Taboo affair

Author: Martino

This story is a work of fiction. Names,
characters, places, and incidents are either products of the imagination, or are
used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living
or dead, is coincidental. Copyright 2003 Martino Productions.

taboo AFFAIR

They both knew that this shouldn’t be happening, but at this point, neither one
of them really cared what other people might think. They had grown attracted to
each other, not only in an emotional way, but in a sort of wild, physical way
They were both hungry for the affection and passion which seemed to have been
missing in their lives for the past few years.

She had just gone through a divorce a few short years ago. She had been deeply
hurt by her now ex husband. He was still married. Over 30 years now. But for
the past few years, it was more like he and his wife, were just going through
the motions rather then really being married. He was a number of years older
then her, but, not that many, that it really mattered to either of them, and
they were happy to be here together.

It was a bright, sunny, and warm day. There was just enough breeze to make it
comfortable, and they had taken a ride to her favorite beach. She loved the
ocean. The sound of it, the smell of it, and she just felt alive being near it.
They had walked the beach to her favorite spot too. Off from the beaten path
that everyone else visiting this beach would travel. It was pretty secluded
here, and this is why she really liked this spot. The sound of the waves and
the salt air smell made this her perfect spot. She came here many times in the
past, but she was always alone. It was a place where she could think and
reflect on her deepest thoughts, and get her head together. Whatever her problem
was, she could always find a way to deal with it after spending some time here,
in deep thought.

She had told him about this place many times, and he felt really honored that
she had decided to take him to her special spot, on her special beach. He was
hoping that he could make this time special also, just for her.

She had brought a single rose to place in the ocean for her Dad, who had passed
away just about a year ago. She placed the rose in the water and they stood
there holding hands with their head lowered and said a prayer. After the
prayer, they stood and watched the tide carry the rose out into the sea to
unknown places.

She felt peace now, and was much more relaxed. He could sense this, and it made
him feel more comfortable too.

They walked back up the sandy shore line to a shady spot where she always sat
and collected her thought. He had brought a blanket, a cold bottle of wine, and
some cheese. He spread the blanket and they sat down. Then he opened the bottle
of wine and poured them both a glass. He had brought plastic wine glasses
because he didn’t want to take the chance of them breaking on the beach. She
complimented him on not bringing paper cups as she chuckled.

They were sitting and looking out into the ocean and just listening to the waves
break as they hit the shore. She was wearing a black, very sexy bikini, and her
freshly tanned gorgeous body was so inviting, that he could feel a twitch in
his loins, every time he looked at her. He was trying very hard to push the
guilt from his mind as he surveyed her body, but naughty thoughts wouldn’t
leave his mind no matter how hard he tried. So he thought to himself, fuck it,
don’t fight it, if it’s meant to happen it will.

He thought about how he believed that everything that happens in our life is
already planned by the big guy upstairs, we really have little control over
things in our lives.
He figured, the day we are born, our life is written out right up to our death.
We are guided through the events of our life, but we really can’t do anything to
change them. Things that are suppose to happen will, and things that aren’t
suppose to happen wont. It was really simple. So why try to fight off these
feeling he was having.

He had explained his beliefs to her on a number of occasions in the past, and
she seemed to agree, so he hoped that she wasn’t having a hard time being here
with him. She seemed relaxed and comfortable with the situations, but he
figured the only real way to find out was to move forward with his aspirations.

He was sitting very close to her and they were still holding each others hand.
After a couple of sips of wine, she had placed her glass in the sand off to the
side of the blanket, so he reached over and placed his glass in the sand next to
At that moment, she turned and look at him, as he turned back toward her, he
leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

To his relief, she didn’t pull away, in fact she leaned in toward him and
embraced the kiss. His mind was racing with thoughts now. Should he hold her
tighter? Should he use his tongue ? What would be the right thing to do ? Was
there a right thing to do ? Should they even be doing this ?

The first thing she thought was, hmmm good kisser. She placed her arms around
him and drew him in tighter to her, pressing her beautiful breast into his
She open her mouth, just a little, as a signal that she would accept his tongue
if he decided to use it. He read her signal well and gently flicked his tongue
into her mouth. She met his tongue with her own and as they touched, a warm and
pleasant feeling came over the both of them. It was like a first kiss for two
young teenagers.

He was glad they were lying down on the blanket because he knew if they had been
standing, his knees would have buckled under him, and he probably would have
fallen on his ass. As they continued this first kiss, it got more and more
passionate, their tongues were darting in and out of each others mouths
feverishly. Each could feel their bodies getting warmer by the second and that
feeling seem to make them kiss all the harder and longer. Neither one of them
wanted this kiss to end.
She could feel an excitement building in her like she had never felt before. She
had been kissed many times before in her life, but even remembering back to the
first kiss with her ex husband, this was different. For some strange reason,
this was so much better.

Seemingly on cue, they both gently pulled their electrified mouths away from
each other. Still embraced very tightly, he whispered in her ear. You alright ?
Softly she said yes, you ? I’m fine he replied. As they held their embrace, he
kissed her on the neck. Then he nibbled, kissed, sucked, and licked her neck in
a number of spots.
He seemed to know exactly which spot to use which technique on, and she was
surprised that she was enjoying it so much.

He gently laid her down on the blanket and moved his lips to her mouth again.
eagerly pressed her lips to his, and darted her tongue into his mouth. She was
so surprised at her actions, and couldn’t believe that she was enjoying this so
Of course, it’s not like he was a stranger to her. He was her uncle ! Yes they
both knew that this was taboo, but they couldn’t help the feeling they had
inside for each other. Strange thoughts were dancing through her mind, but
thoughts of wild passion overrode all the taboo thoughts that were trying to
break through. She didn’t care how bad they were being, or what people would
think. She felt that they were both consenting adults, and like he had told her
a number of times in the past, if it’s meant to happen it will, we have no
control over it. She really believed this too.

As he laid her on the blanket and kissed her, he moved his hand to her breast.
Gently he started to massage her breast. Again, she was surprised that she
didn’t resist, in fact it felt good and was turning her on. As she was enjoying
the feeling, he gently lifted up the top of her bikini and moved his lips down
to her breast.
As he massaged her breast with his hand, he kissed her nipple. The he sucked
her nipple into his mouth and began to move his tongue around it in circles.
Jolts of pleasure flowed through her body now like she had never expected. It
was exciting, they were being bad, but how could something so bad feel so good
she thought.

As his lips stayed glued to her breast and his tongue continued to work it’s
magic feelings on her nipple, she could feel his hand moving slowly to her
Gently he rubbed her thigh up and down, occasionally moving to her very special
spot between her legs and lightly touching it and then moving back down to her

After a few times, she found herself moving her body into his hand, as it
lightly touched her between her legs. She wanted to feel it there. He was
making her feel so good, and she was getting so hot, she found that she really
wanted to feel him inside her. She let her arm drop between them, and as she
did, it accidentally brushed up against his manhood. She could feel that he was
hard. Just as her hand touched his penis for just a split second, he slipped a
finger inside her. She wasn’t expecting that feeling, and it sent a lightning
jolt through her body that she had never experienced before. His lips were
still on her breast, sucking at the nipple and feeling wonderful to her. Now she
had this new sensation inside her too.
He worked his finger in and out of her with such precision, hitting just the
right spots at just the right time. She could feel the excitement building up
inside her, like the very first time she had ever had sex when she was a
teenager. She never thought she would ever get that feeling again, but here it
was, just like it was her very first time all over again. His finger worked
faster now and was touching spots inside her that she didn’t even know were
there. Suddenly she stiffened for a second and her insides went into spasms,
she was climaxing. He moved his mouth from her breast and back up to her lips
and she kissed him passionately. He moved his finger harder and faster and she
continued to climax, her juices flowed like a broken water pipe, and it was
draining every once of strength from her body, but if felt so good. She had
never had such a sustained climax before and this was great.

She couldn’t help herself now, and she didn’t want this to end, so she reached
down into his bathing suit and grabbed his pulsating cock and began to stroke
He reached down with his other hand and pulled the bottom of her bikini down
just far enough to where he could reach up and hook it with his toe. Using his
foot, in one quick motion, her bottoms were off and his finger never left the
inside of her.
She was amazed at this little move. His finger never missed a beat and was
rubbing her clitoris as she stared to spasm again, he quickly moved his body on
top of her and plunged his pulsating cock into her just as she was climaxing

He grabbed her by her ankles and moving them high above her head, he pushed his
dick in as far as it would go, his balls slapping the front part of her ass at
the same time. As she came, he pulled his dick out to the tip and plunged it
back in all the way. He was using long deep strokes now with force, his balls
slapping her ass with each stroke. Their tongues playing mouth tag as the waves
kept a beat with his balls slapping her ass.

Harder and harder he pumped, as she had one climax after another. She was moving
with him and breathing deep and long, clearly she was enjoying this more then
she had ever thought she would. He could feel the heat building up in his
testicles and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, although he didn’t
want to stop. Then he felt it, the explosion of a life time. He pumped hard
now and she was pumping with him. He continued his strokes until every once of
juice was out of him.

Then he slowed his strokes down to long slow ones. They continued to kiss as he
slowly pumped her. She was more talented then he had ever expected. As he
stopped his movement, she began to contract her virginal muscles milking him
They continued to kiss each other passionately and she continued her virginal
movement. She wanted to keep him inside her as long as possible.

Finally they stopped. He rolled off to her side and they embraced in a long
silent moment. Both still breathing deeply, they just held each other tight.
You alright? He asked, and she said, yes, thank you. Thank you sweetheart he
said, that was wonderful. I enjoyed it too she said.

As they laid there, he lightly stroked her with his finger like it was a
feather. From her breast to her thighs, up and down lightly. Every few stroke
he would pause at her opening and stick his finger in and move it around. After
a few minutes, he pulled her into him and started to massage her back with his
hands as he held her.
Lightly blowing in her ear and kissing her ear and neck. He continued to hold
her and massage her back for the next 20 minutes or so, until he felt that she
had regained her composure and was back to normal.

They kissed a very passionate kiss again, and as they stopped, she said, This is
strictly between you and me, no one is to know about this. I agree he said, they
wouldn’t understand. Then they leaned back, poured another glass of wine, and
listened to the waves breaking in front of them.

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