Mediterranean Night

Author: FK

Twilight has let itself go, transforming the last remains of the day into that errie blackness which encompasses all. As the still tranquillity made itself pronounced, Martin strolled along the quiet cobble way breathing in the fog as it worked itself up from the river and before his view. Moreover, at every point along the road, the gentle vapor made its journey, eventually covering Martin’s picture of the world with a translike haze from which he couldn’t escape. Further, the sights before him glowed forth from the street lamps with a haunting beauty the likes of which he rarely saw. Speaking to him without words, the night had an atmosphere which dug deeper and deeper into his mind, destroying the last remains of his will to work himself out from the mess his life had become. Truly, his being wasn’t much to envy. Likewise, nothing presented itself as far as the future was concerned. His life was now almost lost, and short of a miracle, he would be doomed to perpetual poverty, such as no one could escape. Essentially, he was becoming reduced to a street pomper against the beautiful background of this Mediterranean world.

So were the thoughts through his throbbing mind as he walked along the lonely road. Furthermore, the summer’s heat made him feel even heavier than usual as his body stumbled along. Finally, the sad individual gently leaned himself against one of the buildings to the right of the river and let his frame sink to the ground. He laid there and thought about what to do in the months ahead, but alass, nothing of significance would present itself . Therefore, Martin let all slide away and finally drifted off to a quiet sleep.

Eventually, a few hours had made their way when the man awoke to find himself once again looking into the blackness of night illuminated only by the street lamps. Shining forth with a gentle hue, the lamp posts gave the fog a life and power out from which one would expect something of another world. Glancing at his watch, Martin read two thirty in the morning. He looked about and saw not a soul. Alone, he was only to his thoughts and the quiescent flow of the river as drops of water would at times make sounds from which he could discern every detail.

Once again, the man turned his head and looked in the direction of the next lamp post, standing about three hundred feet from his position. However, as he gazed on with an ever greater inspection, he could eventually make out the silhouette of a figure against the light. His eyes were now fixed tight at the vision before him, he couldn’t brake away even if he tried. Indeed, the form just stood there as a statue in honor of an eternal truth from which the world shall never liberate itself. Also, the figure seemed to sway to and fro with the light breeze that moved through the night. Finally, it began to move, slowly gliding its way in his direction until our man could tell that it was a young woman. Also, her hair was long and appeared to be dark, dark as the night, dark as his life, and darker than his greatest fear. Slowly, she moved and moved until Martin had a better picture. However, the most confusing and perplexing thing was the sound of her walk. She obviously wore heels of some sort, but the strange fact was the echo made by her feminine footwear. The sound seemed to bounce from all corners of creation; it came from everywhere and nowhere. Consequently, as the lady made herself ever closer, Martin determined he was sedated in some way or another, for her image twisted and flowed as the picture made while looking through a window on a rainy day. Therefore, the altered perception must be from the state he was now in.

The mysterious feline made her physique emerge closer and closer. With the continual approach, Martin discovered that she was dressed in a unique outfit, being a direct match with the entire world now about her. The lady was simply clad in a black leather corset covering only the most basic necessities. Further, she wore an elegant pair of boots the likes of which Martin had never seen. Moreover, the black leather went up to her knees. Likewise, this female novelty was wearing a pair of black leather gloves running up the full length of her arm. In essence, our man was looking at an example of the darker and more ominous side of womanhood, radiating a diabolical darkness from which Martin was becoming everthemore encaptivated.

Also, as she finally came within fifty feet of his curious face, Martin could tell she did indeed have dark hair. In fact, her mane was as black as coal. In addition, with a few more feet of approach, her eyes presented themselves. Once again, darkness made its way into Martin’s heart as she looked at him. Her iris was nothing but an abyss out from which nothing came, save an errie and haunting yearning, the form of which our man couldn’t tell, for only curiosity and fear now mixed themselves inside the soul of the unfortunate individual as he just sat there and peered on. She continued to eye him, and he returned the gesture. Finally, Martin slowly, and with effort, worked his way up to his feet and stood there, again looking into the eyes of the diabolical woman now before him.

Standing up strait, Martin felt the full force of whatever he was under the influence of. Also, he couldn’t explain it; he wasn’t drunk when he fell to sleep those few hours earlier, and most certainly, he hadn’t taken any pill or medication. Hence, his confusion grew as he eventually took hold of the building wall for support. His entire body had a floating sensation. Nevertheless, Martin decided not to feet over it and simply enjoy the euphoria as long as it lasts.

A minute later, the strange thing began to speak. However, her words resounded with an echo much like her footwear, coming from everywhere, and having a slight moan to it as she spoke, “ Nothing is greater than the stillness of the night; from its beauty one sees into the core of another’s soul.”

He looked on at her with inquiry in his eyes as he finally ask, “ Who are you, what’s going on with me, everything seems so strange?”

She gazed on into his face and smiled, saying, “ Look at me, am I not what you yern for, the salvation you so crave?” Martin only stared forth into her eyes as she continued, “ What are you any way; you’re nothing but a big failure; your life is of no value; you’re nothing, and into nothing you’ll return.”

In response, the insulted man only remarked as he held his head down, “ There may be truth to your words, but what’s it all to you?” For a brief moment, Martin felt anger at her put down, but in the end, his continual weakening made him more compliant, “ what do you want form me, can you help me in any way?”

Next, the gothic figure turned her noble head toward the river and said with a detached air, “ Only through the complete abandonment of the self, can I give salvation to those in need.” Also, while speaking these strange words, Martin perceived her mystique with an ever greater force, for now it appeared as if her frame glowed more radiant than ever, a radiance, nevertheless, which spoke more of plight and damnation than of salvation and hope.

Nonetheless, our man listened on as the young gothic lass continued, “ I’ve come for you, I’m your last hope; embrace me and all is forever right.” Martin was confused even more as she finally said, “ Kneel; kneel before my being if you’re to ever get what you deserve.” At first, Martin didn’t know what to do; however, the man finally decided to comply and follow her instructions. Thus, he went to his knees and knelt before her ladyship. Also, while kneeling, he gazed up to her and she looked down at him. He couldn’t explain it, but she seemed to have complete control over his mind, perhaps it was the supposed drug someone had given him while asleep. Be all as it may, Martin was now ready for her next move. Then, the lady raised her gloved hand to his face and gently caressed the side of his mouth. Slowly, her hand worked its way to his ears and eventually to the top of his hair. She continued with her soft movements until she said, “ Put your face to my boots and kiss them, for I’m now your eternal mistress; I claim you as my own if you want freedom from yourself.” The male only looked up to her but said nothing. Nevertheless, he complied and moved his lips down to her stiletto footwear and began kissing the black gloss. He kissed and kissed for ten minutes until he noticed a masochistic sexual rush move through his system. Indeed, something was happening to him he never felt before. Also, the strange euphoria was getting higher, not lower, contrary to what one eventually expects from a drug. Further, it seemed as if she was the source of this altered state.

As he worshipped the female’s boots, she gazed down at him with her hand resting upon her hip. Yes, she was a figure in representation of some darker force and authority. Perhaps she was the mythical mistress of the night so elegantly presented in older novels. Whatever her nature, she was now before him and ever-present. Slowly, Martin began to work his way upward to the top of her stiletto glory. Finally, he kissed her knees when the lady ordered, “ Stop, look at me.” As a result, the failure in life turned his head upward and peered into her dark eyes. She said, “ Take off your shirt.” He complied and did as the feline said. After his attire was removed, the man was slowly raised to his feet by her arm. Eventually, his eyes were right before hers when she again spoke, “ That’s right, look, look, look deep into my inner core, look and stare until you feel me enter your mind.” Indeed, he couldn’t pull away his gaze. His stare was fixed and nothing could be done on his part to brake the hold. As he continued to look into her eyes, he felt weaker and weaker. Yes, she was entering into him and taking hold of what was left of his retched self. Lost he was to her power, for the lady now had him secure in her supernatural grasp.

Finally, she pushed him a few feet away from her and again told him to go to his knees. This he did. He sank downward; next, the lady slowly moved toward him. Truly, this dominatrix of the macabre made her imprint upon his pyche as she neared. Her stature was as no other. After she was atop him, the lady bent down and placed her mouth against his neck. Further, Martin now felt her breath upon his skin as her lips closed themselves over his epidermis. Then, without warning, he felt two pinches below his ear. Nevertheless, the pain didn’t bother him in any way as the intoxicating sensation continued to work its magic. The woman bit into his main artery and continued to suck away at him until she removed a pint of his blood. Eventually, the vampire mistress had had enough of his fluid, withdrawing her bite.

Martin fell forward and rested upon his hands. While on all fours, he turned his head in her direction and saw her mouth. It was covered in red with his blood. However, the most shocking thing of all was her teeth as she spoke to him; her fangs stuck forth as those of a bat. Then, she said, “ So my slave, now I’ve got you for all eternity, there’s no escape, for I’m the vampire dominatrix who wanders about the night in search of prey.” Truly, Martin felt even stranger as she spoke, getting weaker than ever. Nevertheless, another force existed within him, a power which was controlling and categorical. Never before had he experienced such strength. However, the stamina was of no use, for it wasn’t his own, but an outside manifestation of her greater glory.

Looking into her dark pupils, he felt his inner being sucked away down into the eternal abyss of her psyche. Indeed, his life was lost; now, he was forever alien to himself and all future hope. Nevertheless, her words spoke a truth, for all seemed correct to our unfortunate man; he felt as if salvation had finally come and all his troubles had evaporated by melting away into the thickness of the fog so eloquently displayed against the light fixture in the middle of this lonely night.

After five whole minutes, he noticed himself rising before her. Slowly, his frame ascended until he stood erect before her gothic splendor. Next, the form motioned him to follow as she moved back into the direction from which she emerged. With the passage of three more minutes, Martin could tell that her figure began to wan and fallow. Eventually, the form became more and more abstract as it swayed and withered. Then, to his dismay, the lady began melting away into the errie fog. Finally, her ladyship was no more; he saw nothing save the white vapor which was all about, floating to and fro as his thoughts within the confines of his confused mind.

However, after the female disappeared, Martin sensed the increasing effect of the intoxicating feeling which was overcoming him. Therefore, he staggered along and eventually fell back to the ground. With all his strength, he tried to remain awake. Nevertheless, all struggle was useless. In the end, he once again passed out, lying motionless upon the cobble stones.

As he slept, his mind dreamt away. Moreover, visions of the mysterious woman went in and out of his nocturnal imagination. She was omnipresent within him. For the remainder of the night, her stature presented itself to him. In addition, she was a splendid dream and a nightmare all in one, for her existence symbolized an end of his failed independence and an artificial euphoria, but on the other hand, he would be forever her slave and loose the last remains of dignity associated with the freedom of an individual life.

Martin dreamt away until he was awakened just before dawn. He got up and stood upon his feet. Next, the perplexed man looked about and noticed that he was within a large cellar of sorts. On all sides there was nothing except a concrete wall. The chamber was dark, cold, and dampt. Further, built into one of the walls was a window. Nevertheless, this opening had iron bars before it, making exit impossible. Again, our man looked around and shockingly noted that there wasn’t a door or entrance. All he could see was the window. Thus, Martin began to perspire at the cognition that he may be trapped forever and die without the world knowing of his existence. Nonetheless, as his weak and weary eyes finally adjusted themselves to this new environment, he could eventually make out the form of a large rectangular box to one side of the room. Consequently, the curious one moved toward it. Upon approach, he deciphered its nature. Before him lay a coffin as still and quiet as the present night. Martin stopped as he stood directly in front of the exquisite handicraft and meditated for a minute. Instinctively, he knew what was inside. Hence, without any further adue, the pathetic male reached for the latch and raised the lid. With the cover fully open, the man peered down at the form he saw previously in the night, laying there as a corpse, peaceful, yet haunting. Afterward, her eyes slowly opened to reveal the dark abyss which he fell into after her bite. She again eyed him with her eternal power. As before, the man was helpless. She probed his being and eventually spoke, “ Look deep into me, feel my force overtake you; embrace it, for your eternal life has begun; forever shall you care for me as my servant.” In addition, the pale and dark haired mistress went on, “ Forever more, your companionship shall I have. Together, the night shall be ours. Never again will you see the light of day; the world of night is now your home!” Martin stared at her face as her words emanated from those noble lips. Eventually, he once again felt the strange sedated effect as he slowly lowered the lid of her daytime abode. Then, he could no longer stand; the intoxication was too strong. The world again started to flow out into a haze as he turned to see the fog slowly wisp its way past the window. He sank his knees before her coffin and just stared out into the dawn, his brain now soft and light. Everything became numb as he slowly drifted away into another slumber; this time the slumber of day. Finally, he turned his head back to the box and fell forward until he passed out atop the lid with his head resting upon the panel.

The entire day past without a movement or sound from either Martin or the strange feline. However, with the passage of the sunset, he awakened to see her standing before him. She once again glowed with a full force representing the glory of the gothic night. Immediately, Martin crawled forward and kissed her stiletto perfection, adoring her boots and giving her entire stature all the respect a noble dominatrix deserves. In the end, she looked down at him and said, “ So begins eternity; let’s go and breathe the air, as the night is whole and time is still.”

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