Jessa's Secret Pleasures

Jessa worked her hoe around the small tomato plants, gently uprooting and pulling away any grass and weeds that had sprung up around them. She was working alongside about ten other farm hands, all Mexicans and all guys. But Jessa wasn’t uncomfortable around them. She was one of those gals that had worked outdoors and had been around men and worked with them most of her life. Jessa was also pretty much uninhibited or self conscious about her body. She knew she looked sexy with her big round tits that were firm as melons, a toned body and tanned shapely legs. She wore cut offs and an old thin cotton shirt tied at the waist. Jessa never wore a bra or panties as she loved to feel the roughness of the denim against her clit and the softness of the cotton rubbing her nipples. She had always been sensual that way and was just matter of fact about the whole thing. She just treated anything of a sensual or sexual nature as natural as any animal would. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Jessa had grown up there in the little western <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Tennessee town of Ash. She had worked at a local auto part factory but sales went down and the factory had a big lay-off. Jenna was one of those that got her lay-off slip. Lucky for her it was the start of the planting season and she knew Tom Nelson would need some extra help on the four hundred acre produce farm he owned and operated.  Besides, she knew his son, Elliot as they did a lot of horse-trading together as well as few other things. She figured he would give her a job even if the old man didn’t as he’d probably want to take her for a few walks in the woods that surrounded the four hundred acre produce farm that he and his father ran.  But Jessa had been here nearly two weeks and she hadn’t seen hide or hair of Elliot. This disappointed her as she was feeling incredibly horny working out here in the heat and Elliot had a nice fat cock she liked to ride. He also had a lot of staying power for a forty five year old man. Jessa was twenty five but sometimes Elliot had worn her out.


Well, all she knew was that if she didn’t get some soon she was going to have to hunt some down. She knew the Mexicans stared at her. She had felt their dark eyes undressing her many times since she had been here and she knew they would love to fuck her. But she really needed this job and she didn’t know how Tom would feel about her banging the help. Old Tom was a worker and he expected his help to work three times as hard. He could also be a cranky old bastard as well. Jessa had known him for years and got along with him pretty well but she knew he liked to look her up and down.


“Damn,” she thought as she stopped hoeing to take a little break to stretch, “If I don’t get some dick soon, I might have to wind up seducing old Tom!” The thought of this made her giggle. Tom was seventy three but was surprisingly in pretty good shape. He always wore khaki work clothes and had what looked like a perpetual three days growth of grizzled beard. Just to look t him no one would believe that Tom Nelson was a multi-millionaire. He provided produce for several national grocery chains and then had several side businesses with his son, Elliot. Tom didn’t go out for living the high life. He lived in a basement apartment in Elliot’s house. All the years, Jessa had known him she had never seen him do much other than work. He sometimes would take some breaks and go to the big horse barn where he’d drink beer with some of his hands. Jessa couldn’t figure out what the use of having so much money was if you never had fun.


And speaking of Old Tom, he drove up along side the field and honked his horn. “Jessa, gal, you come with me.” “I need you for something special.” “Come on now, get that little ass up here in this truck,” he yelled.


Jessa looked at her watch; it was only ten o’ clock. She wondered what it was Tom needed her for. The direction he was pointed in suggested he was headed for one other fields on the far side of the farm. “He probably has a field that’s getting out of hand with weeds and wants me to chop it all out, “she thought glumly.  Never the less she walked to his truck, put her hoe in the back and climbed in. She left her shoes in the field as she preferred to go barefoot. That too was another sensual feeling for her. When she got in the truck the first thing she saw was Tom staring at her ample cleavage. She pretended not to notice but she felt strangely stimulated by his looks. “So”, Tom, “what have you got for me that’s so special?”


Old Tom reached in his khaki work shirt pocket and produced a fat joint. Tom grew a lot of produce but he also grew other things. Jessa had been buying weed from him for a long time. Elliot smoked as well and he hooked her up. Talk about luck. “For one thing, this,” he said as he handed the joint to Jessa. “You know I don’t smoke that stuff but I knew you did and that’s some of that good shit I had from last harvest.” “You’ve been working so hard, girl that I thought you needed a little bonus.”


Jessa grinned and eagerly lit the joint up, took a big hit and held it as long as she could. When she exhaled she could actually feel the effects of the weed starting to kick in. She winked at Tom and grinned. “Wow, Tom this stuff “is” good.” “I can already feel a tingle.” She took another big hit and held it this time even longer. When she exhaled this time the weed was really buzzing her as her nipples got hard and erect under her shirt. They drove slowly up the dusty farm road. Jessa was getting high as a kite as she took hit after hit off the joint that Tom had given her. It had been a big one so she’d only smoked half of it and knew she had to put it out. She wet her thumb and forefinger with her mouth and pinched the roach out. She grinned at Tom, “I’ll save this for later.”


They soon pulled up to a small barn in a field on the far side of the farm. Jessa saw that Wayne’s truck was parked outside. Wayne was Tom’s right hand man on the farm besides Elliot. Wayne was a big black guy about six feet six. He was dark as ebony and well muscled.  Wayne wore his hair in long tiny braids that hung past his shoulders. Jessa had noticed him right off and thought he was sexy and primal looking.


Tom pulled up besides Wayne’s truck and shut the motor off. He leaned back against the door and winked at Jessa. “Gal, I don’t know if you know it or not but there ain’t but three things I like to do in this life. Work, fuck and eat in that order.” “Now Jessa, I know you like to fuck.” Her eyes widened as he went on. “Hell, I seen you and Elliot at it enough over the years.” “I’ve never seen a woman so cock crazy as you, honey.”

When he saw that she was bristling up over having been watch while engaged in sex, he laughed. “Aw, don’t get pissed, Jessa!” “If you thought about it hard it would probably turn you on. “I could see Elliot’s big cock slamming into your little tight cunt.” “I especially loved the way those big tits bounced up and down when you were astride him facing the opposite way.” Tom unzipped his pants and slowly pulled his cock out. It was nice and fat with gigantic mushroom head. Tom was a ruddy man and the head of his dick was fiery red. Tom spit in his hands and pulled on the shaft a few times. “Look here girl, just as hard as a young man’s and Old Tom knows how to do it too.” “Like I said, besides work, I like to fuck and I pay good to fuck.”


Jessa’s eyes were huge by now. She would never have expected a man Tom’s age to have such a huge and strong erection. And she would never have believed that she was getting so turned on by an old crotchety man old enough to be her grandfather, but the weed had loosened her up and what was this about paying to fuck. She leaned back against the door opposite of Tom so that he could get a perfect view of her. First she unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. Her tits were like big firm cantaloupes. Her nipples were rosy and hard as rocks. She cupped her tits in her hands and pointed them at Tom. “Is this what you want to see, Tom, She cooed? She wet her fingers in her mouth and thumbed her nipples.


Tom grunted as he stroked his fat cock a few more times. Damn, that bitch was sexy with those big tits of hers. No wonder Elliot liked to fuck her. This gal was like having a living beautiful blonde sex toy! Elliot reached for the door handle. “Come on gal, we’ll have more room out here.” “I want you to take them shorts off and sit up there on the tailgate and spread those pretty legs.” He dropped his own trousers and shorts but left his shirt on. His Johnson was still as rock hard as ever as he gave it a few more strokes.


Jessa got completely naked and hopped up onto the tailgate of the pick up. She got the roach she had saved out of her pocket, lit it and took a few more tokes. She lay back on her elbows so that she could watch as this really turned her on. Tom produced a tube of lubricant from the truck and rubbed some on her nipples. Jessa gasped, “Oh yeah, Tom, “that feels good.” “I love to have my big milk cow tits played with.” Every time Tom would tweak her rigid nipples her clit would pulse and throb. She couldn’t help but thrust her pelvis up and down. He then slid one hand down to her trimmed pussy and found her swollen knob. Jessa moaned, “Yeah, Tom, Unnnn, Unnn, that’s so good.”


Tom loved playing with this hot little cunt. Yep, she was just made to fuck. Every time he tweaked her clit and she grunted, his cock would throb against his belly. He parted her swollen pussy lips and found her tight cum hole with his forefinger. He barely put it in just teasing it around the entrance. He looked up and past her, a big grin spreading over his face. He kept teasing Jessa’s cunt and tits with his fingers. “Jess, you want to fuck don’t ya gal?” “I got another surprise for ya, hon, that I know you gonna really like.”


By now Jessa was grunting and moaning like a bitch I heat. She watched as Tom slid two fingers deeper into her wet cunt. “You know I wanna be fucked, Tom,” she grunted. The she noticed that Tom was looking at something over to the side. A big smile crossed his face.  She turned to see what he was looking at and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Wayne was walking toward them totally nude, his huge black cock was hard and pointing straight out like a polished ebony spear. Jessa couldn’t get over the size of the head and the color of it. The head of Wayne’s cock was like a huge deep purple spongy mushroom. As he walked toward the truck stroking his cock, Tom whispered into Jessa’s ear, “You see that dick, gal?” “In a few minutes I’m gonna be watching that thing pump into you like a black piston.” “This is how I play, Jessa.” He tweaked a nipple hard enough to make her groan in heat again. “So, Jessa, you wanna get paid more and be old Tom’s fuck toy this summer?” He pushed two rough fingers deeper into her tight little pussy. “I got lots of young bucks here that’ll service you good and I know you’ll take care of them.”


Jessa was in ecstasy, her pussy getting wetter as Tom fingered her. She couldn’t refuse an offer like that. This was a fuck heaven! As she bounced up and down on Tom’s hand, her big tits bobbing up and down she said through clenched teeth, “Yeahhhhh…unnnn…Yeah, I’ll do it, Tom.” Tom called to Walter, “Come on over here, Walt, this little cunt is ready to be broke in to the farm life right.”  Jessa saw Walter pick up the lubricant that Tom had brought. He squirted a fair amount onto his hand and then rubbed it up and down his cock. Standing there in all his dark ebony glory, braids dangling, hips proudly thrust out while stroking his massive cock slowly so that both she and Tom could take in the show. He looked from one to the other as he rubbed some more of the lubricant over that giant mushroom that was the head of his dick. Jessa was surprised to see that Tom’s dick was wagging as he watched Walter rub the lube all over the head of his dick, but she couldn’t fault him. Walter was a work of art as far as being a model of raw sexual power. The head of his cock was a shiny purple now that it had the gel lube all over it.


Walter sat down on the tailgate of the truck next to Tom and watched as he fingered Jessa’s pussy and tweaked her tits with his other hand. “Damn, this white bitch was hot and good looking to boot,” he thought as he pulled on his black cock. Walter was like Tom and Jessa in that he liked to fuck on a primal level. It was all about lust and satisfaction. Walter had worked for Tom since he was eight-teen years old. The old man took him in after his grandmother that raised him died. Walter found out when Bob took him in that he liked sex and lots of it. He taught Walter all about fucking and sucking dick and pussy both. Walter had no qualms about doing a man as well as a woman as Tom would bring both sexes to Walter to sample. Just like this luscious little blonde with the fantastic tits that Tom was diddling.


Tom could see that Walter was pleased with what he saw by the way his big ebony cock wagged up and down. Old Tom grinned, he had jacked that big dick off a many a times as well as taken his dentures out and sucked it dry. And Walter had done the same for him. If there weren’t any women to fuck, they would fuck each other. It was just no big thing to them. But Tom still loved to watch the big black buck fuck a white cunt like Jessa’s. There was just something about seeing that long black pole going in and out of white cunts that had always driven old Tom crazy. He knew Walt would put on a good show for him and pound the fuck out of her while he watched and jacked off. He was going to fuck her later as he had something special in mind when he did it. Jessa was wiggling her hips under his hand now. He smiled when he felt a hand close around his engorged cock. He let out a moan when Walter squeezed him tightly and fingered his red cock helmet. Walter them teased him around his pee hole. He grunted and pushed his hips into Walter’s hand.


Jessa watched in fascination as Walter jacked Tom’s dick up and down while sliding his other hand up and down his own blue black cock. This was too good to be true. Damn, she was getting more excited than she ever thought she could be. Watching the men made her so horny she could barely stand it. She grunted and humped Tom’s hand furiously. She heard Tom tell Walter, “She’s good and wet now, Walt.” “Damn, son, that feels good, what you’re doing to my old dick.” Hearing the men’s grunts of lust made Jessa’s clit feel as though it were going to explode. Finally she could stand it no longer as she cried out, “Ok, guys, somebody better fuck me soon cause I can’t stand this any more!” “I need some dick in me and I need it now.” Walter stopped jacking Old Tom off and asked him, “She good and wet, boss?” Tom removed his fingers from Jessa’s soaking pussy and told Walter, “Check for yourself Hoss.” The old man parted Jessa’s very swollen pussy lips exposing her huge purple clit.”


Walter reached over and rubbed her clit. “Shit,” he thought, “this thing is like a tiny dick!” He then inserted three fingers into her wetness and started stroking her. Jessa moaned and pushed her hips against his hand. Her tits were so sexy bouncing up and down. Walter felt his dick throbbing and wagging against his belly. Tom removed his hand and told Walter that she was ready to be bred like a mare. Walter nodded and stood between Jessa’s parted legs. She shuddered when He rubbed his swollen cock head against her pussy hair. Old Tom put his hand around the base of Walters black dick, pumped it a few times and then guided the head to Jessa’s sweet little pussy. Jessa gave out a little gasp as she felt Walter’s enormous dick head pushing into her tight pussy. She heard Tom telling her to relax. “That’s it, Jess, just relax and let him push it in.”  “It’s a big one so don’t hurry.” But Jessa was so turned on she pushed her pussy down on Walter’s black pole. Walter groaned as more of his cock was being fed into her little hole. Old Tom laughed, “Good huh?”  Walter could only nod and grunt as he pushed his dick all the way to the hilt in Jessa’s cunt. Tom got to a vantage point where he could watch the action. He pulled a chair up close, removed the rest of his clothing and sat down to watch the fucking.” This was the kind of shit Tom got into. Ever since he fucked his first woman, a black woman of thirty six, he had loved everything about sex. Tom was a true old pagan if there ever was one.


As he settled in the chair he got the lube out and greased his cock up good. He felt it move in his hand as he watched Walter’s ass, his black cheeks like tow twin piston engines driving back and forth as he drove his black dick deep into Jessa’s wet pussy. By now Jessa was moaning and groaning like a slut in heat. “Give it to me, Walt,” she screamed, “give me that big black cock.” ‘Fill my little white cunt up!”  Damn, Tom thought, that little cunt could fuck!” The sun had come out in full and both Jessa and Walter were covered in sweat as they fucked like two animals in heat. Tom pulled his own dick hard and then decided to put Jessa’s pretty little mouth to use. He slid behind her and tilted her head up. She opened her mouth and eagerly took the old man’s fat dick in her mouth. “Yeah,” Walt said, “That’s what you do; fuck that pretty mouth of hers with that big old war club you got, Pappy!” Walt reached down and tweaked one of Jessa’s nipples. When she moaned he smiled showing an even row of brilliant white teeth against his coal black skin, “You like that big old black dick in you, don’t you baby?”


The truth was, Jessa loved his big black shaft buried deep inside her. Since she had Tom’s cock in her mouth all she could do was roll her eyes toward Walter and nod yes. “God,” she thought, this is the best fucking I’ve had in ages and the funny part is one of them is old enough to be my granddad. She sucked harder on the old man’s stiff dick as Walter picked up his pace stroking her with his dick. She knew that when she did come it was going to be one hell of an explosion. So far she had been successful in holding back but she could tell her wad was about to go. It seemed like everyone in the room felt the same way as the pace quickened. Every stroke Walter made in and out of her cunt, she could feel his shaft rub her clit. She could feel Tom’s cock quiver in her mouth as he urged Walter on. “Fuck that thing good, boy!” Walt looked at Tom with a smug smile as he pumped in and out of Jessa’s cunt, “Found you something good hear didn’t you boss?” Jessa writhed and moaned underneath him as she sucked Tom’s cock.


Old Tom grinned as he watched his cock being swallowed up in Jessa’s pretty mouth. Tom grunted and nodded to Walter who was pumping her pussy hard, “She’s a damn good cock sucker, I can tell you that!” “How’s that pussy feel?” “From the look on your face it must be damn good!”  He could hear Walter’s big ball sack slap against Jessa’s ass. He could feel that is load was about to go as Jessa sucked on him harder, twirling her tongue around the head of his cock.


Walter couldn’t believe how good this bitch’s pussy felt. He felt like his dick was in one of those penis pump things. Ths was fantastic. He could feel Jessa’s pussy contract around his cock and he saw that her clit was huge and hard now. He knew that she was on the verge of Cumming. Jessa was squealing like a stuck pig as Walter fucked her hard. “She fixin’ to bust a big nut, boss,” he told Tom. It was Tom that came first. He felt the head of his dick grow bigger and then it exploded into Jessa’s mouth and throat. He ground his hips into her mouth face fucking her, pumping his jism down her throat. Tom was grunting like a boar hog on a sow. Jessa swallowed the old man’s load and then she felt a warm tingling in her clit. Tom removed his cock from her mouth and watched while Walt’s black dick slid in and out of Jessa’s white cunt. Walt grunted to Tom, “Fixin to blow my wad boss.” “Bitch too hot for me!” Walt let out a low deep moan as he felt his load being released into Jessa’s warm and tight cunt. He pumped his dick into her like a wild man as she too started to orgasm. He could feel her pussy clamp down on his black tool. “Yeah baby, that’s it,’ he yelled. “Come all over that big black dick up your pussy!” Jessa moaned and squealed as she shot her load allover Walt’s dick. Finally she lay back exhausted. “Damn,” she said looking at both men, “I could get used to this!”

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