Masturbation 101

Author: Steph

My name is Susan. I’m a senior at a major university. I’ve been seeing my boyfriend Jerry for several years and we have been having sex for almost as long. Recently Jerry has been talking about marrying me after college. I’m not so certain. I’m not certain if I’m in love with him. I hear about feeling rockets going off but I don’t feel it. I’ve never felt it. Jerry thinks he’s a great lover and he makes all the motions and certainly tries. I never want to make him feel bad so I always make him think it’s wonderful.

I was telling this to my roommate and best friend Sara. She looked at me with a curious expression and said “Susan, have you ever had an orgasm?” I didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know if I’ve ever had an orgasm,” I told her. “That means you haven’t had one yet because I assure you if you did you would know it. Have you ever masturbated?” she asked. “No, I’ve never done that.” I blushed. I had always been shy, having sex with the lights off and NEVER talked about sex. “Then I’m going to teach you. We’re going to have a Masturbation 101 class and it will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Let’s get undressed.”

I watched her as she shed her clothes in front of me. Her body was perfect and my mind started to wander. I watched as her bra fell to the carpet, revealing her perfect breasts. I just stared at her. “Come on babe, get those clothes off!” I slowly started to undress but kept my eyes totally on her. She pulled her panties down her thighs and stepped out of them. She had a trimmed mound. Very sexy! She looked at me and started helping me remove my shirt. She tossed it aside and wrapped her arms around me, with a flick of her wrist the clasps of my bra were undone, and my breasts were released. She slid her hands up my body and lightly cupped my tits in her hands, gently rolling my nipples in between her nimble fingers.

She giggled lightly and went to her dresser. She pulled something out of a drawer and grabbed the small mirror off the top of her dresser.

. Sara sat down and handed me the mirror. We were naked together on the bed. “What am I supposed to do with this?” I asked. “Spread your legs and put the mirror under your pussy so you can see what you’re doing” she told me. I put the mirror under my pussy and saw myself in a new way. I never looked at my pussy before. “You need to get to know your pussy. I am going to show you how. Do everything I do. Take your index finger and rub it around your outer lips in a circle and with each pass go a little deeper into your pussy. I want you to touch every part of your pussy.”

I did as she told me. Looking at my pussy in the mirror I circled it with my finger. “Move slowly, you need to get to know your pussy and know where it feels good. When you know where it feels good you can tell who ever you are with where it feels good.” I moved slowly into the lips of my pussy and it began to feel good. Warm and a little bit wet. Then I continued circling and I came to my clit. I knew it was there but I had never found it before. Sara watched me intently as my fingers circled around my clit. “Try rubbing it, how does it feel?” Sara said. I rubbed it and suddenly waves of pleasure began to run through my body. “It feels good. I can feel it. I can feel it!” I told Sara.

“Good! Now try this vibrator. Put it in slowly and work it around the way I’m doing it.” I watched Sara intently, not completely concentration on how she was doing it, but more wondering what it would be like if she were doing it to me. I told her I didn’t know if I could and would prefer it if she would try it on me first. She raised her eyebrow up at me and before I knew it she had slipped the vibrator in. I was so wet that the vibrator easily penetrated deep into my tight pussy. I was overcome by the warm sexy sensations. For the first time I felt I understood what sex and sensuality meant. Sara sped up the vibrator and her pumping; my rocking hips followed her lead. My nipples were becoming hard. “Try playing with your nipples” Sara said. As I rolled my nipples between my fingers I could feel that my pussy was dripping wet all over the slick vibrator.

All of a sudden I started feeling shock waves of pleasures and I started panting. My body tightened up completely as my orgasm washed over my tiny body. MY very first climax had consumed me totally and I lost all self-control, my moans were more like screams. I trembled out of control as she continued to pump the vibrator in and out of my tight pussy. She ever so slightly changed her speed slower and slower until she was sure my climax had subsided. But hearing me cum and watching my reaction definitely turned her on. I quickly brought the vibrator to her throbbing clit. I made slow steady strokes around her clit, just as I had seen her do before. Good thing I’m a quick learner, cause I had her writhing on the bed, her chest heaving as her body was wracked with pleasure! As I slid the vibrator deep into her wetness I let my fingers from my free hand dance over her clit, randomly touching the spots she was earlier. “Oh my God, don’t stop babe, don’t stop!” Sara’s moans replaced mine as she came. Her thick juices coated my fingers and the vibrator as I brought her down from her climax.

We both lay on the bed catching our breath. After a few moments she rolled over and kissed me deeply. At first I was shocked, but she sent waves of pleasure throughout my body and I was quickly becoming horny. I was hoping for another lesson soon.

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