Young at the carnival

The car was making it’s way back down to where they would get off, so he stopped
kissing and feeling her, and they straightened themselves up a little and got
off the ride without anyone knowing what had taken place on the ride.

They walked the midway and continued talking. They were holding hands now as
they walked. Betty, he said, you are really a fantastic girl. Blushingly she
said, oh, thank you.
You know, I feel like I have known you for so long and we just met, it’s
amazing. I’ve never felt this way about a girl before in my life, It’s hard to
explain the effect you have on me.
Still blushing, she said, thank you so much. Then she said, you know Mickey, I
haven’t felt this comfortable with a boy I just met before either. He squeezed
her hand and said I’m glad you feel that way, I guess we were meant to meet each
other. They both just smiled at each other as they continued walking the midway.

He could tell she was almost ready, but he had one more ride he wanted to take
her on first before he put the rest of his plan into action. Hey, wanna go on
the Ferris wheel he asked.
Sure that would be fun she said. She really didn’t know just how much fun it
would be. They made their way over to that ride.

He liked this ride because it was a great ride to kiss and feel a girl up on. It
didn’t throw you all around, or anything like that, it was just a nice smooth
ride, and as the wheel turned, and you went from the top to the bottom, it gave
you a little empty feeling in your stomach, if you were kissing a girl at that
time, she would think it was the kiss that was making her feel that way.

They got on the ride and started to the top, stopping every car spot so the
attendant could let people on. It was a great view, and very romantic, and he
took this opportunity to point out different places in the town to her. He
could also see the whole surrounding area, and he was really picking out a spot
to take her for a walk right after this ride. It was a little after 8:30 now,
and away from the carnival area lights, it was very dark.

As the ride finally started to move in a regular rhythm, he placed his arm
around her and drew her in close to him. She snuggled into his shoulder and
seemed very content. Using the hand that was around her shoulder, he gently
nudged her face toward his and kissed her. She turned toward him and placed her
arm around him also and they embraced in another wild kiss. This time she was
the first one to put her tongue in his mouth. A very good sign he thought. He
wanted to put his hand on her crotch to see what she would do, but he fought the
urge, knowing this wasn’t the right time. Instead he moved his hand to her
breast again because he knew she didn’t mind this, and it would still prep her
for later.

The ride only lasted a little over 3 minutes, but they kissed from start to
finish and he never took his hand off her breast the whole time. He was moving
his hand over the nipple, and squeezing and kneading it like a baker kneads
bread. Their tongues darted in and out of each others mouths, and by the time
the ride ended, she was breathing uncontrollably hard and deep, and he knew she
was very hot. As they left the ride he said, want to take a walk?
She was still feeling hot from the session they had on the ride and she didn’t
want his kisses to stop, so she said, I’d like that very much.

He took her hand in his, and guided her as they stared to walk through the
midway again.
They walked past all the rides and into the field behind the carnival, and as
they walked deeper into the field, towards the woods on the perimeter , they
could still hear the music from the rides, and the yelling and screaming of the
people enjoying themselves. They walked about 80 yards or so to a nice clearing
in the woods, they could still see all the lights from the carnival and hear
the sounds. The good part was, no one could see them in the darkness. They sat
in a spot under some trees that he had picked, and were facing towards the
carnival. I was very romantic.

He placed his arm around her shoulder, drew her into him and kissed her again.
As she embraced him and kissed him back, he gently laid her down and laid beside
her facing her as they embraced. He kissed her for a few minutes before moving
his hand to her breast again. He was building her up and he didn’t want to blow
it now. As he moved his hand to her breast and caressed it, she was moving her
breast into him now, and he knew she was really enjoying this and getting
hotter. Again he wanted to move his hand to her crotch, he knew that would be
the place that got him to where he wanted to be. He also knew that if he made
this move too soon, she would resist, and he didn’t want that to happen. After
a few minutes of making out and feeling her up, he felt her breathing get faster
and deeper, so he stopped. She was very excited now and had wondered why he had
stopped so abruptly.

Sitting up he said, Betty, I know you probably hate guys right now, after your
break up with your boyfriend and everything, but I want to tell you how I feel
about you.
I can’t explain it Betty, really, I know we just met, but, I feel like I’m
really falling in love with you. He took the ring from his finger and said,
Betty, I know this is sudden, but I want to ask you to go steady with me. (Most
teenage girls would fuck a guy if they were going steady) H e held the ring out
for her to take from his hand.
She smiled the widest smile of the night as she reached for the ring and
clutched it in her hand, she said , oh yes, I’d love to go steady with you. She
reached up and undid the clasp on the neck chain that held her religious medal,
and slipped the ring onto the chain.
He helped her to redo the clasp so she could wear his rind around her neck as a
symbol of them going steady. he laid her back down and kissed her again, and
this time he could feel so much more passion in her kiss.

It was time to put the last part of his plan into action. Now he would go for
her crotch, but he would do it in a very discreet way. She didn’t mind his hand
on her breast, so while he was rubbing her breast with his hand , and she was
enjoying that, he moved his arm to an angle that allowed his elbow to touch the
top part of her crotch at the same time.
Technically, his hand was still only on her breast, but his elbow was massaging
her crotch at the same time. It would have the same effect as if his hand was
there, only she wouldn’t realize it right away, but it would get her all the
hotter. After a few make out minutes, he unbuttoned her blouse and moved his
hand inside to her bra and continued to caress her breast. At the same time he
moved his elbow and caressed her crotch. Soon he could feel her unknowingly
moving her crotch up into his elbow. Now he knew he was home free.

He slipped his hand under her bra and moved it up out of the way. Now touching
her bare breast he rolled her nipple between his fingers and she moaned with
delight. He stopped kissing her on the lips and moved his lips to her neck and
gently began to kiss her neck, she threw her head back a little to expose her
neck even more to him. Slowly he kissed up and down her neck and as he was going
down her neck, he kept going to her breast.
As his lips touched her breast for the first time, he heard her moan with
pleasure. He took her breast into his mouth and began to gently suck on it and
moved his tongue across the nipple. She placed one of her hands on the top of
his head and pulled his face in tighter to her breast. As she was enjoying this
feeling, he slowly moved his hand down to her crotch and began to rub it. Within
a few seconds he could feel her moving her hips up into his hand as she moaned
and enjoyed his touch. He unhooked her belt, unbuttoned her jeans, and unzipped
her zipper. She didn’t even try to stop him, she was breathing very heavy now
and enjoying every second of pleasure he was giving her.

Once her jeans were undone, he reached in and slipped his hand down into her
crotch area.
Gently rubbing it with his hand for a few seconds, he finally moved a finger
into her slit.
She was very wet, and hot. As he slid his finger into her, he moved his lips
back to hers, and began kissing her again. Her tongue was dating in and out of
his mouth now like a snakes tongue. He moved his finger in and out of her slowly
and then moved it around in circles.
She started to roll her hips with the movement of his finger. He was searching,
he knew it was there, but he had to find it. Her clitoris. Most boys his age
didn’t even know it existed, but he had studied it in the school library in a
book on the human body and looked it up in every book he could find. This gave
him a big edge over all the other boys his age, because they never even tried to
find it, and he knew it drove the girls crazy, they just loved it when he would
touch them there.

He finally found the right spot and as he gently touched it, she let out a long
moan. Now he began to move his finger over it, up and down, in circles, and
alternating the pressure of his finger from light to heavy. moving it fast,
then slow, then a little faster then the first time. She was moving her ass all
around and was thrusting her hips up into his hand.

He reached up quickly and took her hand and placed it on his crotch, then
quickly moved it back inside her and continued to play with her clit. With his
other hand, he slowly moved her jeans down her legs and took one leg completely
out of them. She knew why he had put her hand there, and she unbuckled his belt,
unhooked his jeans and unzipped his fly. She reached down into his under pants
and grabbed a hold of his hard pulsating dick. She could feel it throbbing and
this excited her very much. She began to stroke it up and down just as soon as
she grabbed it. His dick was very rigid now, and he reached into his shirt
pocket and pulled out a condom that he had put there earlier in the night before
they met, he quickly rolled it on his dick climbed on top of her and thrust it
in her as far as it would go. He did this with such precision and speed, that he
was in her before she knew it.

She moaned with the delight of feeling his hard pulsating dick in her, then she
reached up and placed her hands on his ass and pulled him in closer to her. He
began to thrust his dick in and slowly pull it out, and then thrust it back in
again. After a couple of time of doing this, he took up a faster steadier pace.
In and out, faster and faster, harder and harder, and she moved her hips up
into him each time he thrust it in. They were both breathing as one now and
their breaths were deep and fast. He wasn’t experienced enough, yet, to know if
she had climaxed, but by the way she moaned, moved, and was breathing, and the
amount of wetness she had, he assumed that she had, at least once, when he had
his finger in the right spot in her.

He could feel the pressure building up in his balls, and after a few more rapid
thrust, he felt his body jerk as he blew his load into her. He was really glad
he had put a condom on, he didn’t need any accidents to happen at his age. He
pumped himself dry and climbed off her and took off the condom and threw it into
the woods. Then he took out his handkerchief and wiped himself and offered it to
her to do the same. They fixed their clothes and when they were both
presentable again, he held her and kissed her neck.
She whispered in his ear, I love you, that felt great, I’m so happy we met. I
am too sweetheart he said, you should give me your phone number so I can call
you. Oh ya, right she said and she took some paper out of her purse and gave him
her number.
What time is it, she asked. Almost 10 he said: Oh wow, I have to meet my dad at
the front of the carnival at 10 she said, so they both hurriedly walked back to
the carnival. Before they got to the front of it he asked, do you want me to
wait with you for your dad ?
Maybe it’d be better if you didn’t she said, he doesn’t really like me dating.
Ok I’ll call you, she said great, as she walked away and left his standing in
the midway.

He walked over to a snack wagon and got a small coke and drank it. Surveying
the midway, he took another ring out of his pocket and placed it on his finger,
opened his wallet and took out another condom and placed it in his shirt pocket.
Then, he saw her long brown hair as she was standing next to the cotton candy
booth. She was pretty and met the pinky test just fine. He walked over and as
he approached her said, Excuse me, my name’s, Mickey, what’s yours.

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