She is the Boss Now

Author: FK

October’s mystique cast its gray cover over the sky as Sarah drove home in her escort. Moreover, her mood was also a corresponding gray as she pondered the rut her life had become. For the past eight years she’s been married to Earl. Her husband was the abusive type who insisted that everything be done his way or no way at all. Their marriage relationship had presently degenerated into a routine set by his unilateral approach to every aspect of their lives together. Further, nothing could be done on her part to change the situation. To make matters worst, she couldn’t leave the marriage. Sure, they had no children; however, this wasn’t to any advantage, for her job didn’t generate enough income to allow her to stand on her own two feet; her debt was such an overwhelming obligation, crushing any chance of a life on her own.

Such were her thoughts as she held the stirring wheel with one hand and pulled the cigarette from her mouth with the other. The twenty nine year old dark haired lady exhaled and replaced the Marlboro back into her mouth as the car moved on. Her ride home was over five miles from her suburban dwelling. This distance caused her to take the highway in an effort to reduce time. Further, the twenty minutes that she did spend on the freeway gave the only time of the day that she had moments to herself. In fact, one could say the car was her only instrument of self expression; behind the wheel, she was in control. As Sarah relaxed back in the seat, she glanced over into the rearview mirror, getting a glimpse of her own reflection. Despite the negative marriage and its emotional strain, her appearance seemed as great as ever. Her physique was slender but not extremely thin. Likewise, she had a sexy stature which combined with her dark brown hair and dark eyes gave her a pydo-gothic appearance the likes of which the Spanish Inquisition would be proud. Moreover, she looked similar to Linda Florentino in “ The Last Seduction”. However, her life was not as fortunate; her ability to manipulate the opposite sex left much to be desired. Vulnerability seemed to be her position relative to men and all their doings.

Finally, Sarah pulled up into the driveway of her home. She got out of the ford, reached for her purse, and entered the house through the front door. Further, her job required a professional look; hence, our lady was dressed in a skirt suit. Her attire was black. She looked good dressed this way. As she walked to the front door, her black leather stiletto shoes would resound with their impacts upon the cement. After entering the structure, Sarah kicked off her pumps and threw herself down on the solfa. It would be about fifteen more minutes until Earl would arrive home from his accounting job. She loathed the moment, for all hell would always break loose. In the end, things would always terminate in verbal and at times physical abuse.

Sitting on the couch, lady brown eyes listened as the front door’s lock was turned and her husband entered. Sure enough, he started, “ Why don’t you park your car even closer to my side; what do you want me to do, stand mine on edge?”

Sarah just stared downward into the cigarette smoke and softly replied, “ Sorry, I’ll remember the next time.”

Earl went on, “ Sorry, that’s what they all say, you bitch, can’t you do anything right.” The lady just continued to stare and only gave him half of her attention. However, her husband just wouldn’t let go, “ So what’s for dinner, I’m starved, when are we ever going to get something good around here?”

She responded, “ There’s dinner in the refrigerator.”

“ Then why the fuck isn’t it on the table and ready to eat you lazy cunt; you come home before I do; you should have all that shit ready; what do you do when you get here, play with yourself?”, the man yelled back.

Sarah got up off the solfa, killed her cigarette in the ashtray on the livingroom table, and ventured into the kitchen. The young lady opened the refrigerator and removed the food needed for tonight’s dinner. Earl, on the other hand, went into the bedroom and came out five minutes later in the same clothes save for his shoes and tie. He flopped down on the solfa, grabbed one of the nearby newspapers, and began to read.

Twenty minutes later, our heroine said, “ Dinner’s ready.”

Earl replied, “ Well its about time.” Getting up, he went into the kitchen and seated himself upon one of the chairs. The rude individual picked up his fork and took up some of the food. He placed the fork’s contents into his mouth and suddenly burst forth in anger, “ You fucken whore, how many times did I have to tell you; I hate it when you make it so hot!” He threw the fork down, got up, and marched to the otherside of the table. Earl grabbed Sarah by her arm and forcefully raised her out of her chair. In his rage, he hit her across the face with the back of his hand. The lady fell down upon the kitchen tile, holding her mouth which was now dripping with blood. She started to cry as Earl raced out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. He put his shoes on together with his coat and went out into the livingroom. The domineering individual yelled in her direction, “ I’m going out to eat, you can stay here and eat that garbage if you want!” Lying upon the floor, Sarah listened on as the front door slammed shut, and the sound of his engine sped away.

With her husband finally gone, Sarah got up and moved over to the sink. She looked into her reflection coming from the window above the basin and noticed her distress. Moreover, she looked on with a persistent stare as the blood ran down her chin. Eventually, she heard herself speak, “ Oh what would I give if that bastard were dead, anything has to be better than living like this.” In her anger, she remembered his life insurance policy. In the event of his accidental death, our battered wife would kindly receive two hundred and fifty thousand dollars from the insurance company. Thoughts of killing Earl now circulated within her mind. “ Yea”, she said to herself, “ That wouldn’t be a bad idea; with the jerk gone, I could collect a hefty sum, pay off my bills, invest the rest, and start life anew.” Further, as she entertained such diabolical ideas, she became jubilant at the cognition of liberation. In addition, every new day would bring with it something to look forward to, in contrast to the drab which presently engulfs her. Finally, Sarah moved her gaze away from the window and walked into the livingroom. Upon the table, there lay her pack of cigarettes. She bent down and reached for the pack. Upon standing up straight again, the lady put her hand in her pocket and pulled out her lighter. The battered wife removed a Marlboro and placed it into her mouth. She lit it up and took a long drag. Then, Sarah exhaled and held the stick of comfort in her hand as she continued to reflect on the idea of doing away with Earl.

However, despite her desires, reason intervened and told her not to engage in any plan of murder, for whatever she devised would always have some flaw and the authorities in the end will have her convicted. Most importantly, there’s always the problem of the body; getting rid of a body is in itself a major task. Also, even if she set all up to look like someone else killed him, modern science would prove otherwise. Therefore, our lady simply continued to smoke and forgot the whole thing.

With the cigarette extinquised, Sarah entered the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. The bleeding had stopped and dry blood was attached to her chin. Hence, the woman made her face wet and washed off the residue. Next, she returned to the livingroom, lit up another cigarette, reached for a magazine, and finally sat down on the solfa, loosing herself in an article.

One hour and thirty five minutes had now past; she still had the magazine in her hand when Sarah heard the sound of his car enter the driveway. The engine stopped and Earl got out. He walked to the house door and unlocked it. As the man entered the home, he moved straight past the lady and ventured into the bathroom. He undressed himself, got his shower stuff together, and went into the bathroom. He showered off, put on his pajamas, and then reentered the bedroom. Upon his nightstand was a book he had been reading; the man reached for it and started to read from where he had previously left off.

Sarah, on the other hand, continued to inspect the magazine. However, she too eventually got up and showered herself. When the brunette was all finished, the woman turned in and lay with her back toward Earl. Earl, as she expected, put his book down and reached for her. He pulled on her shoulder and rolled Sarah to her back. Next, the bully started to mount in the desire to have her. The lady remarked, “ Not today, I’m not interested.” However, Earl made no effort to stop. He pulled his pajama pants down and did the same with Sarah’s. She started to raise her voice, “ I said no, now stop it!”

“ I can’t help it; you’re so pretty!”, replied Earl.

With all her strength, the imprisoned one tried to push off his advance. Nevertheless, all was to no avail. In the end, he forced his cock into her unwilling cunt and began fucking. She gave up on the struggle and just laid there as the man banged away. He went in and out with evergreater vigor. Finally, he came into her hole. His job done, Earl got off of his victim, rolled over, reached for the lamp switch, turned off the light, and went to sleep.

The darkness spoke with words of its own as Sarah lay awake in misery and disgust. Moreover, a black feeling of hate began to rise up within her breast cavity. Her mind spoke, “ Oh, I hate him, I hate him, what can I do, I gotta get out of this shit!” Her thoughts eventually began to wane, and our frustrated marriage partner eventually fell to sleep.

After a night’s sleep, morning came; both showered off and got dressed. Earl ask, “ Have anything good for breakfast, or is it the same crap you always got?”

Sarah simply made a sigh and answered, “ Cereal.”

Her husband said nothing; he only went out into the kitchen and sat down at the table. His wife followed and prepared the morning meal. He ate his food without saying anything. Finally, he got his coat and left for work.

Sarah cleared off the table and returned to the bedroom. She quietly sat down on the bed and mused for ten minutes. Afterward, she got up, took her coat from the closet, and then she too ventured off to her place of employment.

At work, she entered the employee lounge and hung up her coat on the rack. Sarah sat down on one of the chairs and lit up a cigarette she removed from her pack. As she sat alone, Priscilla, another employee, entered and did the same. Both ladies awaited the minute to begin work. As they sat and smoked, Priscilla ask, “ So how’s life today?”

“ Oh, who knows, the same old shit I guess.”

The other lady went further, “ So you’re still having problems with Earl; you know, there’re ways in this day and age to get out of a bad marriage.”

“ Yea, but it all costs money and I’m not up to it now.”

Priscilla finally remarked, “ I still say you should do something.”

Sarah glanced at her watch and said, “ It’s time to start working.” The two women got up and ventured to their stations.

For the past six of her eight years of marriage, our sad wife has worked for Key Bank. Moreover, she worked as a teller at one of the merchant windows. Further, the job didn’t pay much, only eight dollars an hour, but nevertheless, it helped her with some of her credit card bills. However, the rest of her financial requirements were met by her husband, hence her dependence and consequential entrapment.

The workday went by fine; it was a usual day until the very end. The bank manager approached Sarah a half hour before closing and ask if she could stay an extra hour and lock up. Sarah said, “ Sure Ms. Hauser, that’s no problem, I can do that.” Then, Sarah inquired, “ Can I make a phone call?”

“ Go ahead, and thanks for putting in the extra time.”

Sarah smiled and returned to the lounge and made her call. She dialed home and left a message on her voice mail, “ Hello Earl, I’ve got to stay an hour over tonight, you’ll find something in the refrigerator.” She then hung up and returned to her work area.

A short time later, the bank closed itself for customers. Again, Ms. Hauser approached Sarah and said, “ Ok, I’m leaving.” Sarah responded with a nod of her head.

Also, Priscilla said, “ See you tomorrow; Sarah, I hope things work out at home.”

Our battered wife replied, “ Thanks, something will come up.” Priscilla followed Ms. Hauser out of the building along with the rest of the work force.

The fact that the bank manager ask Sarah to close up was nothing new. Sarah had enough experience during her six years with the bank to know what she’s doing. Moreover, our lady did at times fill in for Ms. Hauser when she, Ms. Hauser, was out sick or had a meeting elsewhere.

As the brunette worked alone in the structure, she continued to put everything in order. This included checking the computer system to ensure that all was operating to standards. However, a second after she checked the screen, she noticed the words, “ATM system out of order, requires adjustment.” For a moment, she panicked, nevertheless, she caught herself and decided to try to fix it herself. The lady followed the prompts until the screen finally read, “ System ready.” The woman smiled to herself in relief and walked over to the ATM mechanism. Next, she decided to test it. On the machine was a manual control panel. Sarah entered the appropriate information and let the devise make a trial run. The noise came from the box and everything seemed normal until she was surprised to see a red beam emerge from the camera on the outdoor part of the devise as she looked through the one way glass. Furthermore, the beam struck a fense post on the other side of the drive, causing the post to vanish from her perspective.

Afterward, the perplexed woman decided to go outside and look at the effect. She circled the building and moved to the spot where the post was standing. As she neared, she saw the shock of her life. Indeed, the post hadn’t vanished, it merely shrank to the insignificant height of two inches. The object went from three feet down to two inches in only a fraction of a second. Looking at her discovery, her heart began to pound. Nevertheless, Sarah reached down for the object and took it back with her into the bank. Finally, recomposure started to put her mind back together as she examined the post. Next, the lady dropped the thing into her pocket and returned to the main computer terminal. Once again, she entered the system to see what’s wrong. Eventually, after ten minutes of manipulation, she was able to displace the bug which caused the shrinking problem. However, Sarah also noticed that the virus was in the system permanently; she only isolated it in such a way that the error could only be retrieved with a file code which she just made up when separating the discrepancy. Otherwise, the system now worked correctly, and no one would ever know what happened.

However, during the fifteen minutes before she would lock up and leave, Sarah was struck by a brilliant and diabolical idea. Why not program the system so the shrink ray only came out for a particular user code; that is, the red beam emerges if an individual with a particular bank card drives up to the machine and tries to retrieve money or make a deposit. “ Yea, yea, yea!”, she exclaimed to herself, “ That’s it, I’ll get his card number and tomorrow I’ll enter it in the system when no one’s looking!” Finally, the vengeful wife set the security alarm, locked up, went to her car, and drove home.

At home she found her husband finishing up with eating the left overs in the refrigerator. He looked up at her as she entered and started to yell, “ So where the fuck have you been, bitch?”

She answered with a smile, “ I left a message.”

He said in reply, “I know, but you know how I hate it when you’re late, can’t they find someone else in that place to stay over instead of you?”

Sarah simply said, “ Don’t worry, starting tomorrow, things will be different, I promise you.”

“ They’d better be.”

She, however, smiled to herself and went into the bedroom. She changed into something more comfortable and went back out to the kitchen. Earl again demanded her compliance, “ Clean this shit up.” He got up off the chair, walked into the livingroom, got himself a newspaper, and began to read. Sarah, on the other hand, made a little something for herself, ate, and then cleaned up the kitchen without saying word.

Afterward, Earl ventured into the bedroom and got his shower things together. Also, he undressed, save for his underwear, entered the bathroom, and closed the door behind him. The moment Sarah saw this action of his, she immediately rushed into the bedroom and removed his wallet from the pants he had been wearing all day. The excited lady took hold of his bank card and walked over to the nightstand. Next, she reached for a pen lying upon the furniture and copied the number upon a receipt she had in her pocket. Finally, Sarah replaced the card and returned the wallet into his pants. Afterward, the woman left the room and entered the livingroom, seated herself upon the solfa, and pretended to have her attention lost in a Magazine.

When Earl finished up with his shower, he turned in and went to sleep. She did the same. First taking a shower and going to bed afterward.

The next morning both individuals got up, went through the morning routine, and finally left for work. Upon arriving at the bank, Sarah entered the employee lounge and sat herself upon one of the chairs. She removed a cigarette and lit it up. Moreover, her first puff in the morning is the best; therefore, she felt refreshed as our lady inhaled the smoke. Sarah exhaled and reached into her blouse pocket to look at the number on the little receipt. She smiled to herself and remarked, “ Now let’s see how big you are, Earl, after I get through with you, you’ll really look up to me for the rest of your worthless life.” Priscilla entered and the two women exchanged a few words before they began work. Everything went by with no problem, and finally lunch time arrived. During the lunch period, the bank operated with only one teller. Hence no one will see Sarah if she does something out of the ordinary with the computer. Therefore, during a few minutes when no customer was in the building, our lady looked both ways before reaching again into her pocket and removed the paper. Next, she entered the bank card number into the system and programmed the computer such that the beam only exits the camera lens for Earl’s particular number. With all complete, she tore up the paper and tossed the remains into a nearby waste basket. In the end, Sarah smiled as a customer entered the bank; she greeted him with the utmost in curtsey.

The work day over, Sarah got into her car and drove home. She arrived home twenty minutes before her husband and deliberately did nothing in preparation for dinner. When the house door opened and Earl entered, he started to exclaim, “ Where’s the food, why isn’t there ever anything ready to eat around here.”

With a cigarette in one hand, she sarcastically answered, “ Oh, I simply forgot.”

He said in reply, “ Fuckyou, you whore.”

Then, he went on, “ I’m leaving and going out to get something.”

However, Sarah yelled after him, “ I’m coming with you, I’ve some things to buy at the supermarket across the street from the restaurant you usually go to.” The brunette followed him to his car and entered on the passenger side. Finally, he got behind the wheel and drove off. While in the car, Sarah ask, “ I’m out of cash, do you have any for me to use at the store?”

Earl looked at her in disgust, but nevertheless replied, “ No, but I’ll stop along the way at the nearest branch of that fucken bank of yours and get some.”

Sarah smiled, reached into her pocket for a cigarette and use the car lighter. She took a puff and leaned back into the seat full of anticipation.

After a few minutes, Earl pulled his car into the ATM drive of the bank. He moved the vehicle up to the machine and stopped. Next, the man reached into his back pocket and removed his wallet. He pulled out the bankcard and pushed it into the ATM slot. As he did all of the above, the vengeful wife sat next to him and watched every detail of his every move. Finally, he entered his number and hit the ok button.

Sarah looked on as the red beam left the camera behind the one way glass and struck Earl. Suddenly, he began to shrink. She watched and watched as he got smaller and smaller before her. As a result, a huge smile crossed her face when the beam finally stopped. Next to her sat her husband in his new and permanent state. Further, she glared down at him in triumph as our victorious lady observed his four inch long body.

Holding her cigarette in one hand between her fingers, she reached down with her other hand and raised Earl by the back of his coat, holding him between the tips of her thumb and index finger. The newly dominant wife moved him to her face, blew smoke at him, and said, “ Well little man, it looks as if I’m the boss now!” Stunned, Earl could say nothing as she moved over behind the wheel, dropped him on the passenger seat, and reached toward the ATM, removing both the money and his card. With that done, our triumphant temptress put the car back into drive and sped off to the supermarket. She arrived in the parking lot, parked the car, and looked down at the fated one saying, “ I’ll be back with the groceries, don’t get lost now!” Twenty five minutes later, she returned with the items and placed them in the trunk. Finally, the bank teller entered the car, turned on the engine, and drove home.

At home, she placed Earl on the livingroom table as she put all the groceries away. Next, Sarah made herself something to eat. After eating, the lady cleaned up and returned to the livingroom. In her hand, she had a small piece of meat which she tossed down before her newly subordinate husband and said with humor, “ Well, here’s your diner, see, I made something for you, didn’t I?” She laughed as he reached for the food scrap and began to consume like a little animal.

Upon completion of his meal, the tiny male looked up to his new owner and begged, “ Please Sarah, please make me big again.”

The lady looked at the pathetic being before her and said, “ To bad, there’s nothing that can bring you back; and besides, I want you this way for good.”

After saying these words, she lit up another cigarette and squatted down so her chime was even with the table top. Sarah inhaled and then exhaled a huge cloud of smoke right at little Earl. She said, “ It looks as if I can now get my hands on the insurance money; this time there’s no body to worry about; I’ll just stage a suicide; sure there’ll be an investigation, but they’ll never find your little self and in a few weeks I’ll get my hands on the check. Afterward, Sarah stood up, walked over to her coat and then returned to the livingroom table. Once again, she looked down at the little male and remarked, “ I’ll be back.” Earl could go nowhere with her gone, for the table was way too high for him to descend without getting hurt or even killed.

Sarah left the house and got into his car. Next, she drove three miles to a bridge that went over the Ohio River. Also, the river is large and has a strong undercurrent. She figured correctly that if anyone jumped over the edge of the bridge into the water below, he would die, and the authorities may have a difficult time finding the body. Therefore, she played this card. The brown haired lady drove up on the bridge and stopped the car halfway across. She parked it along the edge. Fortunately, it was already late in the evening and no other cars were momentarily in the area. Our lady got out of the vehicle and started to walk back home under the cover of twilight.

When Sarah got back home, she entered her house and sarcastically greeted her husband as he sat helplessly upon the livingroom table awaiting her next move. Then, she said, “ It looks as if you killed yourself by jumping into the river off the bridge.”

The lady moved over to the phone after taking off her coat. She dialed the police and awaited an answer, “ Police department, can we help you?”

Sarah replied to the voice, “ Yes, it’s late and my husband hasn’t come home yet from work, I’m a little worried.”

The policeman at the other end ask further, “ Can you give us a description of him and his car?” Sarah answered and told the officer what he wanted to know. In addition, the policeman went on, “ Please tell me where he works. If you know his plate number, that would also help.”

The lady replied with, “ He’s an accountant and works for the record company in downtown Cincinnati. As far as his license plate is concerned, I don’t know the number.” Next, the station ask for her address. She gave them the information. Finally, the officer told her the police would do all that they can. He hung up, and she did the same.

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