John has to watch!

Author: jay

Samantha always turned me on with her sandy blond hair and curvy thighs. It amazed me that her husband John couldn’t see the beauty in her green eyes that only enhanced her angelic face. Sure she was short and had a little meat on the bones, but it was just enough to let you know she could handle whatever he could dish out!

I never did know what she liked about me. I wasn’t a hunk, just average. Like every other guy my hair was short brown and my body was toned just enough to see my muscles when I would work out. Of course I did have a butt that every girl wanted to grab though.

That night we were talking about her husband and how he treated her. Samantha always confided in me like a best friend. “He treats me like crap Jay! You know what he told me last night? He said that all he had to do is walk into a strip club and the girls would beg to get him off! I just wish I could show him that I can be desired too!” Samantha had the sweetest voice but when she was angry her eyes would swell with tears.

“Samantha, why don’t you just leave him?” I asked while I brushed my hand against her soft cheek drying her salty tears.

“Jay…” she sobbed quietly as though she was about to ask for something, “would you have me if I left him?”

“Of course! You know I would!” I said looking deep into her watery eyes. Her hand brushed her long hair out of her face as she looked back up to me again. She had something on her mind but seemed reluctant to share it.

“What is it Sammy?” I asked.

“I want to make love to you.” She said while her fingers ran through my hair. “But I want to show John before I leave him that someone wants my body too. would you fuck me in front of him?” I was shocked at what I heard but my meaty cock began to swell at the thought of her tight little pussy. For a moment I pictured my cock penetrating her slippery hole like a well lubed piston.

Samantha rubbed her leg against my cock letting me know she was serious. “I know we have only had cyber sex before…but I want to really fuck you hard!” she said running her wet tongue over her top lip. My thick swollen cock pressed hard against her leg and I rocked back and forth.

“Would you fuck me right in front of him Jay? Maybe tonight?” she asked.
I nodded eagerly and Samantha turned her back to move away from me. Her round fleshy ass jiggled a little as she skipped to the door. “Tonight I am going to make him think I want to have sex with him. I am going to tie him to a chair so he can’t do anything and then I am going to start striping in front of him.” I looked puzzled wondering what she had in mind. She stepped back over to me and slowly slid her hand over my bulge. “I will leave the door unlocked and I want you to come in at 7pm tonight. I will have him tied up by then ok?”

Her hand squeezed gently on my bulge and she continued, “Oh and Jay…” she said while her hot tongue ran across my lips “I want him to think I didn’t plan this. I want to hurt him. So I want you to act like your forcing me to fuck you. Then at the end I’m going to make him wish he treated me better.” Samantha finished whispering her plan in my ears and pulled my cock a little as she turned to get ready for the night.

When 7pm rolled around I could hardly contain myself. Not only was I going to fuck the woman of my dreams but I was going to do it in front of her husband! My 8 inch cock throbbed as I slowly reached for their door. I heard the clicking of the knob as it gave entry to me. Their room was right in front of me with the door shut. I could hear John pleading for her to take off the rest of her lace through the door. Samantha just giggled teasing him with her bare perky breasts.

My dick was so hard it hurt so I unleashed it from the confinement of my pants. Its swollen head begged to be touched and I was going to give it what it desired. I burst through their door to see the sudden look of shock on Johns face! She had him naked and tied to the chair helpless in front of me.

Samantha had her brown nipples erect and exposed for my enjoyment. Her face lit up and her eyes suddenly fixed on my solid cock. Later she told me that she didn’t think it would be that huge in real life! For a moment she forgot the plan but then regained her thoughts about her. Quickly she covered up her excitement and began to act as though this was unexpected. “Oh my god Jay! What are you doing?” she cried out trying to cover her bare tan line skin.

John struggled in his chair unable to move. His dick was still hard but starting to shrink from the shock. Samantha had left the duck tape on their dresser beside him and since I wanted to make this look good I roughly taped Johns mouth shut as he tried to shout at me. Samantha just watched helplessly as I ordered her to the bed in front of John.

“Finish striping slut!” I commanded her as though I were there against her will. “Your husband here deserves to see the rest of the show!”

Samantha looked at John for a moment waiting to see if he would approve. His head shook no while the muffled voice of his protest tried to seep through the tape. “NOW!!!” I yelled causing both of them to jump. My cock tingled as I watched her shyly move her hands away from her exposed tits. The cold air of the room sent them into a hard erection.

Samantha began to sway her body back and forth teasing both of us with her curves. The lace thong she wore showed the hints of her soaked cunt with her drenched pubic hair. John continued to protest but Samantha continued to perform her striptease against his will. Each time Samantha would shake her hips I couldn’t help but grown from the aching of my penis.

She slid her slender fingers down over her nipples and pinched them for a moment as my hands removed the rest of my clothing. She forgot John was even there as I started to slowly caress my long think shaft. Samantha teased me as I masturbated in front of them. My fingers felt the rough texture of my head as she turned and began to remove her thong while bending over in front of us.

Her plump soft butt presented to us like a gift with her wet snatch visible just below. I could smell her moist cunt and it simply made me go mad with desire. John just sat there begging her to stop. Samantha reached her hands behind her and started to spread both of her holes for us as though she was inviting a good hard fucking.

“Come here!” I shouted at her again. My breath moved quickly and my heart pounded from her display. Samantha stood naked in front of me and my hand reached around behind her neck. She felt my force as I pulled her naked body close to mine and her lips against my lips. She felt my hot powerful tongue force its way into her mouth and I tasted the sweet saliva of her tongue. My cock pressed against her warm pelvis and I couldn’t wait to have her.

“You’re going to be a good little slut and suck my cock right in front of him!” I said pushing her to her knees. Samantha was shocked by how forceful I was being but her pussy was on fire and she remembered that she asked for this! She gazed at John for a moment and noticed his cock was sticking strait into the air, but the look on his face was one of total despair! It made her feel even more horny knowing that he was turned on knowing she was going to be violated!

“Please no…” Samantha began to plead without even taking a second to grasp my cock firmly with one hand. Her grip sent chills through my whole body and my shaft simply began to throb. “Don’t make me do it! What if my husband just fucked my ass in front of you?” She pleaded falsely telling me that she didn’t want that with her eyes.

My hand pressed her lips against the tip of my cock until she slowly moved over it. I felt her warm mouth envelop the purple head as though she tasted it like a fine wine. Samantha couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as I gently rocked my cock in and out of her plump lips. Her hot tongue ran circles on the ridge of my cocks head.

“Yeah suck it good baby. He is just going to have to suffer. You’re my slut tonight! Yeah, oh yeah…I like that.” John wanted to shut his eyes and ears but couldn’t look away. He watched his wife in horror as she slowly would stroke the base of my cock while pleasuring me with her amazing mouth. Her tits dangled and her round butt wiggled in the air while she let out little moans teasing both of our cocks.

Her hot and wet little mouth moved like waves along my shaft like a pulsing vibrator. Every now and then she would look John in the eyes as she devoured my member making him feel ashamed that he couldn’t stop this. After a few moments of tender face fucking I grabbed her by the hair and looked her in the face to give her my next order.

“Now sit in his lap!” She looked at me confused for a moment. “Don’t you dare take his cock in that pussy though!” Samantha felt her pussy ache with my dominance. By now she didn’t care whose cock she mounted. If I said it she wanted to do it! Her hand slowly moved away from my balls when she stood up to sit in his lap. He got an eye full of her big ass as she turned her back to him.

Her butt brushed his skin as she lowered herself onto his knees. She felt his cock pressing against the small of her back rubbing her as she spread her legs. Her pussy was so red and swollen. The inner lips were so tender and pronounced that I could see every detail of her hot snatch.

I knelt between her legs and my lips moved against the walls of her cunt slowly. Samantha moaned when she felt the warmth of my breath as my mouth opened on her pussy tingling lips. She felt the gentle tug of my lips as I sucked on her inner lips. My tongue ran itself along the outside of her vagina teasing her with my taste buds. I slowly worked my way up her wet snatch with my tongue until I found her tasty clit.

John watched helplessly as I lapped up the sweet honey from the swollen clit of his wife in his very lap. She moaned loudly and uncontrollably while I sucked on her mound without reservation. John felt her rock back and forth against his cock with each time I would run circles over her swollen button.

I felt her meaty thighs shake as her hand reached down to grab my hair pushing me hard into her hot little clit. John couldn’t do anything but look over her shoulder and past her erect nipples to see her grinding my mouth into her tangy red pussy. I’m sure he must have been wondering what had come over her.

“Oh god yes Jay! You’re going to make me cum!” she breathed while pushing my powerful tongue over her snatch and grinding into my mouth while sitting in her own husbands lap! I began making long strokes over her clit and slowly worked into faster sloppy motions. Finally I sucked her erect clit into my mouth and she came violently as I firmly grinded my tongue into her clit!

“Oh god yes!!!” she shouted shaking from her climax. My hand was gently stroking my hard cock as I licked her slippery pussy making her feel after shocks. I couldn’t take it anymore. My hands grabbed her by the waist and I flung her over on the bed. Her hair flew in her face as she landed on her hands and knees with her butt and dripping thwat showing in front of us.

“Watch this John…” I said groping her tits from behind. “You’re about to see your wife get fucked over really hard!” He tried to scream but all he could do was mumble. Samantha positioned herself like a professional hooker about to take it from behind. John could see her waiting hole touch the tip of my hard rod. “I’m going to make your pussy feel good!”

Samantha breathed more heavily as her body became superheated. My ridged hard penis slid up and down through the delicate folds of her snatch. I could feel her wet juices lubricating the tip of my cock as I teased her nasty folds.

“Oh god please!” she shouted through the deep moans. Her bottom lip felt the bite of her teeth as her vagina opened to the very tip of my cocks head. I could feel her hot inner walls begging for a good fuck! She grasped the white sheets of the bed while John watched my cock slowly slide deep inside of her. First the tip opening her until her pussy snapped down over the ridge.

Every inch of my erect cock soaked in her hot wetness. My swollen head tingled as though it had just been shoved into a realm that knew only sexual ecstasy. Samantha moaned with every thrust and began to gyrate her hips into mine like a horny little rabbit! I felt her pussy vibrating all around my dick with every penetration.

My hands took hold of her waists while my cock continued to violate her tiny hole from behind. Her shouts of pleasure couldn’t be contained any longer and John and I heard her begin to beg like a little slut. “FUCK ME! Oh…Oh…Oh…fuck my little tight pussy! Yes! Oh yesss….don’t stop! Shove that hard cock into me! Faster! Oh yes please fuck me hard!!!”

Samantha had gone over the edge. Her body was overtaken by multiple orgasms that drove her into a sexual frenzy! My cock swelled inside of her and I could feel my cum beginning to build in my shaft.

“I’m going to cum deep in your pussy!” I shouted at her. Suddenly she pulled away from my violent pounding and somehow flung me onto my back. My cock stood strait into the air feeling the sensation of cold air hitting it and the throbbing of my precum glistening in their view. Samantha wasted no time straddling me. Her butt sat on my pelvis as I felt her glide me again into her wet hot snatch with ease.

John looked on as his wife glared at him with an evil smirk. He was being forced to watch her screw another man. I felt her hot hole envelop me over and over again as she vigorously slammed down on my cock. She felt the vibrations overcoming her clit and she came again and again while smirking at poor John.

“I’m going to make him cum harder than I ever made you cum!” She quipped at her humiliated husband. “His cock feels so much better than yours ever did!” Samantha rode me hard and I couldn’t control my moaning. Her pussy contracted on me again sending the cum to the brink of eruption! “Oooohh…I feel it Jay…”she said pleased while teasing her husband “I feel you’re about to cum!” she said once again directing her stare towards John.

Her hips began bouncing up and down on me faster than ever and my cock couldn’t handle any more! My hot cum shot up into her pussy as the waves of our orgasms matched each others! Her lips parted and she shut her eyes while she bend my toes back and slowly used her tight pussy to milk every last drop out of me. I filled her so much that our cum overflowed and soaked our legs down to the bed.

Her thighs glistened and my cock twitched inside of her for another moment and then she leaned back with my cock still inside her. John looked at my hard swollen cock filling her red cunt and our cum dripping down. “That’s right John…Jay just fucked me good and hard. I love how his cum is just overflowing in me! His cock made me cum so hard! You never could satisfy me like this! Now I want him to screw me every night and you’re going to be out of my life!”

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