Submarine Race

Author: Cecilia

Karen lay back on the beach letting the summer heat darken her body. The beach was nice and secluded so her top was off and breasts bare and open to accept the suns rays. She was about ready to fall asleep the comfort of the day taking her and soothing her into a lull of relaxation.

She snapped back to attention when a shadow invaded her sun and loomed over her. She pulled her sunglasses down with a coy grin staring up into the eyes of her bronzed god of a husband. She invited him down onto the blanket she rested on and laid her head back down to the sand.

The feeling of warm liquid rolled over her body and her eyes slit open once again to see her handsome husband pouring the sun baked oil over her. She sighed in content feeling those strong arms massage the warm oils into her flesh and caress every inch of her body. She felt those fingers glide over her and squeeze gently at her warm pointed nipples.

Her heart raced, feeling his muscular body lay beside her. She reached over and teased a finger over the bulge in his shorts, feeling the hidden package within twitch in excitement. She eased her fingers down his shorts and slowly slid them from her man, revealing that long thick shaft she had grown to love.

She wrapped her fingers around him, whispering for him to take her right then and there. She lay black on the blanket and helped him atop her. Her body heating up in the need for passion. Her blonde sun-bleached hair splayed out over the sands with her eyes staring up to him through the dark sunglasses.

Her body lit up when she felt his lips press to her cheek, easing back over to her ear and tracing the curves slowly down her neck. Her back arched, feeling him sit up and run his fingers over the slick oils over her body and ease down her seductive form.

And when she felt that tongue touch along her delicate labia lips like a soft feather plume, she let out a long and slow sigh that slipped into the wind and became lost in the background of crashing waves and crying gulls. The scent of her lust mixed in the warm scents of the salt sea air that only heightened her deep arousal just that much more.

She felt her husband’s tongue roll over her clit like the waters of that ocean behind them. Her body drenching in the sheer lust with the sensations flowing around and through her.

All at once, she felt his tongue leave her body and that thick cock imbed itself deeply within her sweet canal. She felt herself spread widely with her sex pulsing around that beautiful length. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as she gripped to the blanket to hold onto anything she could.

Her body rippled like waved over a glass lake with the rocking thrusts pulsating deeply within her body. She buckled under the rippling muscles of her husband’s sheer force impaling within. The force of need rising within her and cascading down over her body with the onrush of the first orgasmic waves that took her fragile form with the force of a tsunami.

Her head cocked to the side and gasping for breath, she felt her body lifted from the blanket and held high with that hot length still impaled within. She held onto her loving man, pressed tightly against her chest as they waded into the crashing waves of water.

He sat back in the soft sands, letting her rest atop him and holding her close. The waves were high and as the first one crashed over her back, sending salt and cool water over her otherwise oiled body, she felt another burst of pleasure shatter the feelings in her body down the road to oblivion.

For a few moments she rested in the divine warmth of her husband’s embrace. She leaned down, kissing his lips in deep passion and love while her fingers traces along the chiseled muscles of his handsome form. A deep shudder ran through her spine and she slowly rocked herself onto his throbbing cock with the intense rush of water and pleasure giving her body a feeling of fullness and intensity that only her beloved could give her.

Completely filed with romantic lust, she thrust herself down over her man’s cock as the waves crashed over their bodies to cool the otherwise unbearable heat of the sun mixed with the inferno of their passion.

Their bodies were drenched as she leaned forward and held her husband’s shoulders down to the sand so she could have a little more support. The salty water taste invaded their kiss as they pressed their lips to one another’s, desperate for a more sensual feeling to fill them.

All at once, Karen felt her husband’s grip tighten around her. She knew it would not be long and just as another wave of salt water crashed into the two, she felt his cock empty deep inside her womb. The feeling of that hot thick juice coating her depths sent her over the edge as well in the maddening pleasures of an orgasmic high.

The heated feelings that rushed through her body coupled with the cool waters that coated her oiled skin, leaving her with a feeling of bliss as she lay against her sweet husband’s chest. She placed a kiss to his lips with her spent body just hanging limp from his lap and chest.

The two held close for a time until they were ready to go. They gathered their blanket up and headed back up to the house just up on the top of the hill. The entire way up, holding one another’s hands.

She stared up into her loves eyes as he held the door open for her into the air-conditioned room. And as she headed over to the stairs to shower and wash the mix of oil, salt and sand from her skin, she motioned with a sly seductive grin for him to join her for what would be round two.

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