The jail boy

Author: LOVELY

I was living with my husband and children in a very sober and comfortable area of our town. There were our neighbors Mary and her husband Ron. They were older people might be in their fifties. They were really good to us and we had good relations with them. Mary used to come to our home whenever I was at home on my off days from my job.

As I was hanging out my washing, Mary, my elderly neighbor called me over.
“Victoria, I don’t really know how to tell you this, but my son is coming to stay with us, on Wednesday.” she muttered.
“That’ll be nice for you. I didn’t know that you had a son,” I replied, somewhat in shock.
We’d lived next to Mary and Ron for over two years and they’d never mentioned a son.
“He’s been away,” she continued, “in jail.” The last two words were whispered.
“Oh!” I put my hand over my mouth, “You never said.”
“Well, we were embarrassed, and we didn’t think that he would want to come home, but his parole officer has insisted. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” Mary was crying now.

Over a cup of coffee, Mary explained that Tony had got in a fight with his girlfriends’ ex and stabbed him. A condition of his early release was that he had to live at home for six months.

My husband was just as shocked, as I was, when I told him the news. We agreed that there was nothing that we could do, but to be civil to him, for Mary and Ron’s sake, and we’d try to keep our young sons away from him.

On the Wednesday evening I watched Mary and Ron arrive home from prison with their son.
He was a ‘man-mountain’! Over six feet tall and he’d obviously spent all of his free time in the gym.

We didn’t see or hear anything from our neighbors over the next few days. Then on the Saturday, when I was hanging out yet more washing, I could hear clanging noises from Ron’s garage. I looked up to see Tony setting up some gym equipment through the open door. When he spotted me, he waved. I smiled and nervously waved back.

Over the next few days I would hear or see him working out whenever I was in my garden or kitchen, when he spotted me he would always wave and flash a very cheeky smile.

On the Wednesday, when I was hanging out the washing (again!), I heard Tony grunting as he lifted his heavy weights.

I looked over to see him lifting some weights above his head, only wearing a pair of tiny shorts. I’d never seen a man that looked so fit. His whole body was full of rippling muscles. He looked like someone off Baywatch, but with cheap tattoos on his arms.

I must have been staring at him for a couple of minutes, because I was startled when he dropped the weights, grinned and went into one of those poses that makes a bodybuilders’ body look like it’s going to explode.

Embarrassed I ran into the house.
The following day I was late for work, and as I ran down the garden path I dropped my keys.
As I bent over to pick them up I heard a car horn ‘toot’. I looked up to see Tony sitting in the drivers seat of a smart BMW.

“Do you need a lift?” he asked.
Flustered, I looked at my watch. A lift would be great – but from him?
“Hmmm,” I mumbled, as I looked at my watch again.
He flashed his shiny smile, “Come on, get in. I won’t bite!” he laughed as he opened the door, “Well, maybe a little nibble!” he said with a cheeky wink.
I got in, and as I turned to pull on the seat belt, I was conscious that my short skirt had risen up my thigh.

“Hey! Hey!” he laughed as he squeezed my thigh; “You really do know how to make a man feel welcome!”
“Stop that!” I shouted as I slapped his hand, “Let me out!”
Still laughing he accelerated the car out of the street.
Each time he changed gear he deliberately stroked my leg.
Terrified, I tried to move to the edge of the seat, but he grabbed my thigh and pulled me back.
“Ha, ha, ha. You’re not frightened of little old me, are you?” He cackled.
“Sort of.” I mumbled.
“I don’t think so.” Tony said, “I’ve seen you watching me working out. ‘Miss Goody Fucking! You like what you see, don’t you?”
I stared out of the window, trying to ignore him.
“That husband of yours is a bit boring, isn’t he?” he continued, “it’s no wonder that you’ve been flashing your little knickers for me.”
“I have not!” I retorted, as we stopped at some traffic lights.
“Yes you have. Every time you bend over, you flash your pants. You know you do! And don’t get me started about what you put on your washing line.” He laughed, as he began stroking the outside of my thigh, “My favorites are the pink frilly ones. Have you got them on now?” He asked as he lifted up the front of my skirt and turned his head to look at the crotch of my knickers.

I was so frightened I felt unable to stop him.
“White and see through! I can’t see much bush either. You are a little minx, aren’t you?” He whispered into my ear, as I straightened my skirt, “If I got you on your own you’d be a right dirty fuck, wouldn’t you? Miss Goody Fucking? I don’t think so!”

“Why are you calling me that?” I asked, with tears filling my eyes.
“My Mum has told me all about you and your ‘perfect’ husband- Mr. Boring, and you – Missus Fucking Perfect!”
“This is where I need to get out?” I whispered as he pulled up outside of the office where I work.
“I know.” He winked as he leant over me, touching my breasts, as he opened my door. I felt his arm on my large sized breasts and really got hot with his touch on my big boobs.

As I moved to get out, he grabbed my leg, “Don’t I get a little kiss?” he asked as he stroked my thigh again.
“Piss off!” I hissed, as I slammed the door and ran across the pavement.

Once inside I locked myself in the toilet. I was trembling with fear. I couldn’t believe what that man had just done to me and I’d done nothing to stop him.
I couldn’t concentrate, all day. My head was in a spin. Was he right about me flashing my panties at him? I love wearing hipster jeans and that is one of the consequences, but I’d not do it on purpose – would I? Also, I’d honestly, never thought about hanging my underwear on the line in the garden. After all who would see them apart from Mary and my husband.

Of course, things were different now, because I had a red blooded, ex-convict living next door, who hadn’t seen a woman for two whole years, so I would have to be more discrete.

The following morning, when I was getting ready for my office, I could not stop my self from wearing a pink colored panty under my skirt. I was wishing in the depths of my heart that Tony should again come today to let me have some fun again. When I came out of my home I saw that Tony was waiting for me at the bottom of our street.

His car door swung open, “Get in.” he ordered.
I looked around, to see if anyone that I knew was watching. There wasn’t, so I slid into the passenger seat. Without saying a word, he sped off.
“Enjoy the ride yesterday?” he laughed.
“Not really.” I grumbled, as I tried to squeeze my legs together.
Stupidly (?) I’d worn the same skirt as yesterday, so when I turned to grab the seat belt my skirt rose up my calf.
“I think that you’re telling a little white lie.” Tony told me as he stroked my leg with one of his fingers.
“Just drive.” I instructed, as I folded my arms across my large chest.
Laughing at me, he said, “I bet you’re wearing those little pink pants today. Can I have a look?”
“No.” I told him gruffly.
“What do you mean by your No? No – you’re not wearing pink? No – I can’t look? Or No – you’re not wearing any?” he asked as his hand touched my knee when he changed gear, making me flinch.
“NO – you can’t look.” I told him.
“Ha ha! So how will I know if you’re wearing pink or none at all?” he chuckled as he took hold of the hem of my skirt.
As we stopped for traffic lights I grabbed his wrist. “They’re pink. Happy now?”
With that our eyes met, and we both burst out laughing. With that laughter all the restrictions broke away and I could not do the acting of disliking him for more time.
“You knew that I’d be waiting for you, didn’t you?” he asked and I smiled in the affirmative, “and you wore them especially for me?” I shook my head in the negative, but my smile gave me away. “Sweet.” He said as he shook my hand away and lifted my skirt up so he could see my knickers. I slightly spread my legs so that he could get a better look.

When the lights changed he slid his hand up my skirt. I let out a small sigh when his fingers touched my pussy. It was already wet – very wet.
“Does that feel good?” he asked as he pressed the thin material against my dampening crease.

I could only nod, as he was now tickling my swollen clit, making me bite my lip to stop myself cumming in the front of his car.
He had to take his hand away to change gear as we pulled up outside of my office, leaving me a little bit frustrated, as I was so close to an orgasm.
Again he leant across my chest to open my door, gently touching my swelling breasts. This time he touched with his flat of hand and pressed my nipples with his hand. “can I kiss you today?” he asked.

I smiled and answered with presenting my lips to him instead of speaking to him. He pressed his lips over my pink lips and began the kiss. His tongue penetrated my mouth and my lips parted to let him enter my mouth. I could not hold my self from sucking his tongue. Then he left me and I came out of the car.
“Same time tomorrow?” He asked.

“I don’t work weekends.” I told him as I smugly raised my eyebrows.
He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I suppose that I’ll just see you in the garden then.”
“You never know!” I replied as I walked away, noticeably swinging my hips.
I don’t know what happened to me in those 24 hours, but all I could think about was sex. Dirty sex. Very dirty sex.
The rest of the day went in a flash. I was in a constant state of arousal. Even my bra couldn’t hide my nipples poking through my sweater. And my knickers ‘swished’ when I walked because they were so wet. I couldn’t believe what I had let him do to me, even if I had worn my tiny pink g-string just in case the previous morning’s events were repeated

Here I was, a happily married woman, having sexy thoughts about this ex-con bully.
That night when I made love with my husband, all I could think about was Tony ‘taking me’ like a wild animal.
The next morning, when I was hanging out (even more) washing, I kept looking over to the garage, where I could hear Tony working out.
Just when I thought that he wouldn’t show himself, one of the doors swayed open.

He stood there like an Adonis in his tight shorts. His body was glowing with sweat.
My heart was pounding as I gave him a smile and a discrete wave. He flashed his toothy smile and crudely grabbed his crotch. In reply I stuck my tongue out at him.

With that he pulled his pants down with one hand and waved his cock at me! I swear that it nearly touched his knees. My eyes must have been like saucers! “••••!” I thought, “That can’t be real, it’s huge!” It really was. Tony was laughing at me, as 10 yards away I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock as he swung it round in a circle.

The moment was shattered as my telephone rang. Still laughing at my shock Tony stepped back into his garage.
Later, I went shopping with my husband so didn’t see anymore of Tony until the Sunday morning.

As I was hanging out my freshly laundered underwear (g-strings and bras), I turned to see Tony standing next to the garage door, with his arms folded and his long cock and heavy balls hanging outside of his shorts for me to see.

I grinned at him, and quickly looked around, just to make sure that no one could see me, and lifted the front of my skirt, exposing my freshly trimmed pussy. His eyes were now like saucers!

He waved me towards him. I shook my head as I straightened my denim skirt.
He started to ‘waggle’ his cock, making it stiffen, and again waved me to him.
My breathing was getting heavier and I know that my nipples were poking through my vest, but I stood my ground.
“No” I mouthed.
“Please!” he mouthed back, and his cock was now stiffening nicely.
I walked towards him, with my wash basket for protection.
“Has your mum gone to see your Auntie?” I quietly asked him.
“Yes, with dad.” He grinned as he thought that he was in for a treat.
“Good. Put that away, and follow me in then,” I told him.

Mary, Ron and my husband were creatures of habit. Every Sunday they would be at her sister’s house until after 6, and my husband would go to his parents until 5, and then he would ring me to say he was on the way home.

Once inside my kitchen, I threw the basket down and threw my arms around Tony, the ex-convict.
Tony towered above me as our lips mashed together while our tongues were like two snakes in the grass as they wrestled with each other inside our hot mouths.
His hand went straight up the back of my skirt and groped my naked arse cheeks.

He pulled away from my mouth, “How long have we got?” he asked, as he pulled my arse cheeks apart.
“Until 5, but he’ll ring first.” I panted as I grabbed his cock through his shorts.
“Let’s go upstairs, then,” he demanded, “I want to fuck you on that smug twat’s bed!”
With that he grabbed my wrist, and pulled me towards the stairs.
“What’s he done wrong to upset you?” I asked, puzzled.
“You’ve seen the way he looks down his nose at me, haven’t you?” he replied as we went upstairs two at a time, “Which room?” he asked, as he pushed the bathroom door. “The end one.” I panted, as he still held me by the wrist.
“Very nice! This looks comfortable,” he smiled as he looked at my King-size four poster bed.
Once inside we clung onto each other, kissing as if our lives depended on it. I wrapped my tiny arms around him as he lifted my skirt onto my hips, so that he could stroke and grope my arse as I ground my crotch into his hard cock.

Breaking our kiss, he told me, “show me your tits!” I stepped back and with one swipe threw my pink vest across the room.
“Oh God! They’re fucking beautiful!” he groaned as he fell to his knees. His tongue lashed across my nipples. Suckling on the teats of my 38DD tits, he moaned and groaned as I stroked his shaven head.

“I’d nearly forgot how nice a woman’s tits felt.” He whispered as he licked my stiff nipples, “They smell so fucking nice,” he continued as his hands mauled my arse, and then moving around the front, he stroked my trimmed pubes until his fingers easily penetrated my sopping pussy.

In my desire I’d forgot that he’d been in prison for two years without any female company.
Suddenly my mind raced; if he hadn’t had sex with a woman, then…….. “Oh my God!”
I tensed up.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“If you’ve been in prison, what did you do for…you know….sex?” I asked as he rose to his feet, his cock swinging like a pendulum.
As he sat me on the bed so that he could remove my skirt, he told me. “I wanked a lot, and if it all got too much…well?” He dropped my skirt leaving me naked in front of him; “With the lights off, a blow job’s a blow job.” He now pushed me onto my bed and spread my legs wide open, “and a tight arsehole is a tight arsehole anywhere in the world!”

“That’s disgusting!” I told him as he began kissing my soaking pussy. His tongue quickly sent me into spasms as it entered crevices that I didn’t know that I had.
I tugged and pulled at my throbbing nipples as he sent me into orbit with his tongue and fingers.

“Oh my God! Oh my fucking God! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming!” I squealed as a magnificent orgasm flooded through my body.
He stood in front of my trembling body waving his rock hard cock at me.

“You’ve had your fun, now it’s my turn.” He told me as he crooked his finger at me and pointed at that magnificent lump of meat.
I shuffled forward and just managed to wrap my small hands around the girth. It felt red hot, and when I lined my face up next to it, there was an overwhelming smell of sweat. But I knew that there was no turning back now.

I rubbed it across my face and kissed the shaft before I pulled back his floppy foreskin and licked the purple glans.
Running his fingers through my hair he pulled me closer, “Good girl. Now suck it! Suck it properly. Not like you do with that twat of a husband, suck it like a whore!” With that I opened my lips and sucked the knob in, “My Mom wouldn’t think that you were Miss Goody Two Shoes if she could see you sucking my cock; would she?” he grunted as he stroked my cheek.

It tasted so, so good, and it only took the knob and a couple of inches to fill my mouth up.
I wrapped my fingers around the excess shaft and gently rubbed and wanked him as I began sucking and licking his monster cock.
“That’s good. Yes, yes, yes.” He groaned as he twisted my hair, “Good girl. Oh fuck you’re good!” he continued as I increased my sucking and rubbing until I was nearly in a frenzy. I had to breathe through my nose because I had so much cock in my mouth.

“Does your husband know what a good little cock- sucker you are? I bet that he doesn’t! Come on get it all in! Suck it harder! Come on faster! I’m gonna fill your mouth with spunk!”

I’d never felt like this before. Even though I knew where his cock had been, for the last two years, all I could think of was making him cum, and making him cum in my mouth, something that I’d never let my husband do. I wanted his spunk and I wanted it now!

Tony was pulling my hair so hard it was hurting, and his other hand was nipping one of my nipples, but the pain was just driving me on further.
“Yes! Yes! That’s it Vicky, that’s it!” He shouted as I felt the first jerk of his cock, which was followed by jet after jet of hot salty spunk. I couldn’t have pulled away if I’d wanted to, as he held my head in place with his huge hand. He was grunting now as the last drops of his seed spewed across my face.
“Ha, ha,” he laughed as he untangled my auburn hair, “maybe I was wrong about women, that were the best blow job I’ve had in years!”
He flopped back onto the bed, and I lay beside him, letting him watch his spunk drip out of my mouth and down my chin.

“Don’t waste it!” he laughed, “Come on, Miss Goody fucking, swallow it all like a good girl!”
For the first time in my life, I scooped his sticky goo up with my fingers and fed it back into my mouth. It was now cold compared to when he came in my mouth, and not quite as bitter.

“You enjoyed swallowing my spunk. Didn’t you?” Tony asked me as he rolled onto his side, his hand going between my legs.
I nodded as I found a drop of spunk on my tit.

Kissing me on the nose, he told me, “Tell me how much you enjoyed sucking my cock, and what you want to do next,” as two of his fingers parted my love lips.
Feeling deliciously dirty I obliged him, “I loved sucking your cock.” I whispered in his ear as two fingers disappeared up my cunt. “It was soooo big and it tasted soooo good, soooo fucking good. I couldn’t wait to taste your spunk. I knew that there would be a lot, because your balls are so big,” I began fondling his cock, “I can still taste it now, Hmmm, every time I kiss my husband I’ll think of your spunk in my mouth.”

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  • Excellant!!! This story is very relatable for me. I personally have been in similar circumstances and just like Victoria enjoyed each tremendously.!!! Great story!!!…Do you have more? Thanks, Francine

    Rating: 5

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