Charlotte’s Shocking Start

Author: Amanda Black

Chapter 1

Moving away from her old friends had been something of a wrench for Charlotte Nichols. Her father had been offered a brilliant new job that would help his career progress. This meant that the family had to move and that Charlotte would have to make new friends and start a new secondary school.

Charlotte had visited the school with her mother prior to moving to the area. It seemed a nice place and the head teacher was friendly. In some ways it appeared better than her last school. Everything was so modern and clean whereas her previous school was a bit old and dowdy. There had also been some rough common characters which Charlotte and her friends found a bit threatening.

That summer she had visited a department store and with her mother had got her new uniform. Her mother complained that it was a pity that the school didn’t have the same as her previous school. Charlotte never liked her old uniform as it was royal blue and thus an embarrassment! In her new school she had a choice between charcoal trousers or a wrap-around skirt of the same colour. She tried on both options and decided on the skirt. She liked the way it hung and twirled around. When standing still it rested just touching her knees. Her outfit was set off with a white shirt and black jumper.

Thus in early September Charlotte started her first day at her new school. Her long curly dark hair was tied back in a ponytail and she wearing her new charcoal skirt and pristine white shirt, black shoes and short white socks. She had butterflies in her stomach as she walked into the reception area. She like all new pupils was worried about the unknown. Would people like her? Would she be picked on? Would there be stupid initiation rituals? She looked at a map of the layout of the school and easily found her way to her registration class. Four girls were chatting in the corner. She gingerly approached them and introduced herself. They seemed friendly and told her their names and showed her a vacant seat where she could sit. Apparently it used to be Gwen’s seat but she had left the school and moved out of the area.

The teacher introduced herself as Miss Stephenson and welcomed Charlotte to her new school and class.

‘I hope you will make Charlotte welcome…’ was her final comment before reciting the register.

Charlotte and the other students were handed her timetable and they all made their way to their different lessons. The girls Charlotte had briefly spoken with a few minutes earlier were happy to direct her to her classroom. Soon the morning lessons were over and the bell signalled lunch.

She followed the other students out and with them she walked to the canteen. It was only then that she noticed that she was the only student wearing a skirt in her year. Everyone else of her age where wearing trousers. She really felt the odd one out and would have to ask her mum to get her some. She had thought of getting them as opposed to the two skirts she had bought. But somehow she just preferred a skirt. She had to admit to herself that the trousers were more attractive than she had first thought. They clearly accentuated the girls’ bottoms and legs and were quite stylish. What made her feel all the more out of place was that the only other pupils wearing skirts were the younger girls, who had just started at the school.

After lunch she went outside. It was then that she noticed that small groups of older pupils were befriending the new pupils. In her old school new kids were often bullied and harassed on their first day. The same girls she had spoken with earlier came over and started talking to her again.

‘We would like to show you around…’ said one of the four girls.

Charlotte readily agreed and went with them. The tarmac playground was surrounded on two sides by a high old brick wall. They now stood in front of a large old green door in the corner of the area. One of the girls pulled on the large rusting latch and the door creaked open. Charlotte smiled as it reminded her of a scene from a horror movie.

Once through the door it was quickly shut behind them. Once they pushed pass some overhanging shrubs Charlotte realised that they were inside a rather neglected walled garden. She could see other small groups of pupils. Each group had two or three new girls and around six older pupils. She noticed that about a quarter of the pupils were from other cultures than her own. In her last school most of the pupils were white and from fairly humble backgrounds. By contrast the girls here were clearly from families who had worked hard and managed to improve themselves. Like Charlotte’s family they had moved to more exclusive neighbourhoods.

Of the four young women who escorted her into the garden three were white and one was of Asian appearance but spoke perfect English with a refined accent. They introduced themselves and Charlotte thought of ways of remembering their names. She hated to seem foolish by forgetting someone’s name and she felt it rude to not to learn it. The Asian young lady with long straight black hair was the first to speak and introduced herself as Leisha, Imogen, a petite girl with a mousy bob haircut was the next to speak followed by Shannon an Irish girl with long flowing auburn hair. Finally, Sophie spoke her name whilst teasing her expensively styled red hair.

‘We know you name….Charlotte…’ continued Sophie

‘It’s great pleasure to have a new older girl joining our school..’

Charlotte took the remark as a compliment and smiled.
They all stood in close proximity to her which made her feel a little uneasy. She felt she should say something to break the uneasy silence.

‘It’s a lovely garden…’

The girls responded with smiles and Sophie spoke again.

‘ is a pleasant place…we like to bring the new pupils here as part of our welcome to the school.’

‘We can get to know them intimately here…away from the glare of teachers..’

Charlotte thought her choice of words strange. Clearly she had been reading too many novels containing flowery language.

She glanced around looking for something to comment on and thus start a conversation. She was hoping to see an interesting feature to point out, a sundial or possibly a pergola. Instead she noticed the nearest group of young ladies which were standing about twenty paces away. That was not in itself that interesting apart from the fact that a new girl appeared to be taking down her underwear! She looked more intensely to check that she had not been mistaken. The young blonde pupil was indeed taking down and off her white pants. Once free of her shoes she handed them to one of the gang that surrounded her. Her face was flushed with an interesting shade of pink. In fact a very similar shade to that of Charlotte’s face.

Before Charlotte could say a word her eyes had focused on another group of students. Again the youngest, a dark-haired girl was also shyly removing her pants. Charlotte noticed that these were light blue. In fact all around the large garden some ten new pupils were removing their underwear. A couple of more assertive girls had refused. These were soon grabbed and held firmly. Their skirts were then lifted and held above their waists thus giving everyone a clear view of their dainty virginal white underwear. They were not on view for long as another gang members slipped fingers over the waistbands of the now petrified young women. In a couple of downward tugs the girls’ pants slipped down exposing their dainty sparsely-covered mounds to all observers.

Charlotte was now somewhat concerned. The word ‘intimate’ used by Sophie did seem appropriate after all. She could feel the gaze of her hosts and tried not to make eye contact.

Sophie then spoke,

‘So…lets have your knickers please!’

Charlotte gulped realising the limited choices she had. She could obey and remove her underwear as commanded or be humiliated by being held, her skirt held up and her pants being forcibly pulled from her by a complete stranger. The idea of having her most private parts being then exposed to some thirty people seemed terrible. She would have to remove her knickers herself and thus prevent that humiliation.

Just what made Charlotte ignore her well reasoned logic and suddenly make a mad dash for the exit she herself did not know. For a moment her quick thinking and actions seemed to have worked. The group of girls looked startled and bemused at her actions. Clearly they had not reckoned for her to do such a thing. In fact the plan went well. That was until she reached the door which would lead her back into the playground. She pulled and pushed vigorously at its latch but it would not move. The girls were wiser than she had realised. The door was firmly locked from the outside by another student who stood guard during the activities. She would only unlock the gate when given the correct pre-arranged password.

Charlotte was now panicking desperately still pulling at the latch and hoping that even in the last seconds it might open. Hands then grabbed her and she was dragged away by her adversaries. The other fifteen or so older students soon joined them, whilst the new younger pupils looked on nearby.

Within seconds her black jumper was now being wrenched over her head. At the same time she felt her new charcoal skirt being unfastened. With her arms being pulled in front of her and hands grasping, pushing and pulling there was little she could do to resist. Her nervousness along with her quick and fraught dash had made her breathless. When her skirt unravelled and left her body she couldn’t even muster a small voice of complaint.

Charlotte wondered when they would stop and what would they do next? Hands now were grabbing at her ankles and legs, in moments she was being lifted off the ground and carried at waist height face down. She noticed a wooden picnic table appear beneath her and was lowered onto it. With a few pulls and pushes she was turned over onto her back. She looked up to a sea of faces glaring down at her. Hands were pinning down her legs and arms and she still had little strength to resist.

Sophie squeezed in between two of the young women who were holding Charlotte’s arms. Charlotte watched her hands they reached forward and gently took hold the shirt collar. Her fingers followed the edge of the shirt until they reached the first button. She began to pull at it. Being a new shirt the button was a bit difficult to unfasten. But with a little more force it came free. The next one then was undone. Charlotte knew that the top of her new white bra could now be viewed.

She glanced up hoping for help. Leisha, Imogen and Shannon were standing around her and starring at her chest, as the third button was unfastened. Charlotte shut her eyes and hoped it was all a bad dream. She had experienced a few nightmares recently, which had various scenarios including being lost, going to the wrong school and being naked in front of her fellow pupils. They were all classic textbook fear dreams and maybe this was another.

Charlotte’s right hand was resting to the side of her naked thigh. She was able to move her fingers enough to stab herself in the leg with a couple of her fingernails. She reasoned that if she was dreaming this would wake her. She felt her nail dig into her bare flesh. She opened her eyes hoping to see her pink bedroom ceiling. Unfortunately it was the resolute faces of her adversaries that she saw as another button popped undone. In a flash the final button was freed and those nearby enthusiastically pulled open the white shirt. Her heaving chest clad in her white lacy bra was on view to dozens of eager eyes.

With great ease and expertise she was rolled over again. She felt the back of her bra being fondled and in seconds it was quickly unclasped. It rested on her shoulders, sandwiched between her and the hard wooden table. Her arms were then pulled forward and were outstretched as though she was going to dive. This position made it easy to pull off the bra over her head and along her arms. As it was pulled from her the garment flicked across her nipples causing her to experience a strange but pleasant feeling.

This was soon forgotten as she felt a hand slip inside the top of her white knickers and giving them a quick wrench downward, exposing her pert and rounded bottom. She gave out a gasp as her last remain piece of clothing descended quickly down her legs, over her shoes and off. All went completely silent for a moment. The hands released their grasp.

The now familiar voice of Sophie then spoke,

‘You may now stand up….do not attempt to cover yourself.’

‘Stand with your hands on your head…’

Charlotte gradually slipped herself feet first from the table. Once her feet were on the ground she slowly straightened her back and kept her hands by her side. She could almost feel the dozen or so pair of eyes ogling her bare rounded 34b breasts. She was gently guided away from the table and was again surrounded by the young women. They formed a large circle so as to get a good look at naked body. Charlotte was aware that they could see pert bottom and shapely legs.

The final indignity occurred when she was told to open her legs. Sophie crouched down in front of her and pushed at her legs until they were about two feet apart. Charlotte’s small triangle of dark pubic hair was now being gazed at. Sophie would clearly see the pinkness of her larger than average labia.

Each of Sophie’s friends then also took it in turns to look at her pubic area. Each one passing comments as to the size of her lips. Leisha was the last to look.

‘They are even bigger than mine..’ exclaimed Leisha.

‘Are your sure? questioned Sophia with a smile.

Without further debate the Asian girl undid her trousers and tugged them down to her ankles. Her black thong followed. She then pulled up her shirt and thrust forward her hips so as to give her friends a good view.

They had to agree that Leisha no longer held the school record for having the biggest pussy lips!

Leisha then pulled her clothing back into place. Just to make sure that they were correct all the new girls had to suffer the indignity of having to raise their skirts and allow Sophia to inspect their labia’s. They were all of normal size but one girl did have something unusual. Charlotte recognised her as one of the girls who had not co-operated.

Her name was Juri and she was Japanese in origin and had very pretty features and short dark hair. She was brought forward to stand beside Charlotte. Despite her begging her skirt was removed. She was then ordered to lie on her back on the nearby table. Once in position her legs were held open as through she was about to give birth. Charlotte noticed that despite her young years she had a generous mound of dark pubic hair. Despite its thick coverage everyone could see what had caught Sophie’s attention.

The poor girl had a very large engorged clitoris, nearly the length of her small finger! In normal circumstances it could not be easily seen. But when she was aroused it soon became erect. Juri was most concerned that in fact it seemed to have a mind of its own. A passing sensual thought and it would spring forth accompanied by a dampness in her crouch. This was most alarming when wearing a bikini or a leotard. She would have to rash to the nearest toilet or private place and try and think of something non-sexual.

Today however, it was on display as never before. The more she tried to focus on anything but the erotic, the more filthy thoughts came into her mind. How she had secretly enjoyed watching Charlotte being stripped. Her she wanted the same to happen to her. They had awakened a beast within her. Her suppressed sexual frustration was bubbling out of control. She was confused by her feelings. She had been taught that sexual thoughts were sinful. But she reasoned if she was seduced or forced then the sin would be the perpetrators not hers.

With that thought in her mind she did little to resist the gently finger that now teased her exposed womanhood. When lips started to kiss her clitoris followed by the stimulation of a flicking tip of tongue she lay back and let herself drift of into ecstasy. Thus Sophia brought the teenager to her first orgasm in full view of around ten of her new classmates and twenty or so older girls.

Charlotte was grateful just to be naked and to have not had that done to her. Sophie told Juri to get up and then walked towards Charlotte.

‘I am feeling a bit horny now…are you?’

Charlotte didn’t know what to say. She felt that whatever answer she gave would be wrong. Experience had shown her that agreeing and obeying were a good idea.

Thus she answered in the way she thought Sophie required.

‘Yes..I am!’ she said quietly.

Sophie looked surprised.

‘I didn’t think you were enjoying yourself at wrong could I be…’
‘I was going to let you get dressed…apart from your knickers…and let you go..’

‘But…now I know you’re into this…you can help me…’

‘Choose any new girl you fancy…! Came the command.

Charlotte knew not to delay too much. Sophie clearly had a short fuse.

Quickly she pointed out a petitee girl of Mediterranean appearance.

Within seconds the unfortunate pupil was called forward. Her name was Maria. Charlotte noticed her large brown eyes and long eyelashes. Her dark hair hung lankly and unkempt touching her shoulders. Her frame was slim but with some shape.

Charlotte was given the job of undressing the pubescent teenager. She was to have everything removed except her shoes. All her classmates were ordered to watch and say nothing. She co-operated with Charlotte’s requests. She limply moved her arms, allowing her to remove her black jumper and her shirt. Next the skirt was undone and removed. Each item was passed to Shannon who folded them neatly and placed them on top of Charlotte’s clothing. Finally her small 28a bra was undone and removed revealing her small budding breasts and pink puffy nipples. Then her flowery pants were gently taken down. Her few wisps of pubic hair barely covered her virgina. Her small breasts and pert bottom were accentuated by her tanned body which contrasted with the untanned areas where her bikini had been.

Sophie was now lying back on the table. Her trousers and red thong were around her ankles and her legs were bent at the knee.

Imogen, Shannon and some of the other older students escorted them the few paces to the table. They now stood at Sophie’s feet looking down on her half naked body. Both young women noticed that her vagina was completely shaved. Before Charlotte could think she was being grabbed and pushed forward by Imogen, Shannon and Leisha. Within moments her face was just a breath away from Sophie’s shaved pussy.

‘Lick me…you bitch..! Came the command from a breathless Sophie.

Charlotte slowly moved her face and lips nearer her exposed virgina. She could see it was moist and glistening with excitement. Her tongue pushed forward and parted her lips. She closed her eyes and allowed its tip to gently run along the edge of Sophie’s labia. Sophie gave out a gasp of joy. Soon Charlotte was licking her as though she had done it a thousand times before.

Charlotte then felt her arm being gently brushed. She responded and moved sideways. Shannon placed her head next to hers and joined her in pleasuring Sophie. Their tongues occasionally touched and Charlotte was learning from feeling and seeing her technique. Leisha then gently pulled Charlotte away. Imogen then manoeuvred the young naked girl into place. She protested. The threat of having her nipples pinched persuaded her to obey. Soon she was licking Sophie under the guidance of Shannon. It was not long before Sophie climaxed noisily.

Sophie then got up and pulled into place her clothing.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed three of the new girls whispering to each other.

In a flash she approached them.

‘What are you whispering about? She demanded to know.

‘Nothing…’ said a well-built girl of Caribbean appearance, boldly seeking to help her friends out.

‘Don’t lie you little bitch…’ ranted Sophie.

‘What were you all saying?’

The girl realised she had met her match and started to speak.

‘We were just saying…that we are not lesbians…’

‘Oh aren’t you? quipped Sophie.

‘How do you know?’

The girl could not really come up with an answer.

‘If you haven’t tried something how do you know whether or not you would like it?

Sophie announced to the whole crowd.

‘You will recall that I told you all to be quiet and watch.’

‘Clearly your three friends think they can disobey my instructions.’

‘I will now teach them to obey…and to not be so prejudiced..’

The three girls were singled out and made to stand together away from the rest of their year. Charlotte and Maria still both naked and the bottomless Juri were told to join the other pupils. They were all formed into two lines facing each other with a gap down the middle. In all some thirty pupils were lined up and Sophie made sure that their was an even number in each line.

Sophie then gave her instructions…

‘When I say each of these girls will take in turn to run down the middle of the lines. It is your job to undress them. If any come out the other end with any clothing on you will all be punished. The more that gets through the worse the punishment!’

Thus is was that all three girls had to run the gauntlet. They were easily overwhelmed one by one. Jumpers, shirts, bras, skirts and even shoes and socks were ripped from them in seconds.

They emerged at the far end of the line naked, a little bruised, scratched and shocked. No sooner than they were out then the older pupils left the end of then line and escorted them away. They were quickly taken to the old potting shed. Their classmates were permitted to go, with a warning not to mention what had happened. Once inside the shed their young bodies were licked and kissed all over with special attention taken to any scratches or blemishes. They were then coerced into kissing and fondling each other whilst the older girls watched and occasionally joined in. Finally Sophie entered the shed with Charlotte and Juri having spent a few minutes kissing and caressing with them.

The three girls, one Caribbean, one blonde and one Asian, were ordered to lie on their backs. Sophie mounted the black girl in the sixty-nine position. Obeying her instruction Charlotte and Juri did the same to the other two. Sophie wasted no time in burying her face in the curly Caribbean mound and licking the young virgin’s orifice. Charlotte obeyed her instruction and did likewise to the Asian beauty who lay helpless beneath her. Whilst Juri enjoyed the light silky soft skin of the young pretty blue eyed blonde. Eagerly she gently bit into her soft pink labia, whilst the girl’s wispy blonde pubic hair tickled her cheek.

The girls reluctantly responded. The Caribbean girl licking the shaved and bald pussy of Sophie. The Asian pupil lapping at Charlotte’s large labia. The blonde’s mouth being penetrated by the Japanese girl’s engorged clitoris. Imogen, Shannon and Leisha looked on enjoying the spectacle. Their trousers were around their ankles and their knickers were pulled aside, with fingers delving into each others hot wet pussies.

Sophie climaxed first followed shortly by Juri. They then went and gave Charlotte some extra stimulation to help her come. Whilst Juri massaged her buttocks Sophie played with her nipples. The Asian pupil was ordered to lick her with more force and to get her tongue deep inside. This still did not seem to be getting Charlotte fully aroused. Thus Sophie tried talking dirty. She said things in the most filthy way imaginable. Charlotte had experienced dark erotic dreams in the past and Sophie’s vile mouth was uttering some of her deepest hidden and oppressed fantasies.

‘I know what you like you dirty fucking slut…’ whispered Sophie.

‘…you would like a gang of rough girls to strip you in a public place in front of all your most pretty friends….’

‘you want them to make you finger yourself in front of everyone…’

‘…you would like them to make you strip your friends…..and lick your best friend..’

She then continued…

‘ you would like to punish naughty girls who have done you wrong by fucking them with a large dildo….’

‘ you want to blackmail a girl and make her your sex slave…’

This torrent of filth did the trick and she climaxed for the first time in her life.

The three pupils had learnt their lesson of submission and were permitted to get dresses and go. Likewise Charlotte and Juri were allowed to dress, minus their knickers. It was nearly time for lessons to start again. They walked back towards the school building with Sophie and her gang.

As they went through the door and into the building Sophie put her hand up inside both of their skirts and playfully pinched their bare bottoms.

‘I have plans for you two! She said.

The two young ladies went their separate ways wondering just what plans she had for them. But as Charlotte felt a gently breeze around her bare bottom it was now clear to her just why girls didn’t wear skirts!

Chapter 2

Her first day at her new school had certainly been unusual to say the least. As she tried to sleep that night, her head was buzzing with images and thoughts relating to what had happened to her. She wondered if she was still technically a virgin? The girl’s tongue had only licked and pushed between her pussy lips, so she figured she probably was still a virgin.

How strange it had felt to spend some four hours being only too aware that she had no knickers on! When sitting or walking up stairs she feared someone might get a peak of her nakedness. The same must have also been true of the other young ladies. The worse bit was the twenty-minute walk home. She feared every breeze would lift her skirt and expose her bottom, or worse still her pussy to anyone passing by.

She then thought of her first climax and how Sophie, the mad redhead, had whispered those filthy things in her ear. She recalled her voice saying,

‘ you want to blackmail a girl and make her your sex slave…’

It was that memory that gave her a big tingle and she was aware that she was getting turned on. She quickly thought of something else and soon drifted off to sleep.

The rest of the week passed without incident for Charlotte. The theft of new girls knickers only occurred to each victim once. Those not initiated on the first day were eventually caught up with by the end of the week. Charlotte noticed a slow but steady flow of new pupils being led to the garden.

It was in the second week that Sophie made a point of speaking to Charlotte after registration.

‘Some of us are going for a short run before lunch I think you should join us…’

‘Wear you sports kit…and no underwear…and meet outside the gym’

‘Is that clear? Sophie asked.

‘Yeeesss..’ said Charlotte rather hesitantly.

Lunchtime soon came and Charlotte quickly made her way to the changing room with her sports kit.

She quickly removed all her clothing and slipped on her black tight shorts and black polo shirt. Finally she pulled on her trainers over her naked feet and tied back her hair in a ponytail.

It felt weird walking around to the gym knowing that she was naked under her flimsy sport attire. Nobody else seemed to notice or give her a second look. She stood nervously outside the gym looking towards the large sports fields. In her first week she had played hockey their and had ran around their large perimeter. She then noticed Sophie. Her usual gang accompanied her. Leisha the Asian girl, Imogen with her mousy bob haircut and Shannon the Irish girl, her long flowing auburn hair tied in two punches. Then she noticed the petitee frame of Juri, the Japanese pupil running to catch up with them. Soon all five young ladies were in a huddle standing in from of Charlotte.

Shannon led off at a gentle pace with the others following and Sophie at the rear. Charlotte found herself looking at the rears of the girls in front of her. The tight fabric of the shorts left little to the imagination. Shannon’s rounded bottom was in clear view and she could have benefited from a slightly larger pair of shorts. An inch or so of each buttock had tantalisingly escaped the confines of her shorts. Charlotte glanced to her left and noticed Imogen running almost parallel to her. She caught sight of her pert breasts bouncing gently against the fabric of her top. They were not large as large as her own and their shape reminded her of two ripe lemons- which brought a smile to her face!

Juri passed by her and was now obscuring her view of Shannon’s wonderful behind. Juri’s bottom was completely covered by her shorts and was small but nevertheless rather sexy. Charlotte increased her pace and overtook the cheeky young madam! Meanwhile Sophie and Leisha kept behind enjoying the view of so many cute arses!

The small group followed Shannon as she led them off the edge of the playing field and onto a narrow dirt path, which headed for the woods. Charlotte and Juri had noticed the small woodland during their games lesson. A few paces later they were inside making their way along its winding pathway. It was bigger than they had imagined and had many paths going off in all directions. Shannon seemed to know where she was going and they were happy to follow.

They continued along the twisting pathways which got narrower and more overgrown. After a few minutes they were led threw some dense vegetation and into the middle of a small clearing. It was here that Shannon stopped and rested. The entire group followed her example and stood still panting from the exercise.

Charlotte wondered just why they had brought them to this place. Sophie wasted no time in quickly removing her own top and throwing it on the ground. Charlotte found herself admiring her naked breasts, revealed to her and Juri for the first time. Shannon, Leisha and Imogen all quickly followed Sophie’s example and whipped off their tops. All three four young ladies hurriedly pulled down their shorts and kicked them free of their naked bodies.

Charlotte found herself ogling her classmates’ naked bodies. First she looked on in amazement as their tops came off. This was the first time she had seen their bare breasts. Sophie’s tits she reckoned were a little smaller than her own 34b. Leisha’s breasts were about the same size as her own only more pert and made all the more erotic due to her skin colour and dark nipples. As suspected, Imogen’s were cone shaped and were indeed like two lemons! Shannon an Irish girl had the fullest chest, a good 36b Charlotte reckoned. Her full chest matched her ample rubenesque behind which was soon on view too.

Charlotte and Juri had both seen Sophie and Leisha pussies the week earlier. Charlotte found herself staring at Leisha’s crutch hoping to get a peek of her large labia. Charlotte had always felt a bit of a freak having the same bodily feature. She was pleased that not only did Leisha have big pussy lips, but was proud of them, even to the extent of exposing them for others to see! Imogen’s pussy was mousy and matched the hair on her head. She was not so fashion conscious as her friends and wore no makeup and didn’t bother to shave her pussy in different styles. Her thick triangle of hair completely covered her groin. Shannon had shaved her pubes into a tiny triangle, which sat above her bare pussy, whilst Leisha had a tiny landing strip of hair running down the middle!

Charlotte waited for the inevitable command for her and Juri to strip. Sophie walked around the two new pupils and then helped Juri out her top. Her small almost flat chest was exposed to them all for the first time. Her small pink erect nipples and engorged alveoli jutted forward almost begging to be suckled. Sophie gladly obliged, flicking each nipple in turn with the tip of her tongue before gently teasing them with her teeth. Charlotte looked on at the girl’s initial shocked expression, her embarrassment and her look of pleasure in her face.

Sophie then approached Charlotte. Soon her top was off and once more her breasts were on show to the gang. Her tits were given the same treatment as Juri’s and Charlotte found herself getting aroused.

Sophie then stepped back to join her friends. They stood just a few paces away facing Charlotte and Juri.

Sophie then spoke and pointed in the general area of their shorts..

‘Wow look at her pussy!’ she exclaimed.

Her friends smiled and giggled and made approving noises.

Charlotte looked across at Juri’s tight shorts to see just why they were so interested.
It was only too clear. There was a visible bulge in the fabric! Juri’s large clitoris had obviously enjoyed the estimation of the poor girl’s nipples and was showing its appreciation! Juri instinctively placed hr hands in front of her shorts to cover it up. Which caused Sophie and her friends to laugh and make a some lewd comments.

Then Shannon pointed at Charlotte’s crutch!

‘Look at hers!’ She announced in her sexy Irish accent.

Charlotte looked down and felt herself starting to glow an interesting pink colour.

The tight shorts had accentuated her aroused labia. They clung to her pussy like a second skin leaving little to the imagination! Much to the joy of Sophie and her gang.

Sophie then spoke…

‘We are now going to play a game….it’s like a game of chase….’

‘Juri… you can have a head start…and remember don’t go out of the woods!

Juri quickly made off into the undergrowth. She was a fast sprinter and keen athlete. Her strict prudish upbringing made her feel guilty about her new found feelings. Running ways seemed like a good idea! Just how she was going to hide and indeed get back her clothing were issues she hadn’t come around to working out.

Sophie and her friends did have one big advantage. They had been visiting the woods for nearly three years and had played this game a number of times before. Both Imogen and Leisha ran for their school and were soon off it hot pursuit choosing different routes. Shannon grabbed Charlotte’s arm and led her off following Imogen. Sophie disappeared pursuing Leisha. Charlotte could not help but notice Shannon’s ample breasts bouncing around as they run together. Soon Shannon slowed down and gestured for Charlotte to stop running. They crouched down behind some bushes and listened.

‘Can you hear anyone?’ asked Shannon.

‘No’ replied Charlotte.

With that Shannon put her arm around her naked waist and kissed her on the cheek. Shannon gently pushed her back onto the ground and in seconds they were laying in each other’s arms engaging in a passionate kiss.

Charlotte’s head was spinning and she wondered just what Shannon might do next.

Shannon then pulled away..leaving Charlotte wanting more..

‘Come on we must get on with the chase!’ Whispered Shannon.

It wasn’t long before they heard exited noises and headed towards its source.

As the approached a clearing they saw Imogen jump on Juri, almost immediately followed by Leisha. The slim frame of the petitee young woman crumbled to the ground. Sophie then appeared panting, her red hair a little dishevelled.

At her command Leisha and Imogen eagerly pulled down her shorts revelling her small cute bottom to the onlookers. In seconds they were pulled free of her feet and she was ordered to stand. Charlotte looked at every inch of her exotic body starting from the top. She looked at her innocent face, slim neck, erect pink nipples, her waist, her dark pubes and her massive clitoris! Then she looked down at her well-proportioned legs and her cute little white trainers set off with black socks! But it was her engorged clit that her gaze quickly retuned to.

Charlotte then heard her name being said by Sophie.

‘Right… it’s now your turn to be the scared little rabbit being chased by the hungry vixens!’

The rest of her little gang giggled at her description.

Charlotte obeyed Sophie’s command to start running and set off out of the clearing and into the undergrowth, before disappearing into the dense woodland. Her mind was confused. Her natural instinct was to run and hide, but did part of her actually want to be caught? She had recently read the story of Jekyll and Hyde and was concerned that she might be developing a spilt personality.

As she ran, dodging overhanging branches and jumping over logs, erotic thoughts flashed threw her mind. Things that Sophie had whispered to her a week before, which had remained almost dormant in the back of mind, started to come to the fore. She recalled a dream which she had forgotten about. It featured a thief climbing through her bedroom window one night and molesting her. The intruder ripping her pyjamas from her in the dark then touching her naked breasts and then fingering her pussy. The crook then puts on the light and reveals them self as Sophie, who is wearing a catsuit!

Charlotte figured she had made good distance and the noise of any further movement could give her away. She did her best to crouch down amongst the ferns, small bushes and trees. She glanced over her partially clothed body. She noticed that she had a number of small scratches on her bare arms, legs and even on one of her breasts. Charlotte was grateful that they had permitted her to keep her trainers on. The rough ground and brambles would have torn her feet to pieces.

A noise of a twig breaking a few paces away made her freeze to the spot. Whoever it was very near. She was concerned that it might not be one of the gang but rather another pupil or even a teacher. What would she say if caught? The footsteps seemed to be going away from her and she gently breathed out. For a few moments all went quiet apart from m the call of the odd bird. Charlotte contemplated how long she should hide. Maybe she should gingerly make her way back to the original clearing, get dressed and escape back to the school.

She decided to have a look round. She carefully started to raise herself from her crouched position. Peering through the undergrowth she could see no sign of human life. The she carefully started to turn around. As she did so noticed the naked exotic body of Leisha, the Asian beauty, diving towards her. Before she could move or utter a word of amazement she found herself crashing to the ground. Leisha was now sat upon her back and was quietly calling to the others, who joined her within a minute.

Charlotte was then helped to her feet by Leisha, who then led her by the hand to a nearby clearing. As soon as they arrived everyone stood looking at their prey.

Sophie instructed the young Juri to go and remove Charlotte’s shorts. She walked forward and knelt in front of Charlotte. Her hand reached forward, Charlotte looked down and saw that her hands were trembling. They then rested on her hips for a brief moment before slipping inside the elasticised waistband of the black shorts. Gently she manoeuvred them down, running her fingers around the back and with Charlotte’s bottom exposed the shorts easily glided down. Juri’s head hid from view her labia which had been the cause of so much excitement the week before. The shorts were slipped in turn over each foot and with the task complete Juri stood up, shorts in hand and went to stand back beside Sophie.

Charlotte could not help but to look at Juri’s cute little bottom as it wiggled sexily away from her. Once she turned around Charlotte and Leisha both got a clear view of something else. Juri’s clitoris was standing out bolder than they had ever seen it! The look on the girls’ faces made the others realise that something was up. They looked down and discovered why. Various gasps and dirty comments followed. Juri’s Japanese coloration on her face and chest changed to an interesting shade of red!

‘mmmm…’ responded Sophie at such an erotic sight.

Charlotte looked on in bewilderment as the four gang members moved in as one. Within moments Juri was on her back with legs pulled up towards her shoulders. Sophie was knelling near her exposed crutch and looking longingly at it. The others held firmly onto the young lady’s limbs.

Sophie then thrust her face forward into the mound of dark hair allowing her mouth to encase it. From the groans Juri, Charlotte could tell that her tongue must have been hitting all the right places. Sophie then started to move her head back and forth, allowing her lips to massage the large clit. Occasionally it slipped from her mouth and Charlotte and the others got a clear view as it glistened wet, pink and erect in the dappled sunlight.

Charlotte continued to look on as Sophie spent some five minutes pleasuring the young pupil. Charlotte tried hard not to get aroused, not to have erotic thoughts, not to remember the filthy things that Sophie had said to her, to put from her mind the kiss from Shannon and her own nudity. But she couldn’t. She felt moistness between her legs. She closed them tightly hoping to conceal any outward sign of pleasure. Her nipples were rigid with excitement and she could feel them tingling.

Charlotte so wanted to touch herself. If she were by herself she would have given in and played with her nipples and gently caressed her pussy lips and clit. Just when she thought she might explode with pent up passion Sophie stopped her assault on the girl’s pussy and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and spoke.

‘Come here Charlotte…I think she is ready for you!!’

Charlotte felt butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t know what she exactly meant or what she would be expected to do. The gang relaxed their grip on Juri and stood up. Juri slowly sat up and looked towards Charlotte.

Sophie ordered Charlotte to lie on her back and bend her knees. She obeyed. Next the command came to allow her lags to fall open. She felt herself going bright red as she did. They would see her large lips and they would surely notice how wet she was!

They did notice and made various sexual remarks. Before Charlotte could think too much about what some of the expressions and lewd comments meant, Juri was told to stand up. She was then positioned knelling between Charlotte’s open legs. Her Clit was still erect and some two inches in length, having the appearance of slim, very pink small finger.

Shannon knelt beside Charlotte and stroked hr breasts gently before allowing her fingertips to travel down her body. One hand circled her navel before moving downward towards her crutch. For a few moments she allowed her fingers to tease and move around the wispy pubes. Eventually Charlotte felt for the first time in her life a strangers fingers touch her lips. It felt good.

Shannon allowed one of her fingers to run down the centre of the engorged labia. The lips divided showing her the virgin’s pinkness to five pairs of eyes. Charlotte shut her eyes and enjoyed the feeling, as the finger-tip continued to move gently between her labia. It tantalisingly touched the entrance to her virgina. How she wished she would allow her finger to slip inside. She had never had the courage to do it herself and had kept boys hands well clear of that area.

She then felt the warm flesh of another touching her inner thighs. She opened her eyes to see Juri lowering herself on top of her. Soon they were lying together. Bare flesh on bare flesh. Juri’s budding breasts rested on Charlotte’s. It was a strange and new feeling for both of them. Charlotte instinctively wrapped her arm around Juri pulling her even closer. Juri placed her hands under Charlotte’s shoulders.

Sophie then slipped a finger under Juri’s crutch. She found her engorged clit and caressed it. The back of her finger hit against the swollen labia of Charlotte. Then it happened. With a little more manipulation from Sophie Juri’s large clit slipped between the Charlotte’s lips! Both young woman gave out a gasp. Sophie pushed Juri’s buttocks forward and her clit penetrated deeper. Charlotte found herself moving her hips forward to accommodate it. Juri also moved her hips forward. Without any further help the two young woman were soon moving rhythmically together.

They were unaware of their perverted onlookers as they trust their young eager bodies together. Sophie knelt upright as her fellow gang members caressed her body. Fingers slid from one eager virgina to another as they mutually fingered each other, whilst watching the virgins enjoy each other. All too soon Charlotte climaxed followed shortly by Juri.

The gang then quickly walked back they way they had come, picking up discarded clothing and then dressing on the way. They then run back to the school building and the changing rooms. They showered as though nothing had happened other than a refreshing run. Charlotte and Juri were aware that Sophie and her friends were having a good look at their completely naked bodies as they showered. Sophie was wise enough not to make any moves on them in such a indiscrete time and place.

As they dressed Sophie informed them that they were to come to her house for a sleepover in two weeks time. Charlotte and Juri would have to convince their parents that it would be alright. But few parents object to an all-girl sleepover and they readily agreed.

Chapter 3

The following week soon arrived. Apart from the odd stolen kiss and bottom pinch nothing had happened between Sophie’s gang and the two new girls. Charlotte read the invitation to the sleepover. Its theme was ‘Get Sporty!’ Both Charlotte and Juri were told what they had to wear. They would be required to dress in dance leotards and nothing else!! Fortunately, both of them a few to choose from, and on the evening of the sleepover they showered, applied a little make-up and slipped into their colourful leotards. They then put their ordinary clothing over the top and set off with their pyjamas and other night things in their bags.

They arrived at almost the same time and were welcomed by Sophie. Once inside they could get a clear view of the various sportswear. Sophie was wearing jodhpurs, ridding boots and a white shirt. Shannon was wearing the same running kit she had worn in the woods, whilst Imogen was wearing her hockey kit. Leisha was wearing a small white bikini which she informed them is what is worn for beach volleyball. Sophie explained that her parents were away for the weekend, hence the party!

The party was soon going well with great music and plenty of junk food and coke. The two new girls soon lost their initial shyness and started dancing. Juri was the most reluctant due to years of strict discipline and repressive parents. It wasn’t too long before Sophie brought out her secret stash of booze. Whilst Charlotte was up for trying the cheap white wine various spirits but Juri wasn’t. Her family did not drink and it was very frond upon along with nudity and sex. But Juri seemed to have managed to get over a couple of the other inhibitions in a very short time. With some persuasion it was Charlotte who managed to get her to try some white wine in lemonade. Her next drink also had a little vodka in it too. Juri was soon dancing, giggling and enjoying herself as she had never done before.

As the evening progressed it wasn’t long before the exhibitionist Sophie was parading around in just her white bra, jodhpurs and black riding boots. She danced around giving those present a playful thwack on their behinds with her riding crop. Soon Imogen pulled of her top just to show that she had no bra on…whilst Shannon was keen to take her shirt off to revel her new black stylish bra.

Charlotte and Juri spent quite a bit of time talking to each other and dancing together. Their bright leotards suited them and accentuated their figures. At first they had both felt a bit exposed and silly wearing so little. However, they soon forgot their bare legs, arms and feet as they enjoyed the drink and the atmosphere.

It was getting a bit late and Juri wondered when they would eventually go upstairs to bed. It was then Sophie suggested that their two new girls should do a dance for her and her friends. At first Charlotte and Juri tried staying put on the large sofa. But it was clear that it was not a request but an order.

So they pulled themselves out of the chair and began dancing to he load music. The other girls clapped along and gave words of encouragement and advice. In fact everything seemed like a fairly normal sleepover and Charlotte wondered if anything unusual was going to happen. She had figured that this sleepover would involve some pervy stuff. In fact she had been hoping it would. Juri was so mixed up that she didn’t know what she wanted. A fact she had shared with Charlotte during their many little chats that evening.

The girls continued to dance and Juri soon forgot her tiredness. They had danced through two songs and the third song was just beginning. They were enjoying being the centre of attention. Sophie then called out…


They looked over towards Sophie, who was sitting with her gang on the large sofa.

‘Undress each other!’ came the command.

All the gang cheering and whistled at the suggestion.

Juri looked Charlotte in the eye and covered her gapping mouth.

‘Don’t worry’ whispered Charlotte in her ear.

‘I will lead…you follow whatever I do…OK?

Juri nodded and whispered back.

‘Yees’ nervously.

Charlotte did indeed take the lead. She placed her hands on Juri’s shoulders. Next she allowed her hands to slip inside the wide neck of the leotard. She then pulled the fabric sideways to her left, revealing one dainty shoulder. Her other hand followed suit. She pulled down the garment. The leotard rested seductively above the young woman’s breasts, the top of her arms pinned to her body. Charlotte allowed her arms to drop back down to her sides and then nodded to Juri. Juri then followed exactly what had been done to her.

Charlotte then reached forward took the girl by the waist and spun her around so she faced the audience. She then slipped her fingers inside the top of the garment and pulled it briskly down. Her budding breasts popped out complete with stiff nipples jutting at her eager onlookers! She continued to pull at it until Juri’s arms were free. Charlotte wondered if Juri would be confident enough to do the same to her. In fact she seemed very eager to get her own back. Charlotte’s well-formed gorgeous breasts bounced free of the fabric much to the joy of the gang.

The leotards hung from the girl’s waists as they continued to dance around. After a few moments Charlotte again took the lead. She danced face to face with her new friend. Then she crouched down in front of her and pulled at the hanging sleeves. The leotard slid over her pert little bottom. Down her legs and over her feet. Juri wasted no time in responding. The lycra leotard quickly was yanked free from Charlotte’s perfect body. The tow young ladies continued dancing and gyrating around the room whilst the onlookers cheered and started to undress each other. Everyone apart from Sophie was soon naked. Charlotte enjoyed watching out of the corner of her eye as the gang undressed. None of them were wearing any knickers, including Imogen who was only wearing her hockey skirt. That fact reminded Charlotte of her first day at her new school.

Sophie kept on her jodhpurs and riding boots whilst everyone else danced around naked. She made a special point of gently thwacking every bare bottom with her crop. She then left the room. Everyone continued to dance and drink and seemed to forget the fact that they were all naked. It was only when Sophie returned that everyone stopped where they were and Charlotte and Juri remembered their nudity. Sophie stood proud, her red hair well-groomed, naked and with her hands on her hips. That in itself was not the reason for the hush in the room. It was the vision of black leather phallus that was strapped around her waist.

Juri and charlotte had an audible gasp. They had never seen anything like it. Charlotte had heard jokes about vibrators and dildos but didn’t know which this was, if either. Before they could think any more Imogen and Leisha were called forward and instructed to lick and kiss the attachment. They quickly responded obviously used to such weird instructions. Soon is was glistening with saliva and they were told to stop.

Shannon was then ordered onto all fours, with chest on the floor. She quickly adopted the required position. Her lovely rounded rump pointed upward. Charlotte could clearly see the ring of her anus and her pink pussy lips. Imogen then kneeled behind her and began licking at her exposed pussy. As she pulled a way a line of saliva stretched between her mouth and Shannon’s pussy lips.

Sophie now positioned herself holding the phallus in her right hand. Her left hand rested on her victim’s hip so as to steady herself. She ordered the two new girls to get closer so they could get a good view.

‘Welcome to my new dildo..’ she said

The she gently but firmly guided the dildo into Shannon’s awaiting and welcoming orifice. Within a minute or so Shannon was writhing in ecstasy and calling out obscenities in her now familiar Irish accent. Once she climaxed Sophie withdrew Charlotte noticed that the dildo was glistening even more than when it had gone in.

‘This is my special treat for all my girls..’ said Sophie looking the pair right in the eyes.

Next Imogen adopted the position and she too was plundered by Sophie’s new toy. Charlotte and Juri looked on in amazement as each young lady willingly allowed herself to be entered by the dildo. Both girls were very concerned about its size. How would it fit inside them? If that indeed was Sophie’s plan. Lastly Leisha was satisfied and Sophie clasped on the sofa worn out. She told Shannon to undo the straps and remove the device. It was soon off and Shannon was then told to put it on. With some assistance from the others it was soon in place.

Sophie lay back on the sofa and ordered Shannon to fuck her. She willingly obliged.
As the well dildo entered her eager pussy she managed to give one final command.

‘take those two sluts and break them in..’

Before Charlotte and Juri could fully comprehend what she had said the rest of the gang had grabbed them as was pushing them out of the door and upstairs. They were soon in Sophie’s bedroom, which they noticed had a large double bed and a single bed.

Within moments they were pushed onto the large bed. Imogen was caressing and cuddling Charlotte whilst Leisha was doing likewise with Juri. Nipples and breasts were soon being licked and gently bitten. Neither of the two recruits minded in the least. They effect of the alcohol and the other events had removed most inhibitions. Again having their pussies licked was nothing new both of them had experienced this in the last few weeks. It was only went a wet finger was gently guided between their labia and began finding its way inside their virginas that they gasped. Gently and slowly the fingers entered each girl. Once inside their young orifices their seducers gently manipulated and moved their fingers. Charlotte’s hymen was the first to be stretched and broken. Something that Juri’s clitoris was not big enough to do. She gave out a gasp. Imogen then removed her finger and slid down the bed. She gently began to lick and thus sooth her delicate opening.

Juri too was broken in and pleasured in the same way by Leisha. The two new young ladies were now more relaxed. The pleasure of being licked had made them forget the slight pain of their virginity being taken. All six young ladies were now exhausted and soon slipped into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

Charlotte was the first to awake. She carefully lifted Imogen’s arm from her body and slowly got up, so as not to wake her. She noticed Juri and Leisha lying in a naked embrace fast asleep. She wrapped a towel around her and crept along the hall and slipped into the bathroom. Her pussy stung a little as she pee’d. She quickly realised just why that might be! She left the bathroom and made her way down stairs to get a drink. She found some coke in the fridge and decided to be very naughty and have some for breakfast. She imagined what her mum would say if she knew! In fact what would her mum say if she knew about all the bad things she had done in the last few hours, and indeed the last two weeks.

She could hear quiet talking coming from the front room were they had left Sophie and Shannon enjoying themselves. It was Shannon who stuck her head around the door to see who was in the kitchen. To her relief it was Charlotte and not Sophie’s parents returning home early. She beckoned to Charlotte to come with her.

‘Look who we have here!’ said Shannon gleefully and with a smile.

Sophie looked up blurry eyed from the Sofa. The morning light broke through the small gaps in the thick curtains. There was enough light for Charlotte to see their wonderful naked bodies. The excitement of seeing Charlotte quickly aroused Sophie. Within a short while she was sat up and ogling her.

Shannon opened the curtains and the light filled the room.

‘It’s such a shame that she is covering herself with that towel!’ remarked Shannon.

She seductively then walked towards Charlotte and then gave her towel a firm pull at its hem. It fell to the floor exposing her nakedness. She was then lead over to the large sofa and told to bend over its large armrest. No sooner than her bottom was in the air she felt the soft touch of Shannon’s kisses falling upon her tender flesh. A tongue soon followed probing her aching but now eager pussy. Fingers followed the tongue. Sophie assisted by running her fingertips around her areola before playing with her tender nipples.

Charlotte could feel the wonderful and slightly uncomfortable sensation of her pussy be stretched open as Shannon removed and inserted her fingers. She had started with her small finger, and then moved onto her index finger. Her ring and index digits now were pounding inside the welcoming orifice. It was wet with excitement and made delicious squelch noises.

Charlotte panted and gave out girlish quiet sounds of sheer delight. Sophie was now standing her leather dildo strapped in place. She had slipped it inside herself prior to putting it on. That had fulfilled the duel purpose of pleasuring herself and lubricating it ready for her assault. Shannon pushed her tongue forward and ran it around the charlotte’s swollen labia one last time, before withdrawing her fingers.

Before Charlotte could think Sophie had slipped her thumb in her slightly gapping opening. Then she allowed her dildo to start gliding in beside it. Once its head was enveloped she removed her thumb. Charlotte could feel the difference in its size. It filled the entrance to her tender narrow virgina. She wondered just how far it would go inside of her and feared it might hurt.

Slowly and carefully Sophie started to guide it in. With every gently movement Charlotte panted. Shannon reached forward and took her hands. There was one last gentle thrust and the device was fully inside her. Sophie then started to thrust back and forth rhythmically making sure to arouse each and every part of her victim’s pussy. Charlotte found herself arching her back and adjusting her position to get the full pleasure of the black leather sex toy. It took only a few minutes before her young body tremored from head to toe as she came giving out a loud and long yelp!

The sound filled the house and awoke Juri, Leisha and Imogen. Charlotte and Sophie collapsed exhausted on the Sofa. Shannon went into the kitchen to get a drink before returning to the front room. She sat and looked on at the two naked young women and watched their naked breasts heaving as they lay back on the sofa, eyes closed. It was peaceful and erotic sight. Soon she found her hand was reaching for her breasts. She played with her nipples as she voyeuristically looked on. Her other hand had found its way to her crouch. She was soon touching her own labia and allowing her finger to find her clitoris. If Leisha had not come into the room she would have came within moments. Leisha said nothing but just gave a knowing smile. She then picked up the leather dildo that Sophie had discarded some minutes earlier.

‘Juri is very hot..’ she whispered in Shannon’s ear.

‘She was very shy and slow to start…’ she continued eager to tell.

‘But once my tongue hit her clit there was no holding her back!’

With Shannon’s assistance she strapped on the dildo. They then left the room quietly and ascended the stairs. When they entered the bedroom Imogen and Juri were laying naked together o n top of the large bed engaged in a passionate embrace.

They stopped and glanced over. Both noticed that Leisha had passion of the new toy and by the look in her eye she was eager to use it. Juri wondered just who Leisha might want. She soon got an answer.

‘It’s time for us Asian ladies to get to know each other a little better!’ she announced, holding the dildo firmly with her right hand.

Within seconds Juri was being pulled onto her back by the other girls. Her young naked body spread-eagled on the large bed. With her legs prised opened everyone could once again see her large clitoris which was growing in size by the second. Leisha quickly dived forward and buried her face in the girl’s crouch and began eating her pussy and licking her engorged large clit. She then sat between the girl’s legs and began playing with her dainty folds of flesh and teasing her clit with her fingers. Her thumb slipped inside the young woman just as it had so many times the night before. She then presented the dildo to Juri’s narrow orifice. Gently she began to enter her. Juri gave out a slight cry as its tip passed between her pussy lips.

Leisha was lost in lust. She did not hear her little murmur. She wanted to penetrate her so badly. Without a thought she thrust forward with one almighty push. The full eight inches of the dildo disappeared from sight! Juri gave out a scream whilst Shannon and Imogen held her arms firmly. Again and again Leisha pummelled into her. Each time she thrusted forward it slipped in a little easier, and each time Juri protesting and begged became weaker. Soon the young woman was saying nothing and began to give out appreciative sounds. Leisha then could see that the young woman was building up to one of very audible and so sexy orgasms. She had quite a few that night and thus Leisha and the others knew what to expect. Imogen and Shannon played with her breasts whilst Leisha continued to fuck her. She came as predicted.

The young ladies eventually showed dressed and tidied up the house ready for Sophie’s parents return. They then all thanked Sophie for her party and made their way home. As charlotte walked slowly home that Sunday morning she wondered just what might happen next. She pondered on this thought and all the activities of the past few weeks and smiled. Her new school experience was not as she had expected.

Chapter 4

The weeks and months passed by. Charlotte and Juri had many more erotic moments with Sophie’s gang. Charlotte was soon entering into the spirit of gang. Any girl wearing a skirt she realised was fair game. Most of the new girls had managed to convince their parents that they preferred trousers. Some unfortunately had not been so persuasive. One new pupil must had hade her knickers confiscated by the gang at least a dozen times! Providing the girls did not put on another pair they were given them back at the end of the day. Some girls had initially made the mistake of trying to be cleaver by putting on shorts, swimming costumes or leotards to cover up their nudity. Such disobedience and deviousness was meet with severe punishment. A complete stripping and forced to parade around naked in front of Sophie and her gang. This normally occurred during lunchtime in the walled garden, whatever the weather!

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