Forever Her Slave

Author: Dan

The streets of the city spread out around me and although there were hundreds of people sauntering, strutting, rushing and moving about me I felt isolated and totally alone. I wasn’t sure where I was going but I felt drawn along a path towards discovery not even vaguely aware of what it was I needed to find. It was like a slow constant rumbling at the back of my mind and it urged me on step after step to whatever fate had in store for me.

I rambled on through the streets not looking at the people and found myself standing outside a strange little shop that had dusty old pictures of castles and a lot of other junk in the window. The glass door was grimy and difficult to see through to the inside but when I glimpsed the flicker of a candle igniting that is when I was overcome by an irresistible urge to enter.

When I put my hand on the doorknob it was cold and I felt a tingle as if I’d received a slight electric shock. The bell on the other side announced my arrival and a dark figure turned to face me from behind the counter. I was sweating slightly and felt lightheaded as I walked as if in a dream further into the small cluttered surrounds. As my eyes became accustomed to the dimness the figure approached and came into focus and I could clearly see that it was a beautiful young woman with deep intense coal black eyes and immediately I was under her spell.

As she stood before me and reached out her hand she said, “I knew you would come. I’ve been waiting for you, my love.” Her touch was cold, as she led me by the hand through the shop to a room at the back. I hesitated as she guided me through the doorway but when she looked into my eyes I was instantly blinded to all else and felt intoxicated with a deep and rising lust bubbling in my loins.

She closed the door behind us and I was overcome by an urgent all consuming gnawing hunger. For what I craved, I did not know. I reached out and traced the outline of her breasts through her dress and she loosened it so I could feel her soft cool flesh. We kissed passionately and I was suddenly lost in the wet cavern of her mouth and bewitched by the dark luminous pools of her hypnotizing eyes.

My cock began to bulge and throb, and it filled with blood in a raging, monstrous assault that I could not control. The woman led me to the bed and helped me out of my clothes all the while licking her lips and panting heavily as if she were truly an animal in the throes of a fiendish heat. When I was completely naked she ran her hands softly over my body touching my cock with her icy fingers and the sensation on my hot flesh was intense and almost painful. I lay on my back and she took each of my arms and tied them fast to the bedposts licking the inner sides of each with her flicking snake like tongue.

I was not in my right mind and did not object to anything this wanton witch like creature had done so far and I knew that even if she turned out to be the devil herself I would do her bidding now and always. She stood and took off her clothes in a rush as if she did not have much time and then she was on me touching, kissing, biting, scratching and caressing my body in a perverse and frantic fashion.

She cooed and moaned as she licked the glistening head of my swollen cock and her breath was hot, almost burning as she devoured my succulent meaty penis. She climbed up my body rubbing her hard fleshy breasts against mine as she straddled me, sitting on my belly, my cock standing up hard against her buttocks. I was so aroused that I felt I would die there and then if I couldn’t shove my big red prick inside her soon but I knew there was something she wanted first so I told her.

“Go ahead, take it, whatever it is you want, take it now, I am your slave.”

She rubbed her pussy against me and it was sodden, the juice warm, the stench of her animal like fever almost overpowering. She reached over to the table beside the bed and picked up a small knife with a curved dangerous looking blade. She held it in both hands and brought it to her lips and kissed it tenderly with a look of wanton madness in her eyes.

I strained my head to watch as she held my left arm with one hand and then with the knife in her other she slid the blade across the soft skin just below the joint of my elbow. thick dark blood trickled and then began to gush from the gaping crimson slit. Stung viciously by a searing hateful pain I wriggled and squirmed and my skin seemed to bubble and gleam with droplets of fresh fearful sweat.

When she leaned down and put her lips to the wound and began sucking up the blood the pain ebbed and then subsided completely and I was instantly aware again of my raging hard cock. I could do nothing while she feasted on my life blood except to watch in a misty haze as the walls seemed to dance to the shadows of the glowing candles flaming in colors of red, pink, crimson and scarlet.

The pressure was building in my balls and my cock felt like it was made of simmering molten embers ready to burst into fiery scorching flames at any moment. She raised her head in the joy of the suckling and then lowered it to kiss my desert dry mouth and I tasted my own pungent blood on her tongue.

The need to plunge myself deep into the pit of her juicy stinking cunt was almost driving me insane and I pleaded with her to let me fuck her. She grabbed hold of my cock viciously wanking it, pulling and squeezing in mad abandon while she continued to lap and drink of my ruby red blood.

Then when she appeared to be sated and had fed heartily of the essence of my very soul she raised herself up and impaled herself ferociously down onto my giant throbbing prick. She rode me then like the demon that she was and licked my blood from her bruised red lips as she consumed my hard pulsating member with her powerful and poisonous smelling pussy. It was only moments before I started to pump my semen deep inside her, each throb more powerful then the last and I came in mess of sweat, blood fire and ice and I screamed in the brutal pleasure and the spine tingling pain of it all.

As the waves of my ejaculation subsided I looked on her face, which was distorting before my very eyes into a horrible satanic looking thing. Her cunt began to squeeze my cock so hard that I lost control of my body and it was forced upwards straining my muscles against the straps that made me her prisoner. As her orgasm flared, gallons of hot reddish translucent liquid gushed over my heated simpering cock and balls and it burned like the fires of hell. As her exquisite face emerged from the depths of her depravity she offered her neck to me and I drank deeply knowing that I was truly forever her slave!

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