The poker game

Author: Martino

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are
either a product of the imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance
to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
Copyright 2002 Martino Productions.


She was excited because he was going to take the time to teach her how to play
poker: it would be her first time, she never played before:.
He took the cards and explained how they were marked: hearts, clubs, diamonds,
and spades and explained that if you have all the same suite, like all hearts
that was called a flush: and that a straight was all the cards in order: like 4
5 6 7 8 : but that if you had them all in order, and the same suite: 4 of
hearts, 5 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, and the 8 of hearts then you had
a straight flush which is a very high hand in cards:.
He also went on to explain, pairs, three of a kind, full houses, and 4 of a
kind:.just to make it easy for her:. he had written all the combinations down
for her in the order of their importance:. so she could just look at the list
and know that a straight beats a flush, and two pair beats one pair:. now they
were ready to start the game:

She was very excited about playing cards with him, and he could see the sparkle
in her eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful, and he really enjoys looking at them,
especially when they have that excited sparkle in them !

She was a beautiful young russian girl visiting this country for a few months,
and when he met her in a shopping mall, he asked her if she had ever done any
modeling. She said no, but was very flattered and so happy that he had asked.

They had exchanged numbers and talked on the phone a few times, and then he took
some pictures of her. She had a very nice firm body, and being from Russia, she
didn’t have the attitude about doing nude pictures that most of the American
girls did that he’s been involved with. No on the contrary, she was very open
minded, and took her clothes off for him within just 6 minutes of their very
first photo shoot. He wanted to jump her bones then, but he figured he’d be
professional and not come on to her: but now was a different time and place,
they were meeting socially, as friends, and this was when he was going to make
his move.

He explained that the name of the game was “strip poker” which meant, instead of
playing and betting money, they would bet the clothes they were wearing:.. and
there were a few other rules too, but he would explain them to her, as they
played:.. Actually, he would make them up as they played, but he didn’t want to
tell her that !!!! He also didn’t tell her that he had put on some extra
clothes before the game that she didn’t see him put on:.
Oh yes, he was wearing two pairs of socks, two T-shirts, and two under pants
!!!! and he put four rings on his fingers too:. he was determined that he wasn’t
going to loose !!!!

She just had her regular everyday clothes on, a nice blouse, a skirt, a bra,
under pants, some socks, and her shoes:. she wasn’t even wearing any earrings,
necklaces, or rings or anything else:.she didn’t know that you could put extra
clothes and jewelry on !!!! And he was glad she didn’t know !!!!

He said, lets first play a game for fun, just so you’ll understand how it works:
and she said ok:. so he dealt the cards to them both:..she got a pair of 10’s
and he got a pair of 4’s:and he explained how, now they could throw some cards a
way and get new ones:
So he helped her select: and explained that she should keep her two 10’s and
throw the other cards away:which she did:.and he kept his 4’s :. so then he
dealt the new cards and she got a pair of 6’s and he got a 6, 3, and a he
explained that at this point they would normally she said she would bet
her blouse against his shirt:.
and then he explained that she would have won, because she had two pairs: 10’s
and 6’s
and he only had one pair. 4’s:.and she would have won:.

She smiled a very big smile and said, this is fun, lets play for real now:. he
said, are you sure ?:.. we can play a few more practice hands if you want, but
she said, no, I understand now and I’m ready to play, so deal, lets play for he said ok, and dealt the cards:.

She got a pair of 3’s and he got three 8’s.. they selected the cards they wanted
to keep and threw away the others:. the she got another 3, an 8 and a 10: he got
a 5 and a jack.
So she looked at her list and she saw that she had three 3′ and she saw that
this was a good hand, so she said she would bet her blouse against his shirt,
and he said he would raise the bet to include her bra against his pants !!!! So,
If she wins, she will win his shirt and his pants, but if he wins, he will win
her blouse and her bra:..she agreed, because she knew she had three 3’s and this
was a good she said ok:.
and she showed him her three 3’s:. and he showed her his three 8’ he
She was shocked: she thought she had a better hand then he did, but now she had
to take off her blouse and her bra, and he didn’t have to take anything off

She took them off and gave them to him, and he put them on the chair next to
Now he dealt the cards again:. This time she got a pair of aces and he didn’t
get anything, and they had bet his pants against her skirt, but she won and he
had to take off his pants:.

On the next deal:. she got a pair of Jacks: and he got a pair of Queens:. and it
was his turn to bet, so he said, I will bet your underpants against me kissing
your breast for two minutes:She said, I didn’t know we could bet things like
that, I thought we could only bet our clothes. Oh No, he said, we can bet
anything we want to bet, not just clothes:. This was part of his, “make it up as
you go plan! ” she checked her list and saw that two Jacks were very high on the
list so she agreed:.and he showed her the two Queens, which is the next step
higher then her Jacks:..she had lost again:. so he came over to her chair and
knelt down beside her and told her to watch the clock and time it for two

Then he took her breast in his hands and placed his lips on her nipple:.and he
gently sucked on it while he moved his tongue across the nipple:. she could feel
the sensations go through her body and he nibbled at her nipples and squeezed
her breast with his hands:.
and as he moved his mouth all over her breast: she grabbed his head and pulled
it in closer to her chest:.and pushed down on his head as he moved his mouth and
tongue around her nipple:.she was enjoying the sensations that were shooting
through her body so much, that she lost track of the time:and he didn’t stop,
he kept kissing and sucking

on her breast and after about 5 minutes, she said:. Ok the two minutes are over
:..but she didn’t want him to stop really: but she did want to play more he stopped:

He dealt the cards again, and this time it was her turn to bet: so she bet her
shoe against his shirt:.and she won, so he took his shirt off and gave it to
her:and so it went:. back and forth:. she would bet, then he would bet:and
little by little they were each collecting each other clothes:.When she won his
T-shirt and he took it off: she was surprised to see that he had another one on
under it::HEY she said ! What’s this ? I was a little chilly so I put on some
extra clothes he said ! as he laughed:.. That’s not fair:..she said:.
Oh yes my dear, he said, you can wear as many clothes as you want:. why didn’t
you tell me that, she never asked me: he said and they both laughed :.
I will just have to win it then she said with a big smile on her face:.I guess
you will he he smiled:

So they continued to play and she won all his shirts, and he won her shoes:.and
then she won his pants, and he won her socks:..and so it went:. he still had his
pants and underpants, and she had her skirt and underpants: but other then that
she was naked:.

As he looked at her beautiful body he wanted to touch it:. and she wanted him to
touch it too:..but she said have to win it !!!!! He could feel his
shaft getting harder: it had been hard since he first kissed her breast, and it
was still hard, and he was waiting for a chance to win again so he could touch
her and do things to her:.

On the next bet:.she bet 10 minutes of him touching her body, against his pants
and his underpants:.and he agreed:. she had three aces and he had two pair:. she
won and took his pants and his she was smiling very big:.she
still had her skirt and her underpants but he was naked, except for his socks
and his shoes:.and as he sat in the chair, she could see that he was very
hard:..there was no way he could hide it:.and she smiled:.
As he started to deal the cards, she reached over and put some music on:..and
started to dance in front of he could feel his shaft throbbing and
wanted to touch her so much, and she knew this:. but she danced in a very
teasing way:.reaching down and lightly touching his shaft with her dance
movements:.she was sending electrical impulses through his body with each
touch:.and she was saying:. do you like that:. would you like more: you have to
win:. as he finished dealing the cards, she sat down again and looked at her
cards:.he was trying to look at his cards but she got him so excited with her
dance that he could hardly see them ! He had three aces this time:. and she had
a flush:
and she won again:..and the bet this time was that she could touch him for two
minutes and he couldn’t touch he looked at the clock to time it:.

She knelt down at his feet, and she moved her hand up and down his shaft
then she rubbed her breast against it:.she placed his shaft between her breast
and squeezed them together and moved them up and down:..he could feel his shaft
pulsating now and sensations were going right up his spine to his brain:. and he
started to shake all over: and she was smiling and saying:. Hmmm. you like that
? and he said oh yes I love

that:. and she said do you want me to do more:. and he said oh yes:. and she
stopped and said: the two minutes are over: you have to win again !!!! as she
and he could feel himself pulsating and he didn’t want her to stop:. but she had
won, so he had to do what she said:
He dealt the cards again:.ths time he bet her teasing him again, against all of
her clothes: and she agreed:.this time he had three Kings and she only had two
pair:. He had finally won one: and she took off all her clothes and gave them to
him: they were both naked now, except for their the game would get

So now the bet would be: would she touch him or would he touch her:.who would
tease who ? His shaft was still pulsating as he dealt the cards:she had only a
pair of 10’s this time and he had:.a pair a jacks !!!!! Yes: he had won again:.

He went over to her side of the table and kissed her on her lips:.he thrust his
tongue in her mouth and as their tongues touched there was a spark of
electricity and it sent a shock through both of their he moved his
tongue in and out of her mouth, he reached down with his hand and slipped a
finger into her special spot: and he moved it up and down and in and out:. and
he found that special place inside her that made her pulsate and he touched it
with his finger and moved it very fast:..they both moved to the floor now and
they were holding each other very passionately and he moved his finger faster
and faster:. he could feel her breathing deeper and faster and moving her body
with him:. and he felt her tremble and he knew that she was climaxing:. and as
she climaxed: he moved his finger faster and deeper and all around and she was
going crazy:..

She reached down and grabbed his shaft in her hand and started to move her hand
up and down his shaft:.and she could feel that he was very hard already and she
wanted him in her so their tongues touched in their mouths:. she moved
her body and put his shaft inside her:..and he thrust it in deep:.
They began to move their bodies into each other: and he moved his shaft in and
out of her slowly at first and gradually building up faster and faster:.
They were both pulsating now:. he could feel her pulsating inside and she could
feel his shaft throbbing inside her:.he also reached down with his hand and
rubbed the spot in front of her opening and this send sensations through her
body: he could feel her insides tense for a second and then relax, and then he
could feel her juices flow:.he knew she had climaxed again and this made him
very happy:.they continued to move their bodies together, and she reached down
and started to rub his testicles with her hand: she could tell as soon as she
touched them that it was sending sensation through him and she could feel his
testicles tighten up a little:. she took them between her fingers and rolled
them and squeezed then a little and she could feel his body stiffen and relax:.
and then he exploded inside her like a volcano :..and just as he exploded:. he
moved his hand in the right spot in front of her opening and thrust deep inside
her and she exploded at the same time: they both let out a moan of joy and they
continued to move slower and slower inside each they finished : she
looked at him and said:..So Who Won ??? !!!!

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