A Journey of a Real Woman 3

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please email me your comments and suggestion, as I appreciate readers who take the time to give feedback. The style of this story is new and I hope readers can understand what I tried to do. I am telling Betsy’s story, as she gets set to turn 40, and she thinks back to what has happened in her life.

Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman… or the craziest.

Chapter Three

Betsy had something to eat and felt thoroughly refreshed. The weekend dream festival was progressing exactly as planned and she still had chapters of her life story to review. Her grad school relationship with Ron was over and thankfully she had gotten rid of a demon that had bothered her for many years. Then she remembered the promise to go over everything that happened in the SM chamber owned by Ron’s boss.

Now that she had rid herself of the nightmares from the experience, she looked forward to reviewing the torture. Suddenly a shiver ran up her spine, making the hair on the back of her head, stand up. Betsy realized the many torture machines had revealed her secret dark-side. The wicked contempt shown by Ron and his boss had overly excited her, and it resulted in the orgasm of her life. But Betsy vowed to not dwell on the experience right now and she planned to save that for another chapter.

Betsy’s rest period was done and she rushed back to the spare bedroom for more erotic dreams. She was already into the next chapter when she jumped on the bed. Betsy landed in a comfortable position on her back and felt it was best because she could look up at this mysterious woman living her life without regrets. Of course she was the woman and loved trying to visualize everything right down to the most interesting detail.

Grad school was finished and so was her affair with Ron. Betsy moved back to New Orleans taking a part-time, teaching job while putting her resume out to every school in the south. She lived with her father and he was very glad to have her living at home again. Being the only child, she was close to her father and it gave her a chance to do things for him again. It never hurt to have a woman’s touch around the house, and Betsy’s dad loved having her around even though she nagged him.

This chapter of her life would see Betsy discover herself, as a mature woman. Her education years were over and now it was time to find a job she liked. It was a little before Mardi Gras and certainly party time in New Orleans. Betsy was at a party when she met Phil. He walked into the room with a cooler in his hand and instantly zeroed in on the sexiest woman in the room. They talked and Phil invited Betsy to a basketball game the next day.

Phil invited her to Washington, DC for a Congressional Mardi Gras party, which Betsy could still remember. He booked her into the Ritz and they made love over the weekend. It started a long distance relationship with daily phone calls and constant emails that went on for months. Then Betsy was offered a job in Virginia. It was much better money than her New Orleans job and she moved there to be nearer to Phil.

The Virginia location turned out great for a job plus rest and relaxation activities. Phil rented a beach house on the eastern shore for the summer and the couple went there every weekend. Betsy loved the beach, not so much for the water, but just for the playful atmosphere. The house had five bedrooms and two baths and Phil had most of the extra space rented out to his friends. He retained the largest bedroom on the main floor and the other four bedrooms were on the second level. There was a walkway on that level overlooking the dining room, which gave the house a very comfortable feeling.

Most of the weekends were spent on the beach drinking, sunning and playing volleyball. Phil was a big volleyball guy and games were played in the sand for the entire summer. Betsy got to know most of the regulars even though there was a constant change of faces. At night most of the people would just come and go, as they pleased, but that didn’t bother anyone.

Betsy didn’t like volleyball but she watched it a lot just to make Phil happy. Most of the guys had nicknames and she found most of them quite hilarious. There was Shape, Supershape who was Shape’s brother, Bagman, Pisser and Flipper. When she found out how Flipper got his name, Betsy almost choked. It seemed he was setting up a gangbang on some girl and someone opened the door to the room he was in, to check on what was happening. Flipper was performing oral sex on the girl and he couldn’t get any leverage so his arms were flipping back as he tried.

Suddenly Betsy wondered what the guys called her but she shivered thinking that it was probably better not to know. Her life story abruptly got more interesting. It was near the end of summer when she was sitting at the dining room table with Phil and a new guy came in. He was a hunk who was staying in one of the upstairs bedrooms for the first time.

Betsy remembered being smitten by the guy from the very first time she set eyes on him. She found out his name was Thomas and they had a very nice conversation that eventful day. It made her smile now when she remembered just how naïve and inexperienced she was in those days. Phil, Thomas and she sat around most of the day drinking far too much and joking. As was his custom, Phil was feeling no pain by late in the day.

About eight in the evening, Betsy noticed a constant stream of guys going into one of the bedrooms. When she asked why, Thomas simply said that the only way to find out was to have a look. The three went upstairs and Betsy was utterly shocked beyond belief when the door opened. She remembered peeking into the room and the scene taking her breath away. As she found out later, Shape had picked up a girl named Marty and he turned her over to all of his buddies. When Betsy looked into the room, she noticed the naked woman on the bed and she was drenched with white, sticky cum.

Betsy wondered if it was lucky or unlucky, but she witnessed Marty being savagely fucked. There was one guy fucking her, another guy with his fat cock in her mouth and a couple others were jerking off on her chest. All of a sudden Betsy’s dream flashed into bright, vivid Technicolor. There were three or four naked guys waiting their turn in the room when a sudden onrush of more guys entered.

To this day, Betsy never knew how the newcomers snatched her but suddenly she was inside the room. Frantically she looked around and couldn’t find Phil or Thomas. Everything happened so fast that even today she couldn’t believe how she was pushed up against the rocking bed. She remembered very vividly trying to stop all the hands, which were all over her body.

It made her laugh now, but at the time she was terrified. She grabbed someone’s bold hand just as it was about to feel her breast and someone else’s hand shot under her shirt. Her boobs were outside her bra so fast that she was dumbfounded. Suddenly she had to let go of the hands trying to grope her chest, as there were far more pressing issues. A guy had his hands all over her crotch and another guy was trying to undo her pants.

What she heard still sent shivers through her body. “Fresh meat. Hurry up guys… strip the bitch and get her on the fucking bed. Holy sweet shit… this bitch has nice tits. Look at those jugs… and those fucking nipples.”

The noise in the room was deafening and everyone was cheering. Not only for the guys screwing the slut on the bed but for the guys taking liberties with the new slut. Betsy rolled her head around frantically looking for help. Then she saw her boyfriend and Thomas trying to push the guys aside so they could rescue her. Betsy pleaded for her life just as a guy held her arms fully stretched up in the air. Another guy pushed her shirt and bra all the way up to her neck and yet someone else squeezed her boobs like he had never felt tits before.

Everything was out of control. Suddenly she involuntarily sucked in her breath when she felt a hand slip into the waistband of her pants. She didn’t mean to but it gave the man more freedom. He quickly shoved his hand into her panties and instantly his fingers closed on her crotch. Nothing so dramatic had ever happened to her before and all Betsy could do was squirm and struggle to get free.

Her boobs were waving around like freelance balloons. All of a sudden one of the guys groping her went flying across the room. Then Thomas was standing beside her telling her drunken boyfriend that they should get poor little Betsy back to her own bedroom. Just as he started to lead her from the crowd of sex-starved maniacs, a mountain of a nude man stopped them. He told Thomas that she was the, ‘new meat,’ but Thomas said he didn’t think so. This moose grabbed the front of Thomas’ shirt and made a mistake of confronting an unknown opponent.

Betsy remembered acting stupid at the time but now she laughed at it. As was her custom, she volunteered to go with the man if it meant he would leave Thomas and Phil alone. She remembered thinking the man was going to beat the shit out of her friends because of her, so the only sane thing she could do was go with the man. The last thing she remembered was Thomas letting go of her hand, as a gesture that he was willing to let her go.

When she turned her back to take the mountain man’s hand, the man went flying past her and landed on the floor in a heap. His face was bloody and Betsy thought she was dreaming. Then someone took her hand and out the door they went untouched or unmolested. Her legs were so wobbly that Betsy could hardly walk and Thomas led the way to his bedroom, which was down the hall.

Drunken Phil followed and he had obviously been affected by the near gangbang of his girlfriend. About the last thing in the world Betsy ever expected she would be willing to do, she did. Her shirt and bra were still askew and she stood motionless when her boyfriend stripped them from her overheated body. Phil was too drunk to care that someone else was in the room and he took his clothes off. “Bets… love. I couldn’t believe my eyes… they fucking had your gorgeous tits right out in the open. Fuck honey… I almost came in my pants when that one guy rubbed his cock all over you. Fuck… the one guy shoved his fucking hand down your pants. When he took it out and licked his wet fingers… I wanted to fuck you right there.”

Phil was shaky but finally managed to get his clothes off. He stood naked, as a jaybird, and let his cock wave in the air when he kept talking. “Honey. I’m sure they would have gangbanged you if Thomas hadn’t been there. Yano what I think? I think we should give Thomas a reward. Let him have sex with you. Co’mon… let’s do it.”

His hands were all over her and to this day Betsy couldn’t understand why she didn’t resist. She merely stood in the room and let her boyfriend take all her clothes off right in front of an almost complete stranger. But then she realized. From the first moment she saw Thomas, she knew he was the man for her. She had never dreamed of being unfaithful to Phil but suddenly she was more than willing.

Betsy could still see the nicest smile on the man’s face once she was naked. She stared into his dark, paralyzing eyes and knew everything was okay. Thomas did a striptease that any man would be proud of and when he was naked, Betsy’s eyes widened in awe. He was all muscle and hung. She could still remember being extremely calm waiting for things to happen.

Then Phil guided Betsy to the bed and she never complained. He almost tossed her down while giving every indication that he wanted her to suck his cock. Phil loved having her give him a blowjob and he held his hips out expecting Betsy to fulfill his wishes. “Come on baby. Show the man. Suck cock like you know how,” Phil said. “And get on your hands and knees… so Thomas can get his reward.”

Her boyfriend was serious even though the alcohol influenced him. “Christ baby… I want to watch. I want to watch you have sex with someone,” Phil whispered. “I want to watch you give head and get fucked at the same time… by him!”

Betsy was simply amazed when it happened. Phil manhandled her until she was on hands and knees and in the desired position. The images of being completely vulnerable flashed in her head and they made her tremble. Phil shoved his cock in her face and Betsy had no alternative but to put it in her mouth. She started sucking Phil and used her hands to stroke his cock just the way he liked.

Betsy remembered how severely she trembled when the bed moved. She knew Thomas was getting settled behind her and suddenly she felt something brush against her exposed backside. The devastating thought of being taken by a stranger was more thrilling than she ever imagined.

She obediently sucked Phil’s cock but all of her senses were focused on what Thomas was doing. Betsy felt the man rub his cock all over her butt and then he touched her between the legs. Her body jerked forward and Phil’s cock shot down her throat taking her breath away. Suddenly a streak of lightning struck her pussy opening and the blazing bolt went straight to her head.

Thomas felt the upturned ass quiver and rock when he split the puffy labia. He realized Betsy was experiencing a premature orgasm and didn’t want to make her wait. Thomas rammed his cock to the hilt and he had never felt anything like it. The extreme heat instantly made his temperature rise and then Betsy pushed back at him. Her sexy body went into convulsion right away and Thomas couldn’t believe his good luck.

All that interested Phil was inside of Betsy’s scorching mouth. He squirmed and tried to make the blowjob last a long time but Betsy was far too determined to end it quickly. She pumped her hand back and forth on his stiff shaft and kept the knob buried in her hot mouth. Even in his drunken stupor, Phil wondered if it was such a good idea. His glassy eyes stared at Thomas, as the man ravaged his girlfriend from behind.

Phil reasoned his stamina lasted such a brief time was because of being able to watch Thomas with his girlfriend. He heard bare flesh slapping together, as Thomas fucked Betsy, and all Phil imagined was the man’s big cock going in and out of her precious snatch. Phil merely grabbed her head tightly when his orgasm exploded in Betsy’s sucking mouth. Then he threw his head back and only wanted to imagine himself with Betsy.

Betsy’s belly was still experiencing severe contractions when her mouth filled with molten lava. She desperately swallowed Phil’s massive load and tried hard not to choke. Just as the last few drops were sucked out of Phil’s throbbing pecker, Betsy felt something profound. There wasn’t much she could do immediately following a climax but somehow her belly shuddered when the burning lava filled her inner sanctuary.

Thomas’ strong fingers closed around her waist and he squeezed hard. Betsy felt Thomas pull back at the same time he thrust forward with his powerful hips and she thought the top of her head was coming off. Suddenly more spasms rocked her sweating body, as the man fucked her into a subconscious state.

All three sort of collapsed on the bed when the animal lust ended. Thomas kept his distance not wanting to get too close to the couple but Phil had other ideas. His desire for sexual gratification had been satisfied and all he could think of was having another drink. Phil obviously wasn’t thinking straight when he excused himself, which shocked Betsy beyond belief. He told Betsy that he was going for another drink and then look in on what the other guys were doing. She took it to mean Phil wanted to watch the gangbang in Marty’s bedroom, but the thought didn’t upset her at all.


Betsy remembered being not the least bit concerned when her boyfriend left her with someone else. She was lying on her side and suddenly felt Thomas shifting across the bed until he was up against her back. He hugged her for the longest time and it was the most wonderful feeling. Betsy liked to cuddle after intercourse and in no time her eyes got heavy and closed.

She could still remember what happened next. The memory was still like it happened yesterday and Betsy was determined to take her time with this section of her life story. Her mind drifted back to 1991 and she relived one of the most memorable affairs of her life.

Betsy was almost asleep, but Thomas had other plans. His right arm was over top of her torso and Betsy kept her arms outstretched, which left her entire front unguarded. At first Thomas’ hand merely caressed the front of her body without lingering on any specific spot. In the perfect dreamland state, Betsy faced away from Thomas and let her mind drift through empty space.

All of a sudden she was aware of his hand caressing and kneading her tits. One boob at a time, Thomas squeezed and tenderly massaged before lingering on each nipple until it was rock hard. There was a warm smile on her face and Betsy loved that inter-dimensional feeling of being half asleep. Suddenly her heart skipped a few beats when she felt something hard stirring against the back of her legs.

She remembered not wanting to open her eyes so she laid still wishing for more lovely embraces. His hand moved from her heaving chest to her tummy, which was going in and out at a furious rate. She felt his fingers tracing lightly across her stomach and then stop at her bellybutton. Betsy sucked in her breath when Thomas touched her hollow and then he teased her until she whimpered out loud.
“This time… we are going to do it right. Make mad, passionate love,” Thomas whispered into her ear. “Lift your leg… up a bit.”

Betsy heard his command and obediently lifted her right leg slightly. She didn’t expect the biggest thrill when Thomas’ hard cock sprang between her thighs. His throbbing member stretched between her legs and sprang up against her wetness.

Thomas knew exactly what would get Betsy’s blood boiling. His right hand snaked downward and then he put his fingers directly over his hard cock. He pushed hard and felt his shaft embed itself in the immense wetness, which made Betsy’s hips quiver wildly. Then he threatened to push the head of his cock into her honey hole and Betsy’s breathing halted. Thomas left his meat embedded in Betsy’s pussy slit and he deftly squirmed his fingers around the thick head to surround her throbbing clitoris.

Betsy felt the head of his cock directly at her opening and his fingers pulling the swollen clit out of the vast wetness. Suddenly her breathing resumed but it was ragged and very broken. Now at the age of 39 and remembering the events in her life, Betsy recalled thinking how the first time was heaven, and the second time was heavenly bliss. She abruptly broke the embrace and rolled over to face Thomas. “Oh gawd, I need you. Please, please make love to me,” she whispered.

Thomas was skilled in the many facets of what a woman wanted and needed. “Put your hands on it. Feel my cock and make it harder,” he whispered. She instantly obeyed not wanting to wait any longer. “Make it nice and hard… hard so you can sit on it.”

Betsy wondered what he meant but she didn’t have to wait long before finding out. Thomas rolled onto his back and that put his engorged cock in a most prestigious position. It hovered at an angle above his hips and Betsy couldn’t resist putting her dainty fingers around the thick shaft.

“I want to watch you. Watch you make love to me. See you with my cock in your hands… and then see you sitting on top of it,” he whispered.

Betsy couldn’t take her eyes off his penis. Her fingers were wrapped around the shaft and she felt the cock pulsating madly. She swooped down and kissed the glistening end but Thomas was not satisfied. “Leave it laying on my belly… and then sit on top. Sit on me so that your cunt is pushing against my cock. I want you to feel it… against your love-box,” Thomas said. “I want to watch you… see you making love.”

Thomas laid flat on his back with his legs together. Betsy crouched over his thighs and place one of her knees on either side on his outstretched legs. She bent over and put her face mere inches above his chest. Betsy would never forget the feeling. She squatted above his muscular hips and leaned forward. His pecker pressed against the front of her body and Betsy felt it jerking up and down so that it banged her belly.

Betsy couldn’t remember wanting something so badly. She was willing to do whatever Thomas wanted if he would satisfy her burning desires. Suddenly he took control. “Suck my nipples. Suck’em love,” he whispered. “Make them hard with your tongue… and your teeth!”

She had never heard any man say that but strangely Betsy found his request very stimulating. When she reached out and put his tiny nipple in her mouth, it was a most profound feeling. Her tongue rolled the bud around and covered it with saliva, which brought moans from Thomas. “Yes baby. Just like that… now the other.”

Betsy caressed both nipples and found the experience made her even hotter. Then she nibbled on the tiny buds and noticed how his chest seemed to push up to meet her mouth. Suddenly Thomas put his strong hands on her ass cheeks and moved her butt until it was directly over his crotch. She had to straighten up but managed to retain a hold on his nipples. “Sit on it. Put your wet pussy right on top of my cock. Push my cock into your lips. Baby… spread those juicy lips with my cock,” he said.

Thomas guided her hips and he knew when things were right. Betsy gasped out loud when the throbbing cock split her soaked pussy lips and the thick shaft embedded into her narrow slit. She sat up straighter but kept her hands on his chest. Her fingers pinched his nipples and twisted them ever so tenderly.

The thick cock burned her pussy and Betsy couldn’t sit still. Her hips jiggled back and forth and Thomas pulled down hard with his hands around her slender waist. Suddenly Betsy wanted it now. Her tummy started to quiver in and out and Thomas was afraid she was not going to wait so he lifted her up. “Not yet. Get up… hold my cock up and sit on it. I want it in your belly,” he moaned.
Betsy shifted to the rear so that she was sitting on his legs. Her hand grabbed the enlarged cock as soon as it was free and she held it straight up in the air. Betsy would never forget the feeling. She squatted and ever so slowly moved forward until she was above his muscular hips again. Then she held perfectly still.

Betsy stared down at the upstanding cock. She wondered if she should sit down but her body was moving before the answer came. Thomas put his hands around her waist and guided her forward, an inch at a time. When the tip of his bulbous cock touched her crotch, her breathing stopped. Betsy was afraid to take her hand off his thick shaft and held the cock straight up.

The feeling was out of this world when her body lowered a little. First one inch, then two, and suddenly her hand let go. Betsy was staring into his eyes when it happened. She felt his hands tug on her slender waist and knew he was going to do it. She merely held her breath waiting. Then Thomas squeezed his hands into her burning flesh and pulled downward with all his strength. He thrust up with his powerful hips and buried his cock to the hilt with one swift stab.

It must have taken minutes to start breathing again, and when she did, all Betsy could do was gasp desperately for much needed air. She was positive that she started creaming on the first thrust and didn’t stop until he finally climaxed deep inside of her. It was the longest and most intense orgasm of her life up to that point and one she would always remember.

That time, years ago with Thomas, still brought back good memories. Betsy also realized that it was a defining moment in her life. She realized her relationship with Phil was over and vowed to leave her boyfriend to be with Thomas. The ecstasy lasted for hours that night and she experienced one orgasm after another.

She wasn’t sure what time it was when she left Thomas’ room but eventually she wound up back in bed with her boyfriend. Phil must have passed out sometime during the night like he did every weekend. He was in bed still completely dressed and hardly stirred when she came to bed. Phil mumbled some indistinguishable statement, as she climbed into bed, and Betsy assumed he was oblivious to her spending hours with another man.

‘But then again,’ Betsy mused. ‘Maybe he knew and wanted me to screw his buddy.’ Phil’s eyes flickered for a brief moment, as if he acknowledged her return to bed from using the bathroom.


In the morning, Phil had a humongous hangover. He woke up and threw his arm around Betsy but luckily for her, he didn’t try anything. Betsy remembered thinking at the time that she didn’t want to have sex with Phil. She had such a wonderful feeling after the night with Thomas and she didn’t want to spoil it.

Sunday morning was a complete blur with Betsy reminiscing about the time with Thomas. She had breakfast with Phil and immediately after went up to the room she shared with Thomas. That was when she felt like someone stabbed her in the heart. The room was empty and it had been neatly cleaned up. Betsy stood outside the room in disbelief, which must have been noted by a girl, named Penny, who was walking by.

“Are you looking for Thomas? If so… he’s gone. Packed up and left about nine,” the girl informed Betsy. She could see the concerned look on Betsy’s pretty face so she continued. “I liked Thomas. He’s not like most of the guys. Are you his girlfriend?”

Betsy was not able to speak right away but found her voice eventually. “No. No… We’re just friends. I’ll see him later… I’m sure he’ll be on the beach this afternoon.”

Betsy thought back to her initial meeting with Penny. She was a lovely girl who went to church every Sunday. Penny was fairly thin and she had the cutest smile on her face all the time. The one thing a person noticed about Penny right away was that the woman didn’t have boobs. Betsy remembered feeling sorry for her at the time but later she realized that Penny had nipples that made up for any lack of tits.

Right after finding out that Thomas had departed, Betsy had to be alone. She left Penny standing in the hallway and rushed back to her room. Phil had already changed for the beach and he was dressed in his normal volleyball attire. They exchanged greetings and agreed to meet on the beach at the courts. Betsy stayed in the room for about an hour but then decided it was best to socialize.

Most of the regulars were already at the beach when Betsy finally arrived. She needed sleep more than anything and quickly nodded off into dreamland once her chair was settled on the sand. Even the loud hollering and volleyball cheering didn’t bother her that day. Her mind drifted off and it was Thomas who was in her most intimate thoughts.

After thirty minutes, someone thrust a beer into her hand. There was still no sign of Thomas so Betsy slowly sipped the beer while nonchalantly watching the sweaty volleyball players playing in the sand. Then she dropped off asleep for another hour before repeating the frustrating exercise. She thought about last night and her mind tuned out all of the things going on around her.

It was like trying to solve an equation and all Betsy thought about was when, and if, Thomas would show up. She had that worried, sickening feeling that people got when they weren’t sure about a love affair. Betsy remembered every question rushing through her distraught mind waiting to see Thomas again. ‘Did Thomas like her? Did he want her to be his girlfriend? Did she do something wrong or did Thomas just use her last night?’

The last question was the most disturbing, but Betsy didn’t believe the man betrayed her feelings and emotions. She was still disillusioned and halfway through her third beer when her thoughts were interrupted. “Is this chair taken? My… you look even lovelier than last night.”

Betsy came fully awake in a heartbeat and she started to stutter. “What? No… Oh, no,” she muttered before realizing there was no chair but her own around. She blushed and could feel her heart beating so fast it must have made her look silly.

Thomas sat down in the sand and they chatted for a long time. They talked about nothing and little things that didn’t require much thinking. Suddenly she realized that she didn’t know much about the man. She did most of the talking last night, a southern thing, she thought. So they chatted about him. Betsy asked about the mountain man last night, as she was still confused about how the man went flying. Thomas told her that he was a 3rd degree black belt so quite competent when push came to shove.

It bothered Betsy that Thomas had left before seeing her in the morning. He quickly put her fears to rest by explaining that he had to do an errand. Apparently he was moving and had to pick up the keys to his new house in Boston that morning. Betsy felt much better once Thomas told her how he hurried through the transfer and rushed back just to see her.

Betsy was in heaven after hearing his heart-warming revelation. They each had a beer and then Thomas suggested they go up to the beach house. “Last night meant a lot to me. Come… I want to fuck you again,” he whispered. Her jaw dropped both from surprise and great elation. She gulped her beer and off they went.

They went directly to the same room as last night. Luckily it was still unoccupied and her heart stopped when the door slammed shut. They stood face to face and Betsy watched his lips move. “Take off your suit. I know it’s a beautiful bikini, but I want to see your gorgeous body… naked,” Thomas said.
Betsy did as he requested and in a flash Thomas also stripped. “Have you ever masturbated?”

She almost fainted but couldn’t stop her response. “Yes.”

The look on his face was serious. “Show me!”

Betsy often touched herself when she was with a partner but suddenly she didn’t know what to do. Thomas moved over to sit in a chair beside the bed and motioned for her to use the bed. Betsy slowly walked over and sat down facing Thomas. She assumed it would be easy to masturbate but that was far from what happened.

All of a sudden she didn’t get aroused or worked up when she caressed her boobs. Betsy rolled her nipples around and around but all that did was get them hard. Then she shifted her hand down to her pelvis and put her fingers between her legs. It went better but she still didn’t feel close to achieving an orgasm.

Suddenly inspiration hit. She visualized seeing Marty during that horrible gangbang. Then Betsy remembered being forced into the room by strangers and having her top lifted up above her breasts. She vowed never to admit the feelings she felt at the time. Her juices started to run and she felt the crotch of her panties getting soaked. Then she pictured the men holding her arms up in the air so they could fondle her boobs.

Betsy’s hand started to move a lot faster. Suddenly the masturbation was much easier. She remembered her nipples being pinched so hard it hurt but that didn’t matter at the time. Her visualization continued with the men molesting her boobs and one guy even sucked her nipple. Then Betsy pictured what should have been the most disturbing thing that happened. While the men groped her titties, another man shoved his hand inside her pants. The man had one goal in mind and his fingers entered her wetness with lightning speed.

Afterwards Betsy wondered if she spread her legs or if the man forced them apart. She remembered struggling like crazy, but it merely seemed to give the man more freedom. Suddenly her fingers were his fingers. She put the clit between her thumb and forefinger and started twirling it vigorously until she felt the first spasm shot through her loins.

Thomas watched the erotic bliss with immense admiration. He adored Betsy’s wit and charm but suddenly he loved her sexy body and adorable treasures. Betsy threw her head back and pushed out her chest when her left hand grabbed a boob. Her fingers pulled the hard nipple outward, as if offering it to the enthusiastic onlooker. Her right hand was a blur and Thomas caught brief glimpses of the rosy bud when it swirled around in the vast wetness.

Thomas knew exactly when Betsy climaxed. Her right hand stopped moving except for her fingers squeezing the puffy clit. Then her hips jerked out of control and thrust wildly at the imaginary stranger. When the orgasm subsided enough to enable Betsy to breathe properly again, Thomas ordered her to suck his cock. “Get me harder. Put your lips around my cock and suck it… so I can stick it in your cunt,” he commanded. In a less demanding manner he added, “Baby… I want to fuck you so badly.”

It made her chuckle now, but Thomas was a mouthful. There was no need to get him hard because his cock was already throbbing like crazy. But she obeyed relishing the opportunity to satisfy his demands. Then Thomas ordered her to kneel beside the bed. He jerked Betsy around and made her go down on her hands and knees. He forced her upper torso onto the bed with her head facing to the side. It was that familiar position, which Betsy loved, and she readied herself for what came next.

Suddenly it all made sense to her even though it was years later. Thomas liked being in control and he loved ordering her to do things. He never asked or pleaded for her to do something, he only ordered her. In the beginning, she would have it no other way. She was submissive and liked pleasing others and this was her way of making someone special in her life happy.

Once again Betsy was in heaven. Thomas knelt behind her and he did everything in slow-motion. He put the flared head of his cock at her opening and then he slowly pressed his hips forward. His glorious penis slid into her volcano and she could only remain stationary. Betsy felt his hand on her side so she lifted up slightly, thinking he wanted to reach under her outstretched torso. Instead he grabbed her hand and rolled her fingers up but left her thumb sticking out. Then he ordered her to suck her thumb, which she did right away.

The rest was a blur to Betsy even now. She remembered sucking her thumb and Thomas pounding her cunt like a madman. She experienced one orgasm followed immediately by another and it seemed the man had everlasting stamina. Lights flashed in her head, her nipples were on fire and a thousand volts of electricity zapped her whole body. Then she felt his hips jerking randomly out of control and suddenly her entire body shut down.

When Betsy came down out of the clouds, she was in his arms. Her head was on Thomas’ chest and they talked for a while. He mentioned how lucky it was that her thumb was in her mouth when she climaxed because her loud groans of ecstasy would have been heard at the beach. All of a sudden Betsy realized something. It was during this tender embrace that the first thoughts of love entered her head.

They talked and laughed. It seemed so different than anything before. Betsy started playing with his nipples, which she knew he liked. The next thing she knew it was blowjob time. “Hold it. Put the tip of my cock in your mouth… just the tip,” Thomas ordered. “Now put your tongue under my cock. Lick it with your tongue… but just keep the tip in your mouth. Yes… yes, like that.”

Betsy’s eyes were glassy, as she stared down at the big penis. “Now stroke it baby. Both hands… stroke it… stroke it harder,” he said. “Yes… both hands back and forth… just like that. Keep doing it just like that and watch it cum. Watch me fill your mouth with cum, baby. You’re the best cocksucker on the planet.”

His vulgarity should have disgusted Betsy but it didn’t. It seemed to provoke her even more and she yearned to make him happier. Betsy milked Thomas’ thick cock until she swallowed his big load of creamy cum.


The time was getting to be late afternoon. Betsy and Thomas jumped out of bed with the realization that the beach crowd, especially Phil, would have noticed Betsy’s disappearance. They showered and it took all their resolve to not start another session of torrid lovemaking. The beach house was about a block from the beach and Thomas thought he should return to the beach via a different route than Betsy. That made sense, Betsy reasoned, as it might look funny to Phil seeing his girlfriend show up with another man after she had been gone for hours.

Betsy hoped that she didn’t look too guilty when she strolled back to her chair. The volleyball games were still going on but Phil quickly came over to her, wanting to know where she had been. For one of the very few times in her life, she lied. Betsy told her boyfriend that she had not been feeling so good after the beers and she had taken a nap. Then wisely she got them both a beer and afterwards listened to him droll on and on about his volleyball crap.

As Phil was yapping, Betsy finally saw Thomas walking up the beach. He was talking to a girl and Betsy remembering thinking how smart he was to solicit such a good cover-up. The girl had a great tan and she was wearing a bright green swimsuit. She appeared to have a pretty good body, but Betsy was too thrilled about what went on all afternoon to be jealous of the girl at first.
Then Thomas and the girl stopped and sat on the girl’s towel. They chatted and laughed and Betsy almost flew into a fit of rage when the girl put her hand on Thomas’ shoulder. She wanted to confront the bitch and tell her that Thomas was her man. Betsy was mad. Then she got mad at Thomas. Suddenly she got mad at Phil for his damn yapping.

Abruptly she told Phil that they should hit the road since tomorrow was a school day and she had to get up early. Betsy left the beach with Phil and she refused to look back at Thomas for fear of losing her nerve. She was determined to make a stand and show Thomas that she was not happy when he got too friendly with other women. Strange as it sounded now, Betsy reasoned her relationship with Thomas was much more than a fleeting afternoon, love affair.

Betsy had everything packed in no time. They departed so fast that Phil was amazed. He thought Betsy was peeved at something but hesitated to say anything for fear she was mad at him. They bid all their friends a goodbye until next weekend and hit the road.

Now years later, Betsy wondered how anyone could act so stupid. She lay in her state of dreamland remembering how mad she was at Thomas and the girl. Her anger turned out to be her boyfriend’s immense gratification. Phil received the blowjob of his life on the drive home. He was utterly shocked when Betsy whipped his cock out and then bent over to suck it.

Phil wasn’t stopping for anything because he didn’t want Betsy to stop so he kept driving. The thrill of possibly getting caught or seen by someone on the busy interstate made the experience even more thrilling. Not much was said after he climaxed. Phil merely drove and Betsy sat quietly while they dreamed of separate issues. Betsy wondered if Thomas was real and if her relationship with Phil was actually over. Although Phil had always said they were not fully committed to each other, Betsy still felt guilty for having a secret affair.


The next weekend signaled the end of summer. It was a three-day affair with Monday being the last holiday of summer and everyone just wanted to party hard. Betsy thought she was right in assuming Phil didn’t know anything about what happened last weekend with Thomas. She planned to get more of Thomas’ personal information this weekend and hoped he would show up at the beach house. When she and Phil arrived at the house, all the bedrooms were full except for theirs.


Betsy rushed upstairs to the bedroom that she hoped Thomas would be in, but she sadly found the room occupied by an unforgettable guest. The door of the room was open and Betsy got a glimpse of Marty putting her things away. She had a sudden urge to order the woman out of the bedroom but realized it was not her place to assign rooms. A shiver of doubt went through her tummy wondering if Phil had given Thomas’ old room to the disgusting Marty.


That Saturday was probably the longest day of her life. Betsy sat on the beach watching Phil and volleyball crowd and she remembered drinking way too much. She was kind of down on Phil because her mind was so preoccupied with hopes of seeing Thomas again. It seemed the day would never end but it finally did with a big party in their beach house living room. Everyone sat around getting blasted; it was a combination of too much sun, too much booze and too much late night carousing.

The mood on Sunday was far more sedated. Everyone was hung over and Betsy was no different than the rest. She was filled with worry and anxiety thinking that she poured her heart out to a man who didn’t want her. It was like any person who dearly loved someone but didn’t know whether that person loved them back. Sunday brunch was the first meal of the day and Betsy found herself sitting with Penny at the kitchen table.

The two women chatted casually and Penny asked her about Marty. Penny wanted to know what happened last weekend. Betsy watched the girl’s reaction when she told her about Marty’s gangbang but Penny’s face didn’t show anything. Knowing the girl was very religious, Betsy assumed that Penny would never condemn anyone for sinning in such an immoral way.

Once afternoon arrived, the group was over their hangovers. They were ready for some more sun and volleyball and everyone moved down to the beach. Betsy got her usual spot off to one side of the setup courts and she again lapsed into a state of nervous anxiety.

In the middle of the afternoon, all of a sudden she saw him. Thomas was standing with a group of guys who had just finished a volleyball game and he looked marvelous. Betsy didn’t want to show too much enthusiasm, but she just couldn’t wait. She almost ran up to the group and when Thomas saw her, his face lit up. Suddenly he excused himself and took Betsy’s hand leading her off to one side so they could be alone.

“I had to come. Sorry I didn’t get here earlier… but I got held up. I can’t stay this weekend… and I wanted you to know that,” Thomas whispered.

Betsy stood holding his hands while he kept talking. “I have a big family gathering that I have to attend. It’s on right now but I had to come here to tell you… so you wouldn’t think I was ignoring you,” he explained. “Last weekend… was the best of my life. You mean everything to me… and I didn’t want you to worry that I wasn’t going to see you again.”

“It’s okay. I wasn’t worried. I was just sitting around with the rest of the guys… enjoying the sun and having a few beers,” Betsy said feeling her face blush a brilliant red.

“I have to be in Boston… well, about two hours ago,” he whispered with a chuckle. “But I had to see you. Here! This is my business card. Please call me Wednesday. I’ll be in my new home then.”

They exchanged a loving embrace and suddenly everything was all right. Betsy watched him run down the beach until he was out of sight, and then she returned to her chair. The remainder of the afternoon and evening was a complete blur, as all she could think about was Wednesday, a new beginning in her love-life.

Betsy was still in a heightened, emotional state later in the evening. She remembered thinking that nothing could stop her from dreaming about what was in store for the future. Thinking back on that night, Betsy realized that her boyfriend likely planned the whole evening. She was oblivious to the reality Phil plied her with booze, which made her let down her guard. Betsy was completely oblivious that Phil knew about her secret affair.


Close to midnight, Phil pestered her to join him for a little private party in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Reluctantly Betsy went with him just wanting to get the evening over with so she could go to bed. At the top of the stairs, Betsy halted when she realized Phil was heading towards the bedroom, which held great memories. There were strange moans and groans coming from the room she shared with Thomas the previous weekend and Betsy remembered thinking that the gangbang slut was at it again.


Suddenly Phil grabbed her arm and made her stand quietly outside the noisy room. The door to Marty’s room was open, which Betsy found out later was done on purpose. She could still hear loud moans of a woman’s distress and then Phil encouraged her to peek into the room. Not wanting to disobey, Betsy slowly poked her head around the corner and noticed plenty of action on Marty’s bed.

Betsy was about to retreat when her boyfriend grabbed her arm with a viselike grip. It happened so fast that she didn’t get a chance to get away from Phil. “Let’s watch. I want to see Marty turn a little miss goodie-girl into her slave,” he whispered.

Now years later, Betsy realized how naïve and stupid she was back then. She should have realized it was all a setup, but at the time she didn’t. Her boyfriend pushed her into the room and up against the wall. They stood motionless and the combatants on the bed never paid any attention to the new onlookers.

Thankfully the room was relatively dark so Betsy didn’t think she was in the spotlight. She stared at the furious action taking place a few feet away and noticed the naked body of Marty sitting on another woman’s face. Marty had her knees around the woman’s head and she locked her fingers into the struggling woman’s hair. It appeared like Marty was suffocating the woman, as she pulled the woman’s head up tightly into her crotch.

It had to be seen, to be believed. Marty was forcing a woman to eat her out and there was a man fucking the woman’s brains out. The man was perpendicular to the women and he was holding the thrashing legs up in the air. He lay sideways to the woman and pounded his pecker in and out of her hole like a madman. Betsy remembered thinking that the woman must be hurting from being in such a precarious position.

Betsy never did know why she merely stood there. Surely, she reasoned now years later, it should have been possible to escape Phil’s grasp. All of a sudden Marty was going through the throes of an explosive orgasm. Her body shook and vibrated and Betsy could clearly see she was having an enormous climax. The sound of the woman’s tongue lapping Marty’s leaking pussy sent shivers up Betsy’s spine, as she watched the torrid sex scene.

Suddenly Marty’s orgasm was over and she shifted her body down so that she was sitting on the woman’s stomach. Marty grabbed the woman’s legs from the man and held them high in the air, which kept her crotch fully exposed for the man. Betsy’s eye’s opened in awe when she noticed who it was. Penny, or the righteous Church-girl as the group called her, was laying spread out on the bed with her face covered with Marty’s juices. Penny’s eyes were open wide and she was staring straight up at the ceiling.

Betsy was afraid to move for fear of drawing attention to her and Phil. She ogled the demoralizing gangbang, which was taking place right in front of her, and stood still, flat against the wall. Then Betsy noticed Penny’s bare breasts for the first time. She had always known the woman’s tits were small and almost nonexistent but she never realized her nipples were so outstanding. They had to be an inch in size and obviously extremely sensitive by the way she moaned when Marty pinched them.

The memory suddenly got more detailed and far more vivid. Betsy could hear everything like it was yesterday. “Say it. Say it, slut. Tell mistress to let you cum,” Marty hissed daring Penny to say something. “Do you like mistress playing with your glorious nipples? Slut… I can see you want it. Say it!”

Marty twirled the woman’s nipples around, as if she was twisting them off a bottle. Then she put her face closer to Penny’s and dared her again. “I know Stan is fucking your sweet cunt… and filling his slut with cum. Now mistress wants to hear her slave beg… beg for it,” Marty whispered. Her voice sent shivers through Betsy even though Marty was speaking to someone else.

Suddenly Penny was talking but her voice was too soft to be heard across the room. “Louder! Say it louder… so my new slut can hear. Say it slut,” Marty ordered.

It never dawned on Betsy at the time but Marty had plans. The sound of Penny’s lost pleas were all that she was aware of. “Please… oh please let me cum. God mistress… my nipples… my pussy… oh, my God… I have to cum.”

Marty pinched the swollen nipples and twisted them as hard as she could. “More!”

Penny couldn’t stop but nothing she said was discernable. “Ooh… ooh. Oowie… ooh gawd… aah… gaaw, ooh, ooh. Oh no… oh no… yea… plea.”

It was obvious that Marty was in control and Penny was willing to submit to anything she demanded. Marty whispered in Penny’s ear, making the girl speak loud and clear. She pleaded and begged her mistress and Betsy couldn’t believe Penny had given in. What Betsy did notice was a world-class orgasm.

Betsy didn’t even notice what her boyfriend had been doing. She glanced to the side and saw Phil jerking off his hard cock. With her attention diverted at the least opportune time, it enabled Marty to put her devious plan in place. Betsy was petrified standing against the wall when the three naked bodies from the bed approached. “So my little slut likes watching. Did you like watching me turn Church-girl into a slut?”

Betsy was too stunned to say anything. Then she got the bright inspiration to run. She pushed away from the wall and was just about to make a getaway when Phil grabbed her arms. He stood behind her and pinned her arms behind her back.

Suddenly Marty was in her face. “I asked you a question! Did you like watching me turn Penny into a slut?” Then the woman took advantage of Betsy’s captive stance. She wrapped the fingers of her left hand into her hair and jerked Betsy’s head until their eyes locked.

Betsy knew enough to answer or things could get worse. “No… no, gawd no.”

A sudden jerk of Marty’s left hand and an extremely stern stare was enough to change Betsy’s mind. There was a momentary pause. Then Betsy decided to tell the woman what she wanted to hear, assuming it was the best thing to do.

“Yea… yes. Yes! I watched… are you fucking happy?”

Marty was good at gaining control over submissive women. She had done it many times and certainly the episode with Penny was testament to her ability to become a mistress. Suddenly her right hand slipped under the bottom of Betsy’s shirt and instantly closed over her left boob.

“I watched you the whole time. I saw the lust on your face. Only a slut would stand there and watch… watch Church-girl being punished.”

“Oh gawd… I didn’t mean to.” Betsy tried to turn her head and look at Phil, but Marty held her hair with a secure hold.

Then Marty swiftly ripped Betsy’s bra up so she could feel a bare breast. Her hand cupped Betsy’s titty and squeezed hard enough to get a reaction.

Betsy struggled and tried to twist out of Phil’s iron-grip. She got a brief hope of getting free, but suddenly Marty took control. She pinched the hardened nipple and rolled it around vigorously until Betsy stopped struggling.

Marty got more excited with each passing second. Her head filled with lustful illusions, watching the futile struggles of the gorgeous woman. “Phil tells me that you are the hottest woman around. That you love screwing… anything with a pulse,” Marty whispered. “He knows. Phil knows you fucked around… screwed around with Thomas.”

Betsy continued to squirm, but suddenly she comprehended the severity of the situation. If her boyfriend knew that she had sex with Thomas, he would certainly not help her now. Betsy realized that she was alone against Marty, but also Phil, who would be out for revenge. Marty would try to humiliate and degrade her enough so that she could gain control and Phil would help the woman. But Betsy vowed to be strong and fight the bitch to the end.

All of a sudden things took a turn for the worst. “Slut! Come here slut… and see if we can turn dear Betsy into our slave,” Marty said to Penny. “Stan honey… and Phil… let’s take our little slave to the bed. Then dear Betsy can show us that she’s a real slut.”

Suddenly everyone reached for her. Phil grabbed her under the armpits, someone grabbed one leg, someone grabbed the other, and then they all picked her up like a feather. In a split second, Betsy found herself spread-eagled on the bed with four sex-starved maniacs holding her captive. She twisted and struggled but Phil held her arms fully stretched, up above her head, and her legs were pinned to the mattress by Stan and Penny.

Marty was in her glory. She huddled beside the frightened woman and pretended to console Betsy. Marty lifted and supported Betsy’s head and stared directly into her eyes. “You think you’re too good for the rest of us… don’t you? Well, miss prissy… we’ll see how good you really are,” Marty whispered in a most threatening tone. “Slut… Church-girl! Come here and show our little slave how you like sucking titties. But first… let’s get the bitch naked.”

Marty planned to make Betsy suffer. She was going to strip the woman, but it would be slow and tantalizing. Marty grabbed the bottom of Betsy’s shirt and rolled it up to her neck, along with the lacy bra. She shifted slightly to the side and allowed Penny room to move over Betsy’s chest. Penny hovered over the captive woman and suddenly the two stared into each other’s eyes. Betsy was moved by the hesitant, pleading look on Penny’s face and she felt like telling the girl that she understood.

Betsy remembered shaking her head when she realized what was about to happen. She glanced down at her exposed chest and noticed her boobs swaying seductively side to side with her ragged breathing. There was a hand, Marty’s hand she realized, cupping her right titty and sort of squeezing it into a cone-shape. “Aren’t they beautiful… the most succulent tits… ever! Go ahead Penny. Feel them. Put your hands on them and feel what real breast are like,” Marty said.

It was now or never, Betsy decided. “Phil. Phil! For gawd sake… make her stop! Make the bitch stop… now!”

Betsy tried to turn her head upwards so she could see her boyfriend. “For gawd sake, Phil! Do something! Make her stop!”

There was no response from Phil except that he tightened his hold on her outstretched arms. When she tried again to reason with him, Betsy decided that a more subtle approach might work. “Oh, please. Phil… please help me. Oh, gawd you have to help me… pleeeeease!” Betsy hoped her pleas would make her boyfriend realize the error of what was happening but that didn’t happen.

Suddenly her head was jerked so that she stared straight ahead at Penny. The girl’s eyes pleaded for forgiveness but that didn’t stop Penny from obeying her mistress. Betsy felt the girl’s hands shaking when they caressed her breastbone and then slide slowly upwards. The hands quickly stopped vibrating when the fingers seized both dazzling nipples.

Betsy gave another valiant attempt to look at Phil, but Marty held her head steady, facing the front. She desperately wanted to lie perfectly still and show Marty that her humiliation was having no affect. Then her breathing got very uneven and her chest heaved displaying some of her lost control.

Marty decided it was time for further chastisement. “Now… let’s take her clothes off. She likes showing off on the beach… wearing those skimpy outfits,” she whispered. “Fuck honey… let’s see what those horny bastards keep looking at.”

Betsy felt so many hands on her torso that it was impossible to fight them off. Suddenly her top and bra were removed and tossed across the room, as if they were rags. She could feel Marty’s hands even before they actually touched her body.

Betsy knew what was next. Her tummy quivered so violently that it was increasingly harder to breath. Then Marty’s fingers unsnapped the waistband of her pants. Betsy couldn’t breathe anymore. Suddenly Marty slowly undid the zipper in a most tantalizing fashion and purposely held the flaps open. Betsy’s tummy heaved in and out so fast, making it hard to catch her breath when the woman’s fingers brushed the edges of her panties.

Marty’s fingers pinched the elastic band and pulled outward so she could look down the front. “My, my! That’s about the nicest cunt… ever. I bet you like it being touched… caressed by a slut. I think you’ll like it if Penny touches you… won’t you?”

All of a sudden the hands returned. Stan along with the helping hands of Marty and Penny quickly stripped the rest of Betsy’s clothes while Phil pinned her arms above her head. She remembered sobbing and letting out numerous whimpers when her pants were lowered. Then more sobs when her panties were stripped leaving her completely naked. Betsy tried kicking but her legs merely thrashed in midair before getting pinned on the bed again.

Things were getting more desperate and Betsy opened her mouth again to plead for mercy. Suddenly Marty rolled the lacy panties into a ball and shoved them into Betsy’s open mouth. The woman laughed out loud and Betsy felt sick. “I know you want it. You’re a slut… just like Church-girl. I could see that when you kept watching… the gangbang last weekend… and the one tonight,” Marty whispered.

Betsy’s eyes were open so wide they hurt. She stared straight up at the ceiling hoping it was all a bad dream. “Now it’s time for you to see a real slut. Penny my love… you will witness lust like you’ve never seen before.”

The dire prediction made Betsy cry. She desperately tried to spit the panties out but Marty held them security in her mouth. Suddenly her plight seemed so hopeless and Betsy wasn’t sure if she had the strength to overcome Marty’s drastic prophecy. Suddenly Marty blocked her view of the ceiling and the woman glared threateningly into Betsy’s teary eyes. “Listen. Listen good slut… because I won’t repeat myself. You’re going to cream… cum in Penny’s mouth and show her that you are a real slut.”

Marty spread out on the bed. She was sideways to Betsy, leaning over her chest. Marty put her right arm on the bed and held herself up so she could keep her face right in front of the woman’s startled eyes. Her left hand continued to hold the panty gag in Betsy’s mouth and everyone heard the whimpers of despair coming from the captive.

Betsy couldn’t see past the shield of Marty’s body but suddenly she felt a feather, or it felt like one. Then she realized it was Penny’s tongue. The girl licked her entire pelvis and then she licked the inside of her thighs. Penny was spurred onward by the wonderful smell and the sweetest taste. Her tongue lashed out and grazed the tip of Betsy’s slit. The legs were tightly closed, but it still left a small, upper portion of Betsy’s pussy exposed. Penny could barely touch the hidden clit, but she couldn’t resist flicking her tongue between the puffy labia.

Betsy desperately held her legs together. Stan had long ago stopped holding her down and he was standing off to one side merrily fisting his prick. Phil refused to let go of her arms, but he did relax his grip so it was not as restrictive for his girlfriend. Penny crouched beside Betsy’s outstretched legs trying her best to perform magic, which would please her mistress.

Penny had no idea what her mistress was doing, but Betsy knew. “Spread your legs… open them so slut Penny can taste your cunt. If you don’t open them this instant… I’ll kick the living shit out of you. And then feed your beaten ass to every fucking guy in this house,” Marty said with her voice steady and mean. “That’s it slut… spread those lovely legs… show me what a slut you are.”

It was the most devastating moment in her life up to that point. Betsy never understood how her legs parted but she certainly understood the repercussions. Her feet were only about a foot apart, but that was enough for Penny. She flipped over one leg and pounced down between the shapely thighs. Then her hands pushed outward on the legs and suddenly she could see it all.

Penny’s fingers went to the pink, swollen lips and pried them part to reveal utopia. It took a few moments before Penny was able to move, but then she swooped in to put her lips over the upper portion of Betsy’s slit. She tenderly forced her tongue between the pearly lips and found the secret control button. Penny opened her mouth wide and sucked the entire clitoris into her burning mouth.

Betsy arched her back but there was no escaping the hungry jaws. “Feel it… feel Penny’s mouth. There is no one better at eating pussy than Penny. The girl sucked me inside out when she ate me. What’s it feel like… slut!”

Betsy was more determined than ever. She used every ounce of willpower to stave off any desire or lust. Her pretty face twisted and lines of worry appeared, which made Marty extremely pleased. Saliva ran out the corners of her mouth, as Betsy tried hard to keep breathing with the gag still in her mouth. “Fight it. Go ahead… fight all you want. We aren’t going anywhere until you do it,” Marty whispered.

The woman’s burning breath made Betsy’s face turn beat red. Betsy grit her teeth on the soaked panties, fighting with all of her strength and resolve. Suddenly Marty dropped down, pulling the gag out. She lay on top of Betsy’s chest and kissed her on the lips. At first the lips remained closed tightly but that reversed in a heartbeat. Marty’s teeth curled around Betsy’s bottom lip and then she bit hard. It was the kiss from Hell. Betsy was positive she tasted blood and her mouth opened, as if to protest.

Then the demanding Marty grabbed a handful of hair and twisted hard. She aimed Betsy’s head in her direction and forced her tongue into the waiting mouth. Marty had to search for the tongue, but she found it hiding in the bottom of Betsy’s mouth. The timid tongue came up to fight off the forceful approach, but then the sharp teeth closed on it too.

Tears filled Betsy’s eyes, as she felt helpless against such a powerful woman. All of a sudden Betsy felt more teeth. Penny had the tiny clit between her ivories and she nibbled on the puffy bud. Betsy’s hips jerked, as she reacted to the sharp caresses, but that only encouraged the determined Penny.

All of a sudden she experienced the strangest feelings of her life. Everything happened at the same time. Betsy realized her arms were free, but still they remained above her head, thrashing wildly. The kiss consumed her soul like no other; the teeth nibbled nonstop on her sensitive clitoris, and then a long, slender finger filled her steaming hole. Betsy knew her hips were bouncing up and down in perfect rhythm with the finger fucking but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Betsy never considered her collapse as surrender. It was merely the evolution of a sexual encounter and she willingly let her juices flow freely into the hungry mouth. Penny was a pro and her tongue and teeth worked feverishly in harmony to consume Betsy’s lust. She tasted the cream and sucked even harder, knowing what it would do to Betsy’s resolve.

There was the

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