My Boyfriend Caught Me With Another Woman

Author: Wave

When I was in college, I had a few lesbian experiences with my roommate. I never told my live-in boyfriend about it, because I didn’t know how he would react. I didn’t plan on ever doing anything like that again, so I figured I was safe. Neither I nor my roommate considered ourselves lesbians, we both fucked plenty of guys too, but we didn’t figure there was anything wrong with occasionally getting between the sheets together.

I kept in touch with my old roommate over the years. One day, she called me up and said she was coming to my town for a job interview. I told her she should stay with us and plan for a few extra days, so we could hang out and have some fun.

My boyfriend was going to go fishing for the weekend with some of his buddies so we could have the place to ourselves. I had been thinking about the past and the passionate fling we had in college, and I admit I was thinking I wouldn’t mind re-living the past a little.

We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant just around the corner from my house and ended up drinking several mugs of margaritas. On the walk home, we were holding hands and getting chummy, and by the time we got in the door we were making out like crazy. I didn’t really consider it cheating on my boyfriend, and to be honest I didn’t really care at that point.

We turned the stereo on as we stumbled into the bedroom and began kissing passionately, tongues probing hungrily. We clumsily undressed each other and began kissing, sucking, and licking each other all over. She sucked my nipples better than any man ever had, she really took her time. My pussy was really getting juicy and I was really looking forward to licking her pussy, something I had not done for years. She apparently had the same idea, because after working on my nipples for awhile, she got busy teasing my pussy and clit with her tongue. I just laid there not believing how wonderful it felt.

Soon we twisted around into a 69, eating each other’s pussy and making all kinds of noises. I could not remember ever having my pussy eaten so beautifully in my entire life. Her pussy tasted wonderful and it made me realize how much I had missed the taste of a sweet pussy like hers. I guess we were so excited and turned on and making so much noise that neither of us heard my boyfriend come in until we heard the door slam.

We both sat straight up in bed and neither of us knew what to say. My boyfriend said “well, what have we got here?” I just sat there, not knowing what to do. Then, he said “can I get in on this?” And he didn’t even appear mad, in fact he had a look on his face that looked to me like he had just been given the best surprise of his life. I said “sure” and so did she.

By the time my boyfriend took his pants off, his cock was already standing straight up. I could see that a three way was probably something he’d always dreamed of. We told him to lay down and I started to kiss him and she started to suck his cock. He said he could taste her pussy on my tongue and asked me if I liked the taste. I said I did and he said he couldn’t blame me. He told me that he wanted to lick my pussy so I stradled his face, facing her, so she and I could both take turns sucking his cock. She would concentrate on his balls while I would suck furiously on his raging cock, then she would suck his cock while I watched.

My boyfriend has the ability to hold off cumming for quite some time, which was good because I knew he would want to fuck the both of us. He said he wanted to fuck her while she ate my pussy some more, which sounded great to me. He stroked his cock by himself for awhile as we watched him, both of us getting impatient to have that thick rod inside of us. I had a perfect view for watching him fuck her as I lay there getting my pussy devoured, it was fabulous. She was squeezing my nipples as she munched my clit and pussy, easily making me come with an exhilarating long orgasm. She lifted her face from my pussy just in time to revel in her own shaking orgasm. Seeing her cum with my pussy juice all over her face got me horny all over again.

My boyfriend now decided it was time to fuck me, but first I wanted to suck some of that sweet pussy juice off of his cock. He really enjoyed watching (and feeling) me do that. We girls switched positions and I started lapping up her creamy pussy as my boyfriend slid his dick into me. He felt so good, swollen huge, and my pussy was just so sensitive that it didn’t take long for his steady pumping to bring on another long orgasm from me. He continued pumping me as I brought her to another orgasm, her pussy juice now coating my face. Then he said “girls, I’m gonna cum and I want you both to lick it up.”

He pulled his fat cock out of me and we both got into position, opening our mouths wide to catch his warm cum. It sprayed out quickly and got on our tits, necks, faces, and in our hair, but we didn’t care. We licked his cum off of each other and then the three of us fell into a heap, breathing heavily.

I asked my boyfriend why he came home so early. He said that the cabin they were staying in was overun with bugs and that one night there was enough. Good thing!

My college roommate did get that job that she interviewed for, so I am glad to say that she has become a regular visitor to our bedroom!

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