A late night phone call

Author: Judy

It was a long night at work and all I wanted to do was kiss my boyfriend hello, get a hot shower and crawl into bed. And I did just that.
I told Steve I was headed to bed, and I would see him when he was done watching the game.
He told me no problem, and I closed the door.
I was asleep by the time my head hit the pillow. Hell, I didnt even feel Steve come to bed.

It was 3:00 a.m. when the phone rang. I could have sworn it was the alarm clock but when I got my bearings I could tell it wasnt. Still I was worried, no one calls this early unless there is something really wrong.
When I answered the phone I could hear Dee’s voice. She was half crying and half mad as hell.
She and her boyfriend had a huge fight and she just wanted to come over to talk.
I couldnt believe at 3 in the morning she would feel the need to come to my house but told her I would put some coffee on and see her in a few.

I got up without waking Steve and made my way to the kitchen. Coffee was on and I waited for Dee.
By the time she got there she had calmed down somewhat and I could see she was just happy to be away from her boyfriend.
I got us some coffee and we started to talk. All the bull shit of her night started to fly out of her mouth and I sat and listened.

I leaned over to give her a hug just as I heard Steve call out from the bedroom. I got up and told him what was going on and that I was out in the living room with Dee.
He grunted and rolled over.

When I got back Dee was sitting there with that look of a lost puppy. I sat down and gave her a hug. She didnt seem to want to let go so I didnt try to pull away. In fact I didnt want to.
But as she started to sit back we stopped looking into each others eyes and gave each other a quick smile.

I didnt even think, I leaned in and kissed her. Softly on her lips. They were sweet and I started to feel her breath in my mouth. I kissed her harder and we both started to moan. I had already had many nights alone in my mind with Dee. This just seem to come so easy for me.
I could feel her hand lift my shirt and lightly run her thumb across my nipple. There was no need to try to get them hard, I was already there. I pussy was already starting to get wet and I could start to feel it making my boxers damp.
I knew what at about to happen and I wasnt about to stop it. Just then my shirt lifted over my head and I help lift my breast up to her waiting mouth.
Her hot tonuge was running circles around my nipple as her other hand was grabbing my other breast. Oh my how bad did I want this to not stop and I let her know. She looked up at me and said it isnt. I wasted no time kissing her neck and running my hands down to her waist. I wanted to taste everything I thought about.
I pulled her pants off of her and she lifted her ass to help me. I could see her perfectly shaved pussy before me. I pushed her legs apart and moved my fingers near her clit. It was soft and was hard from being so excited.
I stood up and took my boxers off and dropped them to the floor. There was no way I was going to stop now.
Her finger started to feel for my slit and within minutes I could feel it in my pussy. As she started rubbing it and moving it in and out I could feel myself start to cum. This felt so good. I whispered to her. “Yes Dee, oh dont stop.” She told me “Not a chance”
As she moved her finger out she added another one this only added to my excitment. This time I let out a louder moan and I couldnt help myself.

It was just then that I heard Steve come into the living room. I stopped only to look at him and speachless, and not knowing what to say I just closed my eyes and wish that he was really still in bed. Only to open my eyes and see him walking towards us.
He told me “its ok I have been watching for awhile, dont stop because of me.” I looked at him and gave him a kiss. As my hand brushed against him I could feel his hard cock begging for some attention. I rubbed it and could feel it throb. As his boxers fell to the floor he smiled and said “I am going to watch you two from over there, please take your time”

He went over to the chair and got the prefect view of what was going on.
I knew we were all going to enjoy this. And I wanted it so bad.

I turned around and got on my knees and I spread Dee’s legs apart. She was so fucking wet and I wanted to taste all of her. I could tell she was just excited as I and Steve was.
I moved closer to her pussy, she leaned back and I licked her clit. Doing circles around it made it get harder and start to make her hips rise off the couch. I slowly started to suck it and I flicked my tonuge as she started to moan and say “Oh yes, suck my pussy, yes fuck me with your fingers and make me cum.” I started to stick my fingers into her pussy as I looked over to Steve that was now harder then I have ever seem before. He was grabbing his balls and I knew he was totally enjoying himself. Watching his girl friend licking and sucking her bestfriends pussy. What man wouldnt want this?
I started to fuck Dee with my fingers and still watching Steve. He was starting to stroke his cock and the head was getting bigger. He told me “baby give it to her, lick her pussy and make her cum and then suck it out for me” I did just as he ask. I licked her and fucked her with my fingers untill she started to scream. “Fuck yes, fuck me, I am going to cum, yes suck it suck my cum” And with that she started to pour cum out of her pussy. It was sweet and I didnt stop sucking on her until she stop moaning. I then got up and looked at Steve his cock was ready to fucking explode as I leaned over and with my mouth full of Dee’s cum kissed him. Letting him taste all of her sweetness.

I got on my knees in front of him and licked the head of his cock and slowly moved his had away as I swallowed all of it in my mouth.
I only moved up and down a few times as he pushed me back and told me “go have fun with Dee, I will be there in a few minutes”

I crawled across the floor and could feel my pussy wanting to be licked, sucked and fucked. I layed down in front of Dee and spread my legs wide open so she could see how wet my pussy was.
She got down in front of me and started to lick me like crazy. I knew it wasnt going to take too long. And I was right. I was telling her “suck it Dee, suck my pussy, oh yea just like that fucking suck” and with that I started to cum. I looked over to see what Steve was doing only he wasnt there.
For a moment I thought he had fucking shot his load and done but much to my suprise he was on his knees next to us.

He lifted Dee’s head that was still sucking the cum from me and kissed her. Her face was so wet that Steve licked the outside of her mouth and then sucked her lips clean of my juices.
He told Dee, “get on her and this time I want to see both of you sucking each others pussys, I want to see it all. Because this time I’m going to get mine too”
Both Dee and I looked at each other and smiled. we were both going to get what we wanted.

She moved my legs apart. and lowed herself over my face I could feel her hard nipples on my stomach and I could see her wet pussy just over my face. As I looked past it I could see Steve on his knees over my head.
I have always wanted to see Steve’s cock fucking moving in and out of my pussy but this was the next best thing for me. I wanted to see it get bigger and bigger. Oh fucking ya I was going to get to see just what I wanted.
As Dee started to lick my hot wet pussy, I moved up to lick hers. We started to rock and before we both knew it we were really going at it. I fucking came over and over and so did she. Steve was still waiting his turn at Dee’s pussy. I looked at him and with that his stoking wasnt enough any longer.
He moved in close and slowly I could see his cock start to move into her pussy. I raised my head up to lick his shaft and it went in and out of her. He would push it so far in that his balls looked like they were going to go in too. The deeper he fucked her the wetter I got. Dee’s moaning got louder and her humming on my clit made me want to fill her mouth again. She grabbed my ass and spread it apart. I could feel her fingers moving for my ass. “oh fuck ya Dee fuck my ass while you suck my pussy, God make me cum” She did as I ask and I could feel my ass give way to her finger. I got so excited that my ass got wet and I wanted more. The more I moaned the harder Steve fucked. He started to grab her tighter and I knew it wouldnt be long now. “yes baby, fuck her fuck her pussy for me, give it to her” Dee was so excited she started to cum so much it was running out of her pussy and dripping off her clit on my face. She was not holding back and Steve looked at me waiting for my order.
“Fuck her baby” I said.
“Oh ya..I want to give it to her, I want to fuck her so hard and so deep you cum too” he said
“I want to pull it out and cum all over her pussy lips and her clit as she starts to cum” he told me.
“I am going to cum, right there oh fuck ya right there Steve” Dee told him.
“oh ya fuck her baby she is going to cum all over your cock and shit I am so fucking ready to cum..got to FUCK Dee fucking lick my pussy..Fuck yes fuck!”
“Oh baby I am ready, Dee are you ready?” Dee had no time to answer.
With that Steve gave her the deepest fucking thrust of his life and I could see his cock starting to dance in her pussy.
Just then he pulled it out and I could see the hot sticky cum shoot out of the head of his cock all over her pussy, all over her clit. I lifted my head to meet his cock at her pussy opening and licked and licked them both. I could feel her starting to get ready to cum again so I took Steve’s cock and rub her clit faster and faster till she let out the last scream of the early morning…

Steve moved back to see me clean my best friends pussy with my mouth then he got closer and help me with his. As we were kissing Dee rolled off of me and watched us kiss each other sharing in our sexual excitment.
I could feel him moving his tonuge over my lips getting all the cum off of it.
Moving his hand between my legs moving my clit around in circles I could feel myself cum again. Steve whispered in my ear. “I wanted to make sure you were totally done”
As he raised his hand to my mouth so that I could taste my own cum as his met with mine.

I turned to look for Dee, she was standing there asking “anyone want coffee”

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