Bus ride from basic training

Author: Martino

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or people, living
or dead, is entirely coincidental. Copyright Martino Productions 2003.


It was May 1963, He had just completed basic training at Fort Gordon Ga. As he
placed his duffle bag in the bottom of the Trailways bus, he carried his small
awol bag into the bus with him. As he climbed up the entry stairs, he noticed
that the long seat in the back of the bus was empty. He walked through the isle
directly to the rear of the bus and that long awaiting seat. He placed his
small bag in the overhead, and plunked himself down next to the window.
As he sat there for a second he hoped all the salt peter they had been putting
in his food was out of his system. The first thing he wanted to do when he got
home to Massachusetts was fuck his girlfriend. Two months without any pussy was
a little too long for this 17 year old, he was use to getting it everyday. The
salt peter must have worked though, because he didnТt have the urge at any time
during basic.

The theory was, if they put salt peter in your food, it would keep you from
masturbating and
trying to sneak into town to get laid. After being woken up at 3 AM, training
all day, and not getting to bed until at least 11 PM every night, who the hell
had the strength to jerk off anyway ! Well, this was all behind him now. He
had two weeks before he had to report back for advanced training, and he was
told that they werenТt as strict after basic training. Right now he was just
looking forward to getting home and getting laid.

He could have worn civilian clothes, but he had chosen to wear his uniform, not
only did he look really good in it, but they gave him a 15 % discount on his
round trip ticket if he traveled in uniform, so that was incentive enough for

It had been a hectic night, packing everything he owned, shinning his shoes, and
getting everything ready for his trip home. He didnТt get to bed until 11 PM,
and he was up by 6 AM to get chow, and then hitch a ride from a buddy to the bus
station for an 8 AM departure.
This would be a two day ride, and he figured he could sleep on the bus most of
the way if he wanted. After grabbing shut eye any time, or place you could
during basic, he figured sleeping on the bus wouldnТt be a problem. He took his
hat off and placed it in the overhead too, then slumped down next to the window
and closed his eyes. He figured heТd just rest a little, while the bus was

He must have dozed off for a few minutes, but he woke up as soon as the engine
of the bus was started. To his surprise, sitting next to him was a cute dark
haired girl. She had average size breast, not bad, but not as large as his
girlfriends back home. He nodded his head and said hi. She smiled and said hi
back. He didnТt know how far sheТd be going on this bus, but he figured she
might be good company for as long as sheТd be there, so why not try to strike up
a conversation. As the bus started to back out of itТs spot in the station, he
surveyed the rest of the bus and was surprised that it wasnТt that full. He was
the only one in uniform on the bus, and most of the rear seats were empty. The
bus would be stopping at different places along the way and people would come
and go, so he couldnТt be sure how many people might end up on the bus along the

He looked at her and said, how far are you going? New York City she said. IТm
going to Boston, looks like weТll be riding together for a couple of days. Then
he said, my names John. Vicky she said. Happy to meet you Vicky he said. Are
you from New York he asked.
IТm not sure where IТm from she laughed. My parents are separated, my mom lives
in Georgia, and my dad lives in New York. Oh bummer he said, you must travel
back and forth all the time then. Yup, 6 months in each place, it really sucks.
So how old are you ? He asked. I just turned 17, only one more year of this
shit then I can do what I want to do.
Well what is it you want to do? He asked. IТm not sure yet she said, but I know
I donТt want to be traveling back and forth every 6 months, IТd like to be able
to stay in one place for a while. Ya, I can understand that. He said. They
hadnТt gone very far, but the bus was already pulling into another station to
pick up more passengers. Boy that was quick he said, New York already ! She
laughed and said no, itТs just the station on the other side of town, then weТll
have about a two hour ride to the next station. When the bus stopped, he said,
hey you want a coke or something, I see they have some machines here. Ya a coke
would be good she said. So he got up to get them some drinks. As he got up she
said, you want some change? No IТve got it he said.

He went to the machine and got 4 cokes, figuring that should last them a couple
of hours until the next stop. He got back on the bus and handed her 2 cokes as
he sat down. Oh thanks she said. No problem, no reason we canТt be comfortable
along the way he said with a smile. She smiled back at him as she popped the
tab on her coke can.

After a short sip she looked at him and said, I see youТre in the Army. Yup,
just got out of basic training. Oh so you just joined she said. About two
months ago he replied. HasnТt been too bad yet he said with a smile. How old
are you if you donТt mind me asking she said.
He knew she was just 17, and so was he, but he figured in uniform, he could say
he was older.
I just turned 20 he said. Well you look very handsome in your uniform she said
as she smiled at him. Ya, they give you a discount if you travel in uniform so
I figured what the hell.

Then he said, hey, you want to sit by the window ? Ya thatТd be good she said,
so she stood up and he squeezed under her as she moved toward the window side of
the seat. He surveyed her body as she sort of climbed over him. Nice beach ball
round ass, seemed very firm, nice waist, legs, not bad at all. Hmmm, weТre going
to be together for a couple of days, I wonder if I can get some from her, he
thought as she plumped down into the seat.

So I guess your boyfriend back in Georgia is going to miss you for a while, or
do you have one in both states, he said with a chuckle. I wish she said. IТm
really not either place long enough to have a boyfriend, most of the guys know
IТll be leaving in 6 months and they donТt even bother to date me. Hmmm he
thought, no boyfriend, very few dates, maybe this will be easier then I thought.
I think I might just get lucky.

He kind of half turned in the seat and looked at her and said, I canТt believe
that a gorgeous girl like you doesnТt have thousands on guys trying to take you
out. Believe it she said, it just doesnТt happen for me. What a waste he
thought out loud. What? she asked. Oh, I said thatТs a shame, youТre so
beautiful and friendly, I canТt understand guys not jumping at the chance to
spend some time with you, even if itТs only 6 months, itТs not like you wouldnТt
be back.
YouТre right she said, I always go back, but it doesnТt seem to make any
Well IТm going to be very happy just spending the next two days with you he
Really ! She said enthusiastically with a big smile on her face. Of all the
people on this bus he said, I donТt think I could have gotten a better person to
share this ride with. Oh, thank you she said, youТre so nice. Well, thank you
he said, the pleasure is really mine.
(At least thatТs what he was hoping)

As the bus rolled along, she started to tell him all about the route it would
take. She rode this bus all the time and she knew every stop by heart. How long
they would be at each stop, how much time between stops, the best places to eat
along the trip, where they could get off and stretch their legs, everything.

Their next stop would be in South Carolina, and she said, even though it
wouldnТt be quite noon time, thatТs where they should pick up lunch because by
the time they got to the next stop in North Carolina , it would be after noon
time and the stop was a small one with only machine food there. At least the
stop in South Carolina had a little cafщ and they could get a number of things
there instead of just machine food.

As they rode, she pointed out some land marks and interesting things along the
way. It made for good conversation. She asked him some question about his
experience in basic training and of course he embellished everything a little to
make it a little more interesting. They were becoming very comfortable with each
other and getting to know each other quite well.

In talking with her, he got the impression that she was very hungry for
affection, and someone to pay attention to her. He let her talk all she wanted
too, basically he just listened and when he could interject something he did.
Mainly he wanted her to be comfortable with him, and get to like him, whenever
he could find a point in the conversation to compliment her, he did. She always
seemed delighted at his compliments, and seemed to become a little more bubbly
and comfortable as they talked.

The bus finally pulled into the station in South Carolina, and the bus driver
announced on the intercom that they would be there for 45 minutes. They waited
and were the last ones off the bus, they went into the little cafщ and found a
table for two and sat down.

What are you going to have he asked. I always get the hamburger plate she said.
They make the best hamburgers ever here. When the waitress came over he said
weТd like two hamburger plates. What would you like to drink he asked her, and
she looked up at the waitress and said IТll have a Pepsi, make it two he said.
As the waitress left with their order he looked at her and said, if I had known
you liked Pepsi, I would have gotten that instead of the Coke before. Oh thatТs
alright she said, I like both, but they donТt have Coke here, they only serve
Pepsi. She really did know everything about every place along the way it

Their food came in a very short time, the waitress knew they were on the bus and
only had so much time so she always made sure the bus passengers got their food
quickly. The waitress brought the check and he picked it up, she then opened
her purse and took out her wallet, IТve got it he said, put that away. IТve got
money she said, you donТt have to do that.
A beautiful girl like you shouldnТt have to pay for anything he said, IТve got
it. Ok, thank you so much she said. This compliment made her smile from ear to
ear. Besides he said, IТm traveling on government money, letТs spend uncle SamТs
money. This got a big chuckle out of her.

As they were starting to leave, he grabbed 4 more PepsiТs, then he saw some
Twinkies in a rack. Hey Twinkies he said, They sure didnТt give us them in
basic ! You like Twinkies he asked, yes she said, so he grabbed a few packages
for them to have on the bus.
They got back on the bus and he was joking about how much he had missed junk
food in basic. So they opened a package of Twinkies as soon as they sat down
and shared it.
As she put the Twinkie to her lips, he thought how great it would be to replace
that with his dick. The way she held it, the way she sucked the cream out of the
middle of it, was making him horny. Then he wondered, had she ever even sucked a
dick before? Had she ever gotten laid ? Hmmm maybe she was a virgin ! Naw there
werenТt any of them left, were there?

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