook, and wash the clothes, for as you may have already noticed, this condo has its own private utility room with a washer and dryer.” Then, she said, “ You’re only going to be permitted to leave this place once a week to go shopping. Further, you’re never again to wear any clothes except when you do go out that one time to shop.” Next, with a stern voice, she yelled, “ Is that clear!”

Leslie nodded in complete subjection and simply said, “ Yes mistress, I’ll obey your every command.” Afterward, he said, “ Thankyou mistress for putting me in my proper place as a male.”

This gratified Victoria. She smiled down at him and said, “ Oh, and one other thing, tomorrow you’re to call the junk yard to tow your car away. You don’t need it anymore. When you go shopping, you can call a cab.” She continued, “ You must have the title in your suitcase; go get it and give it to me; I’ll simply stick it under the wiper blade tomorrow morning while leaving for work.” Leslie got up and walked back to the bedroom, he produced the paper and then came back with it as the line recoiled. He gave it to her. She moved over to her desk and placed the paper down. Next, she went back to Leslie and yelled, “ Now get in that kitchen and start cooking!” He obeyed and proceeded to prepare the meal.

They ate dinner that night with her seated at one end of the table and he at the other. After they finished the meal, Leslie washed the dishes while she sat down behind her desk and finished some work left over from the office.

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