The Pervert Of Tombstone

Author: Western

“He’s asleep,” Brian said as he tiptoed away from the office door. The door had a frosted glass window proudly proclaiming, “President” in large, red letters.

“I don’t care, it’s dangerous,” a slender girl with black hair and a lean white face proclaimed. She was dressed in the latest fashion, with a bustle and a metal frame called a birdcage beneath her skirt. Brian had been obsessed with her since he started working in the bank 18 months before. He knew that Tammy and Mr. Swanson, the bank president, had a secret affair, despite the fact that Mr. Swanson was married. He threatened to tell Mrs. Swanson about the affair, if Tammy didn’t relent to his demands. Tammy was cute, but not especially smart. If she had been she would have realized that Brian’s threats were futile. In the first place, Mr. and Mrs. Swanson had not been intimate for several years, and most likely never would be. In the second place, Brian would be fired, and probably shot for telling.

But in her typical self-less fashion, she decided to allow him to indulge in his perversion, if only to keep the affair quite.

The sun baked on the yellow sand of the street in front of the bank. Horses wandered by lazily. The ping of the blacksmith’s hammer played it’s melody to the sleepy town. As was the custom over the border, most of the Arizona town was taking a siesta about now. Of course the bank had to stay open. As Mr. Swanson was fond of saying, “a closed bank does no business.”

“Oh very well,” Tammy said in a huff. “But I will be watching the clock, and if you take one second over the five minutes, I will beat you,” she said taking up her wooded placard from the counter.
“Five minutes,” Brian promised with his hands raised.

“Then do it,” she swished her skirts before lifting the edge, revealing the metal frame beneath it. Brian quickly put the “closed” sign in his window and dropped to his knees. He knelt and lifted the metal frame of her skirt. He slid beneath it and she dropped her dress around him. He grabbed her white pantaloons and pulled them down to her ankles. She quickly stepped out of them and spread her legs. Brian inched forward, sitting between her legs and looking up at the slender thighs, narrow hips, and tight little ass. She was built like a little girl, and this thrilled him even more.

In the dim light beneath her skirts, Brian raised his mouth to her delicate pussy and licked it. He saw her stiffen and heard her gasp of surprise. He smiled briefly, then pressed his mouth firmly against her pussy and sucked diligently, while working his tongue up and down inside the nethery folds of sweet flesh. Tammy was delicious, as Brian had been sure she would be. Her small delicate pussy tasted warm and delicious in her busy mouth. He drank down her juices and sucked greedily. He saw her legs shudder and her knees buckle for a moment. Her moans were coming louder and louder. He was sure that he was far past his 5 minutes, as he knew he would be, but he also knew there was no way she would stop him until she’d had her orgasm.

“Oh yes,” he heard her gasp overhead. Then he heard the unmistakable sound of the bell on the front door. It tinkled and the door was closed with a firm hand.

“I want to deposit this money,” came the sound of Gorgene Fine, a skinny old widow and a prude. She had never liked him and he felt the same about her. If only she could know what was happening between Tammy’s legs, while Tammy tried to show some semblance of normalcy. Tammy quickly counted out the money and passed the receipt across the counter.

“What’s the matter with you?” Gorgene demanded.
“A touch of illness,” Tammy gasped. Her knees were still trying to buckle on her, and Brian calmly lapped at her silken flesh and drank her juices. He puckered his lips and sucked the juices from her pussy, savoring the delicious flavor before swallowing.

“Oh,” Tammy moaned.
“You don’t look well at that,” the old woman said. “Where’s that lazy little asshole that works with you?” she demanded.
“He’s… he’s eating,” Tammy gasped. Brian stifled a giggle. He fluttered the tip of his tongue against her clit to make things even harder for her.

“I’ll go over to the Cafe and send him back. You look real bad,” the woman said. The tinkle of the bell signaled her departure from the bank.

Brian stared around at the gentle light in his hidded world beneath her skirts. Her legs and stomach were lilly white and flawless. He massaged her hips in his hands. They were so soft, and warm, just like her childlike pussy.

Tammy started to moan in earnest now, sinking slightly on weak legs and holding his head through the material of her skirt. Suddenly she let out a series of restrained moans and shuddered against his mouth. He realized, in disappointment, that she was having her orgasm. He continued to lick and sup until she gasped and stepped away. He slid out from beneath her dress and it’s birdcage. He blinked in the bright light as he looked around to make sure he was unobserved.

“That… that was incredible,” Tammy admitted, holding on to the counter to steady herself.
“I need to clean up. I will be over in my hotel room for a while,” he said, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. He gave her a twisted smile and ducked under the flap on the counter. He was out the door before she could say a word.

Brian made a beeline to the public toilets behind the hotel. He stepped into the favorite stall and locked the door. This was his favorite because with a little judicious carving with his knife, he had widened the holes of many of the boards around him. He could see into the stalls on either side of him and behind him, without fearing discovery. He had spent much time in this stall masturbating while he watched women remove their clumsy dresses to eliminate in the toilets. It was the only public outhouse in town.

Brian dropped his pants and sat on the toilet. The flies didn’t bother him, in fact they felt good crawling across his ass and tickling it. They invariably sought out his ass hole. It was their nature.

Brian began stroking his penis with long, thoughtful strokes. The memory of Tammy’s sweet pussy was fresh in his mind. He would of course do it again. He could use the same threat indefinitely. Maybe he could fuck her next time, although not in the bank. That had been the exciting part, he thought while he stroked his six inch long cock. The fear of discovery, either by Swanson or a customer. That had made the whole thing more exciting. Precum welled up on the end of his cock. He touched his finger to it and tasted it. As usual it was salty, tasting slightly of tobacco.

Brian was startled by the sound of a spring screeching, and the slap of a door. He knew it was the stall on his right. He leaned to the right and put his eye to the hole. The hole was larger on his side, to give him a good view without the hole being noticeable. The customer was a man, a cowboy in from the range, by the look of him. The young man stood and pissed into the toilet. Brian noticed with envy, that even while it was deflated, it was bigger than his. It was all of 7 inches long and as big around as a snake.

Brian pounded his cock harder. This was the first time he had ever been excited by watching a man piss. Probably because of the size of his cock, Brian decided. Once again he filled his head with the look, sounds, and smells of Tammy. That had been the most exciting thing he’d ever done. And the appearance of Mrs. Fine made it even more exciting. How had Tammy felt about it. She obviously enjoyed him eating her pussy spuriously as he had.

He whimpered as the passion began rising in his loins. He enjoyed the familiar feeling of a liquid fire building inside him. If only a woman would show up before he came. That would top off the entire day.
“Brian Sanderlin, are you in there!” a sharp female voice demanded, accompanied by a pounding on the door.
“What? What the hell do you want, Mrs. Fine?”
“What are you doing in there?” she demanded.
“Now what in the hell do you think I’m doing?” he asked sarcastically.
“Don’t get fresh with me, boy, open this door at once.”

Brian’s eyes bulged out at her demand. His hand stopped on his cock for a moment, before he leaned forward and unlocked the door with a twisted smile. Gorgene threw the door wide and looked inside. Her eyes widened when she saw Brian sitting with his cock in his hand.
“Oh my,” she said, licking her lips, never taking her eyes off his cock.

“Well are you coming in, or aren’t you?” Brian demanded. To his astonishment she did step inside and close the door behind her. She stood looking down at his naked penis with open hunger in her eyes. Her hand locked the door behind her back. She suddenly made a face at the smell in the toilet, turned and sat her parasol in the corner, then hiked up her dress. She pushed down her pantaloons and turned to sit in his lap. He watched unbelievingly, then quickly helped her hold the dress out of the way. She must be all of 60 years old, he thought as the exquisite warmth of her pussy engulfed is penis. His attempt at masturbation and coated it was a good supply of lubricant. He slid up inside her with no problem at all. For a moment she sat that way, with her hot pussy surrounding his cock, blissfully enjoying the feel of a hot cock in her pussy for the first time in 11 years.

Brian sat helpless, wondering what to do next. He had an old woman and a mountain of cloth on his lap, and he didn’t know exactly what to do with her. Tentatively, he reached around her body and filled his hands with her small breasts through the material of her blue and white striped dress. The starched white collar scratched at his face, but he didn’t care. Gently she began riding up and down on his cock. He gave a shuddering moan and clamped down on her breasts. She cried out and slapped his hands away. Before he knew what she was doing, she had her dress unbuttoned and her breasts were bare. She grabbed his hands and replaced them on her breasts. He moaned in joy. Her breasts certainly didn’t feel old. He found the nipples with his index fingers and worried them around in circles. This must have been the right thing to do, because she cried out gently and leaned back against him.

Her pussy was so hot and tight around Brian’s throbbing cock. It felt wonderful, as wonderful as he was sure Tammy’s would feel. Gorgene’s own juices were added to his now, and her pussy felt even better sliding up and down the length of his manhood. He smelled the aroma of her hair, and he sat with his eyes closed and held her breasts in his hands. The feel of her firm little thighs on his own was erotic. What one missed the most, when one was alone most of the time, was the feeling of warm, human flesh. They had both felt this loss, and both craved more, but there was little you could do in a smelly wooden outhouse.

Brian felt a fly crawl over his asshole and shivered exquisitely. This was all the stimulus he needed to bring on his orgasm. He held her in a death grip and plunged his cock up inside her until his orgasm struck. He held her firmly trapped on his spasming cock, while it shot thick, hot cum up into her neglected pussy. Too late he felt himself deflating, even though she had not had an orgasm. Brian didn’t understand this. He thought that a man and woman automatically orgasmed together.

“Oh… oh my,” Gorgene said in disappointment. Now that the passion was gone, Brian could do little more for her without a feeling of revulsion.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. The door next door slammed. He automatically placed his eye to the hole. It was another cowboy. That was the problem with a western town, for every woman there were ten men. Suddenly Brian had an idea. As Gorgene started to get up he grabbed her and held her in place.

“Look,” he said, pointing at the hole in the side of the stall. Gorgene reluctantly put her eye to the hole. It widened in surprise when she saw the man inside. With a breast in his left hand, Brian snaked his right hand between Gorgene’s legs. It was a little icky, with the stickiness of their lubricant, and his own cum, but he found the little button in the center of her pussy and began to worry it with his finger. Gorgene gasped and held the hand that cupped her breast. She rocked gently on his lap, moving in time with his circling finger.

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