The movies

Author: Belle Dimond

I had decided to go to the movies by myself for a change, simply out of boredom. My boyfriend was out of town, and my girlfriends all seemed to be busy. I put on a flowing skirt, and a v-neck tee-shirt with a loose sweater over it. Why dress up just to go to the movies by myself? I left my long, blonde hair loose and just put on a little lipstick and eyeliner. I still looked pretty hot. I grabbed my purse and walked the 4 blocks to the theatre.

I bought a ticket to the generic romantic comedy playing there, some licorice whips and settled in to wait for the movie to start. I was opening my licorice whips when someone sat down behind me and to the right. He coughed loudly. When I ignored him he coughed louder, obviously trying to get my attention. In spite of myself, I turned and looked. Right when I did, he “adjusted himself”, showing off the big bulge beneath his tight jeans.

I turned quickly back around and giggled to myself. The lights went down and I thought no more about it. About 10 minutes into the movie, I started to feel hot breath on my neck. I didn’t move – I didn’t know what to do. When his lips reached my ear, blowing and whispering “hot nothings”, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I got goosepimples, hard nipples and a wet pussy all at the same time. I closed my eyes and sucked on my licorice whip while he moved the hair back away from my neck and planted little butterfly kisses up and down the nape of my neck.

I was startled to feel the sudden coolness of the air against my neck as he moved away. I opened my eyes to see him hopping over the seat beside me. He sat down next to me and stared ahead at the movie, while I stared at him, mouth agape.

I began sucking, slowly, on my licorice whip. Moving it in and out between my lips. Holding it near my mouth and licking the end of it suggestively. Pushing it deep into my throat and swallowing against it as I pulled it out. He didn’t ignore me for long.

His hand rested on my thigh and started pulling my skirt up with his fingers until he reached skin. I parted my legs slightly and leaned back in my chair, my pussy on fire at this point. As his fingers traced slowly up my thigh, I reached over and pressed my hand against the large, hard bulge at his crotch. It was warm and responded to my touch. I pressed my hand flat against it and moved it up and down, while his fingers toyed with the edge of my panties.

I pressed my hips forward, begging silently for his fingers to cross the line and caress my moist lips and my clit. I moaned involuntarily when he finally did, and opened my eyes to see if anyone had heard us. I looked at him and he stopped caressing and put his finger to his lips as if to say “shhhh”. Then he beckoned me to follow him.

We went up to the very back of the theater, in the corner where it was the darkest. He unzipped his fly and sat down. He motioned for me to sit on his lap facing the screen, so I did. He had his legs together and I sat down with my legs spread, straddling his. As I sat down, he held my skirt up in the back, so that it pooled around us and my pantied crotch was against his.

He reached up under my sweater and my tshirt and began pinching and rolling my nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. They grew harder, and I began pressing against his crotch with mine, and moving my hips in little circles. I was so hot and wet that I knew I had ruined my panties and probably his jeans!

Pretty soon he was pressing back against me with his hips, his hands fully against my breasts now; rolling, palming, squeezing and caressing.

It was soon more than either of us could stand and he reached down and pulled the hard, 7-inch cock out of his pants. He pulled my panties aside and I felt him work his cock between my slippery lips. It slid home like it knew it belonged there and I was lodged to the hilt on his hot, throbbing cock!

I leaned forward, resting my hands on my knees, and moved forward a few inches, slowly, then moved back hard against his cock! The fingers of his left hand were on my clit and his right hand was under my sweater; caressing my breasts and pulling me back against him.

I rocked forward and back; feeling his cock enter me hard, then pull almost all the way out, then fuck back into me harder than before! He fingered my clit like a pro as I panted and tried not to cry out.

I saw one person look back towards us, but they turned away. It didn’t matter, I was so close to the edge. I felt his cock begin to expand in my pussy and I knew he was close, too. I closed my eyes and fucked back against him as hard as I could, grinding against him and clenching my pussy muscles each time. I felt my belly tighten and then explode.

Then I felt his hot cum shoot into me; it seemed like for an eternity. We slowed our movements down and finally stopped. I shuddered and sighed and then stood up and moved to the seat next to him. He stood up, tucked his dick in his pants, stepped over my feet and walked out.

“Good,” I thought. There’s nothing I hate more than weirdness after a quickie.

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