A Journey of a Real Woman CH8

Author: kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please email me your comments and suggestion, as I appreciate readers who take the time to give feedback. The style of this story is new and I hope readers can understand what I tried to do. I am telling Betsy’s story, as she gets set to turn 40, and she thinks back to what has happened in her life.

Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman… or the craziest.

Chapter Eight

Betsy felt good about letting Jim down easy and she was glad he took the breakup without any hard feelings. The fact he got a great job offer in the Midwest, skillfully arranged by his father, was probably the biggest reason Jim didn’t get hurt badly by the breakup. There was no doubt in Betsy’s mind that Bernie would, and could, do almost anything to achieve a goal. Whether it was a business or a personal goal didn’t matter to a man with power and influence.

Her life story continued with the recollection of her last conversation with Bernie. He contacted her a few months after that eventful week at Martha’s Vineyard and said he was forever grateful for how she handled the breakup with his son. Funny, she thought at the time, he was the one who planned and pretty much arranged everything, so it should be him giving himself a pat on the back. During that phone call, Bernie asked for only one favor. He had a very important CEO customer and his wife visiting New Orleans in a few days and needed someone to show the couple around the area.

Betsy would always feel indebted to Bernie. The fact she had received money from the man and he had arranged for her teaching job at the local university were definite reasons for Betsy agreeing to be a tour guide. She also liked Bernie a lot, which was the big determining factor in helping out the man. The plans were set over the phone for the couple to arrive on Thursday and leave on the following Monday.

Betsy met them at the airport. Ned was a handsome man in his mid 50’s and he was very distinguished looking with a tall build, neat grey hair and a very muscular appearance. His wife Carol was in her late 40’s and she was dressed to the nines, looking like a rich, classy lady. The last impression a person would get from looking at the couple was that they were anything but refined and upstanding.

Ned was one of the most influential CEO’s in the country and his wife was a real socialite. They were a nice couple and acted prim and proper with everyone. After picking them up at the airport, Betsy showed them around the city. They visited some of the historical sites and Betsy dropped them off at their hotel suite fairly early. It had been a long trip and they were exhausted, so she agreed to delay any more touring until the next day.

Again on Friday, they visited landmarks and points of interest. Betsy spent much more time with Carol during the tour, as Ned fielded numerous business calls. She liked Carol a lot and quickly realized the woman was completely devoted to her husband.

On Saturday, Betsy took them to see the famous downtown area. Ned had his video camera and took shots of everything including many of Carol and Betsy in front of all the famous landmarks. The couple wanted to see the location where women bared their breasts for a mere string of cheap beads. Carol had suggested Betsy bring a change of clothes when she picked them up that day, as they planned taking her out to a very ritzy restaurant after touring.

It was a very hot, sunny day so the two women had a shower at the couple’s suite before getting dressed for the night out. Betsy smiled at the recollection of seeing Carol naked for the first time. She was older than Betsy but Carol had obviously kept herself in excellent shape. Betsy instantly thought of that Seinfeld show with guest star Teri Hatcher and she wondered if Carol’s were real. Carol’s boobs were amazing for a woman her age and definitely eye candy for any man… and woman, Betsy thought with a chuckle.

It was funny at the time, as the two women got dressed for an elegant night out. Carol noticed Betsy’s stare and immediately confessed to having silicone boobs. “These were Ned’s Christmas present a few years ago,” she said grinning happily at Betsy. “I can make him do anything with these… funny what a man will do for a great set of tits. You should know!” Carol’s acknowledgement that she thought Betsy had nice boobs was nice to hear and Betsy’s confidence soared after that.

Betsy got along with Carol better than ever after the humorous interlude. They chatted like long-lost friends and Ned couldn’t have been happier. Dinner was great and he made sure the wine never stopped coming. Betsy’s head was spinning when they returned to the couple’s suite by cab, as there was no way she could drive in such a condition. Ned suggested a nightcap and it was only natural for Betsy to go up to the couple’s suite with them. Carol and Betsy sat on the sofa drinking while Ned rushed off to another room, returning with his camera.

Betsy remembered the night as one of those spontaneous events that just seemed to occur. No planning or forethought at all and things merely happened. Ned started taking pictures of the two women and then he begged them to look sexy. The next thing Betsy knew, Carol had her hands all over her and her blouse was completely undone. Ned kept taking pictures and pleading for them to look even sexier.

Suddenly her head was buzzing like mad and her actions, at the time, were most likely very erratic from too much alcohol. When Carol stripped Betsy’s blouse and then took her own off, Betsy merely smiled knowing she was having a good time. She had no intentions of having sex with anyone, but merely posing for a bunch of innocent pictures.

Betsy and Carol posed topless on the sofa and Ned’s camera never stopped taking pictures of the two sexy, gorgeous women. Ned took lots of pictures and then he pleaded for something more risqué. Betsy wasn’t sure how she got naked, but looking back on it, she was positive that she didn’t put up any fight against it. She was sure Carol undressed her or the woman kept talking her into undressing.

Then Betsy recalled how Carol suggested they perform more intimate poses for her husband. At the time Betsy felt a little odd doing suggestive and provocative things with the man’s wife, as he filmed everything. Carol wouldn’t take no for an answer and she kissed Betsy while implying there was much more to come. When the woman rubbed her body against her, Betsy reluctantly surrendered to the pressure of being the night’s entertainment for the couple.

Her life story seemed out of control. Betsy wondered if anyone reading her version of things would ask her how this seduction could happen to a sane, logical woman. But she really didn’t have an answer. Suddenly she was lying on a bed with Carol giving the performance of her life and Ned was recording it all with his camera.

So many things happened and it was hard keeping track of everything she did. Betsy remembered how Carol was not overly aggressive, but merely sneaky enough to stay one-step ahead. Her hands were all over and Betsy tried in vain to stop the brazen groping and fondling. It must have appeared like two teenagers rolling around on the bed and Ned found the struggle very arousing. His charming wife swiftly had their sexy guest at her mercy.

Betsy remained in dreamland wondering if she should include all the sordid details of that night in her life story. She remembered the episode as the one time in her life where she would have done anything asked of her. ‘Just fuck me and let me go home,’ Betsy thought at the time. She acted like a toy robot from the combination of too much booze; from the fact she was stimulated into a frenzied state by the devious Carol and from thinking she was doing a huge favor for Bernie.

Abruptly Betsy decided that a meager recap of the fateful night would suffice for her life story. She was getting tired of being the underdog and the one that succumbed to devious schemes. It started out with the two women posing and doing things for the camera. Betsy remembered rolling around on the bed with the naked woman and that Carol used every trick in the book to crop feels of her luscious body.

The next stage quickly developed with Carol taking the camera from her husband. Betsy was forced to suck Ned’s cock and she began a long, tedious blowjob. It was during the blowjob that she wound up on her hands and knees, crouched on the bed between Ned’s legs. She recalled glancing towards a mirror on the dresser and catching two images that still made her shudder. The red light of the camera was glowing, but there was no Carol at the control. The camera was propped on the dresser and recording everything that happened on the bed. Carol was in the mirror’s image and she had an empty bottle of champagne in her hands.

Betsy stared at the reflection not believing it was really herself being ravaged by Carol. Suddenly she felt the haunting feeling of having a bottle pressed against her precious womanhood and then being fucked with it. She yearned for the fucking to stop, but she didn’t do anything other than continue to suck Ned’s cock. Betsy remembered putting extra effort into the blowjob. She desperately used one hand on his balls and the other pumped the hard shaft in an effort to end the man’s stamina in a hurry.

That was the beginning of things to come. Carol’s husband filled her mouth with burning lava and then the woman was beside Betsy, giving orders in her ear. “Do it. Use the bottle and fuck yourself. I want Ned to watch you fucking yourself with the bottle.”

She was at a loss to explain how any sane woman could use a bottle to gain sexual gratification. Lying on the bed in her spare bedroom was hard, as that Saturday night flashed through her memory. The images of defiling herself in front of the married couple still haunted Betsy when she remembered doing it until experiencing a degrading climax. The tremors of a self-induced orgasm were barely over when she was given more orders.

“That was wonderful. Now I want to watch you suck Ned’s prick again,” Carol whispered. “That was the best blowjob… ever! I thought I’d die when you swallowed… all of his cum. Now you can get Ned hard… so I can watch him fuck you.”

The woman couldn’t stop talking. “That was great… using the bottle. And those tits… you have such amazing tits.”

“My God, I love watching those beauties bounce… jiggle all around.”

“You have the most amazing titties, my love.”

Suddenly Betsy found herself crouched over Carol’s husband again. She was shocked by the man’s rejuvenation, as his pecker quickly grew in size. Carol remained at the controls. She used the camera to catch all of the sordid details and loved the fact her husband was getting his cock sucked again. “Yes! Put your hand on it. I love watching your fingers surround Ned’s prick… and your mouth sucking on his knob.”

Once Ned had intercourse with her, Betsy hoped her ordeal was over for the night but she was mistaken. The threesome continued all night and into early morning. At one point Ned wanted Betsy to fuck her ass with the bottle, but she drew the line at that. The compromise was only slightly better, as Ned fucked her, and Carol used her finger on Betsy’s ass. Thankfully the only way any of them got any sleep was when Ned moved into the common room and left the two women in bed together. Betsy was too exhausted to care that Carol hugged her and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Through the fog, Betsy tried to recall how Sunday turned into such an eventful day. She was standing in front of the bathroom vanity mirror, at about ten in the morning, and she was blow-drying her hair. Carol was right behind her and the woman had her hands roaming the front of Betsy’s torso, paying particular attention to the two upstanding buds. Carol toyed with her nipples making sure they were fully erect and all Betsy did was keep drying her hair.

Carol and Betsy had just finished showering after the long, sweaty night. Betsy remembered thinking at the time that the woman was prepping her for her husband, who was probably waiting for his delectable play-toy. Now she looked back at that morning and realized that she was partly correct, but it wasn’t only Ned she was getting ready for.

Both women donned luxurious robes when they left the bathroom. The suite only had the one big room with a separate bedroom and the women joined Ned at the eating area for something to eat. Betsy didn’t normally drink alcohol in the morning, but she hated to refuse Ned’s gracious offer to a seemingly tasteful, fruit drink. Looking back on it now, she thought of being far more skeptical next time… if there was a next time. She consumed the drink without hesitation and by the second drink Betsy realized there was something strange.

Then she had one more glass at Ned’s insistence and suddenly her tongue felt too thick to pronounce her words properly. As funny as it seemed today, at the time her mind was sharp and fully alive, but somehow her body didn’t do what her brain wanted. Suddenly she remembered how her body seemed to betray her mind. She never wanted to have sex, but when she looked at Ned, her breasts tingled and her nipples throbbed so bad it was hard to ignore the extra stimulation. Betsy couldn’t understand how come she was so wet between her legs. Her vagina seemed to throb with the thought of having Ned inside of her precious womanhood.

After the third drink, Betsy was oblivious to the sudden knock at the door. Carol answered and immediately invited two couples in. They entered the big room and the guests confronted Betsy with big, knowing grins on their faces. Betsy thought nothing of it at the time, as her head was spinning in a world of it’s own when the couples approached her.

Apparently Ned got his rocks off watching and Carol was submissive enough to perform for him with strangers. Betsy presumed they would all sit around and have something to eat, but now she could see that she was the one on the brunch menu.

She remembered experiencing the strangest feelings. It seemed impossible to move her arms or legs, but yet she could see everything happening like it was in slow motion. Betsy thought, ‘just fuck me… then let me go home.’ Her eyes were glazed over, but she still focused on what was happening. The two men were average looking; both appeared very successful businessmen and about 40 years old. One of the women was very skinny with no meat on her bones while the other was chubby with very large boobs. True to her fashion, Betsy nicknamed them Skinny and Chubby Girl.

Betsy later found out that the couples were married and junior partners in Ned’s flourishing business. Skinny was considerably younger than her husband and closer to Betsy’s age. She was a little taller than Betsy and her very slender frame actually appeared more like a teenage girl’s. She had no waistline because she was so thin, but the woman did have nice boobs, which was surprising considering how skinny she was.

Chubby Girl was about two inches shorter than Betsy. She too didn’t have a waistline but for entirely different reasons. What stood out most on the woman was her enormous breasts, which jiggled and swayed every time the woman moved. She was a pretty woman, but as soon as you met her, you could tell she was overly submissive. Betsy sensed that Skinny controlled every move that Chubby Girl made.

Each time Skinny looked at her, Betsy felt Goosebumps from the woman’s overpowering stare. Rather than get another chair, Carol stood behind Betsy while everyone else sat down at the table. The woman had her hands on Betsy’s shoulders acting like she was giving her a massage. The men started talking business, but none of them took their eyes off the staged performance.

Betsy felt Carol’s hands innocently separate the top of her robe enough so that an abundant amount of cleavage was displayed to the eager onlookers. She dearly wanted to grab the opening and keep it closed, but some strange power made her sit motionless, letting the woman reveal more and more of her breasts. Abruptly Betsy felt cool air washing over her boobs and she knew her robe was hanging open. She didn’t look down when fingers deftly massaged her titties and then the fingers pinched her nipples ever so skillfully.

When it happened, Betsy rolled her head backwards and looked up at Carol. She remembered clearly having the urge to protest and tell Carol to stop, but nothing came out of her mouth. Suddenly she was on her feet and being guided across the room. Her feet moved voluntarily even though she understood the dire consequences of being led into the bedroom. Then the hands! Too many hands to fight off and her eyes opened wide in amazement when her robe was stripped from her body.

All of a sudden Betsy was standing still in front of a closed bedroom door and someone was beside her. Her robe had been discarded in a heap on the floor and Skinny had taken her hand from Carol. Betsy turned her head to the side and she stared into the woman’s paralyzing eyes. She felt like a mouse in front of a snake when Skinny spoke to the men who were still sitting at the table. “One hour. Give me one hour with this princess… then you can have her,” she whispered.

Suddenly Skinny opened the door and all four women entered the bedroom. Skinny closed the door and immediately let everyone know who was in-charge. The woman didn’t have to say a word to Carol or Chubby and she used mere hand signals to indicate they should undress. Skinny faced Betsy, who acted like she was a zombie. She glared into Betsy’s bewildered eyes when she spoke. “Take my clothes off, now!” Skinny commanded.

Betsy did as ordered. When she got down to the woman’s panties, which was the last garment, Betsy felt a hand on the top of her head. Skinny put her other hand on Betsy’s shoulder and slowly guided Betsy to her knees. In a daze, Betsy slowly reached for the lacy panties and slowly lowered them to the floor. “Lunch time,” the woman said while pushing Betsy face into her crotch. “I should have asked for more time… this cutie is so drugged that she might turn out to be the energizer bunny.”

Skinny held Betsy’s head tighter into her hotbox knowing she was in complete charge. Betsy tried hard to tilt her head upwards so she could see the woman. She remembered looking up at Skinny who appeared like a 14 or 15 year old with the biggest grin across her beautiful face. Her next command caught Betsy slightly off guard. “Foreplay is over, honey. Get on the bed… it’s fucking time,” she whispered with her voice stern and unyielding. “Get that gorgeous ass on the bed and let mama show you what lezzy action is all about.”

Her strength and power were astounding. Skinny easily forced Betsy onto the bed. Betsy landed all sprawled out and the woman was on her before she could move. “You just lay still and let Mistress show you some lovin’,” Skinny whispered. “Now open those beautiful legs for me… show Mistress what you are hiding,” she whispered, almost daring Betsy to disobey.

Betsy remembered the scene with the images of herself being trapped. It was a perfect setup. She had willingly spent all Saturday night with Ned and Carol and now she was expected to be the entertainment for their guests. She desperately wanted to stop what Skinny was doing to her, but didn’t quite know how.

All of a sudden the woman pinned Betsy’s body to the mattress. Skinny pressed against the right side of Betsy’s body and she lay directly on top of her outstretched right arm. Both of the other women were on the other side of Betsy holding her left arm out to the side. Suddenly Skinny reached under Betsy’s head and she cupped the back of her head, digging her fingers into the curly hair. “I love spanking bald pussies,” Skinny whispered putting her lips right next to Betsy’s ear.

Betsy twisted but escape seemed impossible. Then Skinny jerked her head to the side and stared into Betsy’s teary eyes. “Yes! I love spanking pussies… then fucking them until they cream all over my fingers.”

“Dear gawd… please don’t hurt me,” Betsy moaned.

“Open those legs for me. Show me that beautiful cunt,” Skinny whispered again.

“Please! I… I…”

Skinny jerked hard on Betsy’s hair and glared at her. “You heard Mistress!”

Betsy vividly remembered the ensuing cat and mouse game, as it played out making the three women thoroughly thrilled. Every time Skinny jerked on Betsy’s head, her legs opened wider. Then there was one or two loud slaps before Betsy closed her legs again. Eventually it felt like her scalp was on fire so Betsy decided it was best to obey the woman, so she left her legs spread.

Then the spanking took on a surreal appearance, which was extremely slow and deliberate. Skinny’s eyes bulged, as she watched the gorgeous woman’s hips bounce up and down every time she spanked her. Her grip on Betsy’s hair tightened and she held the head perfectly steady, so she could stare into the tear-filled eyes. “Good girl… that’s the way Mistress wants her baby to act.”

Betsy desperately wanted to close her legs and stop the harsh spanking. Skinny made sure her fingers slapped the narrow space between Betsy’s legs and the sounds were probably more defeating than the actual physical punishment.

“Please, don’t. You’re hurting me,” Betsy cried.

“My love! Do you know how to make Mistress stop?”

“Oh, gawd. Please stop.”

“I said… do you know how to make me stop?”

“Oh, please. I’ll do anything.”

“Yes, my love. Show me that sweet cunt… keep those legs spread.”

“I am… gawd, I am.”

“Such a beautiful cunt, too.”

“Please… please stop!”

“Oh, Mistress will stop… when you cream.”

Betsy squirmed, but she was unable to find a more comfortable position, as the woman spanked her precious crotch. Suddenly the realization hit her hard. “Gawd, no! That’s impossible… I can’t do that.”

“Oh, my love… you will cum for me, or else!”

Her whole body was on fire, especially her upraised pelvis and pussy. “Oh please. Gawd, it hurts… please don’t hit me.”

“Cum, my love… cum, or else.” Skinny noticed Betsy’s body sort of quiver and then go into some sort of convulsions.

“Dear gawd, I can’t!”

“But my love… it looks like you want to.”

“No. Never! It’s impossible; I can’t.”

Skinny peered at the inflamed flesh and made sure her fingers struck the immense wetness directly in the middle of the puffy labia. The lips appeared swollen and extremely red, as the woman continued the spanking. “You know how to make me stop… don’t you?”

Betsy was out of her mind, not knowing what else to do. She obediently held her legs splayed hoping the woman would show some mercy. That never happened, as she felt her pussy lips separate with each blow. “Dear gawd… what’s happening to me?”

“That’s my girl… spread those beautiful legs and let Mistress see your cunt. Wider… wider,” she hissed, and then kissed Betsy on the lips.

Betsy’s world collapsed with the heated kiss. The woman pulled her hair and mashed her lips hard against Betsy’s. Skinny’s tongue darted inside her mouth and in no time Betsy was completely out of breath.

All of a sudden Skinny broke the overpowering kiss. Betsy’s chest heaved in and out, as she gasped for more air into her lungs, and she tried desperately to regain her composure. Skinny noticed the velvety hips thrashing all over the bed and knew Betsy had given up. “Fuck me, baby… just like that.”

Suddenly Betsy realized what was happening. She closed her eyes tightly and couldn’t bear seeing the satisfied grin on the woman’s face. “No, no… dear gawd, nooooo!”

“Yes, baby… keep cumming.”

“No, I can’t… it can’t be!”

“Baby, you should see it. Amazing… fucking amazing!”

The mistake was a common one for Betsy, as she struggled to tighten every muscle in an attempt to halt the impending orgasm. “No! Gawd, no.”

Abruptly Skinny stopped spanking and grabbed the dangling clitoris with her fingertips. She pinched the tiny bud hard and yanked it entirely out of its red, swollen shell. “You’re the best… best fuck, ever!”

Looking back on the horrible incident, Betsy reasoned too many things caused her enormous climax. First the demoralizing spanking robbed her sanity, but then it was the woman’s constant verbal assault. Every time Betsy’s determination quieted the lust, Skinny intimated her with more verbal abuse. All of a sudden Skinny’s skilled hand fucked her like a crazed madwoman. Two, maybe three, fingers were buried inside and the palm was still able to press against the puffy clitoris when Skinny plunged her fingers deeper.

Chubby stared at the scene of animal lust, knowing that her girlfriend was too powerful to resist. Skinny’s hand was a blur, as she pumped her fingers in and out of the defenseless slave. There was no doubt the struggle was over and Chubby listened to the ending. “Keep cumming! Yes, cream all over my fingers. Just like that, baby… just like your Mistress demands.”


Betsy remembered the feeling she had years ago. She submitted to the young woman and allowed Skinny to break her will. After the first hour of training, Betsy realized she was unable to stop Skinny from controlling her actions. Suddenly Betsy wondered if, ‘unwilling,’ wasn’t a more probable word to use for when she succumbed to the woman’s power.

The flashback continued. Betsy was naked on the king-sized bed and Chubby Girl started feeling her boobs like they were softballs. Chubby squeezed and massaged Betsy’s tits until they hurt. The woman pinched both nipples, as hard as she could, while pulling them out from Betsy’s chest.

At the time Betsy thought of protesting and even trying harder to flee the room. Then she relented believing she was doing it as a favor to Bernie. From that point in the evening, she merely let things happen. She heard the director telling her that it was time to satisfy another woman. Skinny whispered directions in her ear and she obeyed the woman’s every command, as unbelievable as it seemed to Betsy, today.

Betsy remembered having the feeling that she would suffocate. Her face was forced between Chubby Girl’s oversized tits and Skinny purposely held her friend’s boobs on the sides of Betsy’s flushed face. Chubby Girl clutched the hair on the back of Betsy’s head and she pulled hard into her sagging boobs. There seemed no alternative but to suck and molest Chubby’s titties so Betsy did just that.

Betsy never knew she slobbered all over Chubby Girl’s tits until the woman rubbed her face in the immense saliva. Every time she tried to pull back and stop touching the woman’s titties, her protests merely got the woman more stimulated. Betsy tried hard to visualize everything, as it transpired that night. At the time her sedated mind merely followed directions without any consciousness of what she was doing.

The skinny girl was in command and she never condoned disobedience from any of her cast of actors. Eventually she went to the door and invited the men into the room. Betsy was madly trying to satisfy a stubborn woman when she felt strong, demanding hands on her lower body. She took everything in with a quick glance. Ned had a camera in his hands and he was obviously enjoying the fact his wife and friends had a new play-toy. There was a gangbang in the offering and he was thoroughly thrilled with watching and recording all of the sordid particulars.

Time ceased to mean anything to Betsy. Through the fog, she saw herself being pushed overtop of Chubby Girl. For the first time in her life Chubby had someone to do her dirty work. She flopped onto her back and pulled Betsy roughly by the hair until her slave was positioned properly between her splayed legs. Betsy remembered staring down at the hairy beast and wondering if she was going to be sick.

All of a sudden her face was brushed and tickled by strands of hair and the thick thighs were around her head. Betsy could see it all clearly, as the passage of time must have enabled her to understand. Ned had used alcohol and drugs to put her out of her mind and then the skinny bitch took over. She was the director and Ned continued to get his trills from watching the woman instill havoc on the rest. The man truly loved having his wife involved in everything and he loved watching Carol with Betsy.

Suddenly Betsy felt someone taking advantage of her precarious position. She was lying on her belly trying her best to perform cunnilingus on Chubby Girl, which left her completely vulnerable from behind. Betsy caught mere glimpses of the others. Ned was hovering beside the bed and he kept the camera whirling. One of the other men was on his knees and he shoved his cock directly into Chubby Girl’s face. Betsy could hear loud sucking sounds and she knew the woman was performing an admirable blowjob.

The other husband was right behind Carol who was in the perfect doggie stance. The man’s hips moved back and forth and every time he thrust forward, Carol let out a loud grunt. Betsy noticed that Ned never missed the lewd action, as his camera was pointed in his wife’s direction. It was Carol’s upper body that Betsy couldn’t see but she certainly felt the woman’s actions. Carol forced Betsy’s legs apart and she buried her face between the delectable ass cheeks.

Betsy realized the entire evening was going to be nothing but a gangbang. When she recalled Skinny’s warning to Carol, it still made her cringe, even in her realistic dream of the past. “I’ll slap you silly if you make her cum. I don’t want my little tart to have an orgasm until the end. I want her fucked by my husband… while she’s giving a blowjob to Earl.”

It seemed like forever since the initial humiliation when Betsy’s dignity was robbed by Skinny. The bed was a roller coaster, moving up and down with all of the furious action. Betsy did her best to please Chubby while the woman faithfully sucked on a stiff cock. Ned moved the camera to capture all of the ecstasy and he knew exactly when to focus on shameless lust. He recorded his friend’s climax as the man shot his massive load down Chubby’s throat.

The woman was in a seated position and some globs of cum ran out of the corners of her mouth, dropping onto Betsy’s head. Ned then filmed his wife who performed an admirable job of licking Betsy’s snatch, taking her up the rocky mountain of lust. All of a sudden Chubby Girl dug her fingers into Betsy’s hair in desperation, which could only mean one thing. The woman experienced an orgasm even though Betsy’s tongue had stopped moving. Chubby placed her fingers over top of her own clitty and she rubbed it around in the abundant juices leaking from her inner being.

Ned deviously caught his other buddy who had a raging hard-on. He was rubbing his rod all over Carol who still had her face buried in Betsy’s crotch. At first Ned thought Skinny’s husband was going to fuck Carol, but then he heard what direction the gangbang was headed.

Ned zeroed in on Skinny’s face. “That’s it darling… let the sweet-ass bitch eat you out. cum all over her face,” Skinny whispered, with the extremely excitement evident on her pretty face.

Skinny’s eyes blazed when she turned her attention from Chubby to her husband. “Honey! Lay down and get ready… she’s going to ride you like a monster. I can tell,” she said. “She’s the best one we’ve ever had… and now I want to watch you fuck her silly.”

There was a scurry of motion before Skinny’s husband wound up on his back. His erection throbbed madly, as it jerked up and down on his tummy. Skinny couldn’t keep her hands off her husband and she deftly grabbed his hard-on and held it straight in the air. Betsy remembered it like it was yesterday. She was ordered to sit on the upraised cock and it didn’t matter whether she wanted to, or not. She was manhandled by Skinny and her partners and forced on top of the man’s hips.

Betsy’s legs bent in half and she was positioned so that she crouched directly over the ominous erection. She felt the man’s pecker brushing along the narrow band between her legs and it was impossible to prevent the bulbous head from hitting the delicate opening. Skinny held her husband’s stellar cock straight up and ordered her slave to sit on it. All Betsy could do was put her hands on the man’s belly and try to keep her torso lifted enough to keep his pecker from entering her womanhood.

Just as she grinned with satisfaction, as she held herself up, one of the others grabbed her shoulders and pushed downward with all their might. All the air rushed out of her lungs when the man’s cock embedded to the hilt and all was lost. All of a sudden she was viciously bounced up and down, which made her boobs sway and jiggle wildly in a most seductive manner. She remembered thinking at the time, ‘that’s gotta hurt… and leave a mark,’ as Skinny slapped her boobs making them flounder around even more.

Before Betsy could evade or do anything to stop Earl, he thrust his semi-hard pecker in her face. Her hands went up to protect her face, but it didn’t prevent the man from attaining his goal. He forced her lips apart and shoved his cock into her hot mouth. Suddenly Betsy was the center of attention and the gangbang had one central character. One man ensured she stayed fully embedded on his ramrod by holding onto her slender waist, as he fucked her. Another man received a wonderful blowjob while Skinny used physical force to satisfy her greedy desire for power and lust.

Betsy tried to imagine herself, as she dreamed of that fateful night. Her body was covered with sweat and rocking back and forth on a man’s cock. She also realized every last detail of her demoralization was recorded by Ned, as he skillfully focused on her. The scene suddenly became more dramatic when Betsy realized the exact moment that Skinny’s husband drained his reservoir, as he slammed his cock to the max. Betsy could still hear the man grunting out loud and him squeezing her waist so hard it hurt when he climaxed.

Her visualization got more tumultuous when Earl let loose. At the time Betsy choked and coughed like mad and it was possibly the grossest moment of her life to that point. Skinny made sure her plans were followed. She loved watching Earl try to shove his cock down Betsy’s throat and her choking made the scene very stimulating and arousing. Betsy choked and coughed until a river of saliva poured out of her mouth, as Earl tried harder to ram his prick down her throat. To Betsy’s amazement, Skinny merely rubbed the slime all over her chest until her boobs were covered with gooey saliva.

Skinny never let up. “Keep fucking her… pound her with your big cock. God, honey! I love watching it,” she moaned. “Earl! Holy fuck, Earl. You’re cumming… and she’s drinking it all. Well, most of it.”

Skinny’s eyes bulged at the sight of some cum running down Betsy’s chin and she quickly smeared it all over. She rubbed the thick cream all over Betsy’s flushed face and down the front of her body. When Betsy’s tits swayed from side to side, then up and down, Skinny slapped one at a time knowing her slave couldn’t do anything about it.

Betsy recalled the frustration. She was bounced up and down vigorously and couldn’t remember a time when she felt so helpless and abused. Skinny slapped her tits in perfect harmony with the way they bounced out of sync from her husband’s ass pounding. She caught them in midair and gave each a hard slap on every odd bounce.

Betsy lost complete track of events after that. It was too embarrassing and humiliating to comprehend the things, as they happened that night. The only way she found out was when Ned deviously played the recording back to her sometime in the middle of the night. Betsy remembered staring at the television and watching the porno movie, which highlighted her, as a porno star. As profound as it seemed now, the movie clearly indicated her experiencing an explosive orgasm.

It wasn’t until the next morning that Betsy accepted the truth. Years later, the movie was still plainly etched in her head. The scenes depicted her out of control, as she was forced up and down on top of a man’s bouncing hips. She was still in awe at how the movie played out. Shortly after the two men savagely fucked her body, one screwing her and the other with a blowjob, Betsy was pushed backwards until she was on her back.

Ned used the camera skillfully and he showed the man’s dwindling cock slip out of Betsy’s pussy followed by a stream of cum. The oil formed a pool under her butt but also lubricated her ass much to Skinny’s delight. Betsy watched the movie, which illustrated the rape of the century. She couldn’t believe how horrible she looked, as there were various stains on her body, and her hair was a complete mess.

There were red blotches all over her body and she was positive she noticed a bruise already showing on her left boob. That was when Betsy found out just how perverted and treacherous Skinny really was. “Eat, baby. Eat our gorgeous slut and make her cum all over your tongue,” Skinny whispered. “C’mon, Carol. Eat all that cum and make sure you do it right… make the slut climax!”

Betsy heard it but didn’t believe it. Suddenly the timid woman was between her legs, which were pinned on the bed. Then she noticed Carol’s tongue licking her stomach, licking her tummy, and then licking between her legs. The movie didn’t hide anything. It showed the precise moment when Carol seized the tiny morsel, which was supposed to be hidden between the puffy labia. Betsy saw her hips recoil on the bed and then thrust upwards at the hungry mouth. She could see the woman’s tongue lashing through her wetness and then she noticed Carol’s finger slip into the soaked opening, just below her clitoris.

Carol’s hand started a finger fucking that quickly had an effect on Betsy. The movie showed how Betsy tried in vain to evade the darting tongue and finger but Carol merely rammed her finger deeper into the hole. The sound on the movie was loud and clear. There were sucking sounds and then loud sounds of someone moaning and groaning. All of a sudden Betsy noticed Skinny slide into the picture. It was only a shadow but suddenly the woman’s arm slipped under Betsy’s rear-end.

Betsy had never watched her own face during an orgy. She stared at the screen and at her face, as the contortions indicated her demise. She could see Skinny raping her ass and Carol’s mouth locked solidly over her honeyhole. The woman’s cheeks were caved-in, indicating she was sucking hard on Betsy’s pussy, and it also showed Carol’s chin moving, as if she was fucking Betsy with her tongue.

Betsy almost bucked Carol off when the orgasm struck. Her hips jerked hard and Betsy noticed her tummy moving up and down at a tremendous rate. Betsy tried to take the entire sordid scene in and she noticed that her face looked surreal. Agony was etched all over her face and the movie showed her experiencing an earth-shattering climax. Surely her brains were gone by that point, Betsy reasoned, as she succumbed to the savage fucking.


Betsy couldn’t remember the exact time, but it was early Monday morning when she woke up. She was totally exhausted and took a few extra minutes in bed to regain her senses. The curtains were pulled and the lighting was dim even though it was already bright and sunny outside. All of a sudden she was aware of whispering and listened to Skinny telling Chubby Girl to get in the shower while she took a piss.

She must have dropped off asleep, as the next thing Betsy was aware of was Carol waking her. “Wow! That was a night,” Carol whispered. “Let’s shower. Oh, my God… you look a mess.”

They showered together and Betsy was unable to do anything to wash herself. Carol was the mother hen and willingly cared for her newfound friend. When they stepped out of the shower, Betsy suddenly noticed her reflection in the mirror. She stood wide-eyed, staring at the numerous marks and blemishes covering her body. Betsy recalled thinking that it was a lucky thing she wasn’t married. There was no one she had to answer to, so the dark hickies and little bruises did not have to be explained.

Betsy shivered with the realization the evil woman had purposely marked her up. She raised her arms above her head and turned all the way around. There were more red hickies than she could count and also one eye-catching bruise on her left boob. Suddenly Betsy remembered sitting on top of Skinny’s husband and being screwed. The sound of Skinny’s voice echoed in her head. “Lovely tits. Watch me slap them around.”

It was horrible remembering how the couple ravaged her body. The husband was grunting and fucking her like a hysterical wildman. His hands clutched her tightly around the waist and he pulled her downwards every time he thrust up at her. Betsy’s body bounced up and down and her tits were completely out of sync. Every time her body shot down, her tits flew upward and Skinny slapped them hard. “I love big tits… slapping bitch’s titties that jiggle all around.”

The image was pure horror, even years later, as Betsy imagined her breast being slapped by the wild woman. Even though it hurt at the time, she refused to complain. Betsy never intended recalling Skinny’s rotten demands, but suddenly the words were in her head again. “Are you ready, my love? Ready for the fucking of your life?”

At the time Betsy didn’t know what Skinny meant, but she did now. The husband rocked his body up and down and enabled his wife to rob the last shred of Betsy’s dignity. Skinny rammed a crystal butt-plug to the hilt and Betsy screamed when her ass was violated so crudely. Once the plug was embedded, Skinny’s husband thrust his engorged cock deep into her inner domain again.

Betsy’s memory was clear and precise, as she remembered the humiliating affair. Her guts started churning and all of a sudden her entire insides went into convulsions. She remembered the bastard husband fucking her and then she felt his burning lava filling her inner regions. It made her cry, even years later, thinking how she lost her spirit to the devil. She never intended on reaching an orgasm but suddenly she couldn’t help it.

Skinny grabbed her head and jerked it upright so she could stare into the teary eyes. “You’re the best… best fuck ever. I love watching my husband fuck sophisticated bitches,” she whispered holding the stare forever. “Was it worth the wait?”

Betsy had no verbal answer for the woman. She climaxed knowing lust had gotten the better of her and guilt slowly crept into her disillusioned mind. When it happened so fast and so furious, Betsy felt a sudden tremor shoot down her backbone. Betsy knew that she would have to tell someone. She was apprehensive at the time knowing her best friend would have to know. Doris was overly protective and she would be concerned that her lover was not physically hurt once she noticed all the marks on Betsy’s body.

The daydream that morning was broken when Betsy felt a soft towel drying her body. Carol carefully wiped all the water off and then she used talcum powder to sooth all the bumps and bruises. It took Betsy about two minutes to pack-up her stuff and she didn’t take time to apply any makeup or comb her hair. Carol cleverly shoved money into her hand for a taxi and tip for the bellman. She told Betsy that a cab would be waiting for her at the front doors and then gave her a parting kiss.

Betsy took the elevator down to the lobby and it seemed to take forever. Walking through the big lobby, she noticed Ned talking to the other two couples in the hotel lounge. They were drinking and laughing and it made Betsy walk even faster, as she rushed outside.

It was raining that day and the bellman was having a heated discussion with some guy who wanted her cab. When the guy saw Betsy, he just stepped out of the way and gave her a strange look. Betsy would always remember it for many reasons. She wondered if the man thought she was a hooker? Did he think she was a homeless person because she was not dressed prim and proper? Did he feel sorry for her and step away from the taxi out of pure sympathy?

‘Why couldn’t I have been with him all night… and this morning,’ she thought while standing in the rain? ‘Gawd! He’s so good looking… and those eyes!’ She gave the man a lingering glance, as the cab departed, and felt a strange sadness when he was out of sight. Now years later and living the life of her dreams, she reasoned that God worked his magic in shrewd and clever ways. The ride back to Doris’ was long and somber and Betsy went straight to bed when she got there.

***A One-Night Stand

Several weeks later, Betsy was having drinks with some of the other professors from the college. Her life seemed to be going nowhere, so she thought it was best to engross herself with work. The group discussions ended and as everyone left, Betsy needed to use the ladies room. When she came out, the smell of food made her decide to stay for something to eat.

She sat down at a small table, ordering food, when a guy sat down beside her. He introduced himself, as John, and said he was in the city for one year on a special project. ‘Go figure,’ Betsy thought looking back on it. He was conducting a study into the New Orleans’ levee system. Too bad his study wasn’t deemed more important, as it could have saved lives and money, she reflected.

They chatted and both had dinner. Betsy told him her name was Ann and that she was a legal secretary for a local law firm. She could tell where things were going, as John bought her food and drinks, while putting on an extremely friendly air. She found out that he was on a per diem and rented a house instead of a lonely hotel room. John was actually living quite well, as he had two roommates who paid most of his rent and expenses.

It made her chuckle thinking how classic his pickup was that night. After the meal, she excused herself, but John casually suggested they go to his place for a nightcap. About the last thing Betsy ever imagined was falling for such a feeble pickup, but to her utter astonishment, she did. Betsy knew it was stupid to go; however for some strange reason she accepted his invitation.

Betsy followed John across town to his place, all the while cursing herself for being so gullible. She realized full well that once she crossed the threshold to John’s place, she was fair game for sex, but still she went. They went into the house and John immediately poured a glass of wine. ‘Gawd,’ she thought at the time, ‘does every man know my weakness. Is it written on my bloody forehead? Pour me wine and I’ll take off my clothes?’

Betsy noticed the bottle had a screw top, but to her utter amazement, it turned out to be a great wine. John took the bottle with him, as he gave Betsy a guided tour of the house. He stopped at one room, which contained a large display of the city, and it showed various proposed levee improvements. She found the setup very interesting and remembered John saying how the levees were outdated.

John refilled their glasses before, waving his hand indicating there was more to see. “Do you want to see the rest of the house?”

‘No shit,’ Betsy thought. ‘The only room left to see is your bedroom. Do I want to see your freaking bedroom?’ But true to her cooperative nature, she merely let John guide her up a set of stairs. They entered a large master bedroom and from that point on, her memory got very obscure and hazy. What she did remember was John taking her clothes off even though she put up some kind of protest. It was not a strong protest, but a few measly excuses for having to get home early. When he asked why, there was no believable reason she could come up with, as it was a Friday evening and there was no school tomorrow.

That was how Betsy remembered going to bed with a total stranger who she had met a few hours earlier. She was not the type of woman for one-night stands, but somehow her life seemed to have veered off the rails. So once again she was getting her brains fucked out and Betsy had to admit that the sex was not all bad.

Suddenly Betsy shuddered imaging what happened next. She was on the threshold of an orgasm and her body was rocked first, by one spasm; then another and another until the spasms ran together without any reprieve. At the time Betsy was relieved that it was over. She assumed once the sex was over that she would go home, never to see the man again.

Her climax had barely finished when John stretched her arms over her head, pinning them to the bed. She listened to him talking and abruptly realized he wasn’t talking to her. Glancing to her left, Betsy noticed a man who turned out to be one of John’s roommates. The man was completely naked and Betsy wondered why the hell a stranger would be standing there watching her having sex with another man?

John held her steady and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. He remained on top of her. “That was great… fucking great. Now it’s time for a real gangbang,” he whispered. “We have all night… and I love whores who really cum. You’re the greatest, Ann!”

Betsy struggled, but nothing did any good. She was no match for two strong men and they easily held her down. “Ann hasn’t said how much she charges… but she’s worth every penny,” John said to his friend. “She’s one hell of a piece of ass, buddy.”

Betsy wondered where she went wrong. She was dumbfounded as to how John got the impression of her being a whore. She desperately wanted to scream at the man and tell him the truth. He was merely a one-night stand and nothing more to her. When she felt something going around her wrists, she struggled harder, but it didn’t help. John and his roommate easily tied her arms securely to the corners of the bed with neckties, leaving her totally distraught.

All she could do was twist and turn her lower body and legs in an effort to evade the next fucker, but it was a futile struggle. John’s roommate easily pried her legs apart and he was between them in a flash. He had no trouble holding her thighs spread wide and that was how she remembered getting screwed the second time. It was a nightmare that she still carried as baggage today.

Betsy sadly remembered the man had the stamina of a marathoner. For more than an hour, the two men did whatever they wanted to her. Then she recalled the roommate’s final stand. Betsy could tell the man was very close to a climax and then he deviously untied one of her arms. John grabbed her freed arm and retied it to the same bedpost with her other arm, which allowed his roommate complete freedom.

The scene of her utter disgrace still made Betsy cringe today. The men swiftly turned her over onto her stomach and John pinned her upper torso to the bed. She felt her legs pried apart and suddenly realized what the roommate had in mind. Her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears, as the man used her ass for his anal pleasure, and Betsy felt violated when he filled her up with searing cum.

When she heard more people entering the room, Betsy thought she would surely die. She was held in a captive, prone position and all she could do was turn her head to see the newcomers. She stared in horror, as another roommate was introduced, and so was his big, boobed girlfriend. At the time Betsy thought, ‘No, not again!’ But luckily for her, the girlfriend wasn’t into gangbangs. It was most likely the thought of being stretched out helplessly on the bed, just the same as Betsy, and the thought didn’t appeal to the girl.

Betsy breathed a big sigh of relief when the girl pulled her boyfriend out of the room. Then it wasn’t long before John and his first roommate no longer had stiffies, so they started drinking beer. The bastard left Betsy tied to the bed and she started fuming, feeling more and more insulted as they drank beer. They must have been on such a high that it didn’t take long for them both to get drunk and puking became a serious option.

Betsy tried to stay as quiet as possible, hoping they would somehow forget about her. John remained on the bed very close to her but the roommate sat a few feet away in a chair. At one point John told her that she should get some sleep, as she was going to have a busy day tomorrow. His revelation sent shivers of panic through her entire body, which lasted until they either passed out or fell asleep. She quietly watched them drinking until it all became quiet.

John fell asleep with his back to her and that really pissed her off. It took a long time, more than she could imagine, but finally Betsy got loose. She really had to go to the bathroom, so that was her first priority. A quick glance in the bathroom mirror told her that she was a mess, but there was nothing she could do about it at the time.

Betsy crept back into the bedroom and she got madder when John was still asleep and facing the other way. She grabbed her clothes deciding to get out of there as fast as she could. The bedroom and all areas on the way to the kitchen were fully lighted, so Betsy could only imagine how silly she looked creeping around naked with an armful of clothes.

She slinked into the kitchen, which was in semi-darkness. Nude, shivering and breathing heavily, Betsy stopped on a dime when her eyes got used to the dim lighting. Sitting quietly at the table was big boobs and all she was wearing was a loose fitting t-shirt. The woman boldly stood up and whispered to Betsy. “I always wondered what it would be like to have a woman lick my pussy.” She swiftly stripped her baggy shirt and held it with one hand. “Ok slut… lick!”

To this day, Betsy still felt the powerful surge of emotion. It was the first and only time in her life that she used physical retaliation of any kind. She hit the woman on the side of her jaw, as hard as she could, and the woman dropped like a rock. She looked to be out cold, but Betsy didn’t hang around to find out. It took mere seconds to get dressed. Betsy grabbed the remaining two bottles of John’s wine, which was sitting on the table, and she rushed out to her car. She was completely out of breath, but that didn’t matter at the time.

Betsy never relaxed until she pulled into Doris’ driveway. She had experienced a lesson in life, which had been learned the hard way. Today Betsy realized that a woman should never go to bed with a person until she knew the person and who they really were. One-night stands and meaningless relationships may be okay for some women, but she wasn’t one of them. The sex was okay, but the guilt played havoc with her head whenever she thought about being nothing but a slut.


The sun was just coming up when she got to Doris’. Betsy didn’t want to wake her dearest friend, so she sat at the kitchen table contemplating how her life seemed to be spiraling downhill. She tried to figure out how an intelligent woman could be so stupid.

All of a sudden she heard the familiar scratching of nails on the hard, tiled floor before she saw him. Bingo pranced into the quiet kitchen and put his big head on Betsy’s thigh. Betsy found it odd that Bingo would leave Doris’ room, but she reasoned he was smart enough to know she was feeling the pits. She glanced down at his big, brown eyes and abruptly felt the comfort of having a faithful friend.

Suddenly her head filled with images that made her shiver with antipathy. She fantasized about being scantily dressed and it was very apparent that she wasn’t wearing anything under her baggy dress in the dramatic visualization. Out of the shadows of the daydream appeared a faceless man pushing a grocery cart. The dream was about a homeless man and Betsy was riding in the cart. She was sitting all the way down in the middle of the cart and her legs were bent and resting on the top rim.

Betsy knew it was a dream, but she didn’t want it to stop. Suddenly the faceless man reached into his cart and lifted the woman’s dress, so everyone could see the brazen nudity. Then Betsy squirmed in the chair of Doris’ kitchen, as she watched the man finger her. All she did in the daydream was lay there and take it. She spread her legs wide and allowed the faceless man full freedom to molest her in any way he wanted.

In measly seconds, the nameless man’s fingers were finger-fucking her, as if she was a whore, and then her ass was bouncing up and down in the metal cart. She could even hear the loud clanging sounds of the metal cart, as she threw her head backwards, and creamed all over the man’s fingers. It was apparent to the sudden crowd of onlookers that the almost naked woman had climaxed for their enjoyment.

Suddenly everyone in the crowd was reaching for her. There were hands touching her face, her shoulders, her legs, even her chest and belly. All of a sudden the caresses felt so real and Betsy was too afraid to open her eyes. There seemed to be a million, little fingers caressing her all over and abruptly she made the decision to continue dreaming.

Betsy never did know how it really happened. Her sanity was frozen in the milliseconds of an erotic daydream and she felt her willpower waning. It was the most amazing sensation. So many faceless, nameless people were ravaging her, yet there seemed to be a powerful orgasm swelling inside her belly. Betsy felt her self-control slipping away and she had the overwhelming urge to let go.

Suddenly her head was banging against the wall. Betsy cupped her hands around the back of her head to cushion the blows, but she could still see stars on the screen of her darkened eyelids from the hard head-banging. A cannon exploded inside her head and she wondered how a dream could be so vivid and realistic. Her attackers remained faceless, as she imagined her body being ravaged, but all of a sudden it was much easier succumbing to the powerful urges.

Betsy could hear loud noises of sloppy licking. She marveled at how her overheated body seemed to thrash and throb in tune with the licking sounds. She was sitting on something cold and hard, which she imagined was the metal cart, but suddenly everything was too confusing. When Betsy felt her leg getting wet, she had the strongest impulse that something was wrong with her dream.

She had to look. Slowly, almost too afraid to look, she opened her eyes. Betsy stared in disbelief. The first thing she wondered was how on earth she got naked. She was completely naked and slouched on a kitchen chair, which had skidded across the floor until it hit the wall. Her hands were still locked behind her head, but now her head was spinning out of control. Betsy stared down at her lower body and she marveled at how Bingo was between her widespread legs doing what he did best.

Bingo was madly licking her crotch. Every stroke started at her asshole and his tongue expertly lashed through her soaked pussy-slit until the coarse sandpaper raked across her tender clitoris. Betsy’s eyes opened wider, as her hips jumped with every lick, and her crotch seemed to thrust directly at Bingo’s mouth. It was a miracle that she remained in the chair, as her body appeared out of control.

What made it worse for Betsy was the fact it was impossible to stop. Her cream spilled around all the barriers in her disillusioned head and flowed steadily towards Bingo’s tongue. All she was able to do was hold on for dear life, as the hungry dog controlled her fate. Betsy was mystified, as to how Bingo slipped into her daydream, but she was unwilling to halt his wild assault. All of a sudden her fingers joined the pursuit. Betsy grabbed the fluttering clitty with the fingers of her right hand and rolled the bud around vigorously, while still leaving some from Bingo.

Just as her eyes rolled back into her forehead, Betsy caught a glimpse of Doris sitting nearby. Her best friend was sitting at the kitchen table drinking wine and intently watching everything that happened. Betsy’s first impulse was fear, but then she realized that Doris would love her no matter what she did. Apparently too tired and exhausted to have sex with Bingo, Betsy reasoned that a good tongue-lashing and masturbation seemed like the perfect solution to her troublesome night.

Doris admired the animal lust just before she walked over and reached for Betsy’s hand. “Come! Let me get you cleaned up… although I think Bingo did a marvelous job. You look very neat and clean down there,” Doris said with a giggle. “By the way… you were quite the storyteller.”

Doris helped Betsy to her feet before they slowly walked upstairs. “It sounded like you had a most memorable night,” she said. “I don’t know who John is, but apparently other than his good taste in wine… he’s a dirty bastard.”

Betsy was speechless and merely followed her dearest friend. “Did you know that you swore off dating a man again? You mentioned one-night stands are horrible and not something you plan trying again,” Doris whispered. She put her arm around Betsy and tried hard to comfort her. “I was surprised to hear that you hit someone… but your colorful description of the woman certainly warranted you knocking the bitch out.”

Doris did everything for Betsy. She put her in the shower and let the hot, steamy water wash away all of her troubles. Then she dried Betsy off and put her to bed. Closing another chapter of her life story was easy for Betsy. This one was an interval in her life where she experienced unforgettable things, but none of them were overly rewarding or memorable. Her love life for the next few months consisted of Doris and Bingo, but Betsy was more than satisfied to be their lover.

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