Meeting the new talent

Author: Martino

This story is a work of Fiction. Names, Characters, Places, and Incidents
are either products of the imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual events, locales. or persons, living or dead, is entirely
Copyright Martino Productions 2003


As they stepped off the plane and made there way to the baggage area, he didn’t
mention that there would be a limousine waiting for them out side to take them
to the hotel:Although it had only been a short flight to Moscow, it was there
very first trip together and he wanted to make it special for her.

He was her Personal Manager from the USA. They had only met and talked through
email, and she had sent him many pictures of her, also through email and he
really liked what he saw.

As they picked up their bags and walked outside, she thought they were going to
get a taxi, but he pointed to the long black limousine and said, our car awaits
us. She couldn’t believe it was for her, he had made all the arrangements ,
without her knowledge, and it was a great surprise for her. Her eyes lit up and
a big smile came to her face as the driver opened the door for her to enter the

She was only 36 years old and she was an English teacher at a collage in Russia
but her dream was to be an actress and to do that full time and forget about the

It was one of those very large limo’s that can carry 8 people, so there was a
lot of room for them in that back seat, there was also a bar in the back, as
she took her seat the driver offered her a glass of cold champagne . As she
smiled and took the glass, he said, this is your very first audition, so I
wanted to make it special for you. She could only smile because she was so
surprised and happy.

The driver put their bags in the trunk of the car , got in, and started to
as they sipped their champagne:she looked around the inside of the large car, he
hit a button that made a tinted window go up that separated the back of the car
from the drivers view:.they would have complete privaticy now:.he pushed another
button and soft romantic music started to play:and it made her feel like she was
already a star:.and she was, in his eyes, and he knew that she would go on and
become famous one day:but for now:she was just a starting actress, trying to get
her first part in a major movie.

They sipped their wine, and were enjoying the soft music, when she leaned over
and kissed him:and she said, “Thank you for thinking of everything and making
everything so nice:” He just smiled:she had no idea of the plans he had made for
them, and he wasn’t going to tell her now:it would spoil the next surprise:..
They finished their wine and he poured another glass for her:and she said, ” Are
you trying to get me drunk ? ” and he answered, “Why, do I have too? ” and they
both laughed:. they both knew that they didn’t have to be drunk for something
to happen. They had only talked through email, but they both knew they were
attracted to each other, and things were going to happen whether they drank or
not . As they finished their second glass of champagne, he put his arm around
her and drew her close and kissed her on her lips:she kissed him back and he
reached for her they kissed, he massaged her breast with his hand,
but he didn’t want to get her too excited because the ride to the hotel would be
short and there wasn’t enough time to do too much in the car:. but he did want
to get her a little excited: Because they had talked about making love in their
emails. As he kissed her and their tongues met, he reached down between her legs
and started to massage her there on the outside of her clothed: so she reached
over and started to massage him in the same area, on the outside of his
clothes:she could feel that he was already getting hard:.Just as they were both
getting very excited:the car stopped:they were at the hotel.. so they
straightened themselves up just as the driver opened the door for them: they
stepped from the car and were standing in front of a very large hotel:one of the
finest in Moscow:. the doorman open the door for them and they walked into the they were checking in at the desk, the driver had the bags sent up to
their room:. they got the key and went to the elevator, they were going to the
top floor. In the elevator, he grabbed her and kissed her again, and she pushed
her breast into his chest and he held her the elevator doors open,
they walked down the hallway to their room, the door was already open and the
driver was just leaving after putting their bags in the room:

He thought to himself, this is going just like he had hoped it would. She was a
beautiful russian girl, who only looked to be about 23 or 24 years old, she
certainly didn’t look like she was 36. She hadn’t had a boyfriend in over 6
years and was hurt emotionally by the last boyfriend she had. Since then, she
really didn’t trust men, but for some reason she liked him.

When she walked in the room, the first thing she noticed was a large double
glass door that lead to a balcony, and soft romantic music was already playing
in the room:it was a large room, actually, it was a suite, a large living room
with a bedroom and a bathroom , but in one corner of the large living room was a
hot tub !
Next to the hot tub was a small table with another bottle of champagne being

He was much older then her, being 57 on his last birthday, although he was short
like she was, he had a good build, and even though he was balding, he had a
charm about him.

As he closed the door, she walked over to the balcony, from the glass doors, she
could see a beautiful view of all of Moscow square:.. and they were high above
the square looking down on all the people::he walked up behind her and placed
his hand on her butt and rubbed it:..turning toward him, she put her arms around
him and gave him a big kiss on the lips:.. She certainly wasn’t shy even though
they had just met in person for the very first time.

The audition wasn’t until tomorrow, he had planned it this way so they could
have a full day to relax and spend time together before she would have to leave
for the was only 10 o’clock in the morning, so they had plenty of
time to do what ever they wanted to do:. He knew what he wanted to do, Lord
knows he had masturbated looking at her pictures and videos that she had sent
him, enough times.

After she kissed him, he went and opened the champagne and poured them both a
glass:he stuck his hand in the hot tub water and it was very warm:so he said
” The water is nice, we should try it.” So she said sure:.why not:. they both
started to get undressed, and he was looking at her fantastic firm body:.. she
was so beautiful, and he couldn’t believe that he was actually here with her:.
but he was very happy that he was: She only stood 5 foot 2 inches tall, but she
had 38 “C” breast, and the rest of her body was in proportion to those
beautiful firm 38 C’s. She had beautiful long black flowing hair that went down
past her shoulders.

They walked over to the hot tub and he helped her get in and then he climbed in
also:. he turned the air jets on as they sat down in the water, and they could
feel the water flowing all over their naked bodies:. the water was 99 degrees..
perfect:and as the water rushed over her body she could feel a sensation
throughout it:.she had been in steam baths: and she had heard of hot tubs, but
she had never actually been in a hot tub before:. so this was a very new
sensation for her:.

This was one of the main reasons he had chose this hotel, because they had a
room with a hot tub in it, and he wanted to get her naked in that hot tub.

The water flowed very rapidly over her breast and her nipples, almost like he
was touching her, and she had never felt anything like this before:and it also
flowed around her special spot, which also gave her a new the
water flowed, it massaged their bodies all over, and the feeling was so
good:.almost like they were touching each other, but they were just sitting
there enjoying the music and the wine.

They were sitting across from each other, and he took his leg and moved it to
hers and began to move his toes up and down her leg:. they were looking into
each other eyes as the water rushed around their bodies, massaging them , and
his toes were moving up and down her leg:. he moved his toes up to her thighs..
and close to her spot: he could tell that this was exciting her:. she took her
leg and moved it close to his and moved her toes up and down his leg, all the
way up to his thighs: and he could feel a sensation going through his body
also:. he could feel the water rushing over and around his testicles, and it
almost felt like she was massaging them:but he knew that it was only the water,
because he knew when she touched him, it would feel so much better.

As he moved his toes closer to her spot, she moved hers, closer to his:.and they
both knew that they were driving each other crazy: but it was almost like a
contest to see who could remain calmest the longest !

He knew that she would win, because when she touched him in any way at all, he
went crazy:. and he knew that any second now, he would have to reach over and
kiss her and touch her because he just couldn’t wait any longer:. He knew that
she was excited also, and that she wanted to grab him: but she also knew that
she had more control over herself then he did:

So he moved his body over next to hers and kissed her on her neck very
passionately, using his tongue and moving it around her neck: and he reached
down and massaged the front of her spot.. rubbing it gently while the water also
flowed over it:it was giving her a sensation like she never felt before:. and
she was already climaxing:. and it felt so different in the water:she had never
felt anything like this before: and as he rubbed the front of her spot, he
moved his lips to her breast and kissed her nipple: and the water was flowing
very rapidly over her other nipple: and it almost felt like he had two tongues
and was kissing both breast at the same time: but she knew this wasn’t possible,
but that’s the way it felt. The feeling of two tongues on her breast and the
rubbing of the front of her spot made her climax again:. and just as she was
coming again, he put a finger inside her and moved it very fast, and this
intensified her climax like she had never felt it before.

He was actually glad that she hadn’t been sexually active for the past 6 years.
This made her easy to please, and she didn’t have any recent memories to compare
his techniques too.

She reached down and took his shaft in her hand and began to stroke it up and
down very rapidly:.and with her other hand she reached down and rubbed his
testicles:. she heard him moan, and she knew that he was enjoying it:.

He was very hard now, and she was very excited: and both wanted to be inside
each other:so he lifted her up and pulled her close to him, and placed her on
his shaft: as he did this, she could feel it pulsating inside her, and now she
was also pulsating inside: she began to move up and down on his hard shaft:.
She was surprised at how easy it was to move her body in the water:it was like
she was floating on air: and this gave her another sensation that she had never
felt before:. as she glided up and down on his shaft:. he was sucking on her
breast and rubbing a spot just above her opening with his hand:. and her heart
was beating very fast, and her breathing was very rapid, and the water
continued to flow all around them:. hot bubbly water flowing quickly all over
her body as she moved up and down on his shaft and he sucked on her breast while
rubbing the front part of her spot: She quickly climax again and again, as she
had never had so many things being done to her at the same time before: there
were too many sensations, and her body was reacting to each one: and it was

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