A Journey of a Real Woman Ch10

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please email me your comments and suggestion, as I appreciate readers who take the time to give feedback. I am telling Betsy’s story, as she gets set to turn 40, and she thinks back to what has happened in her life.

Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman… or the craziest.

Chapter 10

The summer rolled along with Betsy fixing her new house. There wasn’t too much wrong, but she meticulously remodeled and redecorated things until all the rooms were the way she wanted them. The house had a nice backyard, which gave her the chance to plant beautiful flowers, and she felt like a real homebody for once in her life. It was a wonderful feeling and soon she developed a longing for deeper roots.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened until winter was almost over. That was when GE’s head office in Houston transferred a young intern to New Orleans. The woman was hired, as GE’s assistant, and she would help her plan strategy and advise top management on the future course of the company. GE planned for Jennifer to spend six weeks in each of the different disciplines of the corporate structure, and she would begin in New Orleans learning all about past and proposed marketing.

Jenn was 5’4″ and she was very slim, weighing not much more than 100 pounds. She was cute in a girlish manner and her body also resembled that of a young teenager, as she was not blessed with big boobs. Jenn had short, blond hair and she carried herself in a prim and proper fashion. She was smart and absorbed information so fast it surprised people.

Betsy found Jennifer to be very intelligent. What amazed her most about the young, 22 year old was the way she handled inquiries from people. Jenn would listen; then she would think about what was asked before responding with a question that would stop a person in their tracks. She had the ability to analyze a subject in a calculated way and quickly come up with a solution. Betsy could still remember one of Jenn’s most common responses. ‘Did you ever think of it this way?’

The timing couldn’t have been better for meeting someone. GE brought her new assistant to meet Betsy and they immediately became good friends. Betsy thought back to it and assumed she had a lot in common with Jenn, as they both analyzed everything to death. Their minds worked in a funny, calculating way and it seemed that they digested everything that was said.

As it turned out, it was Saint Patrick’s Day when they met. Betsy met GE and Jennifer downtown for dinner. The annual St. Pat’s parade was already over, but many of the people stayed around to enjoy the festivities. If there was one thing New Orleans knew how to do, it was throwing a parade. The Mardi Gras parades started in the early 1800’s, but it seemed that today one of the most popular parades was on St. Patrick’s Day.

Jenn was from small town Texas and the extreme New Orleans party atmosphere blew her away. She had never seen anything like it and the most amazing thing was when people yelled, “show your tits!” There would be women, even girls, walking down the street in the old French Quarter and they would receive a cheap string of beads every time they bared their boobs. It soon became very obvious that Jenn was drastically affected by it all and Betsy noticed how the young woman never took her eyes off the numerous, bare-chested women.

It was still fairly early when the three women went back to Betsy’s. Betsy remembered the evening as one of those defining moments in a person’s life. She was sitting on the sofa with Jenn when GE came into the living room. The woman immediately yelled, “show your tits.” Then she ripped off her blouse and bra and threw some beads at the two sitting on the sofa.

Betsy was taken by surprise by GE’s outburst. She stared at her friend who was naked above the waist and suddenly she reacted. She was not the type to do things on the spur of the moment, but she did on that night. Her blouse came off followed by her lacy bra in a whisk and then she donned a couple strings of beads. She remembered laughing out loud when the beads slipped under her boob and seemed to hold it up in a tantalizing manner.

Jenn just sat still for a minute or two, and then she took off her blouse and bra. All of a sudden she started crying and it was a profound moment when Betsy moved over, showing the young woman motherly love. Betsy put her arm around Jenn and noticed the reason for the girl’s disappointment. Jenn’s boobs could have been those of a young teen, as they appeared like very swollen areolas with nipples standing proudly on the tips. The oversized areolas and fat nipples appeared as one and they simply protruded out from the woman’s chest.

The young woman explained how all through high school the other girls made fun of the fact she was so flat-chested. When she dated guys, the story always got back to their friends that she had no boobs and soon it circulated throughout the whole school. So that night Jenn sat on the sofa crying, as if she was waiting for the two women to make comments or poke fun at her.

Betsy’s heart pounded and she felt more sympathy for Jenn than she could imagine. She tightened her arm around the woman’s shoulders and hugged her, as if she was a little girl. She couldn’t remember feeling more sorry for anyone in her life.

That was when the most surprising thing happened. Suddenly Betsy felt a hand surrounding her left boob and she froze. She felt her nipple being appraised and then dainty fingers tenderly rolling it around and around in a circle. Betsy opened her mouth to say something, but abruptly Jenn must have realized what she was doing.

Jenn quickly pulled her hand away. “Oh, my God. I’m sorry… so sorry,” she whispered. “I don’t know what came over me? I’ve never touched another woman before.”

Betsy kept her arm around the young woman’s neck. “It’s okay,” she said, trying to comfort the young woman.

Betsy grinned as she thought about that night. She found it odd how a simple statement can mean entirely different things to different people. At the time she meant that no harm was done, but she certainly didn’t give permission to continue the fondling. All of a sudden Jenn put her head back on Betsy’s shoulder and her hand returned to the luscious breast. Betsy remembered looking across the room and seeing the look of approval written all over GE’s pretty face. Abruptly the entire end of her left boob got wet and she knew it was inside the young woman’s mouth.

She felt like there was a baby on her breast trying to get milk. Jenn used her tongue to stroke the underside of her nipple, which was pressed hard against the roof of her mouth. The young woman used her teeth to hold the boob steady and kept milking the nipple like she was a starving infant. The sucking sensation felt terrific, but Betsy didn’t feel comfortable letting a stranger molest her right in front of one of her friends.

Jenn must have felt Betsy putting up a feeble protest and the young woman swiftly sat up straight. She looked straight into Betsy’s bewildered eyes. “Am I doing it wrong?”

When she asked if she was doing it wrong, Betsy made a second mistaken with interpretation. “No. Aaah, no.”

Then everything happened at once. Jenn had a hand on each boob and she squeezed them so that they thrust outward in a most seductive manner. Then the young woman’s head dropped and she gobbled up a nipple with her burning mouth. The next instant GE was next to the struggling pair and she was obviously not on Betsy’s team. “See, I told you honey. Betsy’s the hottest woman around and she’ll teach you everything about sex. Hang on sweetie and suck on the nicest tits,” GE whispered not caring if anyone heard. “I’ll strip her so you can see the sexiest snatch in the city.”

Betsy felt GE’s hands around her waist and in a fleeting moment she was completely naked. The woman had no trouble stripping the rest of her clothes and Betsy didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden Betsy was lying on her back and Jenn was on top of her. The young woman was still fondling her tits and she kept sucking on a nipple as hard as she could.

Suddenly Betsy memory was so fresh it seemed like yesterday. Her legs thrashed in an effort to get up off the sofa, but abruptly GE wrapped her arms around each limb. Her torso settle between Betsy’s legs and then her hungry mouth found the sugar-lode. GE started fucking her with her tongue and Betsy’s hope for any salvation faded. All of a sudden her entire slit was inside the woman’s mouth and GE’s sharp teeth surrounded the tender clitoris. When she nibbled on the throbbing bud and swirled it around in her mouth, Betsy threw her head backwards, losing all hope.

She vaguely remembered hearing the two women whispering whenever they could and all the talk was about her. Apparently Jenn had never been this close to a shaved pussy and GE deviously told her to feel it. With GE’s mouth off her steaming pussy, there was nothing preventing Jenn from molesting her. The young woman’s tongue licked Betsy’s pelvis, displaying her obvious love for a cleanly shaven pussy.

Betsy imagined the ensuing scenes and she wondered if they were as dramatic as she remembered. Suddenly Jenn’s fingers deftly pinched her puffy labia and spread them apart. The room filled with whimpering sounds when the young woman’s tongue darted into the exposed opening and Betsy remembered seeing bright lights on the horizon. There was a big explosion of bright stars just as Jenn’s tongue ravaged her delicate clitoris and then the intense heat seemed to move all the way down her body until it reached her crotch.

Betsy recalled how GE kept her arms wrapped tightly around her thighs, holding them spread wide. Jenn’s head attacked from above and easily found enough room under GE’s raised torso. All of the petty sessions with girlfriends and college friends did not prepare Jenn for the dramatic consequences of making love to a real woman. The taste was unbelievable and she couldn’t stop sucking, trying hard to drink all of Betsy’s love juices.

If Betsy had any thought of not reaching the top of the mountain, it was forgotten when the young woman began the expert finger-fucking. Her long, slender finger sank to the hilt and she knew where to find the amorous G-spot. She raked it incisively and then her darting tongue started flicking the tip of Betsy’s clit around in a furious fashion. Being held captive and unable to move her hips or lower body, Betsy felt totally helpless.

The two young women were in complete control of their illustrious professor and there was nothing sexier than forcing Betsy to climax. They gained more confidence with each passing second and there seemed to be nothing stopping them. Jenn gulped the sweet nectar, as it leaked out of the throbbing cunt, and she abruptly rammed a second finger inside the burning hole. She yanked upwards with her fingers and then she used her teeth to rob Betsy’s last bit of resolve.

GE hugged Betsy’s velvety thighs and hips tighter. Her hands slipped under Betsy and she squeezed the luscious ass, digging her sharp fingernails into the tender flesh. Betsy felt pain and she curved her back in an effort to get away, but that only shoved her pussy deeper into Jenn’s hungry mouth. Two against one was certainly not fair, but that didn’t seem to matter to anyone, including Betsy.


Everything was a blur after that, but now years later Betsy tried to bring back all of the dark memories. Both young women spent the night. Slowly the images of that night formed in her mind and Betsy relived it in glorious Technicolor. She was sprawled out on the bed with GE giving her encouragement. GE wanted Betsy to perform cunnilingus on her young assistant and gave the order. She told Jenn to lie on her back and then she demanded Betsy do it.

It was all coming back to her. Her bedroom was pitch-black, as there were no lights on anywhere. She couldn’t see anything, which seemed to make it all totally mesmerizing at the time. Betsy remembered sensing Jenn moving around on the big bed and then GE whispered in her ear. “I want my gorgeous professor to show my assistant how to make love. Show Jenn how real women make love,” GE whispered letting her tongue circle Betsy’s ear. “She’s ready for you. Show her how!”

Betsy remembered moving in the dark and sensing she was hovering over the young woman. She put out her hands and felt the quivering flesh of the young female. All of a sudden Jenn’s tiny tits were in the palms of her hands and she caressed them in loving fashion. She could hear the young woman moaning with obvious pleasure, so she reached for the swollen nipples that were already rock hard.

Suddenly there was a lot of commotion and Betsy knew she was knelling between Jenn’s wide-spread legs. All of a sudden the lights came on and the most infatuating sight was right in front of her startled face. She had never seen a natural blond, but suddenly there was one within reach. The golden pussy-hair looked ravishing next to the smooth, tanned skin. The hair seemed so fine that it waved back and forth when Betsy breathed on it.

Betsy wasn’t sure, but she thought there was a helping hand on the back of her head, pushing her downwards. She felt the hair tickling her chin and then she stuck her tongue out. Slowly Betsy licked the soft, curly strands and felt Jenn’s hips quiver wildly on the bed. The young woman knew something fantastic was about to happen and she was mewing like a kitten.

Betsy soaked the thin strands of blond hair and plastered them to the side. This completely exposed the pinkest lips and she could see they were covered with womanly cream. She ran the tip of her tongue through the soaked slit and Jenn’s ass bounced frantically up and down on the bed. Then Betsy pinned the thrashing torso to the bed and she wrapped her arms around the slim hips. She pushed her upper body between Jenn’s legs and spread them as wide as possible.

Her eyes opened wider when she stared at the pink opening. The labia were in a perfectly straight line and the lips sealed the entire opening. There was no clitoris visible, but Betsy knew exactly where to find it. She pried the labia apart and let the tip of her tongue run across the tiny, pink bud. Betsy thought it was impossible for a woman to experience an orgasm so quickly, but Jenn proved her wrong.

The young woman’s belly heaved in and out wildly, as the convulsions rocked her entire being. Jenn couldn’t stop the cum from running down her slender honey canal and she almost fainted when Betsy swallowed her clitoris. Betsy was so enthralled with Jenn’s dramatic climax that she lost track of time. The only thing she yearned for was fulfilling the young woman’s dream.


Another thing about that night came rushing back to Betsy. She found out what it was like having two overly determined women assault her at the same time. It happened shortly after midnight and the three were sprawled out on the bed thoroughly exhausted. Well that was how Betsy remembered it, but obviously the two younger women were not too fatigued.

It all happened quite innocently. She had her eyes closed, dreaming of everything that had happened since meeting Jenn and GE for dinner at the downtown restaurant. There were erotic visions of the St. Patrick’s parade flashing through her head and of watching all the bare tits of every shape and size. Her head was swimming with all of the sensual images when someone’s hands lightly brushed the hair from her face. Then soft lips kissed her and it seemed totally enchanting to return the kiss.

The kiss started out very sensual and soon there was a strong, determined tongue in her mouth. At first Betsy merely concentrated on all of the glorious images floating in her head, but then her head was tilted to the side by firm hands. Suddenly a heated kiss ensued and she marveled at how loving and wonderful it was to be kissed while having a million fingers fondling her breasts at the same time. There were fingers around both nipples and they swiftly turned the buds into rock-hard pebbles.

All of a sudden she couldn’t see the images anymore. There were fingers on her tummy and they traced light, teasing patterns all over her warm flesh. When a finger circled her bellybutton and then dipped into the tiny hole, she sucked her tummy in as far as she could. Suddenly Betsy was too confused to think straight. There seemed to be fingers everywhere. All she could do was utter moans of deep anguish when a finger slipped into her honey hole. Yet something pressed into the upper portion of her pussy slit and raked across her delicate clitoris.

Betsy couldn’t keep her hips on the bed and she curved her back, which tilted her pelvis upward. That was when she got royally finger-fucked. A finger thrust into her ass while another remained buried inside her cunt. Suddenly both fingers started pumping in and out of her holes in an incensed fashion and she was helpless to stop the finger-fucking.

Betsy desperately wanted to say something, even plead for them to be gentle. One of the women must have realized her protest and she kissed Betsy hard. All of a sudden Betsy could taste blood, but it didn’t matter anymore. She let the woman kiss her and returned the heated embrace to the best of her ability. Whoever was kissing her also had their fingers on her boobs making sure the nipples were extended and as hard as they could get.

The other woman had her shoulders between Betsy’s legs and holding her thighs spread-eagled while her mouth and fingers ravaged the womanly treasures. The finger buried deep inside Betsy’s cunt went directly to the control button. A fingernail raked across the vulnerable G-spot and every time it did, Betsy’s belly heaved. Betsy could feel the long, slender finger inside her ass and suddenly realized there were two, possibly three fingers in each hole.

She didn’t mean to, but her arms went around the woman who was kissing her. She hugged the woman and pulled her closer, which must have conveyed the signs of lost lust. Betsy tried to kiss the woman, but only her lower lip went into the woman’s mouth. Then she tasted more blood and knew it was her own, but for some strange reason it didn’t matter. Thankfully her lip was released before any serious damage was done and the kiss resumed.

To this day Betsy was at a loss to explain why she passively let the two, young women do whatever they wanted. The severe tremors of an earth-shattering orgasm had barely subsided when the two women swiftly changed places. Betsy felt soft, loving lips all over her flushed face, neck and then back on her lips. She was kissed, but this time it was tender and most amorous. It felt so good when the woman’s tongue caressed her sore lip and tongue.

Betsy thought about closing her legs, but there was a body holding them spread. Suddenly someone was nibbling her all over. Sharp teeth nibbled her belly causing violent spasms to shot through her insides. Then the teeth moved downward, nibbling all the way. All of a sudden her world exploded. Betsy tried to sit up, but the other woman who was kissing her would not let go. She desperately tried to break free by twisting and rolling her hips, but nothing helped. Suddenly the sharp teeth closed on one of her delicate pussy lips. She tried to cry out, but the kiss prevented any verbal protest.

Then Betsy felt the woman’s teeth let go of her swollen labia. The relief was profound, but it lasted such a brief moment. Betsy felt her pussy lips being spread apart and then her vulnerable clitty was sucked into a hot mouth. She remembered a ticklish sensation at first and her clitoris felt extremely good, as it was lightly caresses by the devilish woman’s tongue. Everything felt wonderful, just like it always did when someone cleverly teased her, and her head filled with thoughts of another impending orgasm.

All of a sudden Betsy’s world exploded. Her clitoris was crushed and bitten so hard she swore it was cut off. Then the teeth moved back and forth in an effort to bite every portion of the wildly throbbing clit. Her shoulders where still pinned on the bed by the other woman and she couldn’t get away from the damaging assault. Betsy sobbed uncontrollably and tears came, but suddenly the teeth let go.

Betsy could not remember her clitty being so sensitive, or so alive. A tongue gently licked it and then flicked it around in a furious fashion. The woman only used the tip of her tongue on the raw clitoris and Betsy’s body thrashed up and down with each random caress. Betsy never realized that she was in the midst of a violent climax until her body started shaking out of control.

Her eyes opened and she saw GE’s pretty face. Their prolonged kiss was broken and Betsy stared into the woman’s paralyzing green eyes. “Jennifer gets carried away sometimes. I hope she didn’t hurt you too badly,” GE whispered.

At the time Betsy thought her midsection was on fire. The earlier pain and then the tender caresses caused her inner being to spew like an erupting volcano. Loud sucking sounds mixed with wet licking noises created a chain reaction in all three women. GE blew gently into Betsy’s face and the older woman closed her eyes allowing the soft lips to kiss her face and then her closed eyelids. The feeling was tremendous and Betsy just let her emotions fly away.

All the while the hungry young woman below drank all of the running lava, savoring each drop, as if it was heaven sent. Betsy felt loving arms around her and GE must have thought the orgasm was everlasting. The sheets were soaking wet, as all three women were drenched with sweat.


That Friday night turned into an entire weekend. The three stayed together at Betsy’s and the only time GE or Jenn left was to pickup clothes or something from GE’s condo. Jenn lived with GE so it made things very easy for the two. Betsy vividly recalled one recollection from the weekend. She was lying in bed with Jenn and it was very early in the morning. GE had gone to the washroom or that was what Betsy and Jenn assumed.

The young woman was lying in Betsy’s arms and both of them felt totally at peace and in a heavenly state of mind. Jenn’s head was resting on Betsy’s chest and she was staring downward, between the two luscious tits. “I just adore your pussy. The waxed look is so beautiful… I love it,” she whispered. “I think I should get it done. What do you think?”

Betsy’s response was immediate. “Dear gawd, no! Don’t touch that gorgeous crotch,” she said. “Your hair is so natural… so blond and natural and I love it to pieces.” She could still see the beautiful, blond images in her dreams, even years later.

Jenn was a black hole for knowledge and the young woman would do anything to gain experience. She quickly formed an alliance with her boss and the two young women turned sweet Betsy into their sex toy.

Betsy thought about the relationships that she had with each of the women and also the relationship between GE and Jenn. She correctly assumed the business connection between the two carried over into their personal relationship, as GE definitely was the one in-charge.

Jenn was a most willing slave to her boss and Betsy found it funny how the young woman acted so different with all of her other friends. Especially with her, Betsy thought, as she looked back on her relationship with Jenn. The young woman was a tiger. Although Jenn was small in stature, she acted large in demeanor whenever she was with Betsy. So that first weekend passed with Betsy forming a closer friendship with GE and a special bond with Jenn.

When Sunday evening arrived, Betsy told the two that she had to pick Doris up at the airport. Doris had gone to New York for a few days, doing a modeling session for her old company. They were drastically short of qualified women and Doris accepted the occasional job, feeling obligated to help them out. After all she had told Betsy when she left, they had been extremely good to her for years and given her the break she needed to get known around the world, as a top model.

Betsy recalled how GE and Jenn quickly said they would go with her. GE wanted to see Doris again and Jenn had heard all the nice things about the woman and wanted to meet her. Betsy readily accepted their company, as she never liked going to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans airport by herself.

Betsy remembered how some of the people at the airport gawked when the four beautiful women got together. She greeted her best friend in a customary, loving manner and so did GE. When Doris met Jenn, the two seemed to have an instant liking for each other. During the ride back to Doris’, it was revealed that Jenn had taken the same degree as Doris. It also became apparent the two had lots in common and they discussed all of the business management courses they had taken.

The four had dinner at Doris’ and it was very early when Doris excused herself. She told everyone that she was completely worn out from the hectic modeling session, which had lasted for four days, and headed up the stairs to her bedroom. Just as she got about halfway up, Jenn quickly stood up. “I know exactly what you need. Sleep… but a deep muscle massage will relax every muscle in your body,” she said, starting towards Doris. “Let me give you one… it’ll only take a few minutes.”

Betsy couldn’t remember feeling jealousy before. She watched the two women continue up the stairs and quietly head into Doris’ bedroom. When the door closed, she never had time to dwell on what was happening upstairs. GE grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the backdoor. In a flash, they were outside and standing beside the pool. GE took no time in removing all of her clothes and then she turned to Betsy.

Betsy thought back to that Sunday evening in the pool. The mood was fairly somber for the first few minutes, but it didn’t last long. Betsy remembered having a sense of total relief when Jenn showed up in the backyard and joined GE and herself for a swim. Betsy suddenly realized she had been silly thinking there was anything wrong with Doris and Jenn being together, as there was always room in someone’s life for more than one person. Her relationship with Doris would always be special and that would never change even if one of them got married.


Life went from being a rat-race run at incredible speed to one where everything happened at a snails pace. Betsy promptly realized that GE had taken Jenn under her wing now that the young intern transferred to New Orleans. GE’s condo was plenty big enough for two single women and the two worked hard on GE’s masterpiece for updating their company’s business policies.

It was a demanding time at the college for Betsy and she was nearing the end of a semester. She didn’t see much of the two women other than in daily classes, which Jenn joined in on trying to get up to speed with her boss. Everyone, including Doris, seemed to engross themselves into their careers and other than an occasional dinner together, they never engaged in any parties for a few weeks.

One evening Doris called and Betsy was thankful for the interruption. She was marking boring term papers and needed a break. Doris had made arrangements for use of a cabin and she wanted Betsy to take Friday off, so they could enjoy a long weekend together. It sounded like a perfect remedy; Betsy welcomed Doris’ plan to invite GE and Jenn along and everyone could unwind at the same time.

Betsy never gave it a second thought until she arrived at Doris’ early Friday morning. She was filled with great anticipation for a relaxing long weekend and spending a few days with her best friends. When she pulled into Doris’ driveway, the first thing she noticed was Jenn’s rental car. Betsy thought it odd at first, but shrugged it off as nothing.

Betsy let herself in and she set her bag down. She heard water running and assumed Doris was in the shower, but suddenly her friend cried out. “Up here, Doris said. “There’s coffee ready. Grab a cup and come up here while I get ready.”

Betsy went to the kitchen and poured herself a coffee. She didn’t know what to expect when she headed up to the bedroom. When she entered Doris’ room, the first thing Betsy noticed was a strange bag on the floor. Then she tried to take everything in with a quick glance. The shower was running and Betsy heard what sounded like Bingo’s sharp nails on the tiled bathroom floor, which she found odd. The bed was not made and that was not like Doris, so she wondered about her dear friend’s sudden neglect.

The sound of Doris’ voice startled her out of her dreamland state. “Jennifer needed a quick shower before we head out,” Doris said. “How have you been?”

The two talked for about ten minutes and then the petite Jenn walked into the room. The young woman immediately walked over to Betsy and Bingo was right at her side. Jenn gave Betsy a warm kiss and embrace before sitting down on the edge of the bed. Bingo pranced over to Jenn and he put his big head on her lap.

Betsy remembered her stomach being filled with a million butterflies and she found it extremely hard to breath. If there was one obsession that bothered her more than anything else, it was thinking about Bingo fucking this 100-pound morsel of a woman. Her head filled with fantasies so vivid and erotic that she suddenly had to gasp for needed air. Betsy never realized it at the time, but Doris walked over to her. Her dearest friend kissed her on the forehead and merely whispered to her. “We should get going. I have a full day planned and also the entire weekend,” Doris whispered. “Later! Later we will see it all happen.”

Betsy was utterly speechless. She was numb when they left for the cabin and it took a few minutes before she was able to breath and talk properly. It turned out that GE would not be joining them for the lake rendezvous, as she was spending time with her new boyfriend. The news was a disappointment at first, but the three women soon forgot about their missing friend. Once they arrived at the lake, everyone was more interested in having a good time.

It didn’t take long to put things away and the three rushed to the water so they could go sailing. When they got the boat onto the lake, Betsy half expected Doris to insist they all do the nude sunbathing thing, but that never happened. Instead they sailed around the lake and took the time to do plenty of chatting.

It wasn’t until later when Jenn was off by herself doing something that Betsy was alone with Doris. “I thought you wanted to see it. Watch our beautiful stud fuck her brains out,” she asked with a knowing smile on her pretty face. “Honest, my love… I thought I’d die when I saw it. I still can’t believe she took it all… every fucking inch!”

When Doris held up a CD, Betsy’s eyes grew wide in expectation. “I thought you might like to see it… so I recorded a little on this,” Doris whispered. “She wasn’t happy about it, but then again… what choice did she have?”

Betsy thought back to that weekend at the lake. It turned into a very intimate time with the three women spending much of the time in bed together. Jenn’s oral skills were much improved, as was her skill with toys. There was no doubt, as to who was in-charge, but Betsy and Jenn were overly happy with the arrangements. Betsy remembered how Doris loved the role of mistress and how she made both women masturbate. Most of the time Doris would have Jenn perform her newfound skills and then demand Betsy do likewise.

Betsy recalled what happened on the Saturday evening. They had returned after many hours of sailing around the lake and Doris seemed overly anxious for something naughty. At first Betsy assumed her dearest friend was content with a threesome, but she soon realized Doris had other plans. “Come here, my love! It’s time for my dear, little slut to show Aunt Betsy what a bad girl you were,” Doris whispered. She was standing beside the living room entertainment center and had the incriminating CD in her hand. “Let’s watch our gorgeous slut… see what a bad girl she was.”

Doris slid the CD into the player and then she waited. She held out her hand and Jenn slowly walked over to her. Suddenly Betsy realized that something profound was happening and her heart started beating much faster. She watched the young woman reach Doris and noticed Jenn’s face turn beat red with immense embarrassment. The humiliating movie flashed on the television and all eyes were glued to the screen.

Doris put her arms around the young woman. She hugged Jenn and turned her around so that they both faced the screen. “I promised Auntie that she could watch… watch you with Bingo,” Doris whispered softly, but everyone could hear. “Let me make you comfortable… loosen your clothes, as we watch what happens.”

Betsy felt sorry they had not brought Bingo with them. Then she briefly glanced away from the movie and watched Doris deftly flip-up the young woman’s bikini top, exposing her little boobs. Doris was very shrewd. She peeked over at Betsy and then she put her hands under Jenn’s perky tits. Doris squeezed hard enough to turn the titties into little cones that poked out provocatively.

The young woman’s mouth moved, but no protest or plea was heard. Suddenly everyone’s attention was drawn to the movie. There were loud moans and Betsy’s eyes opened wide with utter astonishment. The beloved pet had his long front legs on top of the squirming woman and he seemed to hold her captive. Jenn was quite petite and Bingo’s paws were around her shoulders, which forced her into a curled-up position. She was on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air and the camera caught Jenn’s dire humiliation.

After that, Betsy only remembered having no willpower to resist Doris. Her friend motioned for her to come closer and Betsy did. She reached the two women and at once they all started removing clothes. It didn’t take long before the three were completely naked, as they were only wearing bikinis with shorts at the time. Each woman kept looking at the movie and the intense humiliation seemed to be arousing rather than upsetting.

Betsy remembered everything going much to her liking, but suddenly Doris and Jenn formed a tag team. All three woman wound up on the floor and the two swiftly pinned Betsy’s arms and legs down. Within seconds, one was kissing her on the lips and the other was also kissing lips. Doris was gentle and comforting and her kiss got Betsy’s blood boiling. Their tongues intertwined and the intense intimacy quickly aroused both women.

Even thought it was years later, Betsy still remembered the ominous consequences of Jenn’s kiss. The young woman most likely wanted to extract revenge for being put through such great humiliation and she attacked Betsy with great fervor. Betsy lost sight of the movie screen, as the two women embraced and kissed her, and her mind could only imagine Bingo and Jenn. She was in the midst of a vivid visualization when the horny young woman found her hidden treasure.

Jenn’s mouth held her pussy-lips apart and then the young woman used her teeth. She nibbled and affectionately caressed the exposed clitoris until Betsy’s hips came off the floor. Jenn reached under the quivering hips and felt the luscious cheeks of Betsy’s ass. She dug her nails into the velvety flesh and suddenly the pelvis thrust up at her hungry mouth. Jenn bit down on the clitty, but not hard enough to cause any damage.

Jenn loved the way Betsy creamed. Every time, the orgasm was swift and it always amazed Jenn how lust quickly consumed every sense of reason in Betsy’s intelligent mind. Jenn felt the cunt push deeper into her mouth and she put her teeth all the way around the throbbing clitoris. The clitty wiggled around in her mouth, so she stroked it with the tip of her tongue, bringing the end to any struggle that Betsy may have thought possible. The convulsions were severe and rocked Betsy’s body to the core, as the two women performed magic on her like they always did.

Betsy could only dream of what it was like. She would always have a strong emotional attachment to both women and remain close friends to both Doris and Jenn. Although it was sad and depressing knowing Jenn’s internship in New Orleans would soon be over, Betsy realized that Doris would still be around, and of course, there was GE who she had grown fond of.


Betsy was getting more excited with each chapter of her life story. She remembered many specific things about her relationships and certain incidences still stood out in her mind. She thought it best to quickly review them one at a time, as she dearly wanted to get on with her life story now that it was getting closer to the most fulfilling stage. Suddenly a vision of Danny popped into her head and she could hardly wait, but first things first.

First she vowed to finish each chapter in succession, so she went back to Doris, GE and Jenn. Doris was fully engrossed in her new career, but she still was on the road some of the time. She did those free financial seminars for the public along with a couple of her business partners. Doris still did the odd modeling job, but they were now very few and infrequent, which was okay with her. She kept saying that she was too old to be a topnotch model and thought it best to stop taking off her clothes for lingerie ads.

GE had a steady boyfriend for a few months, but she had broken it off. The funny thing was that she had introduced Jenn to a close friend of her boyfriend and the two were now dating regularly. The young assistant still officially lived with her boss, but she was only there half of the time. It was supposedly love and Jenn stayed with her boyfriend as long as it didn’t interfere with her work commitments.

Betsy’s daydream stayed on that chapter of her life for a while longer. She remembered one particular Friday evening when Jenn was out with her boyfriend, but GE was anxious for some company. She phoned Betsy and they agreed to spend the night having a nice dinner in the old French Quarter. Afterwards they planned to take in a movie or do something interesting.

As it turned out, the dinner was very lovely, but they drank way too much wine. Wisely they thought it best to go home and since GE’s condo was closer, they went there. It was still early so GE suggested watching a fairly recent movie. Movies on DVD were rare at that time, but she had the most up-to-date system around. Betsy remembered feeling quite tipsy when the two relaxed on GE’s living room sofa. With the combination of too much wine, the lights being turned down low and the movie being a little boring, it was only minutes until both women fell asleep.

About three in the morning, Betsy remembered a tickling sensation all over her body. It was such a wonderful, relaxing feeling that she didn’t want to open her eyes. All of a sudden she felt her clothes being slowly stripped, but she was too relaxed to care. The cool, night air washed over her skin and the feeling was intense when a blanket of Goosebumps formed over her naked body.

Betsy remembered being lost that night. She let the young woman have her way even though it meant GE was in complete control. It wasn’t about control or letting someone be her mistress, but merely relishing the feeling of love. Betsy wasn’t sure what love really was and all she cared about was enjoying the wonderful feelings.

Betsy didn’t want to rehash or go over what happened or how many times she succumbed to the young woman’s desires. The recollection of being submissive and totally under someone’s spell was a little embarrassing, so she decided to let her life story skip ahead.

In the morning, the phone rang at about nine o’clock. Betsy vaguely heard GE answer and talk briefly before hanging up in disgust. “I have to work. My boss just flew into town and he wants me to show him my proposal,” she said. “Please forgive me… and sleep as long as you want. I’ll be gone for hours, as he’s a real prick when it comes to detail.”

Betsy remembered falling back to sleep and not waking for another hour or more. She got up thinking about having a nice hot shower, but decided to listen to music instead. GE had a very complex system with her computer, stereo and LCD screen all hooked together. Such modern systems were uncommon and it took Betsy a few minutes to figure out how to put the computer music over the stereo and LCD. She was lucky that the computer system was all turned on so it was a matter of finding the correct music files.

Eventually Betsy found music she liked. Well into the first song, she innocently glanced at the computer screen, noticing other files beside music ones. One folder had yesterday’s date on it and curiosity got the best of her. Betsy selected the folder and instantly found a windows’ media file listed. Intrigued that the file might contain a movie clip or some kind of show, she selected it. All of a sudden the music stopped and the LCD flashed a few times.

When a picture of GE’s living room showed on the screen, Betsy sat mesmerized by what she saw. Her lifeless body was lying on the sofa and it was obvious she was asleep. Suddenly a young woman walked into the picture and she was completely naked. Betsy gasped in utter dismay when GE slowly bent over and flipped the sleeping woman’s top up to her neck. With the luscious tits exposed, the young woman began running the tips of her fingers over the bare flesh.

Betsy noticed her body twitching and moving slightly. She remembered what happened last night. She was wakened by the tickling and relished the immense pleasure from the sensations throughout her body. She enjoyed them so much that she remained motionless, allowing the young woman total freedom. Staring at the LCD, she saw the very dramatic expressions written all over her face. Now Betsy recalled how she and GE had changed into lounging attire to watch the movie. She was wearing a very baggy t-shirt and loose fitting sweat pants.

Suddenly the top was stripped from the sleepy figure on the sofa. Betsy watched when GE’s fingers fondled her boobs without the slightest resistance, as she remained motionless. Her eyes remained closed, but Betsy could tell that she was pretending. That was obvious when GE grabbed the loose waistband of her sweats and stripped the garment with one quick pull. Betsy watched in dismay, as her hips and legs moved in an effort to assist the young woman.

The camera caught Betsy from the side and all of a sudden her right nipple disappeared into GE’s mouth. Images on the LCD were clear and displayed a naked woman sleeping on her back. Betsy stared at the illustrious images of herself and suddenly realized the humor of the whole thing. Last night she wondered why the young woman wanted the lights left on, but now it made sense. Betsy’s mind drifted back a few hours and she remembered the desire building in her tummy, as GE was on her like a cat. It looked like she raised her head to say something, but the young woman merely shut her up with a kiss.

Betsy wanted to shut the movie off, but she couldn’t. It was the weirdest sensation, knowing what was going to happen yet wanting to see it for real. GE rolled on top of her and cleverly squeezed her legs between hers. Betsy watched herself being seduced, yet not really believing it was happening. She was locked in a tight embrace with the young woman who started molesting her boobs.

Someone really knew what they were doing when they placed the cameras. Betsy didn’t know how it worked, but the movie was produced using two cameras, which kept switching back and forth. One camera angle was displayed for a few seconds, and then a second angle was shown. Both seemed to be perfectly focused to show what was happening on the sofa, so nothing was missed.

Betsy’s body tingled, as she remembered how it felt when GE sucked her titty. She watched the screen and saw how her chest pushed upward directly towards the young girl. Then Betsy noticed how GE used her teeth. She stared at the erotic scene of her nipple locked tightly between the sharp teeth and then being pulled out from her chest. All of a sudden Betsy witnessed GE’s hand slithering between the naked bodies and it gave her goose bumps when her body started flinching wildly.

Suddenly the young woman spread Betsy’s legs and wisely propped one over the back of the sofa. Abruptly the cameras switched and a shot of what was happening between her splayed legs was displayed right in front of her. Betsy noticed the back of the woman’s hand and her fingers were not evident. She would never have believed an orgasm could happen so fast, but the evidence was clearly displayed on the LCD.

Betsy couldn’t watch anymore of the devious seduction. She knew that a climax was not far off so she quickly clicked the stop with the mouse. Then she looked for the cameras. She easily found the one, as it was stacked on a bookshelf. It took a bit to find the other, which was cleverly hidden in the cabinet. The cabinet door was left wide open and the little camera was clipped onto one of shelves.

Then Betsy returned to the computer. She didn’t know this side of GE and wanted to find out more. Looking at the various folders, she noticed multiple ones containing videos of GE and her boyfriend. Betsy wasn’t interested in watching any of those and she suspected there would be more incriminating videos, so she searched for more. There was one labeled, ‘Insurance J’, which she hesitantly opened.

When numerous videos popped up, she opened the one with the most recent date. The screen came to life in living color and it showed Jenn sitting on the sofa in GE’s living room. The young woman was sitting beside her boyfriend and he was embracing her, obviously intent on having sex. Suddenly more people came into the scene and Betsy was astonished when GE and her boyfriend sat down with the couple on the sofa. Instead of embracing his girlfriend, GE’s boyfriend turned and cuddled Jenn. His hand shot under her sweater and it made Betsy laugh, as she wondered if he was a boob man.

Betsy tried to decipher the ensuing actions. Suddenly GE’s boyfriend rolled the sweater up and over Jenn’s head. Betsy noticed how Jenn used her arms and elbows, trying desperately to shield herself from the man. She seldom wore a bra for obvious reasons and that time was no different. Her boobs flashed into view and the man beside her instantly started fondling them. He was so rough that it brought pleas for mercy from Jenn and Betsy felt sorry for the young woman.

Although there were no clear voices in the movie, Betsy could see Jenn’s mouth moving most likely pleading for her boyfriend’s help. The man merely twisted and rolled first one stiff nipple before switching to the other and all the while Jenn uttered futile protests. All of a sudden there was furious action and it took GE and her boyfriend mere seconds to undress. It took Betsy by surprise when a strange man appeared from the shadows and immediately took GE’s place on the sofa.

GE disappeared, but not for long. Abruptly the camera moved and everything became blurred and fuzzy. The next clear picture was of GE’s smiling face. She held the camera at arms length and focused on a facial shot of herself. “Now we are going to see the tight, little pussy getting fucked. Yes! We are going to watch Jennifer get fucked in every hole she has,” GE whispered. “We’ll see the best gangbang. Yes! Jennifer getting banged in her cunt… in her ass… in her mouth.”

GE skillfully controlled the camera. She rotated it around and zoomed in on the struggle, taking place on her living room sofa. The encounter had heated up; Jenn was kicking, but nothing stopped the men. Her pants came off in a split second and then her panties were stripped. One of the men shoved the lace garment into her mouth and that prevented any further verbal protests, although Betsy noticed Jenn struggled.

All of the men were naked and there was no doubt what was on their minds with the unsuspecting woman. Jenn probably didn’t know she was making a movie, but Betsy reasoned that an actress performed better when she didn’t know the script. Jenn was trapped between two men and much to her dismay, her boyfriend seemed to help his buddy ravage her body. The other man stood up in front of the three and boldly shoved his pecker in Jenn’s face.

Betsy noticed how Jenn twisted her head towards her boyfriend, as if to plead with him, but it didn’t help. The three men worked in unison to lift Jenn’s petite body up enough so that GE’s boyfriend shifted under her. One held her shoulders, one squeezed her waist and the other lifted her legs, bending them at the same time. They all let go at once and Jenn dropped directly onto the man’s upraised tool.

Jenn seemed to hover in the air for a second or two; then she dropped like a rock. Her mouth flew open so wide that she was able to spit out the panties, but it was a fleeting respite. The stranger quickly shoved his bulging cock into her gaping mouth and Jenn was forced to suck. She choked and coughed, as the man rammed his pecker into her throat, which quickly robbed all of her willpower.

It was a scene to behold and one that Betsy would never forget. One of her best friends was being gang-fucked right before her eyes by three overly aroused men. Jenn’s slender body was moved up and down on top of GE’s boyfriend’s cock and Betsy could only imagine how deep it was buried inside her belly. A strange man was getting a blowjob from Jenn while her boyfriend tweaked her nipple and masturbated, watching the whole affair.

All of a sudden thick globs, of what Betsy found out was cum, came flying through the air. Jenn’s boyfriend masturbated right in front of her and let his cum spew all over the side of her face. The humiliation was too drastic and Betsy couldn’t watch it all. She skipped forward and caught the shameful scene of GE’s boyfriend filling Jenn up, as if she was his personal sperm bank. Another swift skip forward and Betsy caught the stranger blasting is load into Jenn’s belly.

Betsy thought she had seen the worst of the movie, but she was so wrong. She skipped ahead and realized that if certain types of sex were possible, it happened with Jenn that night. When the anal sex came on, Betsy realized GE would do anything to satisfy her insatiable urge to control her young assistant.

After an obvious lapse in time, the most degrading scene flashed on the screen. Jenn was lying on top of her boyfriend’s outstretched body and he was screwing her like a madman. All of a sudden, Betsy cringed as she witnessed the ultimate gangbang. The stranger hovered behind the prone young woman and he rubbed his rejuvenated cock all over her ass. He poked her and Jenn was helpless. She thrust her hips at her boyfriend when she felt the man spreading the cheeks of her beloved ass.

Betsy couldn’t envision a more humiliating scene and she was so glad it did not include her. Jenn was fully embedded on top of her boyfriend when the other man found the opening in her ass. Betsy noticed Jenn’s head come up, as the young woman severely arched her back. Then a long, low moan of agony came out over the speakers, sending a shiver up Betsy’s backbone. Jenn wasn’t able to stop the anal assault and the two men accomplished the demoralizing double penetration.

Time was not relevant in the movie, as it probably lasted all night. The blank spots were cut out and edited to leave only the sexual content of the dramatic gangbang. It seemed the men were hard all of the time, but that was due to the skips in time. Apparently GE wanted enough insurance to last a lifetime and the movie depicted poor Jenn having sex more times than Betsy could count.

Betsy couldn’t take anymore. She deleted all of the videos that were in the insurance folder and then she deleted everyone that she was in. A wave of immense relief washed over her disillusioned mind when she deleted the folder with yesterday’s date. The only thing on her mind after that was leaving, even without having a shower. She dressed quickly and left GE’s with a new perspective of the woman.

Betsy recalled how pissed she was at GE. The first thing she thought of was giving the woman a good ass fucking, but shrugged that off as a lost cause. All she could think of was her early years, being on the beach with Marty and the other regulars at the time. Getting even just wasn’t something Betsy did in her life and she tried hard never to carry a grudge. It made her smile at the knowledge of finally maturing and maybe it took her longer to become a real woman.

***Jenn’s last weekend in New Orleans.

There was a TV program where everything would go wrong, but in the end everything turned out okay. Then one of the stars would say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Betsy grinned at how life worked at times. It was Jenn’s last weekend in New Orleans and Doris was out of town for a few days. Betsy was taking care of Bingo and GE was off with her boyfriend again.

Jenn was sad that she had to leave for New York on Monday. She was transferred to the next department of her company, so she could learn all about the company’s supply procedures. Betsy had already grown fond of the young woman and she was sad to see her go. She thought back to the time Debbie left and felt almost the same depressing emotions.

The young woman suggested they spend the weekend together and Betsy relished the thought. Seems Jenn had broken up with her boyfriend and desperately didn’t want to spend her last weekend alone in New Orleans. Betsy recalled how she took the young woman to the French Quarter Festival, which was truly one of New Orleans special events. The live music included some of the best musicians from the area and the food was extraordinary. They ate all evening and Jenn found the Creole and Cajun food truly unbelievable. It was a delightful evening and they didn’t get back to Betsy’s until well after midnight.

The next day was warm and sunny so they went for lunch at a lake resort that was close by. When they returned to Betsy’s that day, Jenn insisted they go up to Betsy’s bedroom right after dinner. Betsy never dreamed her dear friend was up to something and never gave it a second thought. At the time she had vowed to do everything possible to make Jenn’s last weekend most memorable. As soon as they got inside the bedroom, Jenn stopped Betsy.

They were still a few feet from the bed, but that didn’t matter. Jenn reached for her and Betsy didn’t move a muscle when her top was removed. Betsy remembered how the young woman stared with starry eyes at her chest. She thought it was cute when Jenn licked her lips in anticipation and it still made her grin. Then the young woman stripped her own top and tossed it across the room.

The garment landed on Bingo’s makeshift bed, which was in the corner of the room. He whined, as if the skimpy material hurt him, and it made both women laugh. Then the mood turned somber again when Jenn reached for the clasp of Betsy’s bra. She slowly unfastened it and let the lacy bra drop to the floor. It turned out that Jenn was wearing a bra that day and she quickly ripped it off, leaving both women panting with growing desire.

Then Jenn guided her gorgeous friend over to the bed. She motioned for Betsy to sit on the edge of the bed and then the young woman removed Betsy’s pants along with her panties. Now completely naked, Betsy felt consumed by the erotic moment and looked forward to the upcoming sexual episode. Her eyes opened wide when Jenn stripped and her blond bush came into view. Betsy stared at the gorgeous sight and she didn’t notice that Jenn had brought her purse into the room.

Suddenly the young woman set the leather bag on the bed. When she pulled two, long strips of cloth out, Betsy instantly knew what they were for. Without being told, she reached out her arms and let the young woman tied both of her wrists securely. Jenn jumped on the bed and swiftly shuffled around until she pulled Betsy’s arms towards the corners of the bed. Betsy had to lie on her back and once she did, her arms were tied to the bed supports.

Abruptly Jenn rolled over Betsy and sat directly on top of her stomach. All of a sudden for the first time, Betsy was nervous. Jenn leaned over and put her lips right beside Betsy’s ear. “I can do anything… anything I want to you,” Jenn pronounced. “My bag is full of goodies… things to use on you.”

Betsy stared straight up at the ceiling while Jenn never moved. “I have toys. Lots of things to make you my slave,” Jenn whispered. “Do you want to be my loyal slave?”

Betsy didn’t know what to do, or say. Suddenly she felt an insistent nibbling on her ear, so she spoke up. “You don’t have to do this. I’m yours… if you want. I trust you,” Betsy whispered with a little bit of doubt in her voice.

Suddenly Jenn pulled more things out of her bag. “I have a gag… and some clips… and the biggest, black dildo,” Jenn said. “Oh my God, I’ve thought of nothing else for days.”

Betsy tried to remain calm. “Jenn, honey. You don’t have to do this.”

Jenn sat up and kept all of her weight on Betsy’s tummy. “I am going to gag you… then, oh God… then I’m going to use these clips on your gorgeous nipples.” Jenn seemed to like the crude harassment. “Anal… you don’t like anal, do you?”

The young woman pinned Betsy’s torso to the bed. Then she slowly reached into the bag and took items out one at a time. She pulled out a red ball, which had straps, and gently placed it on Betsy’s chest. Then she did the same with some clips, which sent a shiver through Betsy’s entire body, as they looked dangerous. When Jenn took out the big, black dildo, Betsy’s heart rate doubled, thinking about Jenn using it on her.

Betsy remembered experiencing the worst fear. She stared down at her chest and couldn’t take her eyes off the various toys. “Jenn! Please, Jenn. You don’t have to do this. Dear gawd, you don’t know what you’re doing.” All Betsy thought at the time was that she didn’t know this Jennifer.

All of a sudden Jenn acted. She grabbed the ball and quickly forced it into Betsy’s mouth even though Betsy tried hard to keep her mouth closed. Jenn pushed the hard-rubber ball into her teeth and she felt helpless, as her mouth opened wide. The young woman swiftly reached around her head and fastened the straps, which secured the ball tightly inside her gapping mouth. Saliva instantly filled her mouth and Betsy felt it trickle out around the ball.

“I want you to remember me. Remember what we had together,” Jenn whispered. Then she moved the clips and threatened to snap them around the upstanding nipples. With her arms tied securely above her head and being stretched out on the bed, Betsy could merely roll her head from side to side, feeling the utter frustration of the moment. Suddenly the young woman set the clips around the flared base of each nipple and released the springs. When they clamped down hard on the precious buds, all Betsy could do was groan out loud, as the spit leaked from her mouth.

The young woman kept Betsy’s torso pinned to the bed. She leaned forward putting her hands on Betsy’s upper arms pretending to hold the already bound arms in place. Jenn tilted her head back and stared into Betsy’s teary eyes. The gaze held for an eternity, but suddenly the young woman had second thoughts. “Oh God, what am I doing! Oh God, I’m so sorry,” Jenn whispered. “Forgive me. I’ll do anything to make up to you. I love you like a sister. You’re the only person who has treated me as a true friend… I could never hurt you.”

The ball prevented Betsy from saying anything. She focused on Jenn’s face, as the woman suddenly unfastened the straps, and removed the gag. As was her custom, Betsy tried to reassure the young woman that she didn’t mind. Although the bondage was a little scary, she really wasn’t afraid that Jenn would hurt her. “It’s okay… don’t worry,” Betsy whispered. Looking back on it now, she knew it was stupid to forgive Jenn, but that was her nature.

Jenn actually sobbed and begged forgiveness. She volunteered to remove the clips and get rid of the toys, but then Betsy made the biggest mistake of her life. “No! It’s okay… really. Leave them on,” she told the young woman.

Then Jenn explained herself. “You’re the only person who has treated me with respect… with love and respect,” she whispered. “Wendi used me. She used me at work… even at home. Doris! She is such a beautiful woman… but she has such a thick, protective shell. She won’t let anyone get close… except you.”

Betsy listened intently, as Jenn rambled on. “And you. You’re beautiful, smart, caring and the most honest person. I know what you did to the gangbang clips that were on Wendi’s computer. But next time… delete the Recycle Bin too,” Jenn said. Betsy laughed at the silly mistake even though by this time her nipples were on fire. She took her eyes off Jenn and looked at her aching buds, which were severely extended, appearing swelled to twice their normal size.

Jenn noticed Betsy’s concern, but she didn’t make a move to remove the clips. She was like a kid in a candy store. Betsy would never forget how she willingly told the young woman to go ahead. “It’s alright. I want nothing more than to make you happy… go ahead, it’s our last weekend together,” she whispered. When Jenn’s expression was undecided, Betsy pounded the final nail in her own coffin. “Use the clips… the gag… even that big thing.”

The young woman leaned down and kissed her and abruptly Jenn was filled with confidence. She broke the heated kiss and swiftly put the ball back in Betsy’s mouth. Jenn was in control again and she went back to her earlier plan, without the slightest feeling of guilt. She yanked a clip off and Betsy thought she had lost one of her precious gems. Her nipple pulsed and throbbed so bad that it sent shivers through her entire body.

Suddenly the young woman sucked on it and Betsy felt severe convulsion roaring through her belly. The feeling was super-sensitive and Betsy could only roll her shoulders back and forth on the bed, as Jenn’s tongue played with her nipple. Then Jenn removed the second clip; she did the same thing to the other nipple and Betsy realized that there was no going back.

Betsy remembered the assault like it was yesterday. All of a sudden she was screaming and didn’t know why. Hardly any sound came out from around the red ball and her body suddenly stiffened like a board. The burning mouth was sucking on her aching nipples, making sure each was sufficiently coated with moisture. Abruptly Jenn moved and got on her hands and knees directly over top of Betsy’s outstretched torso. Her hungry mouth devoured one throbbing nip while the fingers of her left hand skillfully caressed the other.

Jenn’s right hand was the one that ended Betsy’s struggle. For some reason Betsy was fighting the rising passion, thinking she still had a chance. Jenn admired what she thought was play-acting, thinking there was no better actress in the world. The young woman placed the fingers of her right hand on Betsy’s tummy and felt tremendous quivering every time she tickled the burning flesh. Then her fingers slowly crept downwards until they entered the vast wetness.

First there was nothing. No breathing or no sound coming from her captive when her fingers slipped into the narrow pussy slit. Betsy held her breath knowing this was only the beginning. Then Jenn lightly caressed the

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