She Watched Me

Author: bijohn4both

She Watched Me

Steve is a blue-eyed beauty with light features and sensual, pouting lips, and I love feeling his weight on top of my slender body, my legs wrapped around him, his cock deep within me. He has been a lover of mine since we were much younger, he and Dave, but this is more about when me and Steve and Kim had some fun

One day recently I was having lunch with a woman I’ve just met online, but we talked a lot and I fell in love with her, we’ve always had a very open friendship, and naturally she knows about Steve and me, and how I was bi. This particular day we were talking about what we like our men to do to us in bed. To my surprise, she admitted she’d always had a very strong curiosity about gay sex and she wanted to watch Steve and me together.

It did not take too long to set up, after I talked to Steve, He turned out to be enthusiastic, so the next week we invited Kim to come over at lunch time. We had take out Chinese and talked a little first, I wanted Kim to know us first before she watched us but, when Steve began to kiss me on the couch, I got hungry for cock.

I should say that I regard kissing as the sexiest, most intimate act of lovemaking, especially between two guys. (I think that’s because most of our society hates it.) Making out in front of Kim was a tremendous turn-on. My Seven inch cock was instantly stiff in my pants; feeling Steve’s crotch thru his Jeans, I discovered he was equally excited – his six-inch tool was just as hard as mine.

We adjourned to the bedroom of the hotel suite that Kim had gotten for us, Kim was close behind. There Steve and I shed everything – I love being naked and free. There was a fully mirrored closet in the bedroom area, and we began our lovemaking in front of it on the rug so I could see some of the show that Kim was getting. I wanted this to be hot for her too, but I also wanted to get lost in the animal love that I often do when I am with the guys.

As Kim looked on, her eyes riveted on us, Steve sat down and I sat on top of him, facing him, our cocks brushing together. We kissed tenderly, then more hotly – his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. I began to moan. From the corner of my eye I noticed that Kim had slipped her fingers inside her skirt and panties and was rubbing herself. This got me even more turned on.

What she did next surprised me. She took off her wristwatch and handed it to Steve. “Here, Put this on,” she instructed. “I want to see what it looks like.” He did as she told him. It was a pretty woman’s watch, with a thin, shiny black leather band and a small, round face. On his slim wrist it looked very pretty.

I whispered in Steve’s ear, “I like it. It makes you even more feminine.” It felt weird too, because I never thought as Steve as girly; he was guy I had been making out with for years, but all of a sudden I noticed how thin build he was, and yes – he was feminine. Like I said it was weird, but also wonderful. I fantasized I was the seducing a whole new lover. And when my lover began to gently rub the tip of my dick, the sensations were especially intense.

Steve and I swung into a sixty-nine, and I began to work his cock with my tongue. Kim moved next to us on the floor, observing very closely. Steve’s cock is nice – cut, thick, and narrowing slightly toward the base, not quite as thick as mine, but not as thin as Dave’s. I lapped at his balls, taking first one in my mouth and then the other. Then I drew his rigid shaft slowly into my mouth. My tongue worked under the cockhead and then I began to suck him.

“That’s so sexy, the way your cheeks hollow as you pleasure him,” Kim kind of groaned out – yes she was still playing with her pussy – and she was pinching her fat red nipples on her big round tits too. (I was getting a bit hungry for her tits, but that would have to wait.

Steve was doing wonderful things to my dick, too, but as his tongue began to search around my puckered hole I realized what he wanted but I was just enjoying the moment of the great rimming I was getting, I just love having my ass licked. But in a bit, I was ready to give it to him. Letting him slip from my mouth, I gasped, “Steve, I want you inside me.”

Kim’s eyes glistened in anticipation.

Steve got his fingers wet with his saliva and began to finger my ass to loosen me up. He is very gentle with this and never hurries. When he felt me open to three fingers, he sat back down on the rug. I liked him to his full manhood again while I was stroking my own cock.

“Won’t that hurt?” Kim asked.

“Just watch,” I reassured her, “We’ll show you how.”

Next I kneeled down facing my ass towards him, placed the tip of his cock at the opening of my butthole, and slowly lowered myself onto him. The warm, burning sensation that melts into sheer pleasure when his dickhead slides past my sphincter always amazes and thrills me. Each time I’m sure he’ll never make it and then, “Aahhh!” he’s in me. I continued to ease myself down onto his manhood. We kissed passionately as I did so, for this turns me on so much that he slips in easily. Bit-by-bit I lowered myself until he was in me to the hilt, the hairs around

the base of his cock tickling my ass.

Kim looked on with rapt attention. “Wow, you took him all. That’s amazing. He’s so big.” She had that right! I was full with Steve’s glorious man meat, but if she wanted big, she will see later how I fuck Steve with my cock, but for now I carefully moved my legs forward so I was sitting in his lap, impaled on his cock.

For a few minutes we necked in front of the mirror. I noticed his watch again and decided it added a nice touch to our lovemaking. I gripped his small wrists with my hands and wondered what he would be like with breasts too, like some of those she-male movies we had seen – him fucking me like this, then me fucking him. Steve would be perfect like that, I really had not seen the “gurl” in him before now, but I was enjoying it, and he seemed to like it, too. “Can I keep this?” he asked Kim, holding up the watch.

“Of course,” she replied.

Steve gently maneuvered me onto my back and pulled my legs onto his shoulder. At his request, Kim handed him a couple of pillows to slide under my hips. This gave him the perfect angle. He slid out of me a bit, then in, and lengthened his strokes, always going slowly to make sure I was ready. My soft moans told him I was. My cock was in my hand to stroke it along my stomach.

“I’m going to fuck you now, baby,” Steve snarled. “I’m going to fill your ass until you shoot all over yourself.”

I answered hoarsely, “Yes, do it. Give me your big cock. All of it. Hard and deep.” I teased and pinched his nipples with my fingers, again I was thinking of him with boobs. I looked over at Kim, and could see her nipples were hard; her breasts were swaying as she rubbed her pussy watching me get fucked. I wanted to fuck her too, but I was enjoying getting my fill right now too. Having a cock inside you like that was like fire inside you, the pressure, feeling like it was pushing up inside my stomach, was great.

Steve pulled almost all the way out, and then plunged in deep. Whenever he does this, my eyes roll back, and I grunt loudly. “Fuck me, Steve! Yes God Damn it! Fuck me all day long. Let’s show Kim how hot mansex is. Fuck me!” He pushed my legs to the side, leaned forward, and kissed me deeply, his tongue probing every corner of my eager mouth.

I began to stroke my stiff tool in rhythm to his thrusts. Kim was right beside us, encouraging him to give me the fucking of my life, while she played with herself faster and faster.

“So this is what two fags look like. It’s so fucking hot!” she exclaimed. Then, in surprise, she burst out, “I’m going to cum!” As she gasped out as her orgasm hit her. That sent me over the edge and gobs of my jism splashed all over my belly. And I felt my bowels filled with his cum.

But I wasn’t quite through strutting my stuff, though. I got us turned around and had Steve down on his knees with the pillows under his cock and mounted him from behind, using my own cum as lube.

I love this part of man-sex best. The animal part – after I cum, I can’t really think, I have to cum more, and I wanted to take that ass right then and there. “What a tight fuckhole you have,” I growled out in a grunt, as I began to plow his ass. I kneaded his ass cheeks and spanked them, which made him squeal with delight. My powerful plunges drove him forward, collapsing his arms, until his face rested on Kim’s pretty watch. I was fucking his “gurly” ass for all that I was worth. I loved how Steve would yell out “FUCK”, “FUCK” over and over again. My cock, my body, my breath, my soul was all pounding. It was all buried deep inside Steve.

Kim came around in front of me and started kissing me as I was fucking Steve, driving her tongue deep in me, like she was fucking my mouth, she was feeling the beast inside her too, but I was not going to pull out, I wanted to ram my next cum deep in Steve. Kim’s fingernails were raking my scalp as we kissed and struggled for breath, her hand going over my flat stomach and chest, pinching hard on my nipples. Her breast in between us, pressing into me too. I wanted to tear off her clothes, but I did not have the hands to do it, with my hands clutching Steve’s ass. I was slamming in, as I was pulling back, the slapping of our bodies most of been loud, because I could hear it over the pounding of blood that was in my ears.

Soon I came and I pulled out. Steve just fell forward, breathing heavy; he had cum on the pillows under him. I wish that Kim had gone down and sucked him off, because I know that is what I would have wanted, but I was glad she was all over me, trying to consume me. I just lay on my back breathing hard myself. Kim ripped off her top and bra like a mad woman, like her clothes were over confining, and she needed to breath, needed her freedom. Her tits were swinging heavily as she came over to me and offered one to for me to suck on. My breathing was still deep coming through my nostrils only as I sucked and calmed down. Kim was petting my head, looking at me adoringly with her green eyes, in love with me, I knew. She was sliding her hand up and down my cock and I was hard in her again. I moved her over and she guided her wet sex over my cock and lowered herself on me. I was engulfed in her pussy and it felt loving and relaxed, with me sucking on her breasts – as she rocked slowly – over me, filling her, but there was no hurry to cum, no urgent need, just to feel filled and close.

This was one of those perfect moments, and I was happy that I could show Kim how I made love to my friend as well.

I felt my cock grow hard in her again with her gentle rocking. It was thick all along, even though I had cum twice, I was not done. I rolled Kim over on her back and put her legs over my shoulders. I was fucking her like Steve had fucked me minutes ago. But with Kim and I was different. At this point it was not tender any more. Kim was gripping her tits, squeezing and pinching them as I was propped up on my arms and working my hips deep into her. Bringing to bear the full power of my cock and its length. Kim reached up and pulled on the back of my neck to come down and suckle her. Steve was on his side just watching us fuck. And at this point it was not love making, I was fucking her good and hard. And somehow Kim was yelling at me to “fuck me harder JOHN … FUCK ME HARDER!” Which of course I was trying to oblige her. She came three times around my cock like that, before my nut could finally come lose and I could cum again. I felt her pussy clamping down on my cock, and I could tell she was milking the sperm deeply into her womb. The sweat had released from my pores as I came and I was wet, hot, and out of my mind with lust and orgasmic power.

Kim was now the one panting and laying there on her back. I got up and had to drink some water, because I was fully dehydrated. I came back and Steve was running his finger between Kim’s legs then licking my cum that had he scooped up. Oh my, what a character he is.

Steve got up and put on his jeans and shirt. Left Kim and I to enjoy the room for a few more hours alone. I thanked him and Kim kissed him too.

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