My yellow dress

Author: petite34c

Over dressed?

Mary felt way over dressed. She had on a gorgeous yellow dress that was a bit too tight and maybe a little too short. She had decided to wear silk stockings and garter belt without any panties. That always made her feel sexier and Jim never objected. He liked it when she dressed that way and they went out… Had they been in some high class nightclub she would have fit right in.

However, here they were in an adult theater in a not so good part of town. It was dark, so dark in the theater as Jim followed her down the aisle. Her eyes weren’t adjusting to the darkness very well as she tried to find a row with nobody on it. She found one and had to feel her way down 3-4 seats from the wall. She could feel the stares of some of the men they had passed on the way in. She was used to it though as she was a very sexy and attractive woman.

As she settled into her seat her eyes were drawn to the beautiful woman on the screen. She was blond with alabaster skin, a great body and gorgeous breasts that were full and appeared to be natural, not bought. She had long legs and a sweet shaved pussy. Mary had been with women before and she liked them better when they were shaved. A pussy was just so much more sexy looking that way. That’s why she shaved hers. That and Jim liked it that way. She’d do anything to please Jim.

Mary’s eyes began to adjust to the darkness of the theater and as she began to look around she felt Jims hand slip between her thighs. She spread them a little wider to accommodate him easier access and felt his hand go straight to her pussy. Jim began to touch her the way he knew she liked. Jim was a master at it. He knew just where to touch and when to drive her up a wall. She spread her legs wider and felt her short dress slide up her thighs to her stomach exposing her pussy to the cool air. She basked in the feeling as she looked around the theater.

There were 12-15 people there, mostly all men. Most seemed busy with what was happening on the screen in front of them and Mary suspected most were playing with themselves. Oh well, she thought, I’ve got Jim here to play with me. She felt his hand tugging on her clit and slid her ass forward in her seat, closed her eyes and enjoyed the erotic sensations of the moment. She felt Jim shift in his seat and followed his gaze across the aisle from them to where two guys were sitting.

The guy in the aisle seat had his cock out and the guy next to him was stroking it up and down. She was watching intently and then noticed that Jim had removed his cock from his pants and was slowly stroking it.

Suddenly, she felt movement on the other side of her. She turned slightly and saw there was someone sitting two seats from her! He was wearing dark clothes and see didn’t see him when she chose this row. She then thought about Jims hand on her pussy and the fact that her dress was pulled up to her waist and started to pull it down. Then she reasoned that he’d been there the whole time and he’d already seen as much as he could.

Trying not to be obvious that she was looking she tried to get a better look at the guy. He was a big man, his knees up on the seat in front of him. Then she saw that he had his cock out and was stroking it slowly. Then, to her horror, she realized how huge it was! Oh god! she thought. Here I am a girl raised in the south and I’m sitting in an adult theater, next to a man, stroking his horse cock in front of me.

She suddenly felt flushed. Her gaze turned toward the screen and she saw the beautiful blonde girl walking down a path in a wooded area… It was obviously some kind of nature trail or something. She had on a skimpy, short summer dress that did little to cover up her sexy body. The girl turned when she heard someone say hi and the camera panned in to show a black man, very athletic, dressed in short running shorts, tennis shoes and a tight tank top. The blond girl smiled back and they started a conversation that Mary couldn’t keep up with as her mind was reeling.

Her gaze then turned back to the guy next to her and she was now able to see the cock he’d been stroking. Her eyes widened as they focused in on it. It was huge! He held it at the base of his cock and she could still she 8-9 inches of it above his fist! She watched as he slowly moved his hand up, up and up this huge cock. When he got to the top, his thumb and forefinger circled the head of his shaft and she could see that his cock was so thick his fingers wouldn’t even touch!

She watched as he slowly began to slide his hand back down the length of his cock. It was so thick and glistened wetly in the dark… She felt herself shutter at the sight. Her gaze turned away from his cock and looked into his face. He was smiling at her as their eyes met. He then glanced down at Jims hand still working in her pussy, then back to her eyes.

Mary looked away back to the screen. As her mind focused on what was happening there, she saw the blond now down on her knees in front of the stranger she just met. Both her hands were wrapped around his black cock and her tongue began to circle the tip just before she began to ever so slowly slide it in her mouth. Her lips were stretched obscenely around his thick cock. She took as much of it in as she could then began to slowly slide her mouth back up to the tip leaving the shaft glistening wet. How erotic!

Mary’s mind began to race in so many different directions of excitement. She turned to look at Jim and saw he was still intently watching her and the guy two seats over… Jim was still stroking his cock slowly but now it was hard and at full mast. Mary whispered words to Jim that he never heard. He was in a world of his own. Mary again turned her gaze to the screen.

They were both naked now and she was quite taken at the beauty of it all. A beautiful fair skinned blond, breasts swaying back and forth as the handsome black guys held her head between his hands and fucked his huge black cock in and out of her mouth. It was then she realized that the man next to her had slipped into the seat right next to her! She looked to his lap and saw that he had pulled his pants down to his knees and was cupping his huge balls in his hands rolling them back and forth.

Her eyes followed his massive cock upward as it lay on his belly and the tip actually touched his chest! As he continued to fondle his balls Mary did something she never would imagined she would ever do. She reached over and took his horse cock into her hand. It was so hard and so smooth. So thick in her little hand and so thick that her fingers wouldn’t even reach around it. She looked at him and his smile was warm. He was aware of the big step she’d just taken and wouldn’t do anything to force the issue. He simply sat back and let her go at her own pace, doing what she wanted to.

Mary was amazed at the length and thickness of the cock in her hand. She began to slide her fist along the length of it ever so slowly inch by inch until she got to the top. Her thumb then began to circle the head and slit spreading his pre-cum around the head making it glisten wetly. She felt him tense and she knew she had hit the right spot. It excited her to know he was turned on by what she was doing.

She felt Jim shift in his seat and as she turned she saw his eyes were now intently focused of her hand wrapped around a huge horse cock. She didn’t have to wait for a reaction as Jim looked at her with a big smile and told her to go for it if she wanted. Then his gaze went back to her hand and the long hard cock of the man sitting next to her. Mary, now knowing that Jim was as turned on as she was began to get a little more bolder. She began to work her fist up and down the length of the cock developing a smooth rhythm that soon had her friend thrusting his hips up and down as if he were fucking her hand.

He then moved his hand over the armrest and slid it between her legs and up to her pussy. She looked down and watched as both Jims fingers and his large fingers moved in and out of her wet pussy. She moved her legs wide apart and could see their fingers wet from her juices. Mary began to slump down in her seat from the ecstasy she was feeling. Her head was lying against the shoulder of the man she was stroking. As close a she was she couldn’t resist the temptation and moved her head down to the horse cock, opened her mouth wide and let her lips circle the head of the massive cock. Comfortable now that she had taken such a big step she continued downward until she felt the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat.

She then began to work her mouth up and down the length of his cock and could feel his fingers move wildly in and out of her pussy to the same rhythm as she was sucking his cock. Jim had moved around in front of her to get a better view of what was happening and knelt down in front of her and began licking her clit above the big fingers of the other man sliding in and out of her cunt. Mary felt herself approaching an orgasm and tried to delay it and let it build.

However, that wasn’t going to happen as the tongue on her clit and the cock like fingers moving in her pussy was just too much. She whimpered as the orgasm began to roll through her body. Never had she had such an intense orgasm and never had it continued to roll on and on for so long! Mary could now feel the cock in her mouth begin to swell and knew that their new friend was about to spew hot cum down her throat.

She picked up the pace now and added her fist around his shaft sliding it up and down the length of his cock along with her mouth. She felt him tense and rise off her seat and the first barrage of hot cum hit the back of her throat. She began to swallow and then another hit, then another and soon even though she was swallowing massive amounts of his hot cum it still dribbled down her chin and down the length of his black cock.

As his orgasm subsided she began to lick up the lost cum that had escaped from her eager mouth to his cock and balls. Just then she felt hot cum being spurted on her pussy and stomach as Jim pumped his cock in his hand and then began to smear it like an artist paints a canvas.

Spent, they all settled back into their seats. Then the other man leaned over, extended his hand to Jim and said, “Hi, I’m John. Y’all come here often?”

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