Young at the carnival

Author: Martino

This story is a work of fictionThis story is a work of fiction. Names,
characters, places, and incidents are either products of the imagination or are
used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living
or dead, is entirely coincidental. Copyright 2003 Martino Productions.


It was only 7 PM, but the lights, the sounds, and the smell of the traveling
carnival filled the air of this small town in Massachusetts. Like most 15 year
old boys his age, he was prowling the midway looking for new girls to meet. It
was 1960 and these traveling carnivals used to make their way to the small towns
at least twice a year, sometimes three.
All the teenage boys and girls from all the surrounding towns would flock to
them, because it was something new in town to do. You could just feel the
excitement in the air.

The thing he really liked about these carnivals, was that they always set up in
a big open field in a corner of town away from just about everything else. The
field was usually lined with woods on all sides, and after dark, if you were
lucky enough to meet a girl, there were plenty of places to take her for a walk
and make out. You could even get laid if you got the right girl.

Knowing a little about 13, 14, and 15 year old girls and how they thought, also
Although he was short, at just 5 foot two, he had a good body because he lifted
and he had a great head of hair. He looked allot like Frankie Avalon with his
hair style.
This too helped him allot with the girls.

He was cool, he use to gear up for these events. Most of his teenage buddies
just played it by ear, but not him, oh no, he didn’t like leaving things to
chance, he had it down to a science. He would go into the five and dime stores
months in advance and pick up a few two dollar boys rings. Not the adjustable
ones because they really looked too cheap. These were solid ones and they
didn’t look half bad. He always wore one, and kept another one or two in his

He went to the ticket box and bought 20 dollars in tickets. He didn’t want to
have to wait in line when he found a cute girl. Folding the tickets up, he
placed them in his shirt pocket.
Now he was ready to begin his search. The only rides he would be interested in
were the Tilt a whirl, the octopus, the whip, and the Ferris wheel. These were
the best rides to take a girl on. You had to make sure where you let the girl
sit on these rides, so you had to understand how the ride worked. You always
wanted to place the girl on the side that would push her into you as the ride
went around. This way, it was natural for you to put your arm around her and
hold her. It was a sure way to get close to her and have her get use to you
holding her, without it making you look too aggressive .

As he walked the midway, he saw a few girls from his school and they stopped and
He had already had a couple of them, and he wasn’t really interested in wasting
the night with someone he already had: He wanted “new” meat . As he strolled
the area and walked past the game booths, he knew allot of his buddies would
blow allot of money trying to win something for some girl to impress her. He
wasn’t that stupid. A couple of years back, he use to get jobs at those booths
and he knew everyone of them was rigged so it was almost impossible to win
anything. They were all sucker games.

It was about 7:45 now, and the amount of people there, was starting to grow. It
was a Friday night, so he knew allot of teenage girls would show up. As he
walked past the cotton candy stand, he saw a girl with her back to him. He
immediately looked at her ass. It was a little bigger then he liked, so he
moved on. He liked to use what he called his “Pinky” test.
Hold your hands in front of you, put your thumbs touching each other tip to tip,
then fold all of your middle fingers down and just leave your pinky fingers
standing straight out.
If her ass would fit between your pinky fingers, it’s just right ! So using his
pinky test, he would check out the available girls, as they failed the pinky
test, he would make adjustments in his standards.

He also had a plan to fall back on too. Top priority was, the very attractive
girls who would pass his pinky test. Second priority was, attractive girls who
couldn’t pass the pinky test, but were still hot enough, that you wanted to bang
them. His Third priority was, girls that were plain Jane’s, but looked easy
enough to let you bang them. His lowest priority was, the fat ugly girls who no
one wanted, you knew they would jump at the chance of having someone pay
attention to them, they were hungry for affection and you could always get a
blow job from them. Most of the time he would just use his finger on them to
give them a thrill, get his blow job, and keep on trucking . Would he ever call
them again ?
Of course, whenever he wanted a blow job and no one else was around, that’s when
they went to the top of the list. He knew he could always get his rocks off, the
question and the game was, at what level could he do it. You always strive to
get the best, but when it’s getting late, you grab for anything in the dark. As
long as you blow your load, even if it’s just a hand job, you’ve won !

Walking past the lead milk bottle booth, he saw three girls standing together
that he didn’t recognize from school. They were all attractive, but just a
little larger then his pinky test, but not by very much. He decided to pick one
and make his strike. He casually walked over to the one that had very long black
hair. Excuse me, he said as he walked up to them. I’m Mickey, what’s your name
he said. Betty she answered. So he said, would you like to go on a ride ? ( Of
course, he really meant, would you like to ride my dick, but he thought he’d
save that line for later.) OK, she said, and they started to walk away from the
other two girls. He said, do you like the tilt a whirl ? Sure she said and they
started in that direction.
As they walked, he learned that she was from the next town over, went to a
different school and she was 13, but almost 14 years old. He was a little
surprised because he had thought she was about 16, but age didn’t really matter
to him.

They waited in line and continued to talk and get to know each other. She was a
very pretty girl, Italian and French, her breast weren’t overly developed, but
they were firm and suck able he thought, she had a very nice round and firm ass,
just a little larger then the pinky test, but it would do. Her face was very
pretty, and she seemed like she had a very nice personality. In talking to her,
he learned she had just broken up with her boyfriend three week earlier. He
dumped her for another girl.

This is perfect he thought. She’s ripe ! He told her how sorry he was to hear
that a great girl like her was dumped by some jerk that had no idea what a great
girl he was missing out on. She smiled a wide timid smile. Then he said, you
know, you’re so easy to talk to, I feel like I’ve known you forever. Usually I
find it hard talking to girls, but you’re so different. Really she said with a
big wide smile on her face now. It was their turn next to get into the tilt a
whirl car, and he positioned himself on the side that would push her right into
him. As the ride stared, just as planned, the force of the ride pushed her
right into his arms and he help her as they spun around on the ride.

The ride was pushing them all around, and a couple of times his arm would brush
against her breast. When she didn’t pay any attention to that happening, he made
sure that his arm brushed against her breast more often, knowing it would be
giving her a feeling of him feeling her up. She would get use to this feeling,
and later when they would be making out, she wouldn’t resist his advances.
She was smiling and giggling throughout the ride like most 13 year old girls do,
but as long as she was laughing and having fun, he knew he was making points.
After that ride, he asked her if she wanted to go on the octopus. Sure, why not
she said. This was great, on this ride he would make his very first move on
her. They talked more about themselves as they walked over to the next ride and
stood in line. She seemed like she was very comfortable being with him, and he
was turning things she said into jokes and making her laugh. Even at this young
age, he knew that girls liked guys who made them laugh, so he used every
opportunity to make her laugh that he could. This also would make her feel more
comfortable with him.

It was their turn to climb into the car of the octopus, and again, he positioned
her where he knew the force of the ride would push her into him. This time, he
turned his body a little sideways so he could cuddle her with both arms around
her when the time was right.
He also knew that as they loaded the car for the ride, they would get stopped at
the top of the ride, out of view from everyone on the ground. As their car
inched it’s way up the ride, they just made small talk. By the time they arrived
at the top position, he already had his arm around her, and he said , nice
view from up here isn’t it ? As she turned her head toward him, he leaned in and
kissed her on the lips. She didn’t pull away, in fact she leaned in closer to
him and they embraced in a passionate kiss until they felt the car start to

He knew they were only going to move one car spot further, and they would still
be close to the top, and as she stopped kissing him when the car moved, he
looked into her eyes and said, thank you, that was so nice. She smiled and said
really ? He was looking directly into her eyes now and he said, it was like
kissing and angel, and he leaned in and kissed her again. They embraced in this
kiss until the ride started, and during this kiss he used his tongue on her. She
really is a great kisser he thought as he placed his other arm around her now
and held her tight. He knew once the ride started they wouldn’t be able to kiss
at all.
After a minute or so, they felt the jerk of the car as it started downward.

He braced himself as they stopped kissing, and she was smiling at him, and
appeared very happy to be there with him. As their car plunged downward, it
began to spin, just like he knew it would and the force threw her into his arms.
Around, up, then down, the car moved, all the time spinning. This is a very
forceful ride and it throws the occupants all around. As they bounced around ,
he used this opportunity to hold her to keep her from bouncing out of the car as
it spun seemingly uncontrollably. In what seemed to be an innocent move, as he
was holding her, he placed his hand on her breast. As they spun and bounced, he
was feeling her breast the whole time, and she either didn’t mind it, or didn’t
realize what he was doing because the ride was so forceful. He knew what he was
doing , he was feeling her up like crazy now, her breast were very firm and
felt wonderful to him.

Between french kissing her and now feeling her up, his dick was getting hard and
he could feel it stirring between his legs. This ride would only last two and a
half minutes, but it was two and a half minutes of pure pleasure for him. He
could tell by the sound of the motor that the attendant had shut the power off
and they would be stopping soon, so he removed his hand from her breast so she
wouldn’t notice he was actually feeling her up and not just trying to hold her
from bouncing out of the car. As the ride stopped, they would also be stopped
at the top again so the attendant could unload the cars, so they would be in the
exact same situation as when they first got on the ride. As the car stopped
spinning and they were almost to the top spot, but not quite yet, he looked at
her , she was smiling wide. He said, was that fun? She said oh ya, that was
great. As she looked at him, he said, you know, I’ve never enjoyed this ride as
much as I have being with you. Just as he finished saying that, they were once
again in the top position, and he leaned in and started to kiss her passionately
again. This time she seemed to kiss him back just as passionately and during
the kiss he placed his hand on her breast knowing this time she would realize
exactly what he was doing. She didn’t resist, and she didn’t try to remove his
hand, so as they kissed in passion, he continued to feel her up. He could hear
that her breathing was becoming deep and rapid, he recognized that as a sign
that he was making her hot.

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