Secretary’s job : Part 1

Author: LOVELY

I am 26 years old and working in a large company. My boss is a grey headed man of 59. He is so sober and good looking. I was personal secretary of this old man of my grand father’s age. His wife is younger from him. As she is his second one after the death of the first. She is about 38 years old with a beautiful body and well shaped breasts.

Once we had to go to the other state for some business tour. I had to company my boss. I came to know that his wife was also going along with us. That seemed to be good for me and I was feeling more comfortable with her. Though my boss had never attempted on me but I did not want to be alone with him.

Boss had got a large cabin for the week on the lake about 25 mins away from the convention, he invited me to stay the week with them and I agreed. Boss told me that I would get a room in the city if I did not feel like staying there with him and his wife. The cabin was so large we would not be in the way of each other and I told them I was fine with them. This was a great place. I had the loft with a huge room; they had a hot tub on the deck and one down on the lake. It was great.

Well we got up the next morning and left the cabin at 630 and worked till 730pm. A long day. I picked up something to eat and headed to the cabin. I was the only one there so I figured I would take a hot bath in the hot tub.

I was soaking so good I did not even hear my boss and his wife pull up (Mr. A is the boss)

Well I saw her coming out to the hot tub. She had a robe on, and she approached me. She asked if I minded her coming into the tub nude, if so she would go down to the lake, She said she likes to be nude in nature and enjoys it in the tub. I was a little unsure but said it was ok.

She pulled that robe off and she had a hard boobies. I wish I will look that way when I am her age. She was fit. We sat and talked, the water was not real hot so we could stay in as long as we wanted. We talked about girl things, shopping cooking etc… She told me that they have habit of staying nude at home and they always go in the tub naked.
Well about an hour later boss Mr. A came out and he was in a robe. As he approached the Hot Tub I excused myself before I saw him in the buff. I did not want to see him naked in front of me.

Well the next morning I had the first shift so I was up and gone before I could see them that morning. Later at the convention they showed up and asked why I left so early I told them I wanted to have breakfast at the pancake house and just enjoy a early morning drive.

At two I headed back to the cabin as they arrived a few moments later. I knew this would be when the subject came open. I still did not know what to say, I did not want to offend them, and of course I am sure they would respect my decision.

Well that evening he cooked out for us, we had a few other over for dinner. After dinner and everyone left I went out to the hot tub again and this time I went to the one on the boat deck.

Later Mrs A came down fully dress and asked me if I was ok with their nudity last night. I told them it was their cabin they can do want they want she said no it’s our cabin and we will respect your wishes. I told her I was fine and that I would give them their time and stay out of the way and she said no, please join us when you want we enjoy your company.

she left and a few minutes later she returned in the robe and I was thinking , why this tub….lol

when she got in Naked again, she told me the Boss was in the other hot tub so we can have our ladies tub, I thought that was cool.

I am 26 years old hot young chick and was having a few boy friends with whom I had sex but all of them were of my age or a couple of years older to me but not so old to be my grand father like my boss. This was the cause that I was avoiding to see my boss in naked condition.

Seeing this woman naked gave me some feelings about wanting a lady. We had talked about it before but never really went through it. Well we got out of the tub and started drying off and she told me if I felt like it I could go nude also what ever makes me feel at home. I was thinking, is this an invite?

But we went to the cabin I went to the loft for my bed.

Well the next day I got up and went running as I did not have to work the convention until later that after noon. I went to the hot tub to see Mrs A was already in it. I had a t-shirt on and the bottoms of my suite on. I was thinking, hmmm maybe I will get nude for her. When I came up to the hot tub, she sat up on the edge and offered me a beverage and I accepted.

She looked great. I saw her pussy and it was great to look at. Without thinking I pulled my shirt off and suite off and got in, when I sat down I turned around and I saw her looking at me. Then she told me that I had a great looking body. I told her I felt she was great looking also, looking younger then me. She told me the secret was lots of sex. And I about spit my drink on her when she said this.

Well we sat there for about 30 min and here come Mr A. And he had his Rode on. I was thinking, I did not want to see him nor him see me naked but here I was. It was too late to get out of the tub and go for my clothes because he has already reached the tub and was looking at my naked tits.

He turned around and dropped the robe and got in with his butt facing me. When he got into the water I had a glimpse of his tool and what I saw seemed to be pretty big. he saw in the water and his wife moved over a little closer to me to get a better adjustment on the jets, and I think that made him hard as I could see him coming top level in the water.

Mrs A asked him to reach and get a drink for her, I think she did it so I could see his cock, and he did and I saw, and boy was this old man hung. He was huge it looked so pretty. I had never seen a cock more larger than him though I had many young guys in my pussy but this old man was looking to be special.

we talked or they did because I was a little uneasy. We talked about the world, business etc.

Mr A came over and started rubbing her shoulders, I needed to go to the restroom so I excused myself. I got up knowing he was seeing my body, which I know that made him hard and it was a turn on that I could do that to a old man.
As I was in the bathroom deciding to go back or not I looked out and she was sucking him. I was thinking this would not be the time to return.

I went down stairs to get a drink took a peak and saw they were gone so I went back out. As soon as I sat down here they come naked as a jaybird getting in the tub.

Seeing her again gave me that hot feeling, how would it feel to be with her. Well we started talking again, and talked for a while, sitting up naked in front of them to cool off then getting back in the water. I realized it was time for me to get ready. I told them I need to get ready and they said take the day off and enjoy. So I did.

She told me I looked tense. So she came over and started rubbing my shoulders. Then she told if she is out of bounds just to let her know, I said she was fine, she said if we do anything I did not want them to just say stop and they will.

I was thinking, here we go they are going to make a move on me.

With her rubbing my shoulders It was feeling so good. Mr A had a hard on and his dick was popping out of the water. I was unable to prevent my eyes form staring at his hard cock. She was just making everything feel so good, I was just in heaven thinking whatever happens will happen.

Well a few minutes later his cell phone rings, he stands up with this hard on to get the phone and walks away. I was thinking, wow he could be fun.

Well he just left the two of us together. She continued to rub my shoulders then moved to me arms. She told me she use to do this for a living, moved me around and started on my feet. If felt so good and at this position her tits were in great view and looking like they wanted to be sucked as her nipples were so soft.

She told me to stop her when I needed to as she worked her way up my leg, and she had the touch. I laid back and just gave myself to her.

A few moments later Mr A came back and said he need to run be back in a hour or two Mrs A got out to say good bye to him. well she returned and she started back where she left off, this time starting and moving faster up my leg. She started touching my clit, and it felt so good, I closed my eyes did not say a word, soft moan and enjoyed. Next thing I knew I was cumming, she had me so hot. I opened my eyes and she leaned over and kissed me, then I leaned to her wanting another this time we both used tongue and it last a while. She continued to work my pussy hitting the best spots, then I leaned back and she started sucking my tits and I started cuming again. Again we kissed.
She told me lets go inside. I said ok.

We went to her room, both still naked I sat on the bed and she began to give me the next hour of the best pleasure I have had in a long time. My first with a woman and it was great. It will not be my last.

She never asked me to do her, she just pleased me.

We both went back to the Hot tub. As we were walking to the tub MrA pulled up, in a few moments he was walking towards the tub naked no robe.

He got in and was telling us how the convention was going. Then he asked what we were doing walking from the house naked, what did we do in the house, Mrs. a said just took a break from the water. He said I bet, she looked at me then him and asked do you want to see what we did? He said sure, then she asked me if it was ok, and I said sure and then we locked up kissing for a while then she started finger fucking me as she was sucking my tits. I laid back close my eyes and enjoyed. A few moments later she said softly, remember you can say no, I said ok, and went back to enjoy. She had me cuming again and after I stopped cumming I could feel another set of lips and another hand on me, I just laid there moaning and enjoying. I cummed several times, I heard Mr A sit up on the side of the tub, Mrs A as fingering me and jacking him. I opened my eyes and watched and thought this was so hot.

Mrs A then took a break from me and started sucking him. She was working him hard; I sat up out of the water to take a break but had to watch. He just looked me in my eyes as she was going to town. I got back in the water and started fingering her. She had an easy spot as within minutes I got he to cum and I continued. She was really sucking him as he held her head and made her take it all, He cummed for a short period then she leaned back to show me his cum spurting out in loads. She had a mouth full of cum and then leaned over and started kissing me and I could taste his cum. I never really taste that much cum as I always pulled away when they started. His was warm and it had a good taste. She sat up on the side of the tub, and told me I sucked him off for you, and I thought cool, and I started licking her pussy. I did not know what to do so I did what I like and she started cum and she cummed several times.

She told me she needed a break from the water so we when back inside. We went to their room and it was just me and her, I really did not know where he went, she went down on me again until I cummed several times. I have never cummed this many times before in one day.

Well we moved on the bed and we got into the 69 position, there I saw MRA watching. as we started licking each other he came up to her pussy as I was licking it and slide his huge dick in, At first I stopped and just watched him fuck her, then I started licking her clit and also was licking his dick as he was fucking her. This was so hot.

Then he pulled his dick out put it on my lips, I took it in my mouth and he held my head and started fucking me in my mouth. I could barely get it in he was so large. Then he held me a little tighter as he was about to cu, and she has me going and I was about to cum. He shot is load in my moth as I about chocked on the load and cummed with her eating me.

Then I went back to eating her she rolled me over on my back and was really fucking me with her tongue. I was so tired but I could not stop.

She had me about to cum again then I felt his dick near my pussy. I was thinking I should not do this but he was so large and I bet he would be so good. I did not stopped him, Mrs A helped to work it in as he started putting his dick in.
I cummed as soon as a small part entered me because she had me so close.

I was so tired I could not do anything. He continued to work it in slowly. It felt so large, like it was ripping me, but felt so good. She was licking me also to help get it in.

I am 5’4 115. I have large boobs for my size, I am 36c. Very small ass and pussy and here I am taking a 11 inch thick huge dick.

Mrs A rolled off of me, he was standing on the floor at the edge of the bed with my legs up and he had put all that I can take in me. He told me he would work it slow, but when I was ready to fuck just let him know. He was so huge any moment was hitting my spot as I was going to cum again. He leaned over and started sucking my tits, sucking them hard, Told me he wanted to fuck me hard, then he kissed me as we both were using tongues.

I told him fuck me and fuck me hard; He pushed up and started slowly getting harder. The harder and faster he got The more I was being driven.

Then he just unleashed and started fucking me as hard as he could. He kept going as I would cum he would not slow down and that was driving me crazy. He would not stop and he had not cummed yet. He continue to stand there fucking hard and driving it in me, then he slowed down, said he wanted me doggies style took my leg and turn me over. ( a First for me) and started fucking me doggie style, again I cummed and he kept going. I was getting so tired I was becoming a rag doll. Then he started to cum, asked me where to cum, I wanted it inside me, and that was the best part feel him shoot is load in me and then he pulled out and shot some on my back. I just fell and drop as I could not move. That was some of the best sex I had.

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