With Friend & His wife

Author: lovely

Mike is a good friend of mine. I knew him since high school. A few years back he had to go to some other city for his job. Last summer he came back with his wife Debbie. She is really a sex bomb. Her body is so sexy and attractive that I always lusted for her and jerked many times on coming home after visiting them. We had a very good friendship and many a times we had even had bath in pool together only in our swim suits. It was always a hard time for me and my cock whenever she was in her two piece bikini in front of me.

A few months back they invited me over to their place. After the lunch we decided to have some chit chat while sitting in the hot tub. Soon we all were in our shorts and into the hot tub. She was wearing a short bra and panty. The bra was showing even half of her boobs. We had had a couple drinks in the hot tub when Mike left the tub for about half an hour to answer the phone and Debbie and I started touching each other’s legs with our own legs as she was sitting very near to me. This was the first time as it was happening. This quite touching quickly turned into kissing. She opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she started to suck it. Then I sucked her tongue into my mouth. Her hand moved on to my hard on in my shorts. She took hold of my cock and started to press it.

“Seems to be a big thing inside.” She smiled.

She told me she wanted to see me suck Mike’s cock and then I could enter her at will!! She let me know that she had had a fantasy to see her husband get sucked and fucked by a guy for a long time and that she had told Mike who was okay with this. She offered me would you like to suck him and then fuck me and my husband at a time and also to have his cock up in my ass. It was so thrilling sensation in me tha ti could not refuse her as his hand was now in my shorts and was touching my naked cock.
Then we heard him coming back and she got her hand out of my shorts and took back her drink. Next thing I know Mike is back and I jokingly mention that Debbie has told me some fantasies she has. He replies yup – gotta please the wife. Mike is sitting on the edge of the hot tub with his legs in the water. Debbie smiled at me and moved to him and pulled her husband’s shorts down and pulled his cock out. She started to kiss and lick his cock while looking at me as to invite me to suck her husband’s cock. She signaled me with her finger and I couldn’t believe on me as I moved to them and very next moment I was having his cock in my hand. I can’t believe it – here I am about to suck my friend’s cock while his wife is sitting right there. I told Debbie – wow this is one incredible cock! I start to touch Mike’s cock and it soon bulges to what I think is 9 inches. I started to lick his balls and lick his shaft. I was actually having fun. I could stick about half his cock in my mouth. Debbie was fingering herself while I sucked Mike. While I sucked his cock I told them what I wanted to do with them when I was done with Mike. I decided I was going to take all his cum down my throat. When he came I was amazed how warm his cum felt in my mouth and how salty it tasted. Debbie came to me and started to kiss me and I pushed some of her husband’s cum into her mouth from my mouth. It was so hot and nasty as my friend’s wife was licking her husband’s cum from my mouth.

When I was done I took my swim shorts off. I laid down on the edge of the tub and put my legs in the tub. My cock is only 8 inches erect. With Mike having 8 1/2 inches. Mike and Debbie started to sucked my cock together. Debbie started it by taking my cock in her mouth and sucked it for a while then she pushed it into her husband’s mouth and he also started to suck it. Now she moved down on to my balls and started to lick my balls.

Having two tongues on my shaft and balls at a time was amazing! I was about to cum when I took my cock out of his mouth and started to jerk it. Both of them opened their mouths and I threw first shot of my cum into Mike’s mouth and then into his wife’s mouth. My cock was in Mike’s mouth when I ended to cum. The kinkiest thing was when the two of them kissed right after that as if they were sharing my cum! Then he licked my cum from his wife’s face.

After a while we came out of the tub and moved into the main hall without our clothes all of us. She brought some more wine and we drank it while rested for some time. Debbie then came to me and started to lick and suck my semi hard cock again. She was bending down on the carpet in between my legs. Her husband also moved near me and she took hold of his cock also and started to suck it while massaging my cock with her one fist. As she was in the doggy style I stood up and started to massage my cock on her pussy from up to down and looked at her husband and asked for the permission to start to fuck her wife while she was sucking his cock. He winked me and called, “ yes push your hard cock into this hot bitch.”

I placed my swollen cock head at her pussy opening and before my pushing forward she pushed back and took my full cock into her pussy. I cried, “ yes she is really a bitch in heat.”

Debbie started to move her pussy over my cock as I also pushed in and out of her pussy and she said, “ this bitch will be more hot when you two dogs would be fucking each other with your cocks.”

She was sucking her husbands cock while I was fucking her pussy from behind. I moved ahead pushing my full length in her pussy and bending over her back and took Mike’s cock in my mouth to suck for a while. This fucking and sucking session continued for some time. Then she stood up and asked me to sit on her husband’s lap while taking his cock into my tight ass hole. I smiled and came to him but befor that I demanded for some lubricant. She went to her bedroom and brought KY jelly and lubricated her husband’s cock for me and then pushed her lubricated fingers into my tight ass hole.

After getting my ass hole fully slippery I positioned my self into Mike’s ass while keeping my back to him. He aimed his cock at my ass hole and I started to sit down and his cock started to push his way into my ass hole. In only a minute I was sitting down and my friend’s cock was fullly inside of my ass hole. She smiled and got much excited as her dream and fantsy was being fulfilled infront of her eyes. I slowly started to move up and down over his cock. It was also a great sensation to have some cock into your ass. I was getting fucked by my friend while his wife was watching us. She bent down and started to suck my cock and licked my balls. Then she also licked her husband’s balls and cock.

Then she motioned me to lay over him as I did. She climb up on the sofa and placed her pussy over my erect cock and started to sit down. Now she slowly started to move up and down to get her pussy fucked by my cock. It was so sensational and sexy scene to watch. My friend’s cock was in my ass hole and his wife was landing her pussy onto my cock and I was fucking his wife. All of us could not hold on to our excitements and started to cum. Mike was first to cum. His cock started to erupt into my ass hole. This great and new sensation massaged my prostate and I also started to cum into his wife’s pussy. Debbie also started to cum. All of us collapsed over each other and stayed in the same position for some time.

I passed that weekend at their home and we continued to fuck each other all the day. This fuck session was follwed by many more like that which are still going on.

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