It Just Happened – The Conclusion

Author: oral454younger

With Seth’s silky smooth legs upon his strong shoulders, Nathan shoved his cock into the younger man’s anal orifice, feeding the fiery hot hole about 5 thick inches. Seth’s mouth flew open widely and he could feel every throbbing inch of Nathan’s cock lodged painstakingly inside his ass. Nathan stopped momentarily to allow Seth’s ass to adjust to his cock. Seth’s body was shaking madly, totally out of control as Nathan pressed forward, sending another thick inch high into Seth’s bewildered bowels.
   In short, Nathan managed to bury his entire cock into Seth’s muscle clenching ass. Seth felt Nathan’s balls as they squashed his own little nuggets. The pain was still intense, but he was somewhat relieved to know that all of Nathan’s beastly cock was inside him. In Seth’s spinning mind, it felt like Nathan’s cock had exited his anal canal and was now pressing sharply somewhere in the middle of his stomach. Nathan grunted loudly as Seth’s anal muscles silently began clutching onto his cock, squeezing his throbbing member as if in the vice like clutches of an anaconda.

   Nathan placed both of his hands behind Seth’s head, looking passionately into the younger man’s watery eyes. Even now, Seth’s intoxicating beauty still overwhelmed Nathan beyond any of his wildest dreams. Taking it slow, Nathan began inching his cock from Seth’s extremely tight ass, stopping just short of totally vacating it, then slowly slid it all the way home. The pain was still there, but Seth could tell it was starting to ease up a bit. Each time Nathan withdrew his cock, Seth felt like his guts were being vacuumed out of his ass. When Nathan slowly slid it all the way home, Seth began to moan at the unexplainable sensation rocketing throughout his quivering body.

   Within a few short minutes later, the once fiery pain that tormented Seth’s every being, fled from his body. Now, now all he could think of was this moment, this moment in time having Nathan’s gargantuan sized cock plowing his ass. With that being mentioned, Seth cried out, “Oh God! Nathan, Nathan, please fuck me, fuck me harrrrrrrrrrrddd!”

   Nathan obeyed, slamming his cock as hard as he could into Seth, driving the wind from Seth’s lungs with each powerful inwards thrust. At one point, while slamming his cock as hard as he could, Nathan released Seth’s head and latched both hands around Seth’s wrists, keeping them just above Seth’s flaying head. No matter what, Nathan couldn’t take his eyes off of Seth’s gorgeous face. Nathan jack hammered his cock into Nathan’s ass like never before. Seth was crying out while tossing his head from side to side. Nathan’s nostrils captured Seth’s minty fresh breath as Seth exhaled as Nathan’s pile driving cock dove ever so powerfully inside him. Nathan’s large swinging balls slapped Seth’s tiny nuggets with each inwards thrust, sending more body shaking sensations crashing throughout Seth’s already pleasure tormented body.

   With his hands being held down just slightly over his head, Seth’s cock erupted, firing round after round of sperm missiles in between both of their bodies. The orgasm tearing through Seth’s body set his inner soul on fire. It felt like his head exploded and his mind was set free. Seth was literally screaming at the top of his lungs as his cock erupted and Nathan’s cock pounded his ass into an orgasmic oblivion.

   Nathan saw Seth’s cock erupt and felt the hot sperm as it sprayed his upper chest and stomach area. Even through all of this, for whatever reason, Nathan wasn’t even close to unleashing his own load, or at least, not just yet. He continued thrashing his cock increasingly violently into Seth’s ass as he witnessed the mind exploding orgasm as it overtook Seth by total surprise. As Seth’s cock shot sperm, the younger man’s ass muscles converged around Nathan’s thrusting cock with a vengeance. Nathan could only moan and grunt as Seth’s ass muscles greedily squeezed around his cock.

   Seth’s cock must have fired off 10 or so powerful shots of cream before it began to spit out wads here and there. Seth didn’t count, or more so, he was totally unable to witness his own cock as it exploded his sperm. Nathan tried to count but when Seth’s ass muscles began violently attacking his cock, the sheer pleasure forced him to close his eyes and relish the awesome sensation.

   Nathan began mixing up his thrusting, varying from hard to slow, then pile driving to gyrating. When Seth’s shaking body started to relax a bit, Nathan, keeping his cock buried to the hilt inside Seth’s ass, used his hulking strength to roll Seth onto his stomach, then guide him into a doggy style position. Now, Nathan latched onto Seth’s hips as he began using Seth’s hips to drive his cock harder than ever into the younger man’s love chute.

   Seth was still somewhat restrained from the orgasm he had just had, but now he could feel the awesome power of Nathan’s cock as it blasted into him at a mind blistering speed. Nathan was like an animal as he held onto Seth’s hips tightly, and slam his beefy cock into Seth’s ass as hard as he possibly could.

   Within about 5 minutes, Nathan could feel his balls as his own orgasm was drawing near. He varied his pace, wanting to keep this moment alive for as long as he possibly could. Seth was moaning ever so loudly as Nathan mixed up his thrusting pace. Seth was trying to time Nathan’s thrusts and began driving his own cock filled ass upon Nathan’s thrusting horse cock. When Nathan felt like he was getting really close, he would stop, doing his utmost best to prevent himself from shooting his load.

   Another 5 or so minutes had passed, when Nathan realized that he couldn’t hold out any longer. With that in mind, he simply pulled his cock all the way out of Seth’s cock hungry ass. When Seth felt Nathan’s cock depart his ass, he felt a sense of emptiness and wanted more of Nathan’s cock inside him to fill that void. Nathan was panting like crazy as he flopped onto his back, now completely covered with sweat. Seth peered around and saw Nathan on his back and quickly spun around to face him.

   Seth knew that Nathan hadn’t shot his load just yet, so by seeing the massive cock as hard as ever, Seth straddled Nathan’s muscular, sweaty body, facing Nathan’s face, then used his right hand to hold onto Nathan’s cock as he began impaling himself onto the giant beast. Seth clinched his eyes shut as he lowered his ass onto Nathan’s giant pole. This kind of felt weird to Seth, but in a sexy way, it felt awesome!

   Nathan placed both hands behind his head as his eyes feasted on Seth as the younger man began riding up and down on his aching hard cock. Seth was now on his knees, eyes still shut, pounding and grounding his ass upon Nathan’s beefy organ. Nathan allowed his eyes to freely feast upon Seth’s entrancing magnificent body, not to mention, Seth’s now erect cock as it bounced up and down with each of Seth’s body movements. Once again, Seth began using his anal muscles to attack Nathan’s cock, sending Nathan’s mind rapidly spinning.

   As Seth aggressively rode his cock, Nathan placed his right hand onto Seth’s erect cock and began frantically pumping it, back and forth. This only sent Seth into a more wilder frenzy as he began bouncing his ass up and down the full length of Nathan’s anal loving cock. Nathan unfolded his left hand from behind his head and used his fingers to begin pinching and pulling on Seth’s right nipple. This too added to the equation, sending chills racing up and down Seth’s spine.

   In less than a minute, Seth cried out as his cock began shooting another furious round of sperm missiles. Nathan’s mouth was already open as 4 powerful jets of cream easily landed inside his mouth. The rest of Seth’s creamy cream began striking Nathan upon his throat and chest area. As Nathan moaned at the virtually tasteless taste, Seth’s ass muscles went on a wild cock choking rampage. That was all it took for Nathan to buck his hips as his sperm began bolting out of his cock with a lighting rage. Seth was still absorbed with his own orgasm, but when he felt Nathan’s powerful globs of sperm shoot deeper into his ass, his own cock began shooting jets of sperm like never before. Nathan had already swallowed the last drop, and his hand was still pumping away on Seth’s cock as another 3 strands of Seth’s seed landed inside his mouth.

   Both men were totally consumed with their own mind boggling orgasm. With both cocks erupting furiously, both men were shouting almost at the top of their lungs as their bodies conversed into a frantic seizure like convulsions. Neither man had ever experienced such an intense orgasm ever in their lives as the one ripping through their bodies at this very moment.

   What seemed and felt like hours, their bodies began to settle down. Nathan’s cock was now totally limp, and so was Seth’s. Seth almost collapsed off of Nathan’s body as he now lay, breathing sharply, to Nathan’s right side. Both men were sweating profusely and neither could muster up enough strength to offer a single word. They just lay there, eyes open, panting heavily.

   Nathan was the first to move as he rolled onto his right side. The first thing his eyes captured was Seth’s sperm glued to Seth’s glistening chest and stomach area. Without having to think, Nathan began lapping at the cream, ensuring that all of Seth’s sperm was now safely tucked away into his stomach. Still on his right side, Nathan forced out a cracking whisper, “I can’t thank you enough!” Seth smiled a heart warming smiled, then returned with his own whisper, “Yes you can. We can do this again if you want to!” Nathan smiled back then softly stated, “You know Seth, you have got to be the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on, and I…” Seth cut Nathan off, replying, “Looks fade, but a person’s inner beauty never does! I can only hope that we start to get to know one another a bit better so you can see for yourself my inner beauty, and not just my looks present day.”

   Nathan brushed the right side of Seth’s face with his left hand as he spoke, “That would be nice. I’d love to get to know you better, much better.” There was a brief pause, then Nathan stated, “You know something, I feel like I have just been freed. Up until I saw you for the first time, I never once thought of having sex with another man. But since that very first time my eyes saw you, you have been in my every thought.”

   The entire weekend was filled with passionate love making. It was Sunday, mid morning when Seth departed as they both knew Nathan’s wife would soon return. Standing in the garage, their loving kiss told the story of what yet was to happen. As Seth drove away, Nathan couldn’t help not to wipe away the tears that were now rolling from his eyes.

   As two weeks passed, both Nathan and Seth didn’t miss an opportunity to make love. It was after their last time of making fiery hot love, Nathan decided to confront his wife. And so he did. Unlike what he had imagined, she didn’t fight him. All she wanted was the home and one of the cars. She too had found someone else, so their divorce was simple and not bitter.

   Sitting down at a table inside a diner, Nathan broke the good news to Seth. Nathan was living in an apartment at the time, so Seth eagerly moved in. It was Nathan who persuaded Seth to finish his college education. Nathan knew of Seth’s passion to be an architect, so he paid for Seth’s ongoing education. During this time, they simply couldn’t be separated.

   It was on a Friday afternoon, after school, Seth showed Nathan the home he was designing. Seth joyously spoke, “My love, this is our home I’ve been working on.” Nathan studied the drawings, then spoke, “Seth, now this is a home I could die in!” Seth quickly rebutted, “No my love, this is home we can live life in!”

   Together, they found 120 acres of land on the other side of town that sprawled alongside the river. After making the purchase, Nathan secretly had his own company build the home Seth had designed, without Seth knowing anything about it.

   It took nearly a year for the 15,000 square foot mansion to be built. The grounds in front of the mansion were professionally landscaped in accordance to Seth’s drawings. Even the boat house, dock, and large glass enclosed building on the river was built according to Seth’s specs. Nathan hired an interior decorator and had their new home fitted with everything Seth had written down. He waited until the last of everything had been completed before taking Seth to their new home.

   Nathan was driving and as they pulled onto the long winding paved driveway, Seth burst into tears as the home he had designed was now within the vision of his eyesight. From the landscaping to the interior, everything was in place just as he had designed.

   Their first night inside their new home was spent making mad passionate love. Nathan moved Seth’s mother into their mansion as well, offering her job at his construction company. The 3 of them lived in the mansion while Seth completed his education and no longer had to work for extra money. Nathan didn’t have a second thought as to paying for everything.
   5 years later, Seth’s mother passed away from an ongoing illness, leaving just the 2 of them to enjoy all their mansion had to offer. Seth was now out of college and the two of them spent every waking moment together.

   In time, the two of them expanded, making the construction business into an empire with several other businesses added to the equation. Also, they adopted 3 children, all of whom were natural brothers and sisters. 2 girls and 1 boy. The children had endured a lot of physical pain, molestation, and pure mental abuse at the hands of their own natural parents.

   62 years later, Seth now sat on the swing that overlooked the garden and river. His body was wrinkled and his hair was balding and gray. Now, he had to use the assistance of a walker to get around. His 3 children, now all grown with their own children stood beside him. Seth eased the swing back and forth as his eyes watered. Five feet in front of him, lay the spot in which Nathan now rested in.

   Nathan and Seth’s 3 children, along with their 7 grandchildren, all sobbed heavily when Seth softly stated, “My children, please don’t cry. You know your father wouldn’t want any of you to be upset. This grave site is where his body rests, but your father will always be with you in your minds. He hasn’t left us, just his body has. So, please stop crying.”

   The eldest daughter wiped her eyes as she spoke, “Dad, I know you are going to miss him, we all are, but I don’t understand why you haven’t shed a tear yet.” Seth reached out with his shaky left hand and placed it gently upon his daughter’s left wrist, then, with a trembling voice, spoke, “My child, I have cried. I cried in the hospital at his bedside. It was he who told me to stop crying and embrace life. Let me tell you all something about your father. He was a great man, a man who taught all of us to always see the good in people. We spent every waking moment with each other and I was the one who sat with him as he was dying. For 10 years, 10 long years, your father battled cancer with every ounce of his being. Even when he knew that the last trip to the hospital would be his last, he still managed to find the beauty in life.” Seth paused, took in a deep breath and continued, “Remember when your father and I first walked into the orphanage? The first vision we saw were the three of you. We loved you from the very first and that love will never die. Your father made sure that all the legal documents were done in a very timely fashion. The three of you filled our lives with even more joy.”

   Seth squeezed a little tighter upon his daughter’s wrist as he spoke, “You, you my child, do you recall the first thing you said to us as we got into the car?” His daughter’s eyes filled up with even more tears as she shook her head from side to side. Seth spoke on, “I do and so did your father. You said to us why would white folks want black children. That’s when you father stopped everything and told you that color had nothing to do with it. Even as the three of you were growing up, neither me or your dad were ever embarrassed to say that you were our children. When you had nightmares, it was your father who ran into your room, embraced you tightly, and told you that nobody would ever hurt you again. He would always stay in your room until you fell asleep. He loved each of you that much, and then some. We were his heart as he always said.”

   There was an eerie silence as nobody uttered a single word. After a short time, Seth spoke again, “Yeah, I’ll miss him, I’ll miss him not being here with me, but I know that he’ll be alive within my mind at all times. Just like now, I can see him shaking his head, telling me to stop shaking the swing, then laugh loudly. My God, Nathan was always a special man. He was the kind of man that would do anything he could for anyone. My children, you have no idea what it was like seeing the love of my life slowly dying. He once was a hulking man, but that damned cancer just kept on eating away. Even as he was dying, he was still positive and full of life.”

   All eyes were rested upon Seth as he slowly rocked the swing back and forth with his own eyes fastened to Nathan’s grave. Once again, only the birds chirping off in the distance was the only sound that could be heard. He had released his daughter’s wrist and now rested his hand on his thigh, keeping both eyes zeroed in on his life long lover’s grave. The reality of Nathan passing on was setting in, but even though Seth was looking at Nathan’s grave, his mind kept his lover alive and well as it took him back in time when they were both young and healthy.

   As Seth’s mind took him back in time, their son, the youngest of the three broke the silence, “Dad, what was it like to be gay lovers back then, raising three black children?” Seth raised his head and smiled at his son, then replied, “Heaven! It was like being in heaven being with your father. Your dad always walked proudly, and that too, he taught us all. Sure, there were plenty of folks who didn’t like homosexuals, but your father would still search out for the good in them. When I met your father, I was stone broke, fighting against the odds to pay for college, and help my mom out with the bills. The life we lived, we lived together, and I have no regrets for any of it.

As far as raising three black children goes, we didn’t see a color, we just saw the three of you and the love we knew we could offer. When someone asked us about you, it was your dad who spoke, and spoke defiantly proud, that you were our children. My children, your father built us an empire. Each of you now own this empire and that’s the way he wanted it. Everything we did, we did for you so that you can live your life without knowing the financial struggles. Your father spent many a night in the office going over plans to ensure your financial happiness. That was just the way he was and the kind of person he was. He always was looking out for each of you, and me too.”

   After a long silence, Seth began speaking once again, “My children, only in my dreams and prayers can I wish for you to experience the kind of love your father and I shared. I’ve said it before and now I’ll say it one more time. There wasn’t a day that went by that your father didn’t tell me he loved me. There wasn’t a day gone by that he didn’t tell each of you that he loved you as well. Now, with that same love, I ask each of you that when my time comes, you’ll promise me that my body will rest next to his, the greatest man I’ve ever known. I need to hear each of you give me your word!”

   Each of the three children gave Seth their solemn word. Seth smiled as he heard his last child issue the promise. Even some of his older grandchildren promised as well. There was about a 30 second pause when the eldest daughter spoke up, “Dad, what did he say when you asked him if he could have any wish come true?” Seth remembered sitting on the edge of the hospital bed holding Nathan’s right hand, looking at his lover’s glossy death filled eyes. He remembered vividly asking Nathan that question. Before he could answer his daughter, Seth began sobbing, drawing all of his children and grandchildren to his aide. Several times, Seth tried to answer, but his heart seemed to have opened the faucet, the gateway, to his tears.
   A short time later, once he had regained his composure, Seth looked around to see his entire family, then replied, “I asked him if he could have any wish come true, what would it be? He squeezed my right hand, fought to open his eyes as best he could, then told me that if he could have any wish come true, it would be to spend one more day with me.”

   Hearing that, the entire family surrounding Seth burst into tears. Seth too began crying once he finished choking out his last word. Once all of their sobbing diminished, Seth looked up, then looked at Nathan’s grave, then hoarsely said, “Yeah, he wasn’t just a good man, your father was a great man. Even on his death bed, his only thoughts were of us. His last words will stay with me for as long as I live. I was sitting on his bed, holding his right hand when he raised both of our hands to his chest. He tried to reach out to me with his left hand, but he was too weak. His voice was raspy and I knew that death would soon take him away, and I guess, he knew it too. With his last ounce of strength, he told me he’ll be waiting at the gate for me, then he puckered his lips and I kissed him. I felt his last breath and he was gone!”


   Although Nathan and Seth’s mansion was full of his children and grandchildren, it still felt awkwardly empty without Nathan’s presence. Two weeks after Nathan’s funeral, Seth was sitting in the living room, resting peacefully in his recliner. His own health was deteriorating rapidly. Most of the family was in the living room at the time when they saw Seth’s arms reach out, then his voice cracked as he spoke, “I’m coming my love!” All eyes watched as Seth’s arms fell upon his thighs and his head lowered to his chest. Seth’s time was up and he too had passed away.
   As the family waited for the medical personnel, the youngest daughter wiped the tears from her eyes and stated, “My God, he saw him. You all saw dad reach out his arms and we all heard what he said. Our fathers are reunited once again! I don’t know if I am crying from sorrow or happiness, but I now know that they are together, as they should be, once again!”

   Keeping their promise to Seth, the children buried him next to Nathan. This time, no tears were shed because they all knew that the two were together again, but this time, for all eternity!

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