A Journey of a Real Woman 4

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please email me your comments and suggestion, as I appreciate readers who take the time to give feedback. The style of this story is new and I hope readers can understand what I tried to do. I am telling Betsy’s story, as she gets set to turn 40, and she thinks back to what has happened in her life.

Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman… or the craziest.

Chapter Four – A Love Affair With Thomas

Betsy readied herself for the next chapter of her life story. She was lying comfortably on the bed in her spare bedroom and quickly fell into a dreamlike state. Her relationship with Phil was over and now she dearly wanted to reminisce about Thomas. Betsy had met Thomas, even had a torrid affair with him, during her relationship with Phil.

Now her mind drifted back almost twenty years. With the official end of summer, she got home Monday evening feeling sad. Betsy was sad remembering the things that happened during her time with Phil but really sorrowful for the way Phil treated her at the end. She just couldn’t understand why and how any man could share someone he loved. Then she remembered that last Sunday night. Phil plied her with alcohol and then coerced her into that bitch Marty’s room.

Betsy had already gone over that chapter of her life but one last fleeting memory flashed through her head. The vision lasted a mere few moments but it was a memory of how she surrendered to the woman. Not only did she surrender, Betsy thought, but also she willingly let the woman do anything she wanted to her. That included the deep humiliation and embarrassment of begging, which Betsy thought would never happen. Betsy remembered thinking how awful it was to watch Penny plead with Marty and call the woman her mistress.

Betsy never thought it could happen to her but she was dead wrong. Marty fucked her that night and turned a mature, fun-loving Betsy into her slave. Of course there had been four of them who victimized her, Betsy reasoned. Not only did Marty take control, but also Phil, Penny and Stan aided the bitch. Phil had the sense not to ask if she wanted to go home to her apartment or stay at his place when they returned to the city. He dropped her off at her apartment and Betsy remembered her parting words. “Don’t call me. We’re through… I don’t want to see you again… ever again.”

So another relationship was over. Phil was history and so was the beach house, which did bring sadness because of the wonderful times with many of the regulars. But her heart skipped when she thought about calling Thomas. He expected her to call on Wednesday and she could hardly wait for the day to arrive.

Betsy phoned and the conversation was amazing. It was like they had known each other for years instead of days. Their schedules were fairly busy but they set a date for the upcoming Saturday.

Thomas was a salesman for a big pharmaceutical company. He was very good at his job and Betsy grinned thinking how she bought everything he had to sell. Thomas put out his romantic feelers and then he reeled her in hook, line and sinker. Their relationship started out great and got even better.

They dated but still retained their own places to live. Thomas had just bought a house and it looked like any of the other 20-year old homes from the outside. He had totally remodeled the inside paying particular attention to his bedroom. There were two bedrooms upstairs and his had windows that overlooked the downstairs family room, which had a huge fireplace surrounded by manmade rocks. Just off the family room was an old cedar deck that overlooked a beautiful swimming pool. Betsy smiled with the memory of how they swam nude until the weather got too cold to keep water in the pool.

Betsy’s apartment was quaint and it was in a downtown neighborhood, which had many of the old stores converted to apartments. The one she lived in had six apartments in what used to be an old Woolworth’s store. It was two bedroom and all of the rooms were big. What was even better was the fact her building was very close to Thomas’ house so it was fairly easy visiting back and forth between places.

The first few months of the relationship were fabulous. From the moment Betsy saw Thomas at the beach house, she realize he was special. She was willing to do things for him and felt he would do anything for her. Looking back on it now, Betsy assumed that they loved each other in the beginning and she actually appreciated the fact Thomas didn’t rush into a permanent relationship with her.

In those days Betsy may have been considered a little geeky, but Thomas seemed to like that about her. It gave him reason to suggest things for her to try and he eventually managed to gain control of her life. They never discussed marriage, but both of them merely wanted to cherish the time together. Thomas kidded her about wearing non-sexy clothes, which were considered very conservative by anyone’s standard.

Betsy remembered how things started changing on their first anniversary. Thomas took her downtown to their favorite restaurant for a celebration of a whole year together. She didn’t think there was anything strange when they went shopping afterwards and wound up at a Victoria Secrets store. True to her naïve nature, Betsy was oblivious to how Thomas prearranged everything.

They were met in the store by an extremely friendly salesgirl who appeared to be young enough to be a student in one of Betsy’s high school classes. She simply ushered the couple to a back fitting room and ordered Betsy to remove her clothes. Betsy’s mouth hung open when the girl explained that she meant every stitch. Then the girl merely stood still in front of Betsy waiting for her to strip.

Betsy almost refused and wanted to leave the store when a knowing smile crossed the girl’s pretty face. “Yes! Take them all off so we can see what would look nice on you,” the girl said. “We have some very attractive under garments that should make you look sexy… for your man.”

The sales girl looked over at Thomas who was standing quietly propped against the wall. He simply waved his hand to indicate his approval and smiled to show he wanted the girl to continue. “Thomas tells me you have been together for a year now… and he wants to buy you some new things,” she said. “He wants his girl to look pretty… look sexy.”

Betsy felt trapped at the time. She wasn’t sure, but it almost appeared that the girl was overly friendly towards her boyfriend. Betsy managed to loosen her top, but it wasn’t fast enough for the sales girl. All of a sudden the girl strutted up to Betsy. “Hummm… now let’s get these clothes off. We can’t try on these beautiful undies if you don’t strip,” she whispered.

The girl’s hands were all over and quickly had the shivering woman almost naked. It never dawned on Betsy that the girl had numerous bras and panties in the change room and they were the correct size. Betsy was far too busy fending off the girl to think about anything else. Suddenly she was down to her bra and panties and that made the sales girl much happier. “Now let’s get you out of these ugly undies… and into something far sexier,” she said. “My, oh my… I can see what Thomas sees in you. Sexy… very sexy.”

All of a sudden Betsy was naked and she wasn’t quite sure how it happened. When the last piece of clothing came off, the girl’s face beamed with pride. Then the salesgirl tossed Betsy’s bra and panties aside and proceeded to measure her. The girl measured Betsy’s chest and even put the measuring tape around Betsy’s boobs, which seemed a little odd. Then the girl put her hand on top of Betsy’s left breast almost daring the woman to object.

Betsy pretended that she knew it was all a formality and there was nothing happening out of the ordinary. Suddenly the girl looked her straight in the eyes. Betsy shivered with the memory of how she let the salesgirl feel her boobs. Before she had time to resist or do anything to stop the salesgirl, the girl had her hands full of luscious boobs. Betsy wanted to slap the girl hard across the face, but there was something eerily scary about her.

So Betsy stood still and let the young girl feel her breasts like she was assessing their size and quantity for a new bra. She remembered thinking that the girl looked overly confident at the time. “I can tell the size of your tits with my hand,” she whispered without taking her hand off Betsy’s breast. “When did you have your last period?”

Betsy remembered mumbling her response. She knew her breasts swelled during her period but she wondered if that should be taken into consideration when selecting a bra size. “Very firm… very nice. Yes… you’re a C+ or a small D. Here! Let’s try something on,” the girl said handing her a new bra.

Betsy didn’t feel comfortable trying things on, but she did it knowing Thomas wanted her to look good. First it was bras and one after another she tried them on. Each time the girl managed to grope and fondle her even though Betsy tried hard to stop the girl’s roving hands. It seemed the girl had a goal of molesting Betsy and she succeeded in doing it with each fitting. Her hands would always go to the sheer, lacy cups and feel how the bras fit. Then each time she would pinch the ends purposely so that her fingers squeezed Betsy’s nipples, which remained fully erect.

Then Betsy merely stood still as the girl humiliated her even more. The girl removed the last bra and it was truly an amazing feat how she moved around Betsy’s body so that she stood behind her. Acting like she was performing a special sales gimmick, the salesgirl reached around Betsy and grabbed her chin with her left hand. Then she pinched the chin with her fingers and thumb and turned Betsy’s head to the side so she could whisper in her ear.

The girl put her lips directly on Betsy’s ear and she let her tongue flick the lobe in a taunting fashion. “You have such marvelous nipples… so hard and erect,” she whispered. “Now it’s time… time to cover up that gorgeous snatch.”

Suddenly the girl’s right hand slithered around Betsy’s body, starting at her neck and finishing with her flat palm on Betsy’s lower tummy. The girl pulled the woman tightly into her young body with both arms and almost squeezed the wind out of her. Then the salesgirl slapped Betsy’s tummy and her fingers extended to cover her inflamed pelvis. “Thomas! Bring that red one… the one on the back of the chair.”

Betsy was too ashamed to move a muscle. She felt the girl’s daring fingers slip downward until the tips were pressing against the insides of her thighs. Then Betsy thought she would surely die. “Thomas! I think you’ll have to buy all the panties. She’s so wet… she’ll stain them all.”

Then to Betsy’s horror, the girl brought her hand up to Betsy’s mouth and pushed her wet fingers into her mouth. Suddenly the girl whispered so softly that only Betsy heard. “You’re lucky he’s here… or I’d make you cream. Have you ever creamed in a woman’s change room?”

Thomas watched his girlfriend’s eyes flutter and then roll up into her head. When he paid the salesgirl for a special anniversary present for Betsy, he didn’t imagine the girl putting on such a performance. He could see the girl was going overboard, but hesitated putting a stop to it. Suddenly his eyes opened wide watching the girl swipe a finger through Betsy’s wetness and then forcing his girlfriend to suck her finger.

He listened harder to hear what the salesgirl was saying to Betsy. “I can feel you shaking. I bet your boyfriend would love seeing us make love… right in front of him.” Thomas debated telling the girl to go ahead, but thought wiser of it, as he didn’t want to humiliate Betsy more than she already was.

Things got even better when the girl quickly moved her hand behind Betsy’s hips. Thomas could see her hand moving and then she spoke. “My God… what an ass! She’s got the tightest ass. Thomas… you are one lucky bastard.”

Betsy shivered with the memory of how she stood motionless letting the girl squeeze and grope her ass like a sex-starved teenager. Then all of a sudden the girl pushed her away and practically ordered her to try on panties. Betsy’s hands shook violently, but she managed to grab the red thong out of Thomas’ hand, as he held it out to her. It was a definite relief to be out of the girl’s grasp and Betsy vowed to not let it happen again.

She swiftly pulled the skimpy garment up and over her hips. Suddenly Betsy was too self-conscious for any more embarrassment. She grabbed her clothes and Thomas could see the session was over. It was not worth an argument and he merely asked the sales girl to wrap-up three more of the various styles of panties along with some of the bras.


Once they were outside of the store, Betsy’s heart rate slowly returned to normal. Then for the strangest reason, she determined that the experience was not as bad as it seemed. Suddenly the humiliation of trying on underwear in front of a salesgirl and Thomas wasn’t too bad, but rather it was stimulating, even daring. She remembered how excited Thomas had gotten and how much he enjoyed watching her in the fitting room.

Looking back on their relationship, Betsy reasoned the love/hate relationship happened in definite stages. In the beginning, she felt a unique bond with Thomas and he treated her like a goddess. Then they slipped into a more adventurous, sexual relationship where they tried things that seemed to get Thomas aroused. It started with the visit to Victoria Secrets and next stop was a smut shop.

Thomas had sexual toys and pleasure things in mind, which was all new to Betsy. She felt her face turning red when they entered an adult store and a grungy old man approached them. Once the man found out what they were looking for, he looked Betsy up and down with the biggest grin on his face. His scheming facade made Betsy grab onto Thomas’ arm more for mental support rather than anything physical.

Thinking about it years later, Betsy was positive she would have willingly bought anything if it meant they could have left the sex shop without talking to anyone. The old man seemed to stand near them, as Thomas led her around the vast store, and he filled a basket with various objects. It felt like an eternity and Betsy sensed the man’s eyes undressing her the entire time.

Eventually they had selected three vibrators, two 8-inch dildos, a huge 18-inch double-dildo and various creams and lotions. The dildos were shaped so much like real cocks that it was almost impossible to tell the difference. Thomas quickly named the double cock, ‘BD’ for big dick, and he gave her a knowing wink when he shoved it in the basket. She was too embarrassed to argue, readily agreeing to anything in an attempt to get out of the shop, as quick as possible.

The old mad took them through a room full of leather apparatuses, but Betsy managed a quick and assertive, ‘No thank you.’ When they went to pay, Betsy noticed a beaded doorway off to one side of the store. She wondered why several men plus two young couples entered what appeared to be a mysterious room.

Thomas noticed her questioning look. “They show porno movies nonstop… and also have glory holes in there,” he explained. Thomas could see Betsy had no clue about glory holes so he explained what they were. She almost died at the startling revelation and couldn’t imagine anyone touching, let alone sucking, a cock that came out of a hole in the wall. She remembered jokingly slapping Thomas when he playfully asked her if she wanted to see it in person.

Betsy couldn’t get out of the smut shop fast enough. They went to Thomas’ and there was one thing on his mind. First they tried the vibrators and then one of the dildos. All of a sudden Betsy finally realized she had been living under a rock. The sex was fantastic and the toys and instruments of joy added to their lovemaking.

Sometimes Thomas would use them on her, and other times Betsy used them, as he watched. Some of the times she used them and sucked Thomas at the same time, which she remembered as a big turn-on for her boyfriend. She also remembered what really excited her. While in her best submissive kneeling position, she would let Thomas fuck her from behind while she sucked on one of the dildos.

Suddenly the images of what else Thomas liked filled her head. That was the time he started using clothespins on her nipples, which eventually progressed to him using rubber bands on her boobs. She remembered how cutting off the blood to her breasts seemed to make them overly sensitive. Then she shivered at the vision of how she used to moan and scream when Thomas played with her blood-engorged nipples.

Then Betsy remembered how Thomas taught her to deep throat. He coaxed her to lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Then he got her to give him a blowjob. He told Betsy to make believe she was taking a big gulp of water and just let her throat open up. That was how he got his cock fully embedded in her mouth and down her throat. The first time he shot his load of searing cum down her throat, Betsy wondered if his cock wasn’t really in her belly.

Of course Thomas wasn’t happy until he started taking pictures of her. Betsy remembered the progression. He took pictures of her fully clothed, progressing to scantily clad and then into her being completely naked. Eventually Thomas was taking naked pictures of Betsy in every conceivable situation with her using all of the sex toys. Today she wondered if he kept his promise of not showing the photos to anyone else. Then she shrugged it off, as a silly thought, knowing he was a salesman who loved boasting about his egotistical accomplishments.

Betsy rolled onto her side and she needed a short rest. It was time to put an end to the dream of her second year with Thomas, as the weekend recollection of her life story was moving into another phase. She was still in love with Thomas, but their relationship was constantly changing.

***Meets Debbie

The time was just before Christmas and everyone seemed to reflect the mood of the season. Betsy felt happy and she was in a giving frame of mind when she came home from school one day. Just as she entered her apartment complex, Betsy came face to face with a neighbor lady who had her arms full of groceries and half of them had fallen to the floor.

Betsy rushed to help the woman. Now years later, she deemed it was one of those innocent meetings that God must have planned. Debbie had just moved into the building and it was the first time they had met when Betsy came to her aide. They carried the groceries into Debbie’s apartment and the woman asked Betsy to stay for coffee. There was an instant connection between the two and each woman seemed to feel like they had known each other for years.

Debbie told Betsy that she was married, but her husband was in the military. He was gone six months at a time, which made life hard for her. Debbie worried about his safety, but it was the most helpless feeling knowing that she couldn’t bring him home early. She explained how her family was arriving the next day and how her husband’s parents were going to stay for a few days. Debbie was doing the Christmas dinner thing and she told Betsy how deathly afraid she was of having her husband’s parents stay in her small apartment.

Betsy immediately offered her apartment to Debbie. “Hey! You can put your family up in my apartment. I’m going to visit my family in New Orleans for Christmas… and won’t be home until the 29th. Please… use my place,” Betsy said. “Really… use my place. I’d feel better if someone was there when I was gone.”

At the time it must have seemed strange to offer an almost complete stranger to use her apartment, but the two women felt an immediate bond when they met. They developed an instant friendship, which grew from that first eventful meeting. Thinking about it now, Betsy felt it was meant to be, her close friendship with Debbie. She didn’t feel threatened or jealous when Debbie was around and Betsy knew the woman would never do anything to hurt her.


Betsy got back for New Years. When she told Thomas about Debbie, she wondered about the sudden sparkle in his eyes. Thomas immediately told her to invite Debbie to join them for New Year’s Eve, as he was hosting a small party with close friends at his house. Betsy thought his offer was wonderful, as she couldn’t imagine Debbie being all alone when everyone else was celebrating.

Debbie gladly accepted the offer and the two went over to Thomas’ together. When he saw the woman, Thomas marveled at Debbie’s attractive appearance. She was about the same height as Betsy, about 5″8″, and just as slender. She had short, blonde hair that framed her pretty face perfectly. He was instantly drawn to her eyes, which were the prettiest hazel green, and they had the most innocent look. He felt that instant twinge in his crotch at her sexy façade and vowed to do whatever it took to get into her pants.

Thomas couldn’t take his eyes off the woman’s boobs. Debbie liked to wear tops that displayed her cleavage and New Year’s Eve was no exception. Betsy even remembered how she noticed Debbie’s loose fitting top. She thought about mentioning to Debbie about not bending or leaning over too much, but shrugged off any warning as being too petty.

The party lasted into the wee hours and Debbie readily made friends with everyone at the party. She was an instant attraction to one of Thomas’ friends who doted over her most of the night. The man made sure Debbie had a drink in her hand all night and it eventually took a toll on the woman’s stamina. At one point, Betsy had to rescue her from the man, as he had Debbie off in a quiet part of the house pretending to enlighten her about something. The two women giggled when they returned to the main party and Debbie promised not to drink anymore.

Like most New Year’s Eve parties, everyone was feeling no pain by the end. Since Debbie drank more than her usual, she readily accepted the offer to stay the night in Thomas’ second bedroom. As the party broke up, Debbie chatted with Betsy about letting her hair down on such a celebrative night even though her husband was not there. Betsy remembered that was the first time they hugged. It sort of seemed natural for her to comfort someone who was separated from her loving husband.

“God, I miss him so much. I shouldn’t be out having so much fun when my husband is away,” Debbie whispered falling into Betsy’s open arms.

“He’ll be home soon. I’ll be here for you… when you need someone,” Betsy whispered.

“I can’t believe I found you. I was so lonely… living all by myself. Then you showed up that day… helped me with my clumsy grocery mishap,” Debbie said. “I love you… oh God, I’m sorry… I mean… God, I don’t know what I mean.” In a funny sort of way, Debbie believed it. She felt a very extraordinary bond with her newfound friend and it felt good being with her in a time of need.

“I know. I know… I feel the same way. When we met… I realized you were someone special,” Betsy whispered. Then they put their arms around each other in a most loving embrace.

Betsy was unaware at the time, but her boyfriend was going out of his mind watching her in the arms of another woman. Thomas had returned to the astonishing scene after the last of his guests departed and he stood spellbound in the doorway of the quiet living room. Then he slipped off to his bedroom and waited for Betsy to say goodnight to her friend. The ten to fifteen minutes he waited seemed like an eternity and he jumped Betsy’s bones as soon as she came to bed.

Thomas had torrid intercourse with his girlfriend, but he was dreaming about Debbie. When he first found out about the woman, he put a plan in place to fuck Debbie. Not only did he intend on having sex with the woman, but also he planned for Betsy to be a willing participant. Like most men, Thomas had a vivid fantasy of watching lesbian sex. The fact Debbie was a beautiful woman with a sexy body was a bonus, but it was her sincere innocence that got him really excited.


The three had brunch the next day. As Thomas kept his secret to himself, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Betsy remembered how she spent the day with Thomas, and then that night, he asked her a million questions about Debbie. At the time she just thought he was concerned for a woman separated from her husband and family, but she later learned he was on a mission.

As time went by, Debbie was included in more and more outings with the couple. Betsy never realized until much later that her boyfriend schemed to have Debbie around. It seemed like a natural evolution that Thomas wanted Betsy to see more of her dear friend. Then one day Debbie called Betsy and informed her that she had a major plumbing problem in her apartment. The building’s maintenance man informed the woman that she would not have a shower for four or five days, so Debbie asked if she could use Betsy’s in the meantime.

That was how two close friends grew to appreciate the familiarity with each other. Betsy remembered coming into her bedroom just as Debbie walked out of the bathroom. The woman was blow-drying her hair and she was completely nude with her arms raised high in the air. Their eyes met and it was too late for any modesty, so Debbie shrugged and both women laughed at how she had been caught. From that point, there was no problem with either woman letting the other see them nude or in any state of undress.

Betsy never thought anything about how Thomas kept prying about Debbie. She told him everything and even all of the intimate things that happened between two close girlfriends. One night Betsy went out with Debbie and the woman told her about being upset because her husband was not coming home as planned. Maybe she had too much wine; maybe she just wanted to console her friend, but Betsy offered Debbie her toys. She knew there was no replacing the woman’s husband, but a vibrator or dildo might offer Debbie some comfort and release of her sexual tension.

After a few days, Debbie returned the vibrator and dildo. The two women chatted and suddenly Debbie asked her how she got them. So Betsy told her the whole story about the sex shop, including the groping by the young salesgirl that happened at Victoria Secrets earlier. Debbie was awestruck that it could happen so innocently in a public place and she wanted to know what exactly the salesgirl did. Then Debbie suggested that Betsy show her, as she just had to know everything.

Betsy flashed back to the first time she put her hands on Debbie in a sexual manner. She agreed to tell about what happened in the change room, but first she offered to get them some more wine. Betsy felt the urge to delay things, as everything seemed to be happening so fast and unexpected. When she came back into the room, Betsy remembered the woman acting very nervous. Debbie stood up beside the sofa when her friend approached, knowing she was about to experience something out of this world.

It was all very strange and new to Betsy too. She could see the woman’s chest heaving in and out at a rapid rate and Debbie appeared flushed with that familiar lust displayed on her face. Betsy remembered how much her hands shook when she put the glasses of wine down on the table, as she spilled some.

Betsy could not remember a time when she felt so much strength and courage. She stared into the dreamy eyes of her friend and instantly noticed the woman expected her to act. Betsy tried hard not to babble or stumble over her words. “First, you have to take off your top,” she said in a clear, concise tone.

All of a sudden Debbie was standing in front of her without her top. It was hard to remember the exact feeling when she put her hands inside Debbie’s bra. Unlike the salesgirl, she immediately pinched and caressed the nipples, which instantly got rock hard. Debbie’s boobs were slightly smaller than Betsy’s but they were much, much firmer.

“She told me that the nipples have to be hard so you can see if they show through the bra. Then she whipped off my bra leaving me shivering and wondering what she would do next,” Betsy whispered.

Betsy remembered seeing an excited look on Debbie’s face and the expectations that she wanted more. So Betsy reached for the clasp and removed the bra. Both women gasped at the sight of bare boobies. Suddenly Betsy wondered how far she could push it or even how far she should push it. She put her fingers on both nipples and rolled the swollen buds around and around until the woman’s eyes fluttered.

“Then the girl felt my boobs… saying she had to assess their size with her hands,” she whispered. Then Betsy did just that. She fondled another woman’s breasts and marveled at how nice they felt in her hands. Then her fingers went back to the nipples and rolled them around again.

Betsy recalled that eventful day like it was yesterday. She remembered how mystified she was by her friend’s actions, but reasoned Debbie acted in such a manner because she had not seen her husband for months. “Oh, my God… I’ve never had another woman touch me… touch me like that,” Debbie moaned. “Betsy… Betsy, oh God… I can’t stop. Oh God, my pants are wet… soaked with cream.”

Betsy witnessed animal lust in the truest form. She could tell Debbie was trying her hardest to resist the temptation to orgasm but it did little good. The telltale signs of her ragged breathing and shivering hips gave it away. Suddenly Betsy got a brilliant inspiration. “Let’s use the vibrator. Strip! Take your jeans off… and your panties.” Betsy remembered how her hands shook when she helped the woman strip.

Then Debbie stood petrified, completely naked and more than ready to continue. Suddenly the cold tip of the vibrator was between her thighs. Debbie flinched but opened her legs to enable her dear friend to put the vibrating gadget in her crotch. There was instant gratification when her puffy labia were spread wide enough for Betsy to push the vibrator into the wetness.

Debbie closed her legs and crushed the plastic tool deeper into her crotch with her powerful thighs. The million little fingers of pulsating love caressed every tiny fragment of her slit and pushed hard against her clitoris, which seemed to be inflamed. Debbie could hardly stand and suddenly her head was resting on Betsy’s shoulder.

The vibrator was nonstop and Debbie’s emotions soared to crest higher than she ever imagined. Then the distraught woman started raving and she apologized for losing control again. Debbie’s entire body shook violently, as the battery powered pecker was rammed into her soaked crevice.

Betsy recalled the wonderful sensations of being in control. She held Debbie and it was a tremendous feeling of having a woman climax in her arms. Then Betsy remembered what happened next. Debbie soared into unfamiliar territory and she was consumed by an untamed lust like nothing in her young life. She franticly ripped Betsy’s clothes off and swiftly had the woman of her dreams completely naked.

Even before the last spasm rocked her lithe torso, Debbie attacked like a wild beast. She was a lot rougher than she intended, but that didn’t seem to matter in her lust filled mind. The woman devoured the most luscious tits she’d ever seen and hungrily sucked on the supple nipples. Debbie filled her mouth with saliva and rolled the pebbles around like marbles in oil, which made Betsy’s chest heave in and out.

Betsy dropped the vibrator and she tried to hold the mad woman at bay. All of a sudden she was falling and it took all of her dexterity to prevent getting hurt. Her arms were strewn outwards catching herself before hitting the floor too hard. Debbie never hesitated and her hands were all over the sexiest woman.

Suddenly Debbie’s head was on Betsy’s chest with her mouth devouring an enlarged nipple. Trying hard to imagine how it happened, after so many years, Betsy had no idea how the woman got her hands on the sex toys. Debbie’s left hand placed the vibrating penis directly on top of her clit and Betsy went out of her mind. Then Debbie inserted the big rubber dick until her hand got extremely wet.

Betsy glanced down and she watched Debbie’s mouth and tongue work shear magic. Every time she noticed the tongue flick out and lick one of her nipples, her chest heaved upward in a most violent fashion. Betsy couldn’t see past the woman’s head, but she felt what was happening. The vibrator buzzed at a furious rate and the constant contact on her tender clitoris was profound.

She desperately wanted to plead, even beg for the woman to stop but it was too late. A shocking spasm shot through her inner being and then another until the tremors ran together. Betsy threw her head back and arched her back severely but there was no escape. It took forever to come down out of the clouds but eventually her body stopped thrashing all over the plush carpet.

Looking back on that first time, Betsy found it weird that there was no oral or actual kissing. It was more of a sexual release than anything else. Now years later, Betsy grinned realizing that love would come later. She wasn’t sure what time it was when they managed to work their way up to Betsy’s bedroom. The two women remained naked when they climbed into bed and slept. When the sun came up, Betsy refused to open her eyes for fear they would pop. She heard the shower running and Debbie getting dressed. Then there was a soft, tender kiss on her cheek and suddenly everything got eerily quiet when the woman departed.


For the next month or so, nothing was said about that night. Betsy remembered telling Thomas every detail and seeing his face light up with immense delight. When Thomas was around Debbie, he never acted like he knew a thing. All he said was that they should invite the woman over to his place when the pool was ready. Betsy never suspected that Thomas intended having a piece of Debbie, but she should have realized his plan when he brought up Debbie during sex.

For the silliest reason, Betsy suddenly broke out in a big laugh. Even though it was years after the fact, she actually roared out loud when thinking about how stupid she acted with her boyfriends. Thomas was no different. Now she realized he planned and schemed for months. The man must have known about her secret passion buttons and he seemed to hit one every time.

Betsy remembered one sexual innuendo. It happened during intercourse and Thomas suddenly whispered in her ear. He asked Betsy if she thought Debbie was any good at licking pussy, but she shrugged off his question with an embarrassing blush.

Her relationship with Thomas continued hot and heavy, but then something else happened. Debbie came over to Betsy’s on one particular Friday night with a bottle of wine. The two women seldom had free time for any long-winded discussions, but they chatted or talked briefly almost every day. During one of their chats earlier in the week, Betsy mentioned that Thomas was going away for the upcoming weekend on some kind of medical conference.

Debbie seized the opportunity to be alone with Betsy. The first word out of her mouth when she showed up at the door was an apology for what happened a month ago. “I’m sorry for the way I acted… the other night. I’ve never done that before… with another woman, I mean. I think it was not having any physical contact with my husband… that made me so horny,” Debbie explained. “My God! I can’t remember being… acting so horribly.”

“It’s alright. Don’t worry,” Betsy whispered.

“But I acted wrong. I should never have acted that way,” Debbie said.

Again Betsy tried to reassure her friend that everything was okay.

“But I shouldn’t have… I guess I just lost it.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t mind at all.”

“Oh God… your friendship means so much to me.”

“It’s alright.”

“Not having Hank around for months… must have made me loose it.”

The scene was right out of a romantic movie. The sexy woman wearing a low-cut blouse and loose, casual skirt was standing with her hands full. Debbie held two crystal wine glasses by the stems in one hand and a bottle of white wine in the other. Her mouth was open, just as she finished her last statement, and Betsy put a stop to her rambling.

“I’m not sorry,” Betsy whispered. Suddenly she kissed Debbie hard on the lips. Debbie put her arms up, as if to protest, but her hands were full. There was no hesitation when her tongue lashed out to meet the aggressor. Debbie felt a guiding hand on her elbow and suddenly the two women stumbled towards the bedroom.

Betsy’s memory went back to the Friday night of the decade. It was after torrid sex that the bottle of wine was opened. They were still overheated and the dry, sharp wine tasted great. What Betsy did find out about her newfound girlfriend was that Debbie turned into an absolute aggressor once lust took over her reasoning. It was as if the woman could not satisfy her raging thirst for sex and she turned into a wild woman whenever they were together.

Every sexual encounter started out innocently and they would sit around chatting without actually touching each other. It seemed their emotions simmered for a certain length of time before the temptation was too much to resist. They both seemed to know something sinful was on the horizon and it usually took about thirty minutes before one or the other made a provocative gesture. Debbie reasoned that an affair with another woman was not really being unfaithful to her husband.

Suddenly Betsy laughed at how they quickly lost control. One of them would start ripping the other’s clothes off and soon both women would be naked. It didn’t matter which apartment they were in because each woman had a full complement of toys, as Betsy had divided them up. Strangely, Betsy thought about it now, but the sex was merely a method or venting or relieving pent up sexual tension. There was no oral and still no intimate kissing, up to that point, Betsy thought with a giggle. They would finger each other and use the various sex toys to get the gratification they needed.

When each session was over, they acted like nothing had happened. That weekend was the beginning of an affair that neither woman considered perverted or long lasting. Debbie had her husband who was returning home shortly and Betsy had her boyfriend, Thomas. So the weekend started a casual relationship where one or the other would visit the other’s apartment every other week. Looking back on it now, Betsy assumed it was like an addiction where they could resist the temptation for a short time but not stop it entirely.

When Thomas heard about the affair, he was the happiest man on earth. He tried to hide his enthusiasm, but it was like a dream come true to him. Thomas set everything up perfectly. He cleaned and rejuvenated the pool after the winter shutdown and wanted to open the pool in style. “Darling, please invite your friend, Debbie, over for dinner. I’ll make my special ribs and we’ll open the pool in style,” he told Betsy. “And darling… don’t mention anything to her about bringing a suit. I want to see the look on her face when you tell her we’re going swimming.”

Now Betsy knew what he was up to. At the time she wondered if she should help her boyfriend seduce her friend, but all of a sudden she also found the idea very alluring. Suddenly she tried to remember everything about the evening. Her memory included Debbie being naked in the pool with Thomas, Debbie licking her first pussy and Thomas fucking her brains out.

Thomas was the chef that night and the meal was fantastic. They ate on the back deck and Betsy remembered the setting as being very tranquil. Thomas cooked baby-back ribs to perfection and then he suggested they all go for a dip. Debbie immediately explained her lack of a bathing suit, but that was where Thomas’ plan came into play. He had already scripted what Betsy should say. “Not a problem. We never wear anything. As you can see… the pool is secluded. C’mon, don’t be chicken… join us. Why not? We’re all friends… and I love watching Thomas’ eyes bug out when he sees a naked woman.”

They all laughed but there was a sudden serious mood in the calm night air. Debbie’s mouth hung open when she watched her two friends disrobe and exuberantly jump in the water. She hesitated, but since no one paid any attention to her, she slowly took off her clothes. When she was down to her bra and panties, Debbie stood still next to the pool shivering like crazy.

Debbie looked adorable and too sexy to resist, so Thomas quickly got out of the pool. He rushed over to the frightened woman and swiftly shoved her into the warm water. Debbie did an incredible belly flop and she came up gasping and sputtering for air. Before she could do anything or stop her two friends, they swiftly stripped her last garments.

After that, Betsy remembered how they acted like teenagers. They splashed and frolicked and all the while Debbie imagined the water-snake trolling the waters. She couldn’t get the picture of a naked man out of her head. Thomas was the first to get out of the water. He stood facing the two women and brazenly let the water drip off his body. Then he laid down on one of the three lounge chairs, laying flat on his back with his legs spread.

Betsy noticed Debbie’s eyes following Thomas, as he left the water. “Yes. Thomas is built. Gawd, I remember the first time… we had sex,” she whispered. “Wait till you feel it… touch his cock.” Betsy could still see her boyfriend’s semi-flaccid pecker drooping downward between his legs in a most enticing fashion.

Suddenly Debbie ripped her eyes away from the sinful scene and stared into Betsy’s. The words echoed in her head and she wasn’t sure of the meaning of what Betsy told her. All of a sudden she realized it was true. Her dearest friend was setting her up with her boyfriend. Debbie never interpreted it as anything but a loving gesture of Betsy trying to comfort her sex-starved girlfriend. Debbie felt herself getting wet and knew it wasn’t because of the swimming pool.

Then the two women stayed in the pool and chatted for another fifteen minutes. Much of the conversation had sexual overtones and that was when Betsy found out that her friend craved sex. Debbie also told Betsy that her husband was not nearly as well endowed, as Thomas, and mentioned how envious she was. Then the two giggled out loud at Betsy’s reference of what it was like to feel Thomas’ manly cock. When they talked about having a threesome, Debbie giggled saying she heard about such things, but never experienced anything of the sorts.

When Betsy got out of the pool and knelt on the pool deck, the sound of two pounding chests could almost be heard. She held her hand out and indicated Debbie should take it. Debbie reached for the outstretched hand and got out of the pool. Then the two women slowly walked over to where Thomas was brazenly spread out on the lounge chair.

Betsy remembered how she grinned from ear to ear when she noticed her boyfriend. Thomas had his eyes closed pretending he was sleeping, but there was no doubt he wasn’t. She saw his stiff cock lying at an upward angle along his belly and it jerked up and down almost teasing any onlooker.

Suddenly Debbie was pushed against the lounge chair. There was a soft, guiding hand in the middle of her back, which pushed her forward and downward at the same time. Debbie was forced onto her knees and her eyes bugged out when the enlarged penis was right in front of her face. Her eyes got even bigger in amazement when the twitching pecker jumped up and down in the air over Thomas’ flat belly.

Debbie was not asked, but her shaking hand went to the pecker. Her dainty fingers closed around the thickest shaft and she was positive her heart was going to burst. Debbie spoke but she didn’t understand why. “Oh, my God. No… no, it’s too big. Bigger than Hank’s… the biggest I’ve ever seen,” she whispered, as she held the hard cock straight up. “It’s feels… feels so thick in my hand. Dear God… Betsy, you’re pushing my head…”

Her words were stifled when her mouth touched the flaming cock. The bulbous head of Thomas’ manhood brushed against Debbie’s lips and suddenly the entire head was inside her burning cavity. She recalled sucking Hank’s penis a few times, but it was nothing like this. Suddenly she put her other hand on Thomas’ cock and tried to prevent it from entering her throat.

Debbie was utterly amazed by how readily she sucked Thomas’ cock. Blowjobs were never her favorite, but all of a sudden it didn’t seem so bad. She felt the blood rushing through the cock and tried to move her hands up and down knowing it would please Thomas. Suddenly he twisted his fingers into her hair and held her head absolutely still on top of his throbbing pecker. Thomas jerked his hips a few times and Debbie was deathly afraid he was going to blast his load down her throat.

Before she had time to resist or do anything to stop the man, Thomas yanked her body forward. He grabbed her around the shoulders and forced her onto his lap. Debbie was forced to put one leg on either side of the chair and she straddled Thomas’ lower body around his hips. It left her totally vulnerable. “Oh, my God. This can’t be… can’t be happening to me,” she moaned knowing what was next. “Oh… oh… oh God. I can feel it. Feel your cock under me,” the married blonde whispered.

Suddenly Debbie glanced over to her friend. Her breathing got more ragged by the second and she felt her heart rate increase dramatically. When her eyes started to flutter, Debbie realized she was losing control. Her eyes glazed over and felt like they would roll up into her forehead. At first she almost expected Betsy to put a stop to what her boyfriend was doing, but Debbie quickly realized that would not happen.

Debbie was on a cloud, floating through the sky, trying desperately to ignore the haunting guilt of being unfaithful with a man for the first time in her life. Her legs straightened just enough so that her body rose up off Thomas’ pelvis. She felt a hand between her legs and fully understood the consequences. Suddenly something brushed against her narrow, wet slit and then Debbie felt her labia being spread apart. Her hips twitched and jerked back and forth which seemed to allow penetration.

All of a sudden she felt strong, controlling hands around her waist. Her torso was lifted slightly and then rammed downward with a most violent pull. Suddenly she wasn’t floating anymore and her breathing stopped. Debbie had never felt anything in her belly before and it was impossible to comprehend she was being fucked by someone other than her husband. Nothing moved for the longest time. There was no pain, but merely a stretching sensation between her legs. Then her body was moving up and down and big, rough hands were adjusting her boobs, as if they were doorknobs.

Thomas cupped Debbie’s titties and he relished how soft, yet perky they were. He pinched the hard nipples with his fingers and pulled so that her torso leaned forward. With Debbie’s upper body at an angle, her boobs hung down making them jiggle and sway from side to side. Then Thomas started thrusting his powerful hips up and down and he felt her body slap against his pelvis each time she came crashing down. He could feel her inner sanctuary squeezing and trying to milk his cock and knew Debbie was beyond caring.

All of a sudden her body started jerking and he knew she was close. Thomas drove his hips up with all his might and he heard Debbie cry out with a lost passion. Debbie spread her knees farther apart and she let her hips crash downward with such force that his cock was fully embedded.

Everything was new to Debbie. Sex with her husband was good, but it did not compare to what was happening at that moment. She had intercourse with Hank on a regular basis when he was home, but nobody had ever fucked her, ravaged her body like this. Thomas was an animal and suddenly she realized her passions and desire matched his. He was rough and demanding and used her for his own gratification. The problem in her distraught mind was that she willingly succumbed to his demands.

Debbie felt a powerful spasm rock her confidence and then the tremors were too strong. Her entire body went into convulsions and her juices flowed unabated, coating the big cock buried in her belly. Suddenly she felt the comfort of her dearest friend. “Gawd, baby. Oh, my gawd, do it… let it go,” Betsy whispered. “Oh, baby, you look so good. That’s it… cum all over Thomas’ wonderful cock.”

So she did. Debbie climaxed like never before and she let all of her emotions ride the sky-high rails. She didn’t try to stop and suddenly something hot and burning filled her inner being. Debbie realized Thomas was cumming and she eagerly let it happen. She was utterly baffled when another series of violent tremors shot through her body. Then Debbie realized it was the orgasm of the century and she wondered if it would ever end.

The spasms started out similar to anything else, but then they ravaged her entire body from head to toe. Sweat covered her body, as every muscled seemed to tense and be part of the orgasm. Suddenly something unbelievable happened. A calm, so peaceful, washed over her and then she felt a river of cum flow from her secret chamber. She coveted the large cock buried in her soul and it turned out to be the most peaceful, yet traumatic climax.

Her body was soaked when she collapsed on top of Thomas. Debbie didn’t have the strength to move or to get off his spent torso. She felt his manhood, still big and throbbing deep inside of her, but then it slowly seemed to slide from her deepest regions. Again the feeling was peaceful, as she felt his cock dwindle and shrink enough so that it slipped out of her still throbbing hole.

Debbie still didn’t want to move, but suddenly Betsy rolled her off Thomas. Betsy put her arms around her friend and they hugged. Thomas could see the glint in Betsy’s eye and knew what she was up to. He heard all about the two women spending time together and especially how they used sex toys. Dreaming about watching his gorgeous girlfriend with another woman was one thing. Having the seduction play out right in front of his face was the ultimate fantasy.

Thomas quickly grabbed both women by the arm. “Let’s go inside… where it’s warm and comfortable,” he whispered. Then he ushered them into the house and all the way up to his bedroom. All of a sudden he watched Betsy kiss Debbie on the lips. It started out as tender pecking and quickly turned into a heated, intense kiss. Thomas marveled at seeing Betsy’s tongue slip into Debbie’s mouth and then the two women locked in a French kiss. He even felt a familiar twitching in his loins when he noticed Betsy’s hands slip into the hair on Debbie’s head. Then his eyes grew large when his girlfriend forced the woman’s head downward with a stern, demanding yank.

Betsy’s fingers intertwined in the curly strands of hair and she guided Debbie’s head to her chest. “Suck. Suck my breasts… my nipples and make them harder,” she moaned. “Oh, gawd, yes. Use your tongue… like that, yes!”

Betsy remembered how the caresses made her head spin. She had been with Debbie many times when they each used a vibrator or dildo in order to climax. She told Thomas how they sometimes finger fucked each other but never had they kissed or performed actual cunnilingus. Suddenly Betsy felt powerful and in control. She pushed Debbie backwards until she was forced to sit on the edge of the bed. Then Betsy dove onto the bed landing flat on her back.

Thomas couldn’t believe his good fortune. He watched as the timid, yet brave, young woman leaned over and kissed her lover again. The kiss lasted a few moments and then his girlfriend took over. Betsy pushed the top of Debbie’s head until the woman’s lips were on her chest. The titty loving was brief, as well, and soon Betsy was pushing again. Slowly and ever so deftly, she pushed the head downward until she felt the hot, wet tongue on her tummy.

When the tip of Debbie’s tongue pretended to be a tiny penis and fuck her bellybutton, Betsy’s heart beat at a frantic rate. All of a sudden she had to remove her hands from Debbie’s head. Betsy flung her arms out to the sides and she dug her fingers desperately into the sheets. She strained, arching her back severely, but her spirit seemed to leave her body, as it floated aimlessly in the air.

Then Debbie shifted around on the bed so that she crouched between Betsy’s splayed legs. Suddenly Betsy felt it. The tongue licked and stroked her lower tummy and coated her upraised, shaved pelvis with oily saliva. When the tip of Debbie’s tongue lashed through her wet opening, Betsy’s entire body jerked anxiously. Betsy felt fingers spreading her soaked labia and she knew what was coming next. Debbie’s head dipped slightly and then Betsy was hit with a fierce jolt of electricity. The tongue lapped her wetness like a rabid dog and Betsy wondered why she had not tried cunnilingus with Debbie before?

All of a sudden Debbie was distracted. Abruptly her hips were jerked off the bed and she was propped up on her knees. She twisted her torso around and swatted at Thomas. Debbie’s first impulse was to stop the man, but unexpectedly the thought of being ravaged again was overwhelming. Suddenly Thomas grabbed her head and shoved it back into the fiery inferno. His intent was clear and for Debbie, there was no way out. In an instant of clarity, she realized that she didn’t want one.

Her fingers returned to the puffy, pussy lips and then she saw the pink target. It was the most amazing sight when her mouth sucked the tiny, winged clitoris and the woman’s hips thrashed up and down out of control. Debbie’s cheeks were on fire and she felt an overpowering attraction for something that she once considered taboo.

Success built her confidence and Debbie started using her teeth. She was very careful not to bite too hard on such a delicate morsel and just as she nibbled on the tender bud, she felt Thomas’ insisting probing of her vulnerable opening with his magnificent cock.

It was the weirdest feeling for Debbie. She desperately wanted to delay or stop Thomas’ assault, yet she had the strongest urge to fulfill a dream. Her tongue lapped up the immense juices, which tasted a little bitter on her tongue, yet sweet, once the river ran down her throat.

Then Debbie felt like yelling out loud. Her dearest friend was experiencing an orgasm and it was a lesbian lust felt by both women. Debbie pushed her face into the wetness and used her tongue with the skill of an experienced pro when she took Betsy over the top. The feeling was profound but Debbie had only a fleeting moment to relish what she had just done.

Suddenly her world exploded. She let out a big gasp, as the air rushed out of her lungs, when Thomas speared her from behind, embedding his monster once again in her ready cunt. From the first thrust, he ravaged and used her body.

Thomas dug his sharp nails into the soft flesh of her hips and he held on tight. Every time Thomas pumped his hips forward, he pulled back hard with his hands, which embedded his throbbing cock to the max. Debbie never dreamed of experiencing a second orgasm. Just as her tongue quieted and she stopped drinking the sweet nectar, she felt a sudden quake vibrate through her midsection. It was the foundation of a romantic threesome that all three would cherish forever.


That was the beginning of the summer of 89. Debbie licked her first pussy and Thomas fucked her brains out whenever he could. Debbie was usually at Thomas’ house on the weekends all summer and she would spend the night in Thomas and Betsy’s bed, as the couple had the greatest toy.

Thomas was overjoyed by it all. He loved having sex with two women and especially loved watching Betsy and Debbie together, utilizing many of the sex toys. When they first purchased the BD, Thomas used it on Betsy, but he loved it even more when she used ‘big dick’ on herself. It sent a shiver through Betsy’s entire body when she thought back to how big BD actually was and how it took forever to stretch her honey-hole to accommodate such a big cock.

Betsy became extremely proficient at reaching marvelous orgasms using the oversized dildo. She quickly learned that the orgasm was fantastic when she inserted about half the dildo into her pussy and then yanked the rubber shaft towards her belly. It put tremendous pressure on her delicate clitoris and the climaxes were mind-blowing.

The first time Debbie saw BD, she almost fainted. She insisted that there was no way such a huge cock would ever get inside of her, but Thomas merely took that as a challenge.

Betsy remembered one particular night when Thomas made drinks he called peach-riches. One can of frozen lemonade, one can vodka and very ripe peaches all blended into a fabulous drink, which worked magic on unsuspecting women. Betsy tried to recall what exactly happened that night, as her memory was slightly clouded from being inebriated. Debbie had gotten drunk, as well, and that had been Thomas’ opportunity.

Once Thomas had made the peach-riches with a double amount of alcohol, it took no time to get both women to lose all their inhibitions. Betsy couldn’t remember how or why, but he managed to get her and Debbie naked. That in and of itself, not an unusual thing, but what Betsy did remember was being locked in an intense battle with her dear friend. She wrestled around on the floor with Debbie in a playful, jostling manner but somehow Debbie seemingly got the better of the action.

Suddenly Betsy’s recollection got detailed and vivid. Thomas had intervened. Betsy could still hear her boyfriend encouraging Debbie to use the strap-on. He helped Debbie strap it around her slender hips, and was then telling, even demanding that she should forcefully fuck his girlfriend.

Betsy remembered how the once playful wrestling abruptly took on a more vehement tone, as she desperately tried to fend off her determined friend, who had become wild. When the strong, determined fingers closed around her neck, it felt like all the acting was real. All of a sudden Betsy couldn’t breathe and it felt strange, as her mind went into great turmoil.

Betsy could still visualize herself fighting off the woman. Suddenly Debbie’s powerful fingers were around her throat and to this day it was the strangest feeling when her breathing was severely hampered by Debbie’s choking. Betsy remembered thinking that she should fight but her spirit was broken in a heartbeat by the dominating woman.

Betsy remembered being ordered to do this, do that, and act in a certain fashion. She couldn’t imagine a race to the finish that lasted any longer than the wrestling match. It was almost as if it was the rape of the century. She was choked and forced to obey when ordered to spread her legs. Then she felt the big dildo spread her universe and fuck her so hard that the sudden attack and pain made her cry out loud.

Betsy tried to recall what else happened. Oh, yes, she thought. Her hair was pulled hard and her head twisted from side to side, as the woman extracted every ounce of humiliation from her slave. The most shocking thing for Betsy was Debbie slapping her face, and then being forced to stare into the intense eyes of a mad woman. When the first spasm shot through her loins like an out of control freight train, Betsy willingly accepted the submissive role demanded by her two, dearest friends.

Looking back on it now, Betsy realized how conniving Thomas really was. He told her afterwards that he enjoyed the wrestling session more than anything in the world. She fell for his line that his love grew when he watched her in the arms of another woman. At the time Betsy remembered being so confused that it was easy for Thomas to convince her to use BD on Debbie. He insisted she do it, rather than doing it himself, because Debbie would more readily cooperate if she was befriended by Betsy.

Her orgasm had barely subsided so that her breathing was fairly smooth when Thomas whispered in her ear. “Sweetheart… let’s use BD on her. Let’s fuck her with big dick and make her our little slut,” he whispered. “I want to watch you… fuck her with BD.”

Betsy remembered how they worked together on the unsuspecting Debbie. “C’mon, baby. Suck some cock… suck it baby,” he whispered. “Get that pretty ass up in the air… I want to watch Bets fuck that sweet ass.”

Sense and reasoning must have led Debbie to believe she would be getting screwed with the strap-on dildo, which had been just stripped from her hips. She willing succumbed to Thomas’ demands, with a little help from Betsy, as they propped her up on hands and knees in a perfect doggie position. Thomas quickly shoved his cock in her blushing face and demanded she suck it.

Betsy remembered shivering madly thinking it was wrong, but she didn’t stop. She crouched behind Debbie and rubbed the elongated dildo up and down in her wetness, knowing the big tool had to be lubricated. Then she slowly pushed the bulbous head into the puffy opening, which made Debbie moan out loud. When Betsy worked the head into the honey-hole, she felt Debbie’s body twist and turn.

Debbie must have felt something strange, but when she tried to stop the intrusion, Thomas merely grabbed her head. He yanked on her hair to hold her head steady so that his cock stayed inside her hot mouth.

But that was not the best part, Betsy thought, as she looked back on the eventful night. Once she managed to get a few inches of the realistic cock inside the writhing woman, Thomas demanded the ultimate sacrifice. He sternly shifted Debbie around and flopped her onto her back. “Now we fuck. Betsy! It’s time our little love-slave gets fucked by BD,” Thomas said. “Betsy, honey. Fuck her with your favorite toy.”

Thomas hovered near Debbie’s head and pinned her shoulders to the bed. He purposely rubbed the saliva that coated his cock onto Debbie’s cheek and did it in a mocking fashion. “Now baby’s going to get fucked… by her girlfriend,” he whispered. “Spread those gorgeous legs and let Bets see your sweet cunt.”

To this day Betsy didn’t know why she complied with her boyfriend’s wishes. She remembered staring at her innocent girlfriend who appeared drugged and more than willing to continue. Debbie’s legs remained spread, as if waiting for her lover to take her. That was how one of the most dramatic paragraphs of her life story flashed through her head. She imagined herself bending over slowly and placing the big dick directly on Debbie’s soaked pussy. The dildo was still lubricated and Betsy thrust three or four inches inside, as Debbie whimpered in protest once again.

At the time Betsy wondered if it was possible for both women to get fucked by the double dildo at the same time. Thomas answered her question immediately by rotating her around so that she was sitting right next to Debbie’s hips. It was one of those memorable events in a person’s life, which they would always find totally amazing.

Thomas spoke to both women ensuring his wishes were carried out. “That’s it baby… keep your cunt close to Bets. Yes… push baby… push harder,” he whispered to Debbie.

“Sweet Jesus, honey… do it. More… get more of that big fucking cock inside your hot cunt,” he whispered to h

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