Winter’s Lust

Author: Dan

The gales of winter whipped about their lake front cabin with eerie, haunting howls as crystallized lake effect snows pelted against steamed window panes, drifting in ghostly sheets, bringing visibility to zero. The rages of a winter storm showed no mercy as it clenched them tightly in it’s frosted fist, no way in, no way out, and the weather report forecasted estimated snowfall accumulations to be between three to four feet.

Inside, the air was warm, comforting, a sharp contrast to the wintry rages that spun about the soft purple blanket of night outside their one room cabin. The fires danced in the hearth as Stephan tossed in a few more logs, illuminating the cabin with a soft yellow glow, an invitation to romance. Alicia, humming in the kitchen, poured each a glass of chilled French Merlot and taking up the tray of cheese and water crackers, made her way back to where Stephan was now seated.

Hips swaying, a sexy smile adorning her lips, Stephan inhaled her beauty as she lowered herself onto the faux fur rug before him. He sat in awe, taking in her perfume, eyes following every curve of her luscious body, caressed by a black lace teddy, hair upswept, a delicate curl wisping softly across her left cheek.

Leaning, he lifted the curl from her porcelain-like skin, kissing it and brushing it gently into place. Lifting his glass of Merlot, he raised it to her lips, offering a sip and felt himself inhale deeply as the droplets of wine seductively glistened upon her lips, his own lips drawn to kiss her, to taste that sweet seduction.

“You are too beautiful to be true sweetheart”, Stephan whispered softly, his fingers tracing tender caresses across her satiny smooth shoulders.

She uttered no sound, her cheeks pinkened by a flattered blush, and she bit her lower lip and smiled. The flames in the hearth danced their mirrored splendour in her deep brown eyes and he kissed her again, “and, flattery makes you even more beautiful.”

Stephan and Alicia shared wine and fed each other crackers laden with sharp cheeses, exchanging kisses, caresses, all a prelude to the celebration of their seclusion… as the vengeance of winter raged on.

A single flick of the remote and the cabin interior flooded with the haunting tune of Moonlight Sonata. Stephan pulled Alicia close, lifting her smooth bare legs until they draped across his thighs and wrapped completely about him. Face to face, they stared into each other’s eyes, lips pressed, they kiss deeply, tongues twirling, hands exploring, and the dance of two lovers begun.

Stephan eased the thin straps of Alicia’s lace teddy from her shoulders, releasing her warm breasts until they fell softly into his hands, and he cupped them, teasing her hardening nipples with the flat of his thumbs, his tongue still dancing with hers, their sex close enough to touch, but not touching.

Alicia’s head fell back as he brought his hand down to explore her warm lace covered sex, cupping it, palming it, easing the thin material to the side so that he could explore her completely, his cock rising within the confines of his black silk boxers.

Her sex was so warm and inviting, as he continued to finger it fully, twisting her tender clit between index finger and thumb, revelling in the sounds of her soft moans as they mingled with the timeless masterpiece playing upon their stereo, and he probed her deeply, a hunger growing on his lips to taste her sweet juices. He eased her backward, until she was laying beneath him and he moved lower, his tongue swirling across the sexy lace until he came to rest between her thighs and his face was buried between the succulent lips of her shaven pussy.

Taking her delicate hands, he held onto them as he sucked the juices from her sweet hole, his tongue, as a miniature penis, penetrated deeply and he drank of her fully, until she raised her hips upward, a silent pleading for him to concentrate on the her swollen clit. Him doing so, Alicia throated pleasurable moans that made his cock grow harder and he ached to bury himself deep into the hot wet caverns of her delectable pussy.

In the warmth of the angel stone hearth, he tongued her clit, twisting firm circles into it’s deep throbbing folds, and she reacting to his mouth play, thrust her hips upward in sleek serpentine movements, an orgasm building deep within her aching sex. As the flames licked seductively at the logs at their mercy, he too licked at her cunt with the same fiery passion, leaving not one place untouched by his loving tongue.

She clenched his hands firmly, her orgasm was near and he let her fly over the edge, thrusting her hips upward to press hard against the tongue that was giving her such pleasures… she moaned loudly, hissing through gloss painted lips, trembling thighs locking him into place and she came hard, bucking frantically against him, his tongue darting in and out of her pulsing gash to drink every drop of her sex.

With coos of ecstasy, she fell softly to the faux fur beneath her, eyes locked to his, she spread her legs wide, offering her contracting sex for his own pleasure and he savoured this beautiful sight, releasing his throbbing cock from it’s restraints of black silk. Bringing her legs about him again, he sat her up, and then rose to his knees, the head of his cock resting just inside of her slick sex.

As he kissed her deeply, he thrust his aching member deep into her slick flesh and slowly began to ease her warm cunt up and down his throbbing shaft. Grasping onto her ass, he bounced her slowly, letting them both feel the intense pleasures and she held on tightly, her arms wrapped around his neck, her head thrown back as she gasped again as her sensitive sex was penetrated fully.

Stephan thrust his hips harder, driving his aching cock deeper and deeper into Alicia’s steaming cunt, lifting her up and letting her fall to meet his slamming thrusts. His lust took over and he fucked her harder, faster, face contorted grunts as his own fires burned and the need to cum weighed heavily in his balls. Alicia’s own flames of passion were burning again, Stephan was going to make her cum, and she just held on, moaning loudly as his full girth slammed in and out of her aching cunt.

Alicia holding on, Stephan rose to his feet, thrusting harder and harder, his cock pounding her deeper than he had ever been before. He lifted her higher and let her fall, slamming her down onto his throbbing cock and she screeched out, nails leaving faint red marks across his bare back and she exploded again, grinding her cunt against him as he slammed her up and down his cock.

She contracted hard against him, squeezing his shaft tightly within the deep muscular flesh of her spent cunt and he too exploded, pulling her close to him and he ground his cock deeper and deeper, his cum blast sending wild uncontrollable shudders throughout her entire body. Breathless, he held her tightly, letting himself grow soft, still buried in her drenched cunt.

Kissing her deeply, he lowered her to the faux fur rug again and lay beside her, cradling her safely in the small of his muscular arms. Looking deeply into her beautiful eyes, his fingers traced soft caresses across her reddened cheeks.

In the glow of crimson embers, to the soft flow of classical overtures, Stephan watched as Alicia slept… and the gales of winter raged on.

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