A woman wants to watch her fiance masturbate

Author: Nina

Hi, Nina!

My name is Melissa and my fiance and I have great sex. He’s very passionate and very sweet, and really tries to please me – and succeeds. He’s a great kisser, and gives the best head! The only thing is that he loves to watch me masturbate myself, but I’d love to watch him masturbate for me.

Is this normal? Do other women like to watch their boyfriends jack off for them? I don’t see anything about this in magazines, and none of my friends talk about anything like this. But it seems to me that it would be SO sexy to have him stroke his cock while looking deep into my eyes.

I know that guys love it when their woman masturbates for them. Also a lot of my friends say that they play with themselves while getting fucked to make sure that they get off. But no one talks about men masturbating during sexual encounters.

Do you think I could ask my fiance to play with his cock in front of me? Would he be offended? And wouldn’t it be a turnon if he could stroke his cock in his pants in a resturant or somewhere public while telling me he was doing it and looking at me? Wow!!! This sounds great to me.

Please let me know what you think –

Thank you,



Hello, Melissa!
It sounds as if you’re a lady who knows what she wants, but is a little nervous asking for it. The fact is that a lot of women like to watch their men masturbate in front of them. Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy a show of how horny their partners are *grin*

And you’re right – masturbation isn’t talked about very much, although if you go to women’s sex chat boards, you will often see threads about this. You never see articles about guys jacking off
for their women in men’s magazines, or in women’s. Overall, masturbation isn’t generally considered a very important thing in sexual encounters – but it should be.

You can learn a lot about how your boyfriend likes to be touched by watching what he does to himself.
In fact, men should be happy to show you exactly what feel the best to them – and turning you on in the process. You can masturbate for each other, as well, if that feels right for you. Or perhaps you would rather enjoy watching him. Whatever works for two people is the right thing for them.

Do ask your fiance to masturate for you. There’s no prescription for this one – just tell him what you want and how you feel about it. Guys love to know that women are turned on by things that they do, that women desire them. So just go for it – let him know. Sometimes it’s difficult for women to ask men to do something sexual, but the best way to get something is to ask. Often guys don’t know what we want – they’re not psychic.

He may feel surprise or awkwardness at first, but if he’s eager to please you, he’ll probably give it a try. You can encourage him by telling him while he does it just how sexy it is, how horny it makes you – let him know it makes you crazy, and how good it is for you. Let him know you love watching him stroke his hard cock. Tell him how romantic and sexy it is when he does it while looking into your eyes. Encourage him and have a great time!



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