Seduction of servant

Author: LOVELY

I am Dr. Shazia. I am 25 years old and married for one year. My husband is also a doctor. He works in a hospital and comes in the evening but I had not started the job. I am extremely beautiful as my friends and other boys said. My measurements are 36-26-38. My color is milky white. Here was only one servant in our home other than me and my husband. His name was Raju. He was elder than me of about 28. He was uneducated and blackish in color. I used to stay at home and watch the cable and movies. By the hot movies I also got lusted and thought about some adventure. So I selected Raju to seduce and to have fun. He was a villager and having strong athletic body. My husband was also a beautiful man with white color but Raju’s black color attracted me.

I started to seduce him. He was already eying a beautiful and young girl like me. I had many times noticed that he was looking at my breasts. I started to wear thin clothes without shameez under them. Through the thin dress my white colored body and dark colored brassieres were clearly visible. I also started to give more and more chances to Raju to sit and stay near me. One day I was watching an Indian movie on the TV and Raju was also watching while sitting near my sofa. That day I was wearing very thin black colored dress with white bra. Raju was looking at me off and on. The movie was sexy. The heroin was dancing in only her bra and panty.

I said to him, “ how shameless they are to dance in only bra and underwear.”

He was surprised by my remarks but only managed to say Yes. I again said, I am wearing this dress and it is so thin that my body and bra is clearly visible and though only you are here to see me but yet I am feeling shame over this. But these heroines wear so much sexy clothes in the presence of so many people. He smiled and said, “ madam your body is not so much visible but they show much more than you. And the heroins in English movies are much more bold than them they even remove their bras and show their breasts.” I knew what he was talking about but I pretended as I did not know and asked him to bring some such movie some day. In the same way we continued to watch the movie while talking about sexy things. The other day he brought a sexy movie that was XX but not XXX. I watched the movie with him and there were naked scenes of girls and I watched with my servant. I said to him that I could never be so much bold to show my body to any one else other than my husband. Though we watched such hot and sexy movie together but he did not try to cross the limit to wards me.

A few days later I was lying on my bed and was watching a movie. I was on my belly and my low cut neck was so much down that most of my breasts were out of the shirt and with that I was having a tight pant through which my hips were also looking so sexy. Raju came in the bedroom and stood near me and started to enjoy my body. I also let him enjoy. Then I asked him to bring my clothes from the cupboard. He went to the cupboard and brought a suit which was shalwar and qameez. He stretched the elastic of shalwar and asked, “Mam why do you use elastic in your shalwars?” I smiled and said, “ my husband asks me to use elastic in my shalwars.” He said but why. I smiled and said so that he would not feel any difficulty in removing my shalwar. He also started to laugh. Then I asked him to bring my brassier also. He went to the draw and brought a few of my bras in my hand and asked which one madam. I said today you tell me which color of bra I should wear.

Today I will wear the brassier of your choice. He selected the red one. I asked why you selected this. He smiled and said because it will look good on your body. I smiled and said but you cannot see it. He smiled and said I can see it through your thin dresses. Then he asked what is the size of your brassier. I told him 36. He said your size is very perfect and my wife’s size is 40 and her breasts are so large and loose but your seems to be nice. I also smiled at that. Then I asked him to bring the hair removing cream from the bathroom. He brought it and I asked him, “ now when you go to the bazaar then bring a new hair removing cream it ends very quickly.” He asked why it end early. I smiled and told because my husband wants me to have my hairs removed and wants my skin clean and silky. There for you would have watched that my armpits are always clear of hair. He said yes madam I have noticed. I smiled and said, “ You are really naughty. It means that you always look at my body.” He also started to smile.

Then I asked him,” you watch the movie here and I am going to have a bath.” I left my new clothes on the bed and went to the bathroom. There I had bath and then asked Raju to hand over my brassier. He gave it to me from the door. I wore the bra and then wrapped the big towel on my body. It was from my half breasts to the half thighs. My bra straps were on my shoulders. I came out of the bathroom. When he saw me in this position he stunned. I sat in front of the dressing table and started to brush my hair. He was yet looking at me. I smiled and said what are you looking Raju. He smiled and said,” madam today you are looking like the heroin of film when he comes out of the bathroom.” I smiled and said but I am wearing my bra also but they don’t wear it. Then I stayed like that for quite a time and then took my shalwar and wore it in front of him without removing my towel. After that I removed the towel and said, “ have a look of your favorite brassier on my body. He said yes madam it’s looking really beautiful and tight on your body. I began to wear the shirt and laughed if my husband comes to know that I am in such a condition in front of you then he would divorcee me. He also began to smile.

On one Sunday my husband was in the bedroom and was watching TV while I was in the kitchen. Raju came to me and asked madam I am going to wash the clothes do you want to give any clothes. I said I also want to change this dress. You go to the bedroom and bring the pink suit. He brought the suit. I said what is your master doing. He told that he was watching the TV. I said you look out side and I am going to change the dress here I don’t want to go to the bathroom to change the dress. I removed my shalwar and then changed. He was looking at me. Then I removed my shirt and he started to look at my breasts. Then he said wouldn’t you change your bra. I said ok take this also and I would wear some other later. I turned my back to him and asked him to unhook my bra. He came to me and when he unhooked my bra I felt that his hands were trembling. I also got hot when I felt his hands on my naked body. Then I gave my dress to him and wore the shirt also. I this way at different times I started to let him see my naked body. But he nave got a chance to see my naked breasts or pussy.

One day in the morning when we were watching a sexy English movie then here was a power failure. The AC also got off and I started sweating. He brought the Chinese fan for me and started to blow air for me with that. Then he said madam remove you are sweating so much. You should remove your clothes only I am here. I smiled and removed my shirt as he had seen me so many times in only bra. Now I was lying on the bed only in my bra and shalwar in front of my servant. He went to the draw and brought knickers of my husband and asked me to remove my shalwar also and to wear those knickers. I smiled and asked him to bring some water for me. He went out and I removed my shalwar and wore that knickers. It was only up to half of my thighs. Now I was only in knickers and bra in front of my servant. He came and again stood near me. He was looking at my body with lust in his eyes. I said Raju you should also remove your dress. Take another knickers from the draw and wear it. He took one other of my husband and went to the bathroom and then came out only in shorts. In that his bulge was visible and it was sure that he was having a big cock.

Then the electricity came and we did not try to wear our clothes. He started the AC and movie. There a man was sucking the breasts of a woman. I asked him,” Raju whose breasts are more beautiful either mine or of that woman?’ he said,” madam how can I comment about that as I cannot see your breasts.” I smiled so you want to see my breasts. Ok come and unhook my bra. I turned my back to him and he unhooked my bra and I removed my bra from my body. Now very first time my breasts were naked in front of my servant. I invited him, “ come on touch them and then tell me.” His trembling hands moved to my breasts and then he took my breasts in his hands. I also gasped due to his rough and hot hands. He began to caress and press them slowly and said, madam your breasts are more tight and beautiful than her. He looked in my eyes and asked madam can I suck your breasts. I did not answer him and just pulled his head to my breasts. He took one nipple in his mouth and started to suck my breast. I was also gasping and humping with lust and pleasure. Then he took the other one in his mouth.

Then I pushed him away and my hand moved to the bulge of his knickers and I took his cock in my hand that had got so much stiff in the dress. I said you have got hard. Then I pulled down his shorts and his cock came out. It was hard and longer than my husband’s cock. It was black as compared to my husband’s cock, which was white. I started to caress it and told him that his cock is larger than his master. He pushed me on the bed and came over me. “ Madam please suck my cock.” He touched his cock to my lips and I opened my mouth and started to suck my servant’s cock. He began to ram his cock in and out of my mouth as he was fucking my mouth. Then he removed my knickers and there was my silky and clean pussy in front of my servant. He bent down and kissed my pussy and said, “madam your pussy is really beautiful. I would love to fuck your hot and wet pussy.” Then he started to lick my pussy.

Then he put my legs on his shoulders and placed his cock head at the opening of my pussy and asked madam can I push it inside of your pussy. I jumped up and said please Raju fuck me. Now he pushed his cock inside of my pussy slowly to his full length. Now he started to fuck my pussy with his whole cock. I was also jumping up to take his cock more and more deeper in my pussy. I lay on my and we continued to fuck for almost one hour. During this time I came three times. Then he was about to come. He said, “madam I am cummingggg! I cried with pleasure, “ Oh yes Raju cum in me. fill my pussy with your hot cum.” He started to unload his cock inside of my pussy. My servant’s cum was filling in my pussy and I again came with him. Then he lay on my breasts and got drowsy. Then my servant kissed me very first time after fucking my pussy.

This was the start of my relations with my servant. Then it became out routine to fuck daily in the morning in the absence of my husband. Even some times we tried to fuck in his presence. When he was in the bathroom we always tried a quickie. Now a days I am pregnant but don’t know who is the father of my coming baby weather my husband or my servant. But it doesn’t matter as I love them both and both of them love me very much.

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