Slutty Relation

Author: Lovely

My father was now in his early fifty’s, and had remarried to a gorgeous, Southern woman I will call Janice. They had been married for about 9 years. She was 38 when I moved in. My father lived away from other neighbors and I noticed that Janice seemed a little shy. I heard from one of my older sisters that he sometimes hit her. They had been with her for so long that she was like a mother to them, and they resented my father for the way he sometimes treated her.

Joyce was taller than me by about ½ inch, about 5’ 10”. She had shoulder length, curly reddish-blond hair, long legs, a very shapely behind and beautiful, seemingly firm breasts. I remember wondering if she had implants at the time. I had started noticing and wanting her right away, but I was afraid to make a move that could turn disastrous. I would sneak her panties out of the hamper and masturbate over them, finding where her pussy and ass had stained the fabric and tasting it, breathing in her scent. I always tried not to let any of my cum touch her panties, but I was not always successful. I would then place them back in the hamper so she would not get suspicious. She would sometimes use the toilet right outside my bedroom door and leave the door wide open. I had a perfect line of site to it from my bed and I would lie there, peeking at her from under the covers. I was sure she had caught my eye a couple of times, but she never got suggestive or made any moves towards me afterwards. She would even twist out from under my grasp when I’d come up behind her and hug her (feigning good-natured mischievousness, but longing to make “accidental” contact with my hard-on). Other times I would walk into her bedroom to find her in the shower or bath. A couple of time I caught sight of her naked breasts and they were perfect.

On one afternoon, I offered to massage her back, and she said sure. I sat down in a chair in my bedroom, and she sat at my feet. I massaged her shoulders through her shirt and we chatted about my job for a bit. She then asked about any girls I might have been seeing and I told her there were none. I told her I was extremely shy around girls (which I was) and couldn’t really click with any of the girls I had met in the area.

At one point I whispered “we should get this shirt off of you so I can get at your shoulders easier”, or something like that. She didn’t say anything and encouraged, I said “I have been doing something bad lately, but I’m not sure I should tell you, as I think you will be mad at me for it” She replied “you’re not on drugs are you?” I said no. She didn’t reply, and I said it again. What I really wanted to tell her was that I had been masturbating on her panties and wanted to see her reaction. She finally said “Maybe you shouldn’t tell me then.” That made me think, oh god, she knows and she does not want to hear it for real, so I admitted that it was drugs but I wasn’t really on them hardcore. She mumbled something like “Well, you should stay off of them” and silence fell. She soon got up and left, and I was afraid that I may have pissed her off and she would tell my dad, but nothing ever came of it.

About a month later, my dad was gearing up for hunting season and would be traveling a lot. I was working a job where I was out of town until the weekends. It was a Friday night; I had gotten back from the job at about 9 pm. I showered, got into some jeans, and walked into the living room. My father had already left for the weekend, and Janice was sitting on the couch watching TV. She looked up at me and smiled and said, “How was your week?” I replied “Fine.” and sat down next to her. She was wearing blue jeans and a yellow sweatshirt. I don’t really remember exactly what conversations took place after that. The only thing I remember clearly is feeling intense lust for her the whole time. We watched TV for hours, and it was getting late. She shrugged her shoulders and reached up to squeeze her neck, arching her back a little, so I reached over and said “Are you sore?”
She didn’t look at me but said “Yeah” so I said “why don’t you sit at my feet and I’ll give you a massage?” She did and reached out and started squeezing her neck and shoulders. This went on for some time, and I had a raging hard-on the whole time. I was so nervous I could barely breathe, I remember.

I had started on her neck, but now I was moving my hands to her front, kneading the flesh just above her breasts. I think I had convinced myself that this was ok, because sometimes I was sore there! I started getting closer and closer to her breasts, until I was actually moving my hands under and around them. I could feel the swell of each luscious curve under my hands and it was filling me with lust. The next thing I knew, I was sort of cupping and squeezing them, all the while totally convinced I was trying to get at the muscle underneath. She never uttered a word until suddenly she squirmed under my grasp, called me by my name and said “Stop playing with my boobs.” Her tone was sort of reproachful and playful at the same time, so I played it off by chuckling and saying “I know what I’m doing.” and kept on moving my hands around her boobs, back up to her neck and shoulders, and down to her boobs again. She didn’t say anything and just sighed, so encouraged, I concentrated more on making contact with her breasts.

She had started moving her body in response to my manipulations, and I was now brushing my fingertips across her nipples. She gave one long breathy sigh and I leaned down and whispered in her ear “Do you like that?” She didn’t look at me but whispered “Yeah.” I reached down and fully cupped her breasts, bringing my fingers together over her nipples and gently squeezing them. “How does that feel?” I whispered. She replied in a low, husky voice “It feels good.” I was delirious when I choked out a throaty “Yeah” in response. I leaned over towards her and kissed her arched neck, letting my tongue taste her briefly. Her breath started coming in short hitches as I continued to fondle her tits, getting ever rougher. I reached down under her shirt and started feeling her through her bra, my hands eventually reaching for the clasps to undo it. She suddenly shrugged me away and I thought “Oh, No!” She gazed at me, said my name softly and said, “You know I’m your Stepmother.” I looked at her wistfully and replied “Yeah, I know.” Her hands disappeared under her shirt and the next thing I knew, she had undone her bra and pulled up her shirt just enough for her tits to pop out.

My hands reached for them and it was like touching heaven. They were soft and firm and so hot and I squeezed them together while she looked down and watched. I was so carried away that I reached down to her crotch and started rubbing my fingers over her pussy, trying to will my fingers through her jeans. I looked up at her and said, “Let’s go to my bedroom.” She didn’t reply but we both staggered to our feet and she started walking towards her bedroom, turning and looking at me as she went. I followed her for a few feet then stopped in the hallway. I really was so nervous I didn’t know what to do, follow her, or wait for her in my bedroom? She came out of her bedroom and walked to where I was standing. She had her shirt on, but her jeans were unzipped down to the top of her panties, which I could see were a pale yellow. I reached for that and she reached down and squeezed my cock through my jeans. I literally jerked in response and her hand came up to my face and she said “Are you sure you want to do this?” I said “Yeah” and she ground her pelvis into mine, rubbing up against my erection. I then started guiding her to my bedroom. She pulled away and rushed back into her bedroom and I nervously made my way to mine. I took off my jeans and shirt and waited on the bed in my underwear. Later I would wonder why I didn’t just undress her myself right there in the living room, but I was just too inexperienced and downright scared that she would balk so I just sat there waiting for her.

She walked into my room with a towel wrapped completely around her. I rose from the bed to meet her; my hands went to the towel and it dropped away. She was completely naked and beautiful and I wasted no time, lest she change her mind. My lips went to each breast in turn, lingering over her nipples and then I dropped to my knees until I was level with her crotch. She had a perfect little trimmed bush and I could see her lips were wet. I grabbed her ass and pulled her right onto my lips, letting my tongue run up and down her slit. She moaned and grabbed my hair, pulling me into her. I remember thinking that if it ended right now; at least I got to taste her luscious, sweet-tasting pussy!

I quickly rose and guided her to the bed. She lay back on my pillows and I positioned myself between her legs and proceeded to eat her out like never before for several minutes, thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy, feeling her arch her pelvis. I ran my fingers all over her body, feeling every ounce of her supple flesh. She was so hot. I could see the look of lustful abandon on her face, her tongue moving across her lips and I knew those lips had to be on my cock before the fantasy ended. I rose up, moved over to her side, near her head. “suck this cock, baby.” I said as I pulled my underwear off and positioned my member near her mouth. She reached for my cock and ran her tongue all over the head before sucking it fully into her mouth. My cock is not that big, 6 ¾ inches fully erect, but unfortunately, she had a small mouth and her teeth kept grazing me painfully, she was so into it. I finally pulled back and she came back with me, unwilling to let my cock go. I surrendered but whispered “Easy, baby. Your teeth are hurting me.” She moaned and slowed down, looking me in the eye the whole time. I reached down and ran my finger across her slit. Feeling that juicy, slippery flesh was too much and I pulled back and said, “Come and sit on my face.” That was something new for both of us, I think, because it took a few minutes of positioning to get her in the right place just over my mouth, her legs on either side of my head. I grabbed her ass and ground my mouth into her pussy, licking and sucking like a maniac. I looked up to see her looking down at me with her hands on the headboard, watching and enjoying my ministrations, rocking her hips back and forth.

She giggled and said, “Slow down.” I was almost throwing her off I was going at it so hardcore. I calmed down and slowly flicked my tongue across her clit and she smiled and her head went back, then I flipped her over and said “I want to fuck you so bad, but I don’t have any condoms”, which I didn’t. She lay on the bed and looked at me for a second, then rolled off the bed onto her feet and ran into the bedroom. She came back with a condom in her hand and then it occurred to me that she and my father must have been using them. She could still get pregnant. We sat on the bed together and opened the condom. I was about to put it on when her head dipped down between my legs and her lips engulfed my cock once more, one hand squeezing the base and the other cupping my balls. I almost came right then and there. I pulled her up to me and we kissed deeply, playing with each other’s tongues. My face was shiny with the juices and she rubbed her face all over mine and we kissed again.

She held my cock while I put the condom on, then I pushed her back on the bed and she lifted her legs and spread herself wide. I moved on top of her and slowly eased my cock into her. My god that felt good. We fucked like I never fucked before or since. I had her climb on top of me; I had her on her knees. I moved her onto her back again, and I was starting to fuck her harder when she reached for my hands and place them on her nipples and told me to “Squeeze them hard!” I squeezed them so hard I thought it would hurt her, but she loved it. I could feel her moving faster underneath me and suddenly she started moaning, “Fuck me! Fuck me with that hard dick!” She was getting louder and louder until she was almost shouting “Fuck me, fuck me!” So I fucked her hard and she came hard, her voice quieting down until she merely moaned and writhed under me. I was so close to Cumming but I couldn’t, you know? I was too excited to cum!

She had slowed down to a tremble and I slowed my strokes down to match. She looked up at me with a smile and said, “You didn’t come, did you?” I said no and she said “Roll over.” I complied, my cock pulling out of her with a wet sound, and I rolled over onto my back. She unrolled the condom from my cock with one hand and tossed it on the floor. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and started masturbating it very quickly, leaning over my cock as she did so. She looked at me and asked, “Is this ok?” I stammered a yes and reached down with my hand to join hers. I gripped the base and she lingered around the head and suddenly I was gushing cum everywhere! I think I cried out, even. There was cum all over both our hands; some of it was on her face and neck, which she wiped off with her fingers. I found out later that she had never even tasted cum before, something I would later change!

We both cleaned up and curled up on the couch together, me in my underwear and she in a robe, naked underneath. We lay there smiling at each other and slowly got ourselves excited again, never uttering a word. We lay there facing each other and my cock started to get hard again. I pulled it out and started stroking it while she looked on with her lips parted. Her robe fell open and I started fondling her breasts. We both reached for my cock and guided it to one of her tits, rubbing the slit across her nipple. Pre-cum was already drooling out and we both smeared it all over her nipple. She tossed her head back and laughed and said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I laughed in return and bent down to take the nipple in my mouth, tasting my own juices and her musky scent. We soon made our way back to my bed and spent the rest of the night slowly making love. At some time in the morning she rose from the bed and went to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. I lay there in my bed, my thoughts a jumble. I still had the panties she had worn that night and they were soaking wet, musky with the smell of her pussy. I lost myself in her scent and masturbated one last time. I fell asleep with her panties wrapped around my cock.

This was only the beginning of our affair, which lasted for six months. We experimented endlessly and before long I was eating her asshole, something new to me then; she was begging me to stick my fingers in her ass while we fucked or while I ate her pussy, and after Cumming all over her tits one time (she still had not tasted cum) she grabbed my still gushing cock and ran her tongue all over the head until cum was all over her lips and she was licking the cum off of my cock. She must have been very turned on for she licked her lips and smiled, and soon I was shooting a full load in her mouth, she gulping it hungrily. She’d leave me her panties at night when my father was around. I even brought up the one time I had almost confessed to her my panty fetish and she replied, “I always knew.” I’d come up behind her in the kitchen. She’d be wearing these loose shorts and I would guide my fingers through her shorts and panties and flutter my fingers over her lips before sliding them into her pussy. She would shiver and push me away, smiling. We’d do it in the woods on a blanket, once standing up in the hallway while my dad was just outside mowing the lawn. She was wearing a summer dress and grabbed me while we were passing each other. She lifted her dress up, and I could see she was not wearing any underwear. I pulled my cock out and took the condom she already had in her hand, and fucked her breathlessly from behind, one hand cupping and fondling her juicy slit. She soon grabbed that hand and began sucking my fingers. I soon pulled the condom off and came all over her asshole.

Now a days we are planning to have some baby which would by both my son and brother at a time. Isn’t it so funny and interesting.

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