While the men are away:

Author: Cecilia

It’s hard enough to be without our husbands. Bonnie and I, we’re army wives, living on base. We make a lot of sacrifices. Our husbands don’t make a lot of money and now they are gone to fight terrorism. It gets lonely. I so miss Tim. I miss the way he used to hold my head down and say, “suck that dick Marcy!” His body is lean and rippling with muscles. I loved to look up and see his hairy toned torso and eight inches slamming into my mouth. He would tease me with his cock and I would work him with my body.

I’m very curvy with a big creamy ass and 38DDs. I always wiggle like jello, even when I try to stay still and I’m always wet. After we get each other worked up he would lay me down on the bed and wiggle his face between my legs darting his tongue in and around my clit getting me hot and torturing me with desire, making me crazy for him to finish me with his big dick invading my pussy and finally he would jump up on me and hold my arms down as his big cock rammed into me fucking me furiously like a jackhammer until I completely surrendered to his manhood oozing spasm after spasm of wet cum from my pussy lips to his shaft and he thrust in one final time and I knew he was cumming because he held it in as far as he could go panting hard and suddenly he was completely still on top of me.

But I can’t have him. At least I’m secure there are not Muslim whores in burqas to tempt him. He must be taking care of himself with his hand. I know he has to fight for our country but I need him too. I get so lonely and frustrated. Sometimes I think about other men but that’s not possible. This Army base is like a small town. If anybody found out I slept with someone it would be back to Tim in a second and you don’t want to see him mad. I couldn’t even go off base for a drink without being careful. Sometimes Bonnie and I hang out together. She has been pretty lonely too with her husband Rick away with the war.

We often hang out together, when our husbands were around we were quite a foursome, dancing and getting drunk. Now Bonnie and I get together at each other’s houses to eat and have a few drinks and watch cable and videos. Last night Bonnie and I were drinking and watching videos and I accidentally put the wrong videotape in the VCR. It turned out to be Rick fucking Bonnie up the ass. I was shocked and then I started laughing. I had never thought of them doing that. Bonnie said “Put that back! Come on Marcy, that’s personal.” I said, “Oh come on, let’s watch it.” We started watching it together and I started feeling very warm and so did Bonnie.

“God I miss Rick. I need to have sex so bad!” “So do I, it seems like forever since Tim left and I need some sex, but I can’t sleep with any other man but Tim.” “I know another man is out of the question. Did you ever do it with another girl?” “No” I said. “I’ve thought about it occasionally. Tim has fantasies about it and I keep finding Lesbian pornography that he hides.” “Rick is the same way. He’s always talking to me about doing it with another woman but I’ve been hesitant. It would have to be the right woman.” “Yes” I agreed. “I couldn’t do it with just anybody.” “I have an idea!” Bonnie said. “Why don’t we kill two birds with one stone? Why don’t we make a digital video of the two of us having sex and we could email it to our husbands. They would really get a kick out of it and we could get off too.” “That’s a great idea, it would really help our husband’s morale because they could see what they are fighting for. We’d be doing it for our country!”

Bonnie set up the camera and I went into the kitchen to get some cucumbers and bananas. It was awkward. I didn’t know what to do or how to begin. Bonnie started by kissing me lightly on the lips and I responded by darting my tongue in and out of her mouth. I paused. “I don’t know what to do,” I said. “Why don’t we just do to each other what we think guys should do to us?” That seemed smart. I started removing Bonnie’s bra and caressing her breasts. Her nipples hardened at my touch. She had a lean firm body with long legs and perky breasts and long blond hair. Bonnie’s fingers traveled up my thighs sending shivers and goose bumps up by spine. It felt wild and exciting as she found my snatch and her fingers slipped into my thong and danced around my moist juicy wet lips to the epicenter clit. “Oh God” I moaned it was so good.

A woman really knows how to make another woman feel good. Bonnie crawled on top of me and unhooked my bra and we pulled each other’s panties off and began grinding our bodies against each other. I put the cucumber inside our vaginas and we shared the cucumber sliding up and down fucking each other with our juices meeting and mingling. I suddenly became hungry for her tits and slid down to suck her nipples and swirl my tongue over her pink areolas. We slid around to sixty-nine and I found the fragrance of her pussy intoxicating. I parted her lips with my fingers and dove into the oyster revealing the pearl and sucking on it. Bonnie took the banana and slid it in and out of my cunt fucking me vigorously with the fruit while flicking her tongue on my clit driving me crazy. I did the same thing to her with the cucumber. Our bodies trembled and shook, suddenly her legs tensed, my face was wet with her cum, and I came over and over and over again. I had never had multiple orgasms before!

We sent the email to our husbands and they were very excited. They can’t wait to come home for the holidays and party with us. Now every day we videotape our selves for our husbands. We do it for our country.

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