Wild Wife Videotapes Anal Sex

Author: Wave

I came home from work one Friday to find my wife on the couch in a new negligee, fingering her pussy. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome. My wife is pretty wild, so you never knew what she has in mind. She told me to come stand in front of her, and I did. She told me to take off my shirt, which I did. Then she told me to take off my pants. She seemed pleased to see my well hung cock standing straight up. She told me to take off my underwear and socks, so I did. As I started to walk toward her she said “stay there.” “Stroke your cock,” she said, so I began to stroke it and, as I did, she slid the negligee down to reveal her tits and hard nipples. She continued to finger her pussy, I could hear that it was very wet. She spread her pussy lips for me and began pinching her nipples.

I continued watching her and masturbating. She reached into a bag beside her on the couch and pulled out a bottle of lube. She tossed it to me and told me to drizzle some onto my cock. I gladly did so and then I began to stroke my cock, which was now all slippery. She wiggled completely out of her negligee and leaned back onto the couch so that I could have a good view of her body, including her pussy, which she continued to rub.

Then, she reached back into her bag and pulled out a big black dildo. She stared me staight in the eye as she started to rub that dildo around her wet pussy. She reminded me to “keep stroking” and I did. She started to insert the dildo and I was salivating like an idiot, wishing it was my cock sliding in there. She began to lose herself in pleasure, fucking herself with the dildo. It was as if I wasn’t even there, she was in her own world, moaning and writhing around. She squeezed her nipple with one hand while she continued to slide the dildo in and out. I knew she had plans for me though, so I patiently waited and continued to stroke my cock and watch her. She slid the dildo in and out a few times, then pulled it out and sucked it fervently. I imagined her sucking my cock that way. Then she rubbed the dildo head around her clit and shoved it back in again, gasping as she did so.

I don’t knew what made me look over, but I noticed that she had our camcorder strategically placed on the bar and pointed right at us — she was taping the whole thing. This got me even more excited, because I knew that when we watched it later, it would definitely bring on some more awesome sex.

She shoved the dildo in deep and then began to rub her clit in a circular motion. I knew this would make her cum, because I have made her cum many times simply by rubbing her clit. She let out a loud moan, tensed up, and jerked forward a few times. Then she laid back, breathing heavily and looking at me with a satisfied look on her face.

She looked at me and said “I bet you’d like to put that nice hard cock inside me, wouldn’t you?” “Yes, yes, yes” I said and she said “it looked like it’s lubed up nicely.” I said “yeah, nice and slick.” So she said “since you’re all lubed up, maybe you should fuck me in the ass.” She had read my mind, I love nothing more than some backdoor action. She climbed up onto the couch on her knees and spread her beautiful ass to reveal her nice, tight asshole. She said “go for it.” I very slowly began to slide my cock in, being careful not to hurt her. It was so nice and tight I could have blown my load right away, but I wanted to enjoy it for awhile. She was rocking back and forth, meeting my thrusts and enjoying it as much as I was.

She reached over and grabbed that dildo again, maneuvering it slowly into her pussy as I continued fucking her ass. This brought moans and “oh yeahs” from her and I knew she would soon cum again. Soon, she was very into it and was telling me to get deeper and she was really fucking her pussy with that dildo. I began to ram her with my cock, about the same speed as she was fucking herself with the dildo. She let out a scream, arched her back up, and came again, long and hard. This was more than I could take and I started to spray cum, some deep inside her asshole and some on her ass, as I pulled out midway through my orgasm.

We were both satisfied and climbed into bed together. The weekend was looking good, we had a good movie to watch.

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