Young girl plays nurse for elderly man

Author: Naugwife

I was 19 years old attending my first year of college and need extra money to help pay for books and things. My mother, a LPN that did in-home nursing, offered me a job to stay overnight at an elderly man house to help her out. Three nights a week I would have to spend the night over at the elderly gentleman’s house after college. This arrangement was excellent for me because it allowed plenty of time to do homework and study for my classes.

The elderly man, Mr. Barnhart, was well know in the community and extremely wealthy. He owned several buildings in the town and supposedly worth a few million. For an older man, he was strangely attractive being 6 foot tall with blue eyes and tall slender.
I would arrive around 7 pm each evening just after my mother had bathed him, put him into his pajamas and got him into bed. Mr. Barnhart and I would talk and crack jokes until around 8 before he would go off to sleep. He liked to tease me about my tight clothes and young body telling me that if he didn’t wake up at least he would go with my pretty image in his mind.

My father fell and hurt his back which required my mother to spend more time at home. So I had to go to Mr. Barnhart’s house even earlier and perform all the duties she had to do like make his dinner and prepare him for bed. My mother asked me if I could handle it and I told her that it was no problem even though I was nervous about having to bath him.

The first day came with me taking on all the responsibility that my mother left to me. I made him dinner and sat down to eat with him which he seemed to really enjoy. During dinner, he was more up beat than normal and his eyes were darting up and down my body. It probably didn’t help that I was wearing loose baggy short that rode up my thighs and a white t-shirt that clung tightly outlining the shape of my breast.

It came time for me to bath Mr. Barnhart. I wasn’t looking forward to doing it but strangely I was intrigue on how he would look naked. I prepared his bath for him then entered the bedroom to help him get undressed. He was nervously joking around with me about seeing him naked and I told him not to worry.

Slowly I removed his shirt revealing a wrinkly older man that during his younger years was probably damn hot. Then shoe and pants came off next leaving him standing there in just his boxers. When I was about to remove his boxer, he looked me right in the eye revealing his building excitement and pleasure.

I smiled and slowly pulled his boxers off releasing his semi hard dick and huge sagging balls. I stared at his big balls in amazement wondering how they could be so darn big and he caught me staring and smiled.

I helped him to the bathtub and assisted him into the warm water. I couldn’t help myself from checking him out in the bathroom mirror. I grabbed a washcloth and lathered it up and began washing his chest and back. As I rubbed down his chest to his stomach, his cock began to twitch and grow harder and harder.

The water in the tub splash up on to me getting my white cotton t-shirt soaking wet making my nipples clearly visible through the thin material. His eyes were glued to my chest were he could clearly see my hard nipples poking out and large brown areolas.

I asked him if he needed help washing his privates and he told me that he did. So I rubbed the washcloth between his legs lathering up his balls real good. Cupping his balls with the other hand I ran the washcloth up his shaft pulling and pushing it up and down making his cock grow nice and hard.

He began moaning and laying his head back with his eyes closed as I stroked fast and squeezed his big balls. He slid his hand over to my breast rubbing my hard nipple and squeezing my firm breast. It wasn’t longer before he began to shoot huge jets of cum from his thin long hard cock.

I helped him from the tub and he kissed me on the cheek thanking me for a great bath. He got ready for bed and laid down to watch television. I left him alone for awhile but couldn’t get what just happen out of my mind. I was so damn horny and needed relief.

I undressed and walked completely naked into his bedroom and his eyes almost popped out of his head. I told him that he got to cum earlier and now it was my turn. He told me to get on the bed and play with my pussy for him. I pulled the sheets down and took of his pajama bottoms, climbed up on the bed, and played with my wet cunt while I stroked his growing cock.

My hot young body was driving him wild and he stared fingering my pussy paying good attention to my clit. He was skillful at using his hands and got me extremely hot. I took his 7” cock into my mouth working up and down the shaft and taking his huge balls in my mouth.

Realizing his cock was beginning to pulsate, I squeezed his balls taking his cock deep into my mouth making sure that he exploded deep in my throat. When he came, it set me off and my pussy began shudder over and over again. I climbed off the bed and kissed him good night. That night was the first of many fun baths that we shared together.

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