Sweet Dee

Author: CyberAge

Dee worked in a shrimp plant and lived with her boyfriend in a mobile home. Her boyfriend was a real jerk so one day Dee left and moved in with some friends. The only problem this created was the fact she was always horny because they lived way out in the country with no one nearby except a bunch of Mexican farm workers who didn’t speak english. Dee hated living with her boyfriend but he had kept her sexually satisfied.

Now she wasn’t sure what to do as she had no inclination to befriend the farm workers. One day she went with a friend of hers when she visited her father. He lived alone in a big house. He seemed to be very nice and Dee somehow was attracted to him even though he had to be at least 10 or 15 years older than she. She asked her friend if she would give Dee her father’s phone number. Her friend hesitated for a moment as she had never done anything like that before. But she gave it to her.

A few days later Dee called Ted, the friend’s father, and introduced herself. They talked for a few minutes when Ted asked her if she played darts. When she responded in the affirmative Ted invited her to go out with him to play darts the next evening. Dee agreed and told Ted where she lived. The next evening Ted picked her up and they drove to the bar where they drank a few beers and shot several games of darts.

During the course of the evening Dee found out that Ted was indeed 15 years older than her but he seemed young for his declared age of 50. While he obviously wasn’t a body builder his muscles were quite well developed. Dee wondered to herself how well he was hung. For his part Ted tried to picture the shape of Dee’s body without clothes on. She seemed to be a bit stocky. Ted had never been turned on by fat women but Dee wasn’t really fat. In fact as he watched her play darts he figured she might have a very attractive body under those baggy clothes she wore.

As the evening wore on Dee told Ted she felt like getting out of the bar as the noise was getting to her. They left the bar and as Ted started to swing the car around to go towards Dee’s place she suggested they go to his place for a while so Ted headed in that direction wondering if he might get lucky. When they got to Ted’s place she asked him for a drink. They talked for a while and it was getting quite late. As Dee had not asked him to take her home Ted decided to test the waters. He told Dee he felt tired and planned to go to bed. She could join him or sleep on the couch.

Ted went into the bedroom, took off his clothes and got into bed. He didn’t even put a clean pair of briefs on but instead went to bed naked in hopes Dee would join him. A few minutes later he heard her come into the room. She stood by the bed for a minute or so. Ted heard her whisper to herself “Fuck it” as she disrobed.

Ted could see her in the moonlight and she had a nice body. Dee climbed under the covers with Ted. Ted put an arm around her and cupped one of her tits. He rolled her on her side and rolled over on his side facing her. He pulled her to him so they were in contact the full length of their bodies. Ted could feel her tits pressing against his chest and his dick snuggled up between her legs against her pussy. He grasped her butt with both hands and ran his fingers down into the crack of her pussy.

He rubbed her pussy with his fingers. He moved down on the bed so he could attack her cunt with his mouth. He buried his face between her legs. He began to eat her in ernest as she put her legs around his head and squeezed. Ted ate her pussy hungrily. When she had her climax he increased his tempo which brought on another and yet another orgasm. In the middle of one of the orgasms he plunged his dick into her. Fucking her with abandon he was able to bring her to several more orgasms before he exploded with his own climax. They both went into the bathroom and cleaned up before retiring for the night.

The next morning Ted awoke to find Dee still asleep beside him. He watched her naked beauty for a while. Her deep breathing caused her tits to go up and down with each breath. She started stirring a bit as she began waking up. Ted reached over and kissed her. Dee responded with a passionate kiss. She pushed him back on the bed and positioned herself over him in a sixty nine position. She began playing with his dick which quickly sprang to life. She pulled the foreskin back and began to give him a blowjob.

As Dee’s pussy was only about an inch from Ted’s face he began to lick her pussy lips and began to once again eat her out. Dee greedily was sucking Ted’s dick as he slurped her cunt. They both came at the same time. Ted filled Dee’s mouth with his cum which she milked dry as she filled his mouth with her pussy juices. After they finished Dee asked Ted to take her home.

The next day at the plant Dee’s friend asked Dee how her date went. “Your father is one hell of a lover” replied Dee.

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