wife enjoys sex trek

Author: michael

My lovely wife Payal wanted to go on a trakking trip with some of her colleagues. Though she is touching 40 she still has a great body and figure. She has a sexy eyes and voluptuous face with pouting lips. Her round breasts are 34DD and are still tight. With waist of 28 and hips of 34 I always tell her that she should be a nude model and should appear naked in men’s magazine showing her boobs and cunt to everybody.
On her trekking trip she was behaving in most sluttish way. She would wear daring clothes.Some of her tops had low neck which would expose her large cleavage. At bathing holes she would immediately strip down to her string bikini which would reveal her body to all and sending the men( porters and guides as the group was female only) This made her female colleagues jealous but all the porters and guides were very much excited and would be discussing her body during their evening gossips and fantasizing her exposed breasts and naked body. In fact most of them were furiously masturbating at nights dreaming g about making love to her or raping her and coming inside her cunt or mouth . One day one of the porters got opportunity to actually fuck her.
She had suffered some cramps in her legs and thighs due to long walks with backpacks. She thought that the pain would go away after passage of sometime but the pain did not go and it was making it more difficult for her to even walk. She enquired about anybody who could massage the muscles to relieve her of her pain. After some time a black muscular tribal knocked at her door. He told her that he was a village masseur and was good at setting the pulled muscles right. Payal checked him. The person was tall muscular and dark. She told him to come after five minutes so that she changes into something comfortable for getting a massage. Payal then removed her tops and skirt and wrapped herself in a thin towel with only her panties inside. She got a bottle of massage oil and a carpet to lie upon.
After about five minutes there was a knock at her tents door and the tribal was there. He was wearing only a tight loincloth. The loincloth barely covered her balls and could hardly contain his large cock. When he turned Payal could see that he was completely naked from behind as the loincloth strings did not cover anything .Payal had her vaginal juices flowing and was quite excited and feeling horny seeing an almost naked muscular man who would be touching and rubbing her body . She then pulled the towel up her thighs and showed the areas where her muscles were pulled. The tribal immediately grabbed the opportunity to touch Payal’s thighs and put her palms on her thighs asking her about the exact location of the pulled muscles. In fact he rubbed her thighs in such a way that the towel was pulled so far back that it exposed her panties. Payal then realized that in her hurry she had forgotten to change her panties for the massage. She was still wearing a transparent panty which exposed her shaven pussy to the tribal. The person had a hard look at her pussy and then told Payal to lie down so that he starts the massage. Payal could easily see his growing crotch through the loincloth.
Payal laid herself on the carpet with her naked back exposed. The tribal was very excited to see an almost naked woman exposing herself to him. The tribal started applying oil on her legs. He first applied a generous quantity on her calf muscles and at the back of her knees and then started rubbing her thighs. In the process he pulled the towel to her waist so that Payal’s round and perfectly shaped buttocks was totally exposed. She was wearing a string panty which hardly has anything at the back as strings simply went totally inside and her buttocks were now totally exposed. The tribal applied oil on her thighs as well as on her bottoms . Instead of stopping at that he pulled apart Payal’s legs and kept putting her hands as far as her anus and the lower portion of her pussy. Payal just sighed and let him do his job. Aftert that the tribal started vigorously rubbing her thigh muscles so that Payal felt the pain going away. He then pulled some muscles which relieved Payal of her pain due to muscle pull. The tribal asked her whether she wanted her full body to be massaged or was happy with her muscle pain going away.
Payal was liking the massage and it was also an opportunity for her so live her fantasy of getting whole naked body massaged from a man who would touch all her private parts. She asked him for full massage. The tribal removed the towel from Payal’s body which made her naked from behind as her panty strings could hardly cover her. The person generously rubbed oil on her back and thighs and rubbed each and every portion of her naked back. Unknowl to Payal he has removed her loincloth and sat astride Payal’s buttocks while rubbing her toned and sexy back. Payal could feel a growing cock at the cheeks of her buttocks . She was slightly excited and her vaginal juices had started flowing which would make her transparent panty totally expose her cunt.
Now the person turned Payal so that her breasts were exposed . Her large breasts had gone tight and her dark brown nipples were now fully erect and her breasts were heaving with excitement. Her pussy was fully exposed as her juices has made the panty material totally transparent. The tribal was extremely excited as this was his first opportunity to fuck a city girl. He pulled Payal’s legs apart and positioned himself between her thighs with her large cock touching her pussy through panty. Payal could see his large swollen cock. She was somewhat taken aback by the size and girth.She had great desire to touch and feel it initially she avoided that. The tribal got on his knees and positioned her big hands on Payal’s chest and started rubbing oil on her large breasts. Now Payal was ecstatic. After vigorously rubbing the breasts the tribal changed his position so that he was almost in 69 position and her large cock was touching Payal’s face and her hands were now rubbing against Payal’s thighs . He then put his finger inside Payals’ panty and started massaging them. Payal was feeling really excited and she unhooked her panty hooks and removed her panty. She was now completely naked with a strange naked tribal person fingering her pussy and touching her face with his large cock. It was difficult for Payal to hold back now. She caught the tribal’s head and pushed his face towards her flowing pussy. The tribal started sucking her wet pussy . Payal was also furiously rubbing her vagina and after some five minutes Payal came with her thighs wrapped around the tribal’s face. With her pent up sex drive satisfied Payal came to her senses and told the tribal to leave but the person was in the heat and badly in need of fucking. He tried to pull apart Payal’s legs so that he could bury his cock inside but Payal was resisting . The tribal then started once againg rubbing Payal’s breasts and fingering her . Though Payal was resisting but it was not possible to stop her fingers going in and out of her wet and excited pussy. Next the tribal started sucking her nipples and with all the fingering and sucking Payal was once again excited . Then the tribal simply took himself off Payal. Now in the excited state Payal grabbed him and wanted hint to finish the job. The tribal wanted to come inside her but Payal was reluctant. SO they reached a compromise that Payal would jerk him off while the tribal would suck her off. The tribal took 69 position and Payal took hold of his giant cock and started rubbing it while getting her pussy eaten. Payal was now enjoying playing with such a huge cock and in her excitement she started licking the tip of the penis.Then she pushed the tribal away and told him to lie down on his back. Payal started sucking the penis vigorously . After some five minutes she changed the position so that her pussy was touching tribal’s face. The tribal immediately cought Payal’s thighs and started eating Payal’s pussy while Payal kept on blowing his large cock. Then continued this way for some ten minutes when the tribal came in Payal’s mouth.His cum shot through on her face and breasts while she came even more intensely than she came the first time. The tribal was happy and licked Payal’s face and breasts where his cum has shot through. Payal extracted a promise that he would come here next day but the tribal was coming only on one condition that she should allow him to fuck her inside her pussy to which Payal readily agreed.
Next day Payal could hardly wait for the tribal to come. She was rubbing her pussy and was only covered wrapped in a thin white cloth with nothing inside. Her juices were already running down her thighs and her tent was smelling of her juices. The tribal came wearing a sarong with stringly loincloth inside.As soon as he came Payal pushed him on the bed and removed his sarong and lowered the loincloth to take his swollen cock in her hands . After rubbing it for some time she took it inside her mouth and started enjoying the taste and smell of her cock. The tribal removed the sheer wrapped aroung Payal and her full naked body was at display. He started playing with Payal’s ample bosom and kept touching her nipples. Then suddenly he lifted Payal and put her on the bed and started eating Payal’s pussy. Payal desperately wanted his cock. She told him to change position so that she can sit astride his cock. The tribal was now lying on his back and the Payal first sucked her cock and then positioned her cunt so that it was touching the tip of his penis. The tribal was really excited and his penis was growing . aThen Payal entered her pussy on his large cock sitting astride him Her large breasts were erect and tribal touched and pressed her nipples with her rough hands. Few moments with such sexy and horny lady were enough for him. He was really excited seeing and enjoying her large breasts and with her tight pussy going up and down his cock. He came and with that Payal also came in an intense orgasm.
Payal’s enjoyment with the tribal continued during her entire trek and both had each other in every conceivable position. In fact some of the nights thay had sex 5-6 times. While he would came inside her pussy , mouth and on her large breasts and in her hands Payal would come inside his mouth while taking his cock in her pussy and also getting finger fucked . Once the tribal got a smooth penis shaped gourd with which Payal would masturbate herself or let the tribal masturbate her while she played and sucked his dick.

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